Kwai Chung
Kwai Chung skyline in 2010
Constituencies in 2003 District Council Election. Kwai Chung is the region on the right.
Constituencies in 2003 District Council Election. Kwai Chung is the region on the right.

Kwai Chung is an urban area within Tsuen Wan New Town in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Together with Tsing Yi Island, it is part of the Kwai Tsing District District of Hong Kong. It is also part of Tsuen Wan New Town.

In 2000, it had a population of 287,000. Its area is 9.93 km². Areas within Kwai Chung include: Kwai Fong, Kwai Hing, Lai King, Tai Wo Hau. Kwai Chung is the site of part of the container port of Hong Kong.

Origin of the name

In earlier times Kwai Chung was called Kwai Chung Tsz (葵涌子). Kwai Chung was a stream (Chung) that emptied into Gin Drinkers Bay. The whole bay was reclaimed for land and the stream is no longer visible.[clarification needed]


Traditionally, Kwai Chung is divided into Sheung Kwai Chung (上葵涌; 'Upper Kwai Chung'), and Ha Kwai Chung (下葵涌; 'Lower Kwai Chung'). Administratively, the former is called North Kwai Chung, and the latter South Kwai Chung.


Kwai Chung is the home of the principal commercial cargo handling area of Hong Kong, the Kwai Chung Container Terminal, one of the largest and busiest port facilities in the world. The main commercial port was relocated here from Yau Ma Tei in the 1980s, in preparation for the West Kowloon Reclamation, which has left the original waterfront of Yau Ma Tei almost half a mile inland.

The area has the head office of Kerry Logistics.[1]


Lutheran School for the Deaf is in Kwai Chung.

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Coordinates: 22°22′0″N 114°7′30″E / 22.36667°N 114.12500°E / 22.36667; 114.12500