A labour code, (also called a code of labour laws) is a codification of labour laws in legislative form.

One of the first labour codes was first introduced in 1918 in the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, as a legal framework underlying the requirement to ensure the right to work declared in the first Soviet Constitution in 1918.[1]

In the aftermath of World War II, other socialist countries in Central and Eastern Europe - such as the German Democratic Republic, the People's Republic of Hungary, and the People's Republic of Poland - passed labour codes based upon the same set of social guarantees.

As of 2023 Labour Codes operate in the Russian Federation and in some other former Soviet Republics.


In 1985 Canada adopted a Labour Code (R.S., 1985, c. L-2) which superseded the Industrial Relations and Disputes Investigation Act of 1948.[2]


Parliament of India passed four labour codes in 2019 and 2020 sessions. Together, these four codes merged 44 existing labour laws.[3]

  1. The Industrial Relations Code 2020
  2. The Code on Social Security 2020
  3. The Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020
  4. The Code on Wages 2019


Russian: Кодекс законов о труде, abbr. КЗОТ, "KZOT").

On July 10, 1918 the 5th All-Russian Congress of Soviets adopted the Constitution of Russia which declared the right and duty to work for all citizen.[4] Pursuant to this the All-Russian Central Executive Committee approved the Code of Labour Laws and the "Regulations on employment record books" as an Appendix to the Article 80 of this Code.[1]

German Democratic Republic

German: Arbeitsgesetzbuch, abbr. AGB).

Main article: de:Arbeitsgesetzbuch (DDR)

Czech Republic

Czech: Zákoník práce
The new[5] labour code of the Czech Republic No.262/2006 Sb. effective from January 1, 2007, superseded the Code of 65/1965.[6]

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