Lal Qilla Tehsil
تحصیل لعل قلعہ
لعل قلعه تحصیل
Country Pakistan
ProvinceKhyber Pakhtunkhwa
DistrictLower Dir
 • ChairmanAshraf Uddin (PTI)
 • Total219,067
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Lal Qilla is an administrative subdivision (Tehsil) of Lower Dir District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is listed among:

  1. Adenzai Tehsil
  2. Balambat Tehsil
  3. Khall Tehsil
  4. Lal Qilla Tehsil
  5. Munda Tehsil
  6. Samar Bagh Tehsil
  7. Timergara Tehsil

Lower Dir District Tehsils have 37 Union Councils. The population is 797,852 according to the 1998 census report. The projected population of Dir Lower was 1,037,091 in 2005 with the same growth between the 1981 and 1998 census i.e. 3.42% per annum.

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