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Lambda Psi Delta
LPsiD crest.jpg
FoundedMarch 9, 1997; 25 years ago (1997-03-09)
Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut
EmphasisMulticultural and service
ScopeNational: United States
Motto"Sovereignty to the Community"
ColorsCoal black   and lily white  
FlowerWhite calla lily
MascotWhite Bengal tiger (animal)
WebsiteLambda Psi Delta Website

Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Inc. (ΛΨΔ) is an independent, multicultural, community service-based Greek-lettered sorority founded on March 9, 1997.[1]

Lambda Psi Delta (referred to as "LPsiD") was established by a group of women known as the "9 Black Diamonds", on the basis of true sisterhood and community outreach, and is a founding member of the National Multicultural Greek Council.[2]


Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Inc. was founded on March 9, 1997 in Connecticut by Nine Strong Women formerly part of a Latina sorority. These women originally pledged to be a part of an organization that would bring them sisterhood, empowerment, opportunities for service, academic achievement and personal growth among other things. As their time in that organization grew, however, they found that sorority to be lacking in its internal structure, constricting in its outlets for service, limiting in its definitions of sisterhood and cultural identity and fraught with internal and external strife. After numerous years of struggling to work through these many issues, they realized their vision of a sisterhood was in direct contradiction with that of the original organization.

So they made the decision to leave, to strike out on their own. After looking around at other sororities, they noticed that what they envisioned was nowhere in sight. So they saw what was their mission: to create an organization whose primary goal was the upliftment and empowerment of women and their communities through intellectual and leadership development and cultural awareness. They sought to create an organization where each woman could fight for her own cause in her own community, at the same time uniting all other communities to support and aid in the struggle through the works of the sorority. And so, Lambda Psi Delta, a multi-ethnic, service based organization, for women by women and about women, was formed to give all women a chance to experience true sisterhood.

Over 15 years later, Lambda Psi Delta is still going strong and gaining recognition for the works done on both the national and chapter level. Some of which include winning academic and Greek-related awards on the respective campuses of the undergrad chapters, spearheading the founding of the National Multicultural Greek Council alongside Mu Sigma Upsilon.

Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Inc. is rapidly growing to having undergraduate chapters in various states such as Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas and Louisiana as well as two graduate chapters.[3]


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Their principle [sic] purposes are to engage in the upliftment and empowerment of women and our communities through intellectual development, cultural awareness, and leadership, and to engage in educational, cultural, political, and public service activities that express and support such concerns.[citation needed]

Although they work primarily in minority communities, our members hail from a variety of backgrounds including African, Afro-American, Anglo-American, Belizean, Chilean, Chinese, Colombian, Costa Rican, Dominican, East Indian, El Salvadoran, Ecuadorian, Filipino, Guatemalan, Greek, Haitian, Hungarian, Italian, Iranian, Irish, Jamaican, Korean, Mexican, Pakistani, Palestinian, Polish, Puerto Rican, Russian, Somalian, Scottish, West Indian, Transylvanian, Vietnamese and many others, and devote their energies to a number of different causes that support and promote our Five Tenets.[3]


The sorority's Five Tenets are:

The Five Tenets serve as the foundation for the sorority's National Public and Political Service Program efforts and provide the ideals and virtues for which each soror strives in her personal and professional life.

Through the Five Tenets and the virtues of true sisterhood and community outreach, Lambda Psi Delta strives to educate its surrounding communities and empower the community to make significantly enhancements for the betterment of all.

Founding Mothers

Lambda Psi Delta was founded by nine strong, dynamic women who are referred to as the Nine Black Diamonds. They are:

  1. Ericka Ramos Carrasquillo, Esq.
  2. Irma Beatriz Cordero, MSW
  3. Margarita Martis Navarro
  4. Isabel Veguilla, MFA
  5. Paula Arputhasamy Ladd, Esq.
  6. Laura Elaine Gilbert
  7. Karina Tejeda
  8. Marina Lori Franzoni, N.D.
  9. Denise J. Pipersburgh, Esq.


One of the sorority’s governing principles is a fundamental commitment to empowering and uplifting the larger community, as well as marked political involvement in order to initiate and promote political change. The sorority's commitment to the goals stems from the belief that, through personal initiative, the members may, collectively, accomplish great advances at all levels within their communities.

The Lambda Psi Delta Service Program is aimed at encouraging and promoting service and contributions that pertain to its Five Tenets in two key ways:

A key aspect of the sorority’s National Public and Political Service Program is the initiation and implementation of the sorority’s own service programs in which its sorors and chapters engage in as part of its commitment to the community. Such commitment to original programming is evidenced by such programs as: the LPsiD College Resource Center; Unity Day; and the sorority’s proprietary educational campaigns, which address current societal concerns.

The sorority's National Public and Political Service Program is designed around its Focus Initiatives, which address timely public and political service concerns within our communities. The current Focus Initiatives include: and Multiple Sclerosis Research and Development, and STEP UP – SPEAK OUT! Bullying Awareness and Prevention Campaign – a partnership initiative with Omega Phi Chi Sorority, Inc.


The LILies is the official interest group of Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Inc. The acronym LILies stands for Ladies Interested in Lambda Psi Delta. The purpose of the LILies group is threefold. It serves to teach interested ladies more about Lambda Psi Delta, encourage service and academic excellence and to foster a relationship amongst other interested ladies nationwide.


Undergraduate chapters:

Graduate chapters:

Graduate associations:


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