Laser Run
Shooting during a laser-run
Highest governing bodyUnion Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne
First played2015[1]
Mixed-sexmixed relay only
EquipmentLaser pistol
VenueOutdoor on grass, dirt or track and field stadium
Country or regionWorldwide

Laser-run (also known as laser run) is a multisport competition consisting of running and shooting. It is a sport in its own right and the last event of the modern pentathlon where it was formerly known as combined.

Distance and format

Laser-run is a competition that involves cross country running and laser pistol shooting in multiple sequences. Laser-run competitions are held under rules of the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM).[2]

The sequence of a laser-run is as follows:

The number of repetitions and the distances depend on the age group of the competitors.[2] Running distances range from 300 to 600 m. Distance to the target is 5 or 10 m. On senior level, a competitor runs five 600 m laps with four series of hitting five targets at a distance of 10 meters.

There are different rankings according to gender and age group.

From 2015 to 2021 the running distances were 200 m, 400 m and 800 m.[3]


Shooting during a laser run competition
Shooting during a laser run competition

The laser-run uses laser pistols and targets that have to be homologated by the UIPM. Laser pistols are usually also provided by the organizers at regional competitions to enable an easier entry into the sport. In national or international competitions, the participants compete with their own pistols. The laser pistols are safe for spectators and participants. They are almost noiseless and they are not subject to weapons legislation.

The laser-run uses electronic targets with five green and red lights as indicators. The target is similar to the one of 10 Meter Air Pistol competitions with the dimension of 17 x 17 cm and a black target area of 59,5 mm in diameter. The distance from floor level to the centre of the target is 140 cm.

There are no special requirements for running equipment.


The first Laser Run World Championships were held in 2015.[1] The Laser Run City Tour aims to introduce the sport to audiences in different cities all over the world.[4] Furthermore, Laser-run was a showcase event at the 2019 World Urban Games in Budapest[5] and was part of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.[6]

Host cities of the Laser Run World Championships:

No. Year Host city Country
1 2015 Perpignan[7]  France
2 2016 Lisbon[8]  Portugal
3 2017 Cape Town[8]  South Africa
4 2018 Dublin[9]  Ireland
5 2019 Budapest[10]  Hungary
cancelled 2020 cancelled: Xiamen[11]
cancelled: Weiden[11]
6 2021 cancelled: Minsk[12]
7 2022 Lisbon[11]  Portugal
8 2023 Bath[14]  United Kingdom

Host nations of the Laser Run City Tour since 2017:

Continent Country
Africa Burkina Faso,[15] Egypt,[16] Gambia,[17] Ghana,[18] Ivory Coast,[19] Mali,[20] Niger,[21] Nigeria,[22] South Africa,[23] Togo,[24] Uganda[25]
Americas Argentina,[26] Bolivia,[27]Chile,[28] Colombia,[29] El Salvador,[30] Guatemala,[31] Haiti,[32] Mexico,[33] Panama,[34] Peru,[35] United States,[36] Venezuela[37]
Asia Afghanistan,[38] China,[39] India,[40] Kazakhstan,[41] Malaysia,[42] Mauritius,[43] Oman,[44] Pakistan,[45] Philippines,[46] Singapore,[47] Sri Lanka,[48] Turkey,[49] Uzbekistan[50]
Europe Armenia,[51] Belarus,[52] Denmark,[53] France,[54] Finland,[55] Germany,[56] Georgia,[57] Greece,[58] Great Britain,[59] Hungary,[60] Italy,[61] Kosovo,[62] Latvia,[63] Moldova,[64] Poland,[65] Portugal,[66] Russia,[67] Spain,[68] Ukraine[69]
Oceania Australia,[70] New Zealand[71]



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