Le Petit Marocain
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Mas Presse
Ceased publication1972
OCLC number35359124

Le Petit Marocain was a daily publication founded during the protectorate-era in Morocco[1] and the predecessor publication of Le Matin.

History and profile

Le Petit Marocain was founded in 1925[2] and was based in Casablanca.[3] The paper belonged to the company "Mas Presse" which was controlled by French nationals Pierre Mas and Yves Mas.[4][5]

Its editorial line was ultra-colonialist, and it actively sought the promotion of the colonial policies of France in the country and it notably supported the Vichy government and the deposition and exile of Mohammed V.[4]

The newspaper ceased on 1 November 1972 when the control of "Mas presse" was given to Moulay Hafid Alaoui, cousin of Hassan II and minister of information during that time.[4] It was replaced, on the same day, by Le Matin,[4] a daily dedicated to the promotion of the image of the Moroccan King; its purchase was compulsory for all state administrations.


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