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LeapPad Explorer
ManufacturerLeapFrog Enterprises
Product familyLeapPad Tablet Family
TypeTablet computer
GenerationSeventh generation
Release dateAugust 15, 2011; 12 years ago (2011-08-15)
Units sold500,000
MediaLeapFrog Explorer cartridges Digital download
CPUARM9-based processor
Best-selling gameGlobe: Earth Adventures
SuccessorLeapPad2, LeapPad Ultra
ManufacturerLeapFrog Enterprises
Product familyLeapPad Tablet Family
TypeTablet computer
GenerationEighth generation
Release dateJuly 18, 2012; 11 years ago (2012-07-18)
Units sold500
MediaLeapFrog Explorer cartridges Digital download
CPULeapFrog LF-2000 (NXP3200 SoC) ARM9 @ 550 MHz [1]
Best-selling gameLearning Path games
PredecessorLeapPad Explorer
SuccessorLeapPad3, LeapPad Ultra XDi

The LeapPad Explorer was the first release in a new line of LeapPad products after the discontinuation of the original LeapPad line by LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.[2][3] LeapPad Explorer was released on August 15, 2011.

New versions of the LeapPad Explorers were released in July 2012.[4] The update was branded the LeapPad2 and has a higher resolution camera, longer battery life, 4 GB of storage and a LF 2000 processor.[1]

LeapPad Explorer specs

LeapPad2 specs


In 2012, the LeapPad Explorer was awarded 3 titles: "Toy of the Year (overall)", "Educational Toy of the Year" and "Preschool Toy of the Year" at the 12th Annual Toy of the Year Awards,[5] which is held at the American International Toy Fair in New York City.

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