Lega Romagna
SecretaryAndrea Liverani
(federal commissioner)
National affiliationLega Nord (1991–2020)
Lega per Salvini Premier (2020–present)
Legislative Assembly
of Emilia-Romagna
2 / 50
Chamber of Deputies (Romagna seats)
2 / 10
Senate (Emilia-Romagna seats)
0 / 22
Proposed flag of Romagna by Lega Nord Romagna
Proposed flag of Romagna by Lega Nord Romagna

Lega Romagna (English: Romagna League), whose complete name is Lega Romagna per Salvini Premier (English: Romagna League for Salvini Premier), is a regionalist political party active in Romagna, part of Emilia-Romagna region. The party was a "national" section of Lega Nord (LN) from 1991 to 2020, and has been the regional section of Lega per Salvini Premier (LSP) in Romagna since 2020.[1]

The party's current leader is Andrea Liverani, who succeeded Jacopo Morrone in February 2020.[2] Gianluca Pini, long-time party leader (1991–2015) and member of the Chamber of Deputies (2006–2018), is a nostalgic of the LN and a strong critic of the LSP.[3]

The party has been a long proponent of the separation of Romagna from Emilia and, thus, the establishment of the Region of Romagna.[4] For now it has campaigned with some success for the "return" of Romagnol municipalities of northern Marche to Romagna.[5]

Recent history

In May 2012 Gianluca Pini, who was a staunch supporter of the new federal secretary Roberto Maroni, was re-elected national secretary with the support of 91% of party delegates during a national congress.[6][7]

In the 2014 regional election the joint list of LNE and LNR obtained its best result so far in a regionwide election (19.4%).[8]

In October 2015 Jacopo Morrone was elected secretary to succeed to Pini,[9][10] who was later installed as president.

In the 2019 European Parliament election the party obtained 33.8%, its best result ever. In the 2020 Emilia-Romagna regional election LNE's Lucia Borgonzoni posed the strongest challenge so far to the dominant PD, but stopped at 43.6% and was defeated, while the League's list obtained 32.0%.

Popular support

Lega Nord was usually stronger in the outer provinces, both in Emilia and Romagna. In the 2019–2020 elections (European Parliament and Regional Council, respectively) it did better in the provinces of Piacenza (45.3% and 44.0%), Parma (38.8% and 36.5%), Ferrara (41.9% and 41.9%) and Rimini (36.5% and 34.5%).

The combined electoral results of Lega Nord Emilia and Lega Nord Romagna in Emilia-Romagna are shown in the tables below.

1990 regional 1992 general 1994 general 1995 regional 1996 general 1999 European 2000 regional 2001 general 2004 European 2005 regional 2006 general 2008 general 2009 European 2010 regional
2.9 9.6 6.4 3.4 7.2 3.0 2.6 3.3 3.4 4.8 3.9 7.8 11.1 13.7
2013 general 2014 European 2014 regional 2018 general 2019 European 2020 regional
2.6 5.0 19.4 19.2 33.8 32.0



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