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Lego Creator
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Lego Creator is a Lego theme for generic models. Creator sets have few specialized bricks to create buildings, creatures, vehicles, and robots. Some sets featured instructions for three different possible builds from the bricks included and most sets in recent years have used the 3-in-1 label. Creator is also a parent theme to Lego Icons, a Lego subtheme for adolescents and adults featuring advanced building techniques and large piece counts, mostly known for Modular Buildings and detailed vehicles. Creator also has had several other subthemes such as X-Pods and mosaics.


The original theme called Creator was launched in 2001 and had over-sized minifigures,[2] such as mascots Tina and Max, targeting a younger demographic but was discontinued after one year. In 2002, the Creator name was used for sets composed of buckets or tubs of generic Lego bricks, which later became "Make and Create" and then "Bricks and More". In 2003, a theme called "Designer" began have subject specific sets with bricks and instructions included to build multiple models based around a concept, such as vehicles or animals. In 2006, Lego then began branding its Designer sets under the "Creator" theme. In 2004, a subtheme called X-Pods had similar smaller builds included in travel-sized containers and was also then branded under the Creator theme in 2006. The 2006 X-Pods were also the first Creator theme to use the "3-in-1" labeling on the packaging, which later became a primary feature of Creator sets. In 2007, the Creator line introduced two sets based around creating mosaics under a separate sub-theme. The theme began including Lego minifigures in sets based around buildings in 2011.

In September 2021, Matthew Ashton, The Lego Group's Vice President of Design announced the Creator alongside City, Friends, Lego Classic, Technic, Speed Champions, Monkie Kid, Ninjago, Collectible Minifigures and DOTS themes were continue until at least 2023.[3]


According to Bricklink, The Lego Group released 602 playsets as part of the Lego Creator theme.[1]


X-Pods were formerly a subtheme of Designer sets[4] from 2004[5] to 2005 and transitioned to the Creator brand in 2006. X-Pods were small, portable containers that contained small sets of Lego bricks. They came with a strap to join them together for easy mobility and transportation. The X-Pod theme also had smaller polybag versions of select sets without the mobile pod itself and had the first branded Creator 3-in-1 sets in 2006.[6]

Creator Expert

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See also: Lego Modular Buildings

A Lego model depicting a real-life London Bus.
A Lego model depicting a real-life London Bus.

In 2013, Lego merged its advanced technique models into the Creator line, under the sub-theme of Creator Expert starting with the March 2013 release of the 10232 Palace Cinema, a modular building. Previously, the advanced sets had been themed under Lego Model Team until the labeling was discontinued in 1999. After Model Team, the advanced sets had no labeled theme on the packaging and were typically only sold as exclusives.[7] The previously released exclusive sets were then sold under the Creator Expert brand, and some received new updated packaging such as the 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van that had originally been released in 2011.

Creator Expert is advertised specifically for adolescents and adults. In 2020, the boxes ceased using the branding as "Creator Expert" and simply used an 18+ age rating and simple black box to further advertise for an older demographic,[8] although the sets continued to be sold under the Creator brand at the Lego website.[9] Creator Expert typically has annual releases that follow themes such as a Winter Village; a product line first released in 2009 focusing on winter-holiday aspects,[10][11] Modular Buildings; a series of town, apartment, and retail structures first launched in 2007, and models based on real world vehicles.

In 2022, The Lego Group announced the Lego Creator Expert theme will rebranded as Lego Icons in June 2022 and will be on packaging on 1 January 2023.[12]

Awards and nominations

In 2022, Ferris Wheel (set number: 31119) was awarded "STEAM Toy of the Year" by the Toy Association.[13]

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