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Lego Studios
Sub‑themesJurassic Park III
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Lego Studios was a popular brand of Lego toys released in 2000 and mainly focused on movie-making and the steps thereof. Lego Studios was first distributed in November 2000,[1] and was later discontinued in 2003. The last series in the franchise was the Lego Spider-Man set. The appeal of Lego Studios was that it featured stop-motion animation to make real movies with Lego bricks. In response, many websites have grown that are dedicated to the product and feature many uploaded videos, such as

The Lego Director character appears in several Lego Studio sets and video games. He also appeared in Lego Island Xtreme Stunts as a guide for the game. He is a Minifigure of Steven Spielberg. The Lego Director is always seen with a brown beard, small glasses and a black baseball cap. He also wears a white shirt with an orange waistcoat worn over it. His shirt also says "DIRECTOR" on the back. He also has an ID card on his waistcoat and wears black pants.

In 2000 lego had held The LEGO Studios Movie Making Contest. It was a brickfilming competition hosted by The LEGO Group to tie in with the launch of LEGO Studios. It began in late 2000, making it the earliest known brickfilming competition. It also ties in with a brickfilm category in a German film festival, and there was also a very little-known UK edition of the contest.

Behind the Scenes (2000-2001)

Minifigures: Director, Cameraman, Grip, Assistant, Actress Tubetop, Pilot, Res-Q 3 Fire Helmet.[2]

Animals: Tyrannosaurus rex, Green Baby T-Rex, White Kitten. included CD-ROM and Camera. Based on San Diego Scene in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Minifigures: Grip, Driver Actor, Policeman.

Minifigures: Director, Cameraman, Driver Actor, Police Sheriff.

Minifigures: Cameraman, Driver Actor.

Minifigures: Grip, "Pippin Read" Actress Animals: Green Baby T-Rex and white kitten.

Minifigures: Cameraman, "Johnny Thunder" Actor.

Minifigures: Director, Stuntman.

Minifigures: Cameraman

Vehicles and Production (2001)

Minifigures: Director. included comics.

Minifigures: Cameraman. included comics.

Minifigures: Boat Driver. included comics.

Minifigures: Driver Actor. included comics.

Minifigures: Director, Cameraman, Nesquick Rabbit (Promotional figure)

Jurassic Park III (2001)

Frequently are separated theme, but the accessories sets confirm his Studios connection.

Minifigures: "Johnny Thunder" Actor, "Pippin Read" Actress, Cameraman.

Minifigures: Cameraman, Plane Pilot.

Animals: Trans blue Spider

Animals: Light gray Spider

Animals: Red Baby T-Rex

Classics (2002)

Minifigures: Gent, Lady, Werewolf.

Animals: Black Spider.

Minifigures: Gent, Grip, Hunchback, Vampire.

Animals: 3 Black Bats

Minifigures: Director, Frankenstein, Gent, Lady, Mad Scientist, Skeleton.

Animals:Brown Rat, 3 Black Bats, Black Scorpion.

Minifigures: Skeleton, Mummy.

Animals: Black Scorpion, Trans Green Spider.

Spider-Man 1 (2002)

Minifigs: Mary Jane, Green Goblin

Minifigs: Spider-Man, Bank robber, Policeman, Peter Parker, Director.

Minifigs: Spider-Man (old uniform), Criminal, Highway Patrolman.

Animals: Black Cat, Trans red Spider.

Minifigs: Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Norman Osbourne/Green Goblin, Spider-Man, Scientist.

Animals: Trans red Spider, Trans blue Spider, Black Spider, Trans Green Spider, Trans orange Spider.

Minifigs: Mary Jane, Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Taxi driver.

Minifigs: Spider-Man (old uniform), Fighter, Cameraman

In 2003, Lego Studios was discontinued.


In 2000, Lego & Steven Spielberg MovieMaker (set number: 1349) was awarded "Toy of the Year" and also "Innovative Toy of the Year" by the Toy Association.[3]

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