Leica M-A (Typ 127)
Type35 mm rangefinder camera
LensInterchangeable lens, Leica M-mount
Film format35 mm
Film size36 mm x 24 mm
Film speedISO 6-6400
Film advanceManual
Film rewindManual
Exposure modesManual (M), and Bulb (B)
FlashHot shoe – accessory shoe with centre contact
Flash synchronization1/50s
Shuttermechanically timed horizontal running cloth shutter
Shutter speed range1s - 1/1000s with Bulb and 1/50s flash sync
ViewfinderBrightline frame viewfinder with automatic parallax-compensation
Viewfinder magnification0.72x
Optional motor drivesLeica Motor-M, Winder-M, Winder 4-P and Winder 4-2
Dimensions138 mm × 77 mm × 38 mm (5.4 in × 3.0 in × 1.5 in)
Weight578 g (20.4 oz)
Made inGermany

The Leica M-A (Typ 127) is a purely mechanical 35 mm rangefinder camera released by Leica Camera AG in 2014.[1] The camera has no exposure meter, no electronic control, and no battery is required to operate it. The camera is Leica's first purely mechanical camera since the release of the Leica M4-P in 1981.[2]


The Leica M-A is very similar to the Leica M3, which was produced by Leica from 1954 to 1966. The Leica "red dot" has been deliberately omitted. Viewed from the side the M-A is also noticeably slimmer than its digital counterparts. The camera is enclosed in all-metal using chromed brass top & bottom covers. The camera comes in black or silver chrome finish.[3]


The stripped-down features of the M series cameras camera allows the photographer full manual control of all the settings without automation. The ISO dial at the back of the camera is purely decorative and serves only as a reminder. The camera is compatible with a wide range of M-mount Lens from 16 to 135 mm. A lever allows the photographer to change the framing lines to suit three different pairs of lenses: 28/90 mm, 35/135 mm, and 50/75 mm.[3]


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