APO Levadiakos (logo).svg
Full nameAPO Levadiakos Football Club
Nickname(s)The Blue-Greens
Short nameAPOL
Founded1 December 1961; 60 years ago (1961-12-01)
GroundLevadia Municipal Stadium
OwnerAndreas Kolokythas
ChairmanKonstantinos Kolokythas
ManagerGiannis Taousianis
LeagueSuper League Greece
2021–22Super League Greece 2, 1st (promoted)
WebsiteClub website
Current season

Levadiakos Football Club (Greek: ΠΑΕ Λεβαδειακός) is a Greek professional football club that plays in the Super League Greece. Based in Livadeia, Greece, the club was promoted to the Alpha Ethniki, forerunner of the Super League, after ten seasons in minor divisions in the 2005–06 season, as runner-up of the Football League in 2004–05.[2] It was then relegated to the Beta Ethniki again in 2006–07[3] and returned to the top tier in 2007–08. The club finished one level above relegation that year but was relegated back to the second division by finishing 14th in 2009–10.[4]


Levadiakos started in 1961, when local clubs Trofonios and Pallevadiaki merged into a greater club.[5] Straight after, Levadiakos played in the second division being close to relegation in almost every season. In the 1980s, the team was upgraded and in May 1987, players and supporters of the club celebrated the team's first ever promotion to Alpha Ethniki following a career great season by Konstantinos "Prince" Litinas. Levadiakos stayed there only for four seasons, returning again only in 1994 and 1995. After their second relegation, Levadiakos declined and went very lower, even struggling to clinch promotion to the 3rd division of Greece. But once more, everything changed suddenly and the team reached again the Greek Super League after ten years, in 2005,[6] but was immediately relegated.[7] In the next summer, Levadiakos bought many expensive players and appointed Georgi Vasilev as manager.[8] Vasiliev achieved to get the team to the Super League once again, and in the 2007–08 season he struggled, but managed to avoid going down again. Nevertheless, he resigned from the club and he was succeeded by Momčilo Vukotić.[9]

Crest and colours

The club's crest has blue and green vertical stripes inspired by the great Konstantinos "Prince" Litinas. It comes from the colours of Pallevadiaki (green) and Trofonio (blue), the clubs that joined in order to establish Levadiakos. The colour common to both teams was white, which was also the basic colour of the group in the early years of its foundation.


Levadiakos' stadium was built in 1952. The stadium is located in Livadeia, about 130 km north-west of Athens. The stadium itself is located on the south side of Livadeia.[10]

Seasons in the 21st century

Season Category Position Cup
2000–01 Delta Ethniki (4th division) 4th
2001–02 Delta Ethniki (4th division) 1st
2002–03 Gamma Ethniki (3rd division) 3rd 1R
2003–04 Beta Ethniki (2nd division) 8th 2R
2004–05 Beta Ethniki (2nd division) 2nd 2R
2005–06 Alpha Ethniki (1st division) 14th 4R
2006–07 Beta Ethniki (2nd division) 2nd 4R
2007–08 Super League (1st division) 11th 4R
2008–09 Super League (1st division) 13th 4R
2009–10 Super League (1st division) 14th 5R
2010–11 Football League (2nd division) 4th 2R
2011–12 Super League (1st division) 7th 4R
2012–13 Super League (1st division) 11th QF
2013–14 Super League (1st division) 9th 2R
2014–15 Super League (1st division) 14th 3R
2015–16 Super League (1st division) 10th 3R
2016–17 Super League (1st division) 14th 3R
2017–18 Super League (1st division) 10th R16
2018–19 Super League (1st division) 15th GS
2019–20 Super League 2 (2nd Division) 4th 4R
2020–21 Super League 2 (2nd Division) 3rd
2021–22 Super League 2 (2nd Division) 1st R16

Best position in bold.

Key: 1R = First Round, 2R = Second Round, 3R = Third Round, 4R = Fourth Round, 5R = Fifth Round, GS = Group Stage, QF = Quarter-finals, SF = Semi-finals.


Current squad

As of 18 January 2022[11]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK Greece GRE Giannis Angelopoulos
3 DF Greece GRE Marios Vichos
4 MF Greece GRE Georgios Nikas
6 MF Greece GRE Triantafyllos Tsapras
7 DF Spain ESP Nili
8 MF Ivory Coast CIV Emmanuel Koné
9 FW Cyprus CYP Nestoras Mytidis
11 FW Brazil BRA Lucas Poletto
12 MF Honduras HON Alfredo Mejía (captain)
16 MF Greece GRE Serafim Maniotis
20 MF Portugal POR Thierry Moutinho
22 DF New Zealand NZL Themistoklis Tzimopoulos (third-captain)
23 FW Greece GRE Christos Aravidis
No. Pos. Nation Player
24 DF Greece GRE Panagiotis Liagas (vice-captain)
27 FW Greece GRE Konstantinos Doumtsios
29 DF Cameroon CMR Patrick Bahanack
30 DF Greece GRE Stavros Panagiotou
31 FW Greece GRE Panagiotis Symelidis
32 DF Greece GRE Dimitris Konstantinidis
33 MF Greece GRE Manolis Rovithis
37 MF Greece GRE Panagiotis Linardos
40 MF Ghana GHA Stephen Hammond
44 GK Croatia CRO Matej Marković
97 GK Serbia SRB Stefan Stojanović
99 FW Brazil BRA Gabriel Barbosa

Out on loan

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
GK Montenegro MNE Vuko Vujović (at Olympiacos Volos until 30 June 2022)
MF Greece GRE Tilemachos Karabas (at Panathinaikos B until 30 June 2022)
No. Pos. Nation Player
FW Greece GRE Christos Albanis (at Panathinaikos B until 30 June 2022)
FW Greece GRE Theodoros Tsirigotis (at Panathinaikos B until 30 June 2022)

Former managers


Ownership and current board

Position Staff
Owners Greece Andreas Kolokythas (59.93%)
Greece Konstantinos Kolokythas (10.60%)
President Greece Konstantinos Kolokythas
Vice-President Greece Lampros Balokas
CEO Greece Dimitris Pantiskos
Board member Greece Georgios Tsabis
Board member Greece Panagiota Kyriazi
Board member Greece Loukas Koutriaris

Coaching staff

Position Name Nationality
Manager Giannis Taousianis Greece
Physical fitness coach Thomas Giannitopoulos Greece
Goalkeeping coach Kostas Toskas Greece
Physiotherapist Loukas Karamanis Greece
Physiotherapist Nikos Papathanasiou Greece
Masseur Thanasis Nikolaou Greece
Masseur Grigoris Ioannou Greece
Caregiver Dimitris Papadas Greece


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