Lhao Vo
Lhao Vo
Native toMyanmar, China
Native speakers
100,000 (1997)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3mhx

Lhao Vo (Burmese: လော်ဝေါ်,) also known as Maru (မရူ) and Langsu (Chinese: 浪速), is a Burmish language spoken in Burma and by a few thousand speakers in China.


Dai Qingxia (2005:3) reports 5,600 Langsu speakers in China. Many thousands more are dispersed across the eastern edge of Kachin State, Burma.

The Langsu people call themselves lɔ̃˧˩ vɔ˧˩ (Chinese: Lang'e 浪峨) (Dai 2003:3; Dai 2010:10)[2]


The standard Lhaovo dialect is that of the Dago’ (tăkoʔ) hill area, on the east side of N'Mai River valley in Kachin State.[3]

Sawada (2017) lists the following patois (subvarieties) of Lhaovo.[3]


The Langsong 浪宋 are found in Zaoyang 早阳[4] in Yunlong County (in the Chinese province of Yunnan) as well as in Baocun 表村,[5] Laomo 老末, and Sancha 三岔.[6][7] They reportedly speak a highly endangered language that may be possibly related to Langsu.


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