Republic of Chile
República de Chile
Anthem: Himno Nacional de Chile
Location of Chile
Common languagesSpanish
GovernmentSemi-presidential system
• 1861–1871
José Joaquín Pérez first
• 1886–1891
José Manuel Balmaceda last
18 September 1861
• Civil War
18 September 1891
CurrencyChilean peso
ISO 3166 codeCL
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Conservative Republic
Parliamentary Era

Liberal Republic (Spanish, República Liberal) is the period of Chilean history between 1861 and 1891. It is characterized by the rise of the liberal political faction the Pipiolos who opposed the Pelucones who had dominated the preceding period known as the Conservative Republic. They promulgated constitutional reforms that limited the power of the president and increased the power of the Congress.[1]

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