Lincoln Child
Born (1957-10-13) 13 October 1957 (age 66)
Westport, Connecticut, U.S.
OccupationNovelist, editor
Alma materCarleton College
GenreThriller, Techno-thriller, Adventure
Notable worksAgent Pendergast series, Jeremy Logan series, Gideon Crew series

Lincoln Child (13 October 1957) is an American author of techno-thriller and horror novels. Though he is most well known for his collaborations with Douglas Preston (including the Agent Pendergast series and the Gideon Crew series, among others), he has also written eight solo novels, including the Jeremy Logan series. Over twenty of the collaborative novels and most of his solo novels have become New York Times bestsellers, some reaching the #1 position. Child and Preston's first novel together, Relic, was adapted into a feature film. Their books are notable for their thorough research and scientific accuracy.

Life and career

Born in Westport, Connecticut, but now a Florida resident, Child graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, with a major in English.

Soon afterward, in 1979, he secured a job as an editorial assistant at St. Martin's Press. By 1984, Child had become full editor. While in this position, he edited hundreds of books, most titles being American and English fiction.

In 1987, after founding the company's mass-market horror division, Child left the St. Martin's Press to become a systems analyst at MetLife. Child's first novel (co-written with Preston), Relic, was published in 1995. He left the company a few years later to write full-time.

In 2002, Child began his solo career with the debut novel Utopia, then wrote Death Match in 2004. These two novels were stand-alone works that introduced a new set of characters each time. However, with Deep Storm in 2007, Child introduced the character of Dr. Jeremy Logan, a Yale professor of medieval history and enigmalogist, whose role over the course of the series gradually increases with each book. He appeared in only one chapter in Deep Storm, then became a supporting character in Terminal Freeze (2009), before finally becoming the main protagonist in The Third Gate (2012). Utopia, Deep Storm, and Terminal Freeze all went on to become New York Times best sellers.

Child is now a resident of Sarasota, Florida.[1]


Solo works

Stand-alone novels

Jeremy Logan series

Collaborations with Douglas Preston

Agent Pendergast series

Gideon Crew series

Nora Kelly series


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