Camnago Lentate–Milano Cadorna
An S4 train at Milan Affori.
LocaleMilan, Italy
Milan Cadorna
TypeCommuter rail
SystemMilan suburban railway service
Route numberS4
Line length23 km (14 mi)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in)
Electrification3,000 V DC
Route map
Map of line S4.
Map of line S4.

The S4 is a commuter rail route forming part of the Milan suburban railway service (Italian: Servizio ferroviario suburbano di Milano), which converges on the city of Milan, Italy.[1]

The route runs over the infrastructure of the Milan–Asso railway. Like all other Milan suburban railway service routes, it is operated by Trenord.


Line S4, a radial route, runs from Camnago-Lentate, in a southerly direction via the Milan–Asso railway, to Milano Cadorna, the railway's urban terminus.[2] The travel takes 42 minutes.[3]


The S4 was activated on 12 December 2004 between Seveso and Milano Cadorna.[4]

On 19 February 2006, the line was extended from Seveso to Camnago-Lentate.[5]


The stations on the S4 are as follows (stations with blue background are in the municipality of Milan):[6]

Station Opened Interchange Note
Camnago-Lentate 1849 Line S11
Seveso 1879 Line S2 Treni regionali
Cesano Maderno 2011 Line S2 Line S9 Treni regionali
Bovisio Masciago-Mombello 1879 Line S2
Varedo 1879 Line S2
Palazzolo Milanese 1879 Line S2
Paderno Dugnano 1879 Line S2
Cormano-Cusano 2015 Line S2
Milano Bruzzano 2014 Line S2
Milano Affori 2011 Line M3 Line S2 Treni regionali
Milano Bovisa 1879 Line S1 Line S2 Line S3 Line S12 Line S13 Treni regionali MXP
Milano Domodossola 2003 Line M5 Line S3 Treni regionali
Milano Cadorna 1879 Line M1 Line M2 Line S3 Treni regionali MXP


As of 2012, S4 trains ran every half-hour between 06:00 and 21:00 daily. After 21:00, the connection between Seveso and Milano Cadorna was provided by S2 trains between Seveso and Milano Porta Vittoria, connecting at Milano Bovisa-Politecnico with S3 services to or from Milano Cadorna.[6]

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