Lingbao Tianzun
Traditional Chinese靈寶天尊
Simplified Chinese灵宝天尊
Literal meaningHeavenly Lord of Spiritual Treasure(s)
Literal meaningThe High-&-Clear [One]

Lingbao Tianzun, also known in English as the Heavenly Lord of Spiritual Treasures,[1] is a Taoist god. Also known as Shangqing, he is numbered among the Three Pure Ones who head some forms of the Taoist pantheon.

He is thought to be able to control everything that goes on in the present.[2]


The Dongxuan Palace in the Zhujia'ao Valley beside Mt Mian in Shanxi is dedicated to the Lord of Lingbao. His statue in its main hall is covered by a ring of light; his eyes are thought to "contain the mysteries of the universe".[1]


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