The following is a list of African films. It is arranged alphabetically by country of origin.


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Year Title Director Genre Notes
1980 The Gods Must Be Crazy Jamie Uys comedy the first of The Gods Must Be Crazy film series
1989 The Gods Must Be Crazy II Jamie Uys comedy part of The Gods Must Be Crazy film series

Burkina Faso

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Year Title Director Genre Notes
1992 Gito l'ingrat Léonce Ngabo


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Cape Verde

Year Title Director Genre Notes
2000 Amílcar Cabral Ana Ramos Lisoba documentary

Central African Republic

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Congo, Democratic Republic of

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Congo, Republic

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Year Title Director Genre Notes
2011 Laan = girls, friends = Les copines Lula Ali Ismail drama



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Equatorial Guinea

Year Title Director Genre Notes
2015 Aricó caliente Raimundo Bernabé Nnandong drama


2016 Desamparad@s Raimundo Bernabé Nnandong drama



Year Title Director Genre Notes
2001 White Hotel Dianne Griffin, Tobi Solvang documentary


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Year Title Director Genre Notes
1952 The Boy Kumasenu Sean Graham
1980 Love Brewed in the African Pot Kwaw Ansah
1987 Zinabu William Akuffo and Richard Quartey
1993 Sankofa Haile Gerima drama This film is Burkinabé,[clarification needed] but shot in Ghana.
2005 Emmanuel's Gift Lisa Lax and Nancy Stern documentary
2006 Run Baby Run Emmanuel Apea action
2006 A Goat's Tail Julius Amedume
2007 Princess Tyra Frank Rajah Arase drama
2009 A Sting in a Tale Shirley Frimpong-Manso thriller
2010 Coz Ov Moni King Luu musical
2010 Sinking Sands Leila Djansi drama
2011 An African Election Jarreth and Kevin Merz documentary
2011 Ties That Bind Leila Djansi drama
2012 Contract Shirley Frimpong-Manso
2013 Coz Ov Moni 2 (FOKN Revenge) King Luu musical
2015 Heaven Abu Idi - Haus of Euphorium thriller


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Year Title Director Genre Notes
1988 Mortu Nega Flora Gomes historical drama

Ivory Coast

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Year Title Director Genre Notes
1972 When Fate Hardens
(also known as Destiny is Very Hard)
Abdella Zarok feature film [4]
1974 The Road Mohamed Shaaban feature film [4]
1976 Mohammad, Messenger of God
(also known as The Message)
Moustapha Akkad biographical adventure drama
1977 Les Ambassadeurs Naceur Ktar drama
1977 The Green Light (al-Daw’ al-Akhdar) Abedalla Mushbahi [4]
1981 Lion of the Desert Moustapha Akkad biographical war drama
1983 Battle of Tagrift (Ma’rakat Taqraft) Mushafa Kashem and Mohamed Ayad Driza war drama [4]
1985 The Bomb Shell (al-Shaziya)
(also known as The Splinter)
Mohamed Ferjani [4]
1986 Love in Narrow Alleys (Hub fi al-aziqa al-dayiqa) Muhamad Abd al-Jalil Qanidi [5]
1993/4 Symphony of Rain (Ma’azufatu al-matar) Abdella Zarok [4]


Year Title Director Genre Notes
1988 Tabataba Raymond Rajaonarivelo
2004 Souli Alexander Abela drama


Year Title Director Genre Notes
2003 Lifecycles: A Story of AIDS in Malawi Sierra Bellows, Doug Karr documentary


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Year Title Director Genre Notes
1989 Red Scorpion Joseph Zito action adventure
2007 Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation Charles Burnett drama
2009 Rider without a Horse Tim Huebschle short film
2011 Looking for Iilonga Tim Huebschle short film
2015 Katutura Florian Schott drama
2019 Hairareb Oshoveli Shipoh drama
2019 #LANDoftheBRAVEfilm Tim Huebschle thriller
2020 Walking Forward Tim Huebschle, Ndinomholo Ndilula web series


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Year Title Director Genre Notes
2001 100 Days Nick Hughes drama
2004 Hotel Rwanda Terry George historical drama war
2005 Sometimes in April Raoul Peck historical drama war television film
2007 Munyurangabo Lee Isaac Chung
2012 Ibara Tom Nkusi/Emmy Ruzindana action

São Tomé and Príncipe

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Sierra Leone

Year Title Director Genre Notes
2000 Cry Freetown Sorious Samura documentary
2005 Blood Diamond Edward Zwick documentary
2012 SALAY Ali Kamanda short-film


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Year Title Director Genre Notes
1987 Geedka nolosha Abdulkadir Ahmed Said
1992 La Conchiglia Abdulkadir Ahmed Said

South Africa

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South Sudan


Year Title Director Genre Notes
2005 God Grew Tired of Us Christopher Dillon Quinn, Tommy Walker documentary


Year Title Director Genre Notes
2001 Maangamizi: The Ancient One Martin Mhando, Ron Mulvihill drama
2003 Bongoland Josiah Kibira


Year Title Director Genre Notes
1972 Kouami Metonou Do Kokou short
1979 Au rendez-vous du rêve abêti Kodjo Goncalves short documentary
1986 The Blooms of Banjeli Carlyn Saltman short documentary
1988 Bawina Minza Bataba short
1991 Ashakara Gérard Louvin
1994 Femmes aux yeux ouverts Anne-Laure Folly documentary
1996 Les Oubliées Anne-Laure Folly documentary
1999 Sarah Maldoror ou la nostalgie de l'utopie Anne-Laure Folly documentary
2002 Le Dilemme d'Eya Adjiké Assouma short drama


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Year Title Director Genre Notes
1998 Guns for Sale Richard Alwyn documentary
2001 ABC Africa Abbas Kiarostami documentary
2006 Invisible Children short documentary
2010 Who Killed Captain Alex? Nabwana IGG action film
2010 Yogera Donald Mugisha drama film
2011 Hello Usama Mukwaya short
2011 State Research Bureau
2012 The Life Nana Kagga drama film
2013 In Just Hours Usama Mukwaya short [6]
2013 The Route
2014 Bala Bala Sese
2015 Tiktok Usama Mukwaya short
2015 Sipi
2016 Queen of Katwe Mira Nair sports drama
2016 Bad Black Nabwana IGG action film
2017 Kony: Order from Above Steve T. Ayeny war film
2018 Veronica's Wish Rehema Nanfuka feature film Drama film
2018 BreadWinner Ochwo emmax short film Drama film
2021 Black Glove Angella Emurwon Mystery-thriller

Produced at Sebamala Arts in conjunction with SOLOFX in Uganda.

Western Sahara

Year Title Director Genre Notes
1976 Sahara Occidental indépendance ou génocide? Collective direction documentary [7]
2011 Wilaya Pedro Pérez Rosado drama
2012 La Badil (No Other Choice) Dominic Brown short documentary


Year Title Director Genre Notes
1996 Macadam tribu José Zeka Laplaine


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