Air Greenland domestic airport network includes all 13 civilian airports within Greenland. Two international airports capable of serving large airlinersKangerlussuaq Airport and Narsarsuaq Airport−were formerly used as U.S. Air Force military bases, and have been used for transatlantic flights.[1]

All other regional airports are STOL-capable, and are served with Bombardier Dash 8 Q200 fixed-wing aircraft. Outside Greenland, the airline operates transatlantic flights to Keflavík International Airport in Iceland, and to Copenhagen Airport in Denmark.[1]

Smaller communities are served by settlement flights from the local helicopter hubs in Upernavik Airport in the Upernavik Archipelago in northwestern Greenland, in Uummannaq Heliport in the Uummannaq Fjord region in northwestern Greenland, Ilulissat Airport and Aasiaat Airport in the Disko Bay region in western Greenland, in Qaqortoq Heliport and Nanortalik Heliport in southern Greenland, and in Tasiilaq Heliport in southeastern Greenland. Out of 45 heliports served, 8 are primary, the remainder are helistops.[1]

The following is a list of destinations served by Air Greenland as of December 2020.[2]


This list is incomplete; you can help by adding missing items. (December 2020)

As of December 2020, Air Greenland operates scheduled passenger flights to the following primary heliports:

Country City Airport Notes Refs
 Denmark Copenhagen Copenhagen Airport
 Greenland Aasiaat Aasiaat Airport
Ilulissat Ilulissat Airport
Kangerlussuaq Kangerlussuaq Airport Hub
Kulusuk Kulusuk Airport
Maniitsoq Maniitsoq Airport
Narsarsuaq Narsarsuaq Airport
Nuuk Nuuk Airport
Paamiut Paamiut Airport
Pituffik Thule Air Force Base
Qaanaaq Qaanaaq Airport
Qaarsut Qaarsut Airport
Sisimiut Sisimiut Airport
Upernavik Upernavik Airport
 Iceland Reykjavik-Keflavík Keflavík International Airport


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