The following is a list of usurpers in the Eastern Roman Empire or Byzantine Empire, from the start of the reign of Arcadius in 395 to the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

Usurper emperors

The following is a listing of Byzantine emperors who rose to the throne due to their own initiative through a revolt or coup d'état.

Unsuccessful usurpers in the 5th and 6th centuries

List of would-be emperors eventually defeated by the ruling sovereign, listed by reign. The noted date is the attempted usurpation.

Zeno: 474–491

Anastasius I: 491–518

Justin I: 518–527

Justinian I: 527–565

Unsuccessful usurpers in the 7th century

Heraclius: 610–641

Constans II: 641–668

Constantine IV: 668–685

Unsuccessful usurpers in the 8th century

Justinian II: 685–695 and 705–711

Leo III: 717–741

Constantine V: 741–775

Leo IV the Khazar: 775–780

Constantine VI: 780–797

Irene: 797–802

Unsuccessful usurpers in the 9th century

Nikephoros I: 802–811

Michael I Rangabe: 811–813

Michael II: 820–829

Theophilos: 829–842

Michael III: 842–867

Basil I: 867–886

Unsuccessful usurpers in the 10th century

Leo VI the Wise: 886–912

Constantine VII: 913–959

Nikephoros II: 963–969

John I Tzimiskes: 969–976

Basil II: 976–1025

Unsuccessful usurpers in the 11th century

Constantine VIII: 1025–1028

Romanos III Argyros: 1028–1034

Michael IV the Paphlagonian: 1034–1041

Constantine IX: 1042–1055

Theodora: 1055–1056

Michael VI Stratiotikos: 1056–1057

Michael VII Doukas: 1071–1078

Nikephoros III Botaneiates: 1078–1081

Alexios I Komnenos: 1081–1118

Unsuccessful usurpers in the 12th century

John II Komnenos: 1118–1143

Manuel I Komnenos: 1143–1180

Alexios II Komnenos: 1180–1183

Andronikos I Komnenos: 1183–1185

Isaac II Angelos: 1185–1195

Alexios III Angelos: 1195–1203

Unsuccessful usurpers in the 13th century

Alexios IV Angelos: 1203–1204

Theodore I Laskaris: 1204/5–1221

John III Doukas Vatatzes: 1221–1254

Michael VIII Palaiologos: 1259–1282

Andronikos II Palaiologos: 1282–1328

Unsuccessful usurpers in the 14th and 15th centuries

Andronikos III Palaiologos: 1328–1341

John V Palaiologos: 1341–1391

Manuel II Palaiologos: 1391–1425

John VIII Palaiologos: 1425–1448

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