This is a list of the British Conservative Party general election manifestos since 1900. From 1900 to 1945, the Conservative Party general election manifesto was usually published as a form of a short personal address by the leader of the party. From 1950 the party published a more formal document.

  Conservatives win a majority.
  Conservatives win the most seats without an absolute majority.
Election Leader Election winner Manifesto title Link to text
2019 Boris Johnson Conservative Get Brexit Done: Unleash Britain's Potential [1]
2017 Theresa May Hung (Conservative with DUP confidence & supply) Forward, Together: Our Plan for a Stronger Britain and a Prosperous Future [2]
2015 David Cameron Conservative Strong Leadership. A Clear Economic Plan. A Brighter, More Secure Future. [3]
2010 David Cameron Hung (Conservative-led coalition) Invitation to Join the Government of Britain

[4] [5]

2005 Michael Howard Labour Are You Thinking What We're Thinking? [6]
2001 William Hague Labour Time for Common Sense [7][8]
1997 John Major Labour You Can Only Be Sure with the Conservatives [9][10]
1992 John Major Conservative The Best Future for Britain [11][12]
1987 Margaret Thatcher Conservative The Next Moves Forward [13][14]
1983 Margaret Thatcher Conservative The Challenge of Our Times [15][16]
1979 Margaret Thatcher Conservative 1979 Conservative Party General Election Manifesto [17][18]
October 1974 Edward Heath Labour Putting Britain First [19][20]
February 1974 Edward Heath Hung (Labour) Firm Action for a Fair Britain [21][22]
1970 Edward Heath Conservative A Better Tomorrow [23][24]
1966 Edward Heath Labour Action Not Words: The New Conservative Programme [25][26]
1964 Alec Douglas-Home Labour Prosperity with a Purpose [27][28]
1959 Harold Macmillan Conservative The Next Five Years [29][30]
1955 Anthony Eden Conservative United for Peace and Progress [31][32]
1951 Winston Churchill Conservative 1951 Conservative Party General Election Manifesto [33][34]
1950 Winston Churchill Labour This Is the Road [35][36]
1945 Winston Churchill Labour Winston Churchill's Declaration of Policy to the Electors [37][38]
1935 Stanley Baldwin National Government A Call to the Nation [39]
1931 Stanley Baldwin National Government The Nation's Duty [40]
1929 Stanley Baldwin Hung (Labour) Stanley Baldwin's Election Address [41]
1924 Stanley Baldwin Conservative Stanley Baldwin's Election Address [42]
1923 Stanley Baldwin Hung (Labour) Stanley Baldwin's Election Address [43]
1922 Bonar Law Conservative Andrew Bonar Law's Election Address [44]
1918 Bonar Law Hung (Conservative-dominated coalition) The Manifesto of Lloyd George and Bonar Law [45]
December 1910 Arthur Balfour Hung (Liberal with Irish Nationalist support) Arthur Balfour's Election Address [46]
January 1910 Arthur Balfour Hung (Liberal with Irish Nationalist support) Arthur Balfour's Election Address [47]
1906 Arthur Balfour Liberal Arthur Balfour's Election Address [48]
1900 Lord Salisbury Conservative The Manifesto of the Marquess of Salisbury [49]

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