This is a list of Cynic philosophers, ordered (roughly) by date. The criteria for inclusion in this list is fairly mild. See also Category:Cynic philosophers.

Name Period Notes
4th Century BC
Antisthenes c. 445-365 BC Pupil of Socrates. Laid down the principles of Cynic philosophy.
Diogenes of Sinope c. 412-323 BC Cynic philosopher. Became the archetypal Cynic.
Onesicritus c. 360-c. 290 BC Pupil of Diogenes. Travelled with Alexander the Great.
Philiscus of Aegina fl. 325 BC Son of Onesicritus, pupil of Diogenes.
Hegesias of Sinope fl. 325 BC Pupil of Diogenes.
Thrasyllus fl. 325 BC Cynic philosopher.
Monimus of Syracuse fl. 325 BC Pupil of Diogenes.
Crates of Thebes c. 365-c. 285 Cynic philosopher. Teacher of Zeno of Citium.
Hipparchia of Maroneia fl. 325 BC Wife of Crates of Thebes.
Metrocles of Maroneia fl. 325 BC Brother of Hipparchia, pupil of Crates of Thebes.
Theombrotus fl. 300 BC Follower of Crates of Thebes.
Cleomenes fl. 300 BC Cynic philosopher and follower of Crates.
3rd Century BC
Bion of Borysthenes c. 325-c. 250 BC Cynic philosopher and Sophist.
Demetrius of Alexandria fl. c. 275 BC Cynic philosopher and pupil of Theombrotus.
Echecles of Ephesus fl. c. 275 BC Cynic philosopher and pupil of Theombrotus and Cleomenes.
Timarchus of Alexandria fl. c. 275 BC Pupil of Cleomenes.
Sochares fl. c. 275 BC Cynic philosopher mentioned by the poet Leonidas of Tarentum.
Sotades of Maroneia fl. 275 BC Poet who wrote on Cynic themes.
Menippus of Gadara fl. 275 BC Cynic philosopher and moral satirist.
Menedemus fl. 250 BC Cynic philosopher
Cercidas of Megalopolis c. 290-c. 220 BC Cynic philosopher-poet.
Teles of Megara fl. 235 BC Cynic teacher and writer of discourses.
1st Century BC
Meleager of Gadara fl. 90 BC Cynic poet-philosopher.
1st Century AD
Demetrius of Corinth c. 1 -c. 75 AD Cynic teacher, friend of Thrasea Paetus and Seneca.
Isidorus fl. 60 AD Cynic philosopher who publicly heckled Nero.
2nd Century AD
Agathobulus fl. 125 AD Cynic philosopher. Teacher of Demonax and Peregrinus.
Secundus the Silent fl. 130 AD Cynic philosopher who met Emperor Hadrian.
Demonax of Cyprus fl. 150 AD Cynic philosopher who taught Lucian.
Peregrinus Proteus 100-165 AD Cynic philosopher who killed himself at the Olympic Games.
Theagenes of Patras fl. 150 AD Pupil of Peregrinus who praised his master's suicide.
Oenomaus of Gadara fl. c. 150 AD Cynic critic of religious belief.
Pancrates of Athens fl. 150 AD Cynic philosopher.
Crescens fl. 160 AD Cynic philosopher and critic of Justin Martyr.
4th Century AD
Heraclius fl. 360 AD Cynic philosopher criticised by the emperor Julian in an oration.
Asclepiades fl. 360 AD Cynic philosopher who visited the emperor Julian in Antioch.
Iphicles fl. 360 AD Cynic philosopher.
Horus fl. 375 AD Olympic boxer who became a Cynic.
5th Century AD
Sallustius of Emesa fl. c. 450 AD Neoplatonist who became a Cynic.

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