Easter hymns are hymns dedicated to Eastertide, related to the resurrection of Jesus.

List of Easter hymns

Hymn Translation Text Tune Language Published Notes
"Christ ist erstanden" Christ is risen anon. anon. German 1160
"Christ lag in Todesbanden" Christ lay in the bonds of death Martin Luther Martin Luther and Johann Walter German 1524 melody based on Victimae paschali laudes
"Christ the Lord Is Risen Today" Charles Wesley "Easter hymn" English 1739
"Christus ist erstanden! O tönt" Christ is risen! O sound Johann Weinzierl Schniebel, Paul German 1826 paraphrase of Victimae paschali laudes
"Gelobt sei Gott im höchsten Thron" Praised be God on highest throne Michael Weiße Melchior Vulpius German 1531 / 1609 melody later
"Ihr Christen, singet hocherfreut" You Christians, sing in great joy Christoph Moufang from Paris 1623 German 1865 based on O filii et filiae
"Lasst uns erfreuen" Let us rejoice anon. German 1623
"O Licht der wunderbaren Nacht" O light of the wonderful night Georg Thurmair from Mainz, c. 1390 German 1963
"Seht, er lebt" Look, he lives Lothar Zenetti from Israel German 1973
"Thine Be the Glory, Risen Conquering Son" Edmond Louis Budry, translated by Richard Hoyle "Maccabaeus" English/French 1923 Originally published in French as "À toi la gloire O Ressuscité"
"Wahrer Gott, wir glauben dir" True God, we believe You Christoph Bernhard Verspoell Verspoell German 1810
"Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem" Robert Campbell "St. Fulbert" English 1850 Based on Chorus novae Ierusalem by Fulbert of Chartres
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