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A list of Family Affair (1966–1971) episodes:

Series overview

All five seasons have been released on DVD by MPI Home Video.[1]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally airedRankRatingTied with
First airedLast aired
130September 12, 1966 (1966-09-12)May 15, 1967 (1967-05-15)1422.6The Dean Martin Show
230September 11, 1967 (1967-09-11)April 8, 1968 (1968-04-08)425.5Gunsmoke
328September 23, 1968 (1968-09-23)April 14, 1969 (1969-04-14)525.2N/A
426September 25, 1969 (1969-09-25)April 2, 1970 (1970-04-02)524.2N/A
524September 17, 1970 (1970-09-17)March 4, 1971 (1971-03-04)N/AN/AN/A


Season 1 (1966–67)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"Buffy"James SheldonEdmund L. HartmannSeptember 12, 1966 (1966-09-12)
After returning from India, Uncle Bill deals with orphaned niece Buffy being abandoned at his residence; later, siblings Jody and Cissy arrive to complete the family.
22"Jody and Cissy"William D. RussellHenry Garson & Edmund L. HartmannSeptember 19, 1966 (1966-09-19)
Uncle Bill is suddenly forced to adapt to being a father-figure to Buffy, Jody and Cissy; Mr. French isn't as adaptable and departs Bill's service, to return later.
33"The Gift Horse"William D. RussellJohn McGreeveySeptember 26, 1966 (1966-09-26)
Unable to decide on a gift for Uncle Bill, Buffy and Jody decide to surprise him with an older horse, with its carriage, which they bought with their savings.
44"The Matter of School"William D. RussellHenry GarsonOctober 3, 1966 (1966-10-03)
Buffy and Jody are enrolled in a local school, but a choice remains for Cissy: attend local high school and remain a family or attend an out-of-town private girls' school and be largely absent.
55"Marmalade"William D. RussellHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinOctober 10, 1966 (1966-10-10)
Mr. French is courted by an advertising agency to promote marmalade and the obligation of his contract threatens his ability to remain in service with Uncle Bill.
66"Room with a Viewpoint"William D. RussellAustin Kalish & Irma KalishOctober 17, 1966 (1966-10-17)
Buffy feels excluded when Cissy, with whom she shares a bedroom, begins to show signs of growing up and going on her own during bedroom remodeling, to Buffy's worry.
77"Mrs. Beasley, Where Are You?"William D. RussellStory by : Phil Davis
Teleplay by : Phil Davis & John McGreevey
October 24, 1966 (1966-10-24)
Buffy's Mrs. Beasley doll is accidentally lost while in Mr. French's care and must decide on what doll her next companion will be, while Uncle Bill and Mr. French frantically search for Mrs. Beasley.
88"Who's Afraid of Nural Shpeni?"William D. RussellCynthia LindsayNovember 7, 1966 (1966-11-07)
Mr. French finds himself tricked into engagement with a Lebanese woman. Uncle Bill's Lebanese business associate comes to the rescue.
99"A Matter for Experts"William D. RussellStory by : Joseph Hoffman
Teleplay by : Joseph Hoffman & John McGreevey
November 14, 1966 (1966-11-14)
Buffy and Jody's teacher expresses her concern to Uncle Bill that the twins are too close and try a trial of separating the two in different classes. Buffy and Jody contract "the neasles" to try and escape the separation.
1010"Beware the Other Woman"William D. RussellElroy SchwartzNovember 21, 1966 (1966-11-21)
Cissy's new friend Sharon convinces her that Uncle Bill's new love interest is going to break up the family, sending the children into panic.
1111"Take Two Aspirin"William D. RussellGeorge TibblesNovember 28, 1966 (1966-11-28)
While Uncle Bill is absent on assignment, Mr. French takes ill and is now on the receiving end of Buffy and Jody's dubious assistance.
1212"Love Me, Love Me Not"William D. RussellPeggy Chantler DickDecember 5, 1966 (1966-12-05)
Jody is convinced that Uncle Bill doesn't love him because he doesn't seem very strict about punishment.
1313"The Thursday Man"William D. RussellEdmund L. HartmannDecember 12, 1966 (1966-12-12)
Curious about Mr. French's activity on his day off, Cissy takes a cue from her English teacher and tries to find out what he does, and why much of his life is a mystery.
1414"Think Deep"William D. RussellGeorge TibblesDecember 26, 1966 (1966-12-26)
Cissy becomes obsessed with a philosophy teacher, Julian Hill (Robert Reed), which has Uncle Bill concerned about her level of perception. Trivia: Reed is the first of two 'Bradys' to appear on Family Affair; Eve Plumb also appears in the Season Three episode "Christmas Came a Little Early".
1515"Hard Hat Jody"William D. RussellJane Klove & Ted SherdemanJanuary 2, 1967 (1967-01-02)
Jody befriends a contractor, who Uncle Bill is convinced is an invisible friend, but Uncle Bill later finds out this elusive 'invisible friend' might be of much help to his business.
1616"That Was the Dinner That Wasn't"William D. RussellDorothy CooperJanuary 9, 1967 (1967-01-09)
Cissy wants to attend a mother-daughter dinner and yearns to have Uncle Bill as her guest, who must struggle to reconcile attendance with a business travel obligation.
1717"All Around the Town"William D. RussellDoug TibblesJanuary 16, 1967 (1967-01-16)
Buffy and Jody become lost alone in New York City after Cissy and Mr. French both assume the other of them is taking care of them.
1818"One for the Little Boy"William D. RussellAustin Kalish & Irma KalishJanuary 23, 1967 (1967-01-23)
Jody feels outnumbered by his sisters and yearns for man-time with Uncle Bill. Mr. French takes temporary leave and is replaced by brother Nigel (John Williams), also in-service.
1919"Fancy Free"William D. RussellDoug Tibbles & John McGreeveyJanuary 30, 1967 (1967-01-30)
Buffy and Jody move up in class and have difficulty with schoolwork. Uncle Bill comes to realize he's spending less time with the kids and more on feminine relationships.
2020"A Helping Hand"William D. RussellJohn McGreeveyFebruary 6, 1967 (1967-02-06)
Buffy and Jody receive too much help on a homework assignment from Uncle Bill and Niles begins to slip in his own duties to assist an inept servant in hers.
2121"Once in Love with Buffy"William D. RussellAustin Kalish & Irma KalishFebruary 13, 1967 (1967-02-13)
Uncle Bill, being 'stuck with the kids' during babysitting, realizes how empty his life would be and how unhappy the kids would be if they returned to Aunt Fran, who now decides she wants Buffy back.
2222"Ballerina Buffy"William D. RussellHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinFebruary 20, 1967 (1967-02-20)
Buffy receives the lead role in a school ballet recital and begins to mistakenly worry she might become famous and go on tour, so she intentionally sabotages her performance to stay united with her family.
2323"The Mother Tongue"William D. RussellGeorge TibblesFebruary 27, 1967 (1967-02-27)
Buffy and Jody make friends with a Chinese girl who speaks no English; Niles nearly loses face due to his struggle with the Cantonese language in trying to communicate with her parents.
2424"Everybody Needs Somebody"William D. RussellEd James & Seaman JacobsMarch 13, 1967 (1967-03-13)
After overhearing Mr. French congratulate a service colleague on his nuptials, Buffy and Jody plot to find Niles a wife.
2525"The Way It Was"William D. RussellGeorge TibblesMarch 20, 1967 (1967-03-20)
The kids are sent to a children's camp during a school break and both Uncle Bill & Niles realize they miss the hectic family environment.
2626"All Nephews Are Created Equal"William D. RussellEdmund Beloin & Henry GarsonMarch 27, 1967 (1967-03-27)
Niles' nephew comes to visit and is worried about his more-casual demeanor, yet becomes more worried when the nephew announces a new chosen vocation that isn't service.
2727"The Prize"William D. RussellEdmund Beloin & Henry GarsonApril 10, 1967 (1967-04-10)
Buffy and Jody enter a cereal-box contest and try to win a houseboat, but win something else entirely different instead and must decide between their wants and their prize's needs. Mr. French relieves Niles and returns to duty in the Davis household.
2828"What Did You Do in the West, Uncle?"William D. RussellJoseph HoffmanApril 17, 1967 (1967-04-17)
Uncle Bill's time with the twins is reduced by a well-meaning cowboy acquaintance spending more time with them, and becomes upset when the friend starts overselling Uncle Bill's bravery to the twins.
2929"The Award"William D. RussellEdmund Beloin & Henry GarsonMay 1, 1967 (1967-05-01)
The issue of lying is explored when Buffy and Jody try to hide a special prize for Uncle Bill, using clay they are both unknowingly allergic to.
3030"The Butler Method"William D. RussellGeorge TibblesMay 15, 1967 (1967-05-15)
Mr. French is studied by an actor friend of Uncle Bill's in preparation for a movie role. Cissy experiences trouble and heartbreak trying to find a date for the Tag Dance.

Season 2 (1967–68)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
311"Birds, Bees and Buffy"Charles BartonPhil DavisSeptember 11, 1967 (1967-09-11)
When Buffy and Jody become curious as to where babies come from, Uncle Bill is compelled to find an answer among differing opinions from family and friends.
322"First Love"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishSeptember 18, 1967 (1967-09-18)
Jody has a new friend, upon whom Buffy develops a strong liking, but the friend develops a liking for Cissy instead.
333"Go Home, Mr. French"Charles BartonSeaman Jacobs & Fred S. FoxSeptember 25, 1967 (1967-09-25)
Mr. French reunites with an old female friend, also in-service, and is tempted to return to England with her.
344"Arthur, the Invisible Bear"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyOctober 2, 1967 (1967-10-02)
Jody develops a relationship with an invisible friend, who not only seems to get Jody into trouble but arouses Uncle Bill's concern and a trip for Jody to a psychologist.
355"The Other Cheek"Charles BartonElroy SchwartzOctober 9, 1967 (1967-10-09)
A girl bullies Jody at school, and it seems that none of Uncle Bill's advice is working out, and Uncle Bill intervenes with the bully's parent.
366"The Candy Striper"William D. RussellStory by : Jerry Devine
Teleplay by : Jerry Devine & John McGreevey
October 16, 1967 (1967-10-16)
Cissy's new stint as a candy-striper at a local hospital has her feeling torn between duty and humanity when she accidentally breaks a rule.
377"Fat, Fat, the Water Rat"Charles BartonPhil DavisOctober 23, 1967 (1967-10-23)
Buffy befriends some local disadvantaged children, who are generally unfriendly to others more privileged than them.
388"The Toy Box"Charles BartonArthur MarxNovember 6, 1967 (1967-11-06)
Uncle Bill confronts Buffy and Jody regarding an excess of toys they own, which seem to be everywhere except in their toy box.
399"Take Me Out of the Ballgame"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinNovember 13, 1967 (1967-11-13)
Buffy and Jody both try out for the local stickball team, but it's Buffy who outshines Jody.
4010"You Like Buffy Better"Charles BartonHarry Winkler & Hannibal CoonsNovember 20, 1967 (1967-11-20)
Sibling rivalry erupts when it's believed Uncle Bill is spending more time with Jody than Buffy or Cissy.
4111"Freddie"William D. RussellJohn McGreeveyNovember 27, 1967 (1967-11-27)
Uncle Bill entertains an old female friend from Terre Haute and must reconcile this with the kids' open house at school.
4212"Our Friend Stanley"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinDecember 4, 1967 (1967-12-04)
A new boy with a disability moves into the building and Buffy and Jody try to help him fit in at school.
4313"Somebody Upstairs"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishDecember 11, 1967 (1967-12-11)
A new resident in the building has Buffy and Jody starstruck when they find she is a celebrity.
4414"Star Dust"Charles BartonRoy KammermanDecember 18, 1967 (1967-12-18)
Bill attends a friend's party, meets an actress and is soon wooed by her enough to consider proposing marriage.
4515"Best of Breed"Charles BartonEd JamesDecember 25, 1967 (1967-12-25)
Buffy and Jody bring a stray dog home and encounter a major challenge in trying to keep Uncle Bill and Mr. French from knowing it's there.
4616"Family Reunion"Charles BartonEd JamesJanuary 1, 1968 (1968-01-01)
The Davises attend a family reunion in Terre Haute, where Aunt Fran tries to again convince the children to move in with her, saying that Uncle Bill has no time for them.
4717"A Man's Place"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyJanuary 8, 1968 (1968-01-08)
Mr. French reconsiders his vocation as a gentleman's gentleman after a friend invites him to go into a joint restaurant venture.
4818"The Great Kow-Tow"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyJanuary 15, 1968 (1968-01-15)
Undle Bill befriends a Chinese family with a lonely grandfather. When Buffy and Jody meet and interact with him, he discovers a new lease on life.
4919"The Fish Watchers"Charles BartonJane Klove & Ted SherdemanJanuary 22, 1968 (1968-01-22)
Uncle Bill is spending more time away from the kids and tries to fill the gap by giving them a fish tank. One annoying problem after another ensues.
5020"The Day Nothing Happened"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinJanuary 29, 1968 (1968-01-29)
A blizzard interrupts Uncle Bill's vacation plans and Cissy's date, and the entire family is snowbound in the apartment.
5121"A House in the Country"Charles BartonEd JamesFebruary 5, 1968 (1968-02-05)
Uncle Bill believes the city is not good for the kids and arranges to buy a house out in the country, which upsets the kids because they've bonded well with others in the city.
5222"A Matter of Tonsils"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinFebruary 12, 1968 (1968-02-12)
Buffy is hospitalized for a tonsillectomy, and when Jody starts complaining about his own tonsils, everyone is convinced it's a call for attention...until the doctor says otherwise.
5323"A Member of the Family"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinFebruary 16, 1968 (1968-02-16)
Cissy's art class assignment has her drawing caricatures of the family, excepting Mr. French, who feels left out.
5424"His and Hers"Charles BartonJoseph HoffmanFebruary 26, 1968 (1968-02-26)
Uncle Bill meets a single mom with two kids at a school open house, and trouble erupts when the two sets of kids interact negatively.
5525"The New Cissy"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyMarch 4, 1968 (1968-03-04)
Cissy believes she's unattractive to boys, so Uncle Bill enrolls her into courses intended to refine her demeanor.
5626"The Family Outing"Charles BartonPhil LeslieMarch 11, 1968 (1968-03-11)
The Davis family strikes up a camping trip in the great outdoors, but only Uncle Bill and Jody end up having all the fun.
5727"Mr. French's Holiday"Charles BartonLois HireMarch 18, 1968 (1968-03-18)
Mr. French's two-week holiday alone ends up gaining one Davis child at a time along the way.
5828"The Beasley Story"Charles BartonJoseph HoffmanMarch 25, 1968 (1968-03-25)
During a struggle over Mrs. Beasley, Buffy and Jody rip her arm off and it becomes trauma time for the twins during a visit to the doll hospital.
5929"The Baby Sitters"Charles BartonRita LakinApril 1, 1968 (1968-04-01)
When Uncle Bill and Mr. French have commitments one night, Cissy subcontracts out to a friend, who subcontracts out to her mom, who subcontracts out to...
6030"Family Portrait"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyApril 8, 1968 (1968-04-08)
Uncle Bill decides to end his overseas traveling and become a full-time 'dad' when he returns from a business trip to find Buffy has a new tooth, Jody has a new friend and Cissy's hairstyle has changed.

Season 3 (1968–69)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
611"The Latch Key Kid"Charles BartonStory by : Douglas Dick & Peggy Chantler Dick
Teleplay by : Peggy Chantler Dick
September 23, 1968 (1968-09-23)
Jody seems to have more independence than Buffy, so Buffy befriends a young girl, Lana (Susan Neher), whose mother is largely absent, leaving her to fend for herself. Lana comes to realize she craves the kind of family love Buffy has and breaks down crying in front of Buffy.
622"By A Whisker"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinSeptember 30, 1968 (1968-09-30)
Jody wants to join a boys' club, which excepts his too-young age on one condition: that he performs a dare involving Mr. French's beard.
633"A Waltz From Vienna"Charles BartonCharles R. Marion & Hannibal CoonsOctober 7, 1968 (1968-10-07)
Cissy is wooed by a young Austrian royal, who courts her for a visit to Austria and marriage. Cissy is adamant she is mature and ready enough, but Uncle Bill has a different opinion.
644"Your Friend, Jody"Charles BartonPhil DavisOctober 14, 1968 (1968-10-14)
A friend of Uncle Bill, who also has a low boy-to-high-girl ratio in the family, convinces Bill that they need to send their boys to boys' camp to do boy-stuff. The boys pretend to like it, but time tells otherwise.
655"The Substitute Teacher"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinOctober 21, 1968 (1968-10-21)
Jody develops a crush on a substitute teacher, and the reason is soon discovered: the teacher looks exactly like his late mother.
666"Oliver"Charles BartonJoseph HoffmanNovember 4, 1968 (1968-11-04)
Buffy and Jody stretch the truth about having a 'friend' over, as the friend is a dog they agreed to dog-sit. The large dog tries to intimidate Uncle Bill out of the home.
677"Christmas Came A Little Early"Charles BartonElroy SchwartzNovember 11, 1968 (1968-11-11)
Buffy befriends a schoolmate, Eve (Eve Plumb), and discovers she is terminally ill. She recruits Uncle Bill to help make her better, but the poor prognosis inspires the family to do something nice for Eve. Trivia: Eve is the 2nd 'Brady' to appear on Family Affair; Robert Reed appeared in the Season One episode "Think Deep".
688"The Unsound of Music"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinNovember 18, 1968 (1968-11-18)
Buffy and Jody participate in a school singing program, but Jody outshines Buffy. Uncle Bill enlists the help of a talented friend to assist Buffy's desire to perform.
699"Albertine"Charles BartonErnestine BartonDecember 2, 1968 (1968-12-02)
A young, fatherless girl invents a father, who is famous at many things, to gain acceptance and feel self-worth. Buffy, Jody and Uncle Bill help Albertine come to terms with the reality of the situation.
7010"A Matter of Choice"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyDecember 9, 1968 (1968-12-09)
Cissy's friend takes advantage of her in order to do things her parents wouldn't approve, while Uncle Bill decides that violent TV shows need to be replaced with fairy-tale books...and discovering there is no 'happily ever after' after all.
7111"Ciao, Uncle Bill"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishDecember 16, 1968 (1968-12-16)
Uncle Bill falls for a woman in Italy, who soon discovers he is not too willing to just leave his family behind to start a new life with her when she insists on starting one of her own.
7212"A Nanny for All Seasons"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyDecember 23, 1968 (1968-12-23)
Feeling the pressure from his peers, Mr. French starts giving the children the cold shoulder.
7313"Family Plan"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishDecember 30, 1968 (1968-12-30)
Uncle Bill breaks his leg skiing and becomes the target of a competition of care from both his girlfriend and the kids. Eventually, Uncle Bill discovers the kids care more than she does.
7414"To Love With Buffy"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinJanuary 6, 1969 (1969-01-06)
Puerto Rico becomes the destination for Uncle Bill and Buffy, while another female jeopardizes the time between them.
7515"A Family Group"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishJanuary 13, 1969 (1969-01-13)
Cissy entertains the daughter of an acting couple; although Cissy envies the girl, the girl envies Cissy more because her own parents are divorcing and she longs for a stable family environment.
7616"A Lesson for Grown-Ups"Charles BartonElroy SchwartzJanuary 20, 1969 (1969-01-20)
When a bridge which Uncle Bill's company built collapses and Bill chooses to face the music, he discovers he doesn't have to do it alone when the kids all chip in to help.
7717"Oh, To Be in England"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinJanuary 27, 1969 (1969-01-27)
Uncle Bill prepares to move the family to England in anticipation for a prolonged construction assignment. The rest of the family is intrigued, until the prospect dissolves.
7818"A Matter of Privacy"Charles BartonBurt StylerFebruary 3, 1969 (1969-02-03)
Uncle Bill discovers a competitor has been bugging his office to outbid him; Buffy and Jody's friend woos them to help tape-record others' private matters as a joke. The end result for the twins' friend is not a good one.
7919"Lost in Spain: Part 1"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyFebruary 10, 1969 (1969-02-10)
The Davis family takes a vacation in Spain; in an oversight, Mr. French loses Buffy and Jody on a bus. Cissy develops a relationship with a Spanish boy.
8020"Lost in Spain: Part 2"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyFebruary 17, 1969 (1969-02-17)
As Uncle Bill, Mr. French and Cissy frantically search for Buffy and Jody, the twins are receiving help from a poor local farm couple.
8121"Lost in Spain: Part 3"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyFebruary 24, 1969 (1969-02-24)
Buffy and Jody end up being reunited with the family at last.
8222"A Diller, A Dollar"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinMarch 3, 1969 (1969-03-03)
Buffy develops a crush on a boy in her class and, thinking he doesn't like girls smarter than him, decides to slip on her classwork, to her teacher's--and Uncle Bill's--dismay.
8323"The Young Man from Bolivia"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishMarch 10, 1969 (1969-03-10)
Jody hosts a young Bolivian boy, the son of a business acquaintance of Uncle Bill's, and becomes jealous when he feels the boy is getting more attention than him.
8424"Speak for Yourself, Mr. French"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinMarch 17, 1969 (1969-03-17)
Mr. French is wooed by a young woman and decides he may be in love with her...all the while oblivious that her real target is Uncle Bill.
8525"The Flip Side"Charles BartonRoy KammermanMarch 24, 1969 (1969-03-24)
Cissy is wooed by a famous teen singer and is convinced that he loves her. When she travels to a town he's performing at, she discovers he's repeating the same program to other girls there.
8626"The Matter of Dignity"Charles BartonDouglas Dick & Peggy Chantler Dick & John McGreeveyMarch 31, 1969 (1969-03-31)
Mr. French is accused of sending worrisome letters to a woman, and he & Uncle Bill seek out the real culprit.
8727"Flower Power"Charles BartonCynthia LindsayApril 7, 1969 (1969-04-07)
Hippies become a target of interest for Cissy, and after investigating them she discovers she might want to be one of them. Uncle Bill has differing thoughts.
8828"My Man, the Star"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishApril 14, 1969 (1969-04-14)
Convinced that he is performing as Henry VIII for a credible film producer, it's soon revealed that the producer only wants to make a farce out of Mr. French's talent. Worried Mr. French's reputation may be smeared, Uncle Bill comes to the rescue.

Season 4 (1969–70)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
891"No Uncle is an Island"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishSeptember 25, 1969 (1969-09-25)
Buffy, Jody, Cissy and Mr. French give Uncle Bill an entire weekend of peace and quiet, which is soon spoiled by friends and neighbors dropping in.
902"Wings of an Angel"Charles BartonRoswell RogersOctober 2, 1969 (1969-10-02)
Uncle Bill puts up an acquaintance who has just been released from prison, which has the rest of the family on edge.
913"Uncle Prince Charming"Charles BartonRita LakinOctober 9, 1969 (1969-10-09)
A friend of Cissy's develops an unhealthy obsession for Uncle Bill, leaving him at odds on how to let the girl down easy and effectively.
924"Cissy's Apartment"Charles BartonSi RoseOctober 16, 1969 (1969-10-16)
Cissy decides it's time to strike out on her own and moves into an apartment with a roommate. The family, however, become frequent visitors out of concern, to Cissy's dismay.
935"The Jody Affair"Charles BartonRoland WolpertOctober 23, 1969 (1969-10-23)
Jody is framed by a classmate for breaking a window at school and begins to develop a negative reputation with the school officials for it.
946"With this Ring"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinOctober 30, 1969 (1969-10-30)
An increasing number of Cissy's friends are getting engaged or married, pressuring Cissy to put the pressure on Gregg to commit.
957"What's Funny About a Broken Leg?"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishNovember 6, 1969 (1969-11-06)
Buffy breaks her leg during a baseball game, and when her plan to see the circus is cancelled, the family brings the circus to her. Trivia: This episode was written and produced in haste, as Anissa Jones broke her leg in real life on 16 April 1969 and had to be incorporated into the plotline. Anissa later rebroke her leg on 2 August 1969 in a beach accident.
968"The Birthday Boy"Charles BartonBlanche HanalisNovember 13, 1969 (1969-11-13)
Buffy and Jody enlist Cissy's help in setting up a birthday party for Mr. French.
979"The Stowaway"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishNovember 20, 1969 (1969-11-20)
Buffy and Jody befriend a runaway orphan and hide him in their apartment, shifting him from room to room to avoid Uncle Bill and Mr. French.
9810"Number One Boy"Charles BartonWilliam H. WrightDecember 4, 1969 (1969-12-04)
Uncle Bill returns from Hong Kong with an acquaintance who wants to get a start in America, but frustrates Mr. French's life when he begins taking over most of the duties.
9911"A Tale of Two Travels"Charles BartonRocci ChatfieldDecember 11, 1969 (1969-12-11)
Cissy decides to vacation around New York while the rest of the family vacation in Boston, but it's not long before Cissy misses them...and vice versa.
10012"Maudie"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinDecember 18, 1969 (1969-12-18)
A successful female friend of Mr. French's entices him to England in hopes of beginning a relationship with him.
10113"Goodbye Harold"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyDecember 25, 1969 (1969-12-25)
Buffy and Jody contend with two pet hamsters which are frequent escape artists, which take it one level higher when they escape the apartment.
10214"The Girl Graduate"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishJanuary 1, 1970 (1970-01-01)
Cissy makes plans to go to an all-night party after graduating from high school.
10315"Grandpa, Sir"Charles BartonBrad RadnitzJanuary 8, 1970 (1970-01-08)
The kids' grandfather visits them but has trouble getting used to them as older than he lasts remembers them. Complicating matters is that the children don't recall him at all.
10416"Marooned"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinJanuary 15, 1970 (1970-01-15)
Uncle Bill invites Mr. French and the twins to Vermont, but a snowstorm en route interrupts their trip, forcing them to seek shelter in a cabin and compels Mr. French to go into survival-mode in order to protect the children.
10517"Mr. Osaki's Tree"Charles BartonBlanche HanalisJanuary 22, 1970 (1970-01-22)
A Japanese friend of Jody's gives him a bonsai tree to take care of, and Jody worries that the bonsai's apparent dying means that his sick friend could be dying, too.
10618"The Language of Love"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinJanuary 29, 1970 (1970-01-29)
Buffy asks Uncle Bill to help out her deaf friend so she can hear again.
10719"The Inheritance"Charles BartonElroy SchwartzFebruary 5, 1970 (1970-02-05)
Buffy and Jody inherit a small amount of money, which is a fortune to them, and they debate on how best to spend it.
10820"There Goes New York"Charles BartonBurt StylerFebruary 12, 1970 (1970-02-12)
The twins hear someone predict a tidal wave will wipe out New York City and refuse to accept being told that it won't happen.
10921"Wouldn't It Be Loverly"Charles BartonRobert PiroshFebruary 19, 1970 (1970-02-19)
A spoiled classmate has Buffy and Jody convinced that getting your way in everything is the best way, and Uncle Bill and Mr. French allow the twins this latitude to see if it's all they believe it would be.
11022"Boys Against Girls"Charles BartonSeaman Jacobs & Fred S. FoxFebruary 26, 1970 (1970-02-26)
Jody stands up for Buffy when his stickball colleagues make fun of girls...including Buffy.
11123"The Old Cowhand"Charles BartonWalter BlackMarch 5, 1970 (1970-03-05)
Jody meets a cowboy movie hero he idolizes and soon comes to realize that his hero is no longer the young cowboy he used to be.
11224"Angel in the Family"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishMarch 12, 1970 (1970-03-12)
Mr. French and Uncle Bill find themselves in opposing camps regarding a girl who wants to be an actress: Mr. French intercedes for the girl's mother to dissuade the girl, while Uncle Bill lands the girl her first acting job.
11325"Family in Paradise: Part 1"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishMarch 26, 1970 (1970-03-26)
Uncle Bill takes the family to Tahiti for a vacation and everyone is enthralled with the easygoing way of life there.
11426"Family in Paradise: Part 2"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishApril 2, 1970 (1970-04-02)
Taking a clue from the family's enjoyment of casual Tahiti life, Uncle Bill considers moving the family there permanently, but eventually the family discovers they miss their structured life in New York City.

Season 5 (1970–71)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1151"The Good Neighbors"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveySeptember 17, 1970 (1970-09-17)
Buffy and Jody discover that their fellow tenants seem detached from neighborly graces and decide to throw a neighbor party in the lobby to get everyone acquainted.
1162"Deserted Isle, Manhattan Style"Charles BartonElroy SchwartzSeptember 24, 1970 (1970-09-24)
While Uncle Bill and Mr. French are away, Cissy wants to go on a trip with her boyfriend and subcontracts to another babysitter to watch Buffy and Jody...and the babysitter never arrives due to a snowstorm.
1173"Eastward, Ho"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinOctober 1, 1970 (1970-10-01)
Uncle Bill allows a Chinese woman to stay at the apartment while she is engaged to marry a Chinese friend of his. After Cissy and Gregg take the girl out for the evening, the girl changes her mind about her arranged marriage.
1184"Meet Emily"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishOctober 8, 1970 (1970-10-08)
Uncle Bill brings in a female assistant, Emily (Nancy Walker), for Mr. French, who seems competent but a complete personality opposite to Mr. French, to his frustration. However, she soon endears herself to everyone in the home.
1195"The Return of Maudie"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinOctober 15, 1970 (1970-10-15)
Mr. French's friend from England visits. Could she be trying to entice Mr. French once more?
1206"It Can't Be Five Years"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishOctober 22, 1970 (1970-10-22)
The kids come to realize they've been with Uncle Bill for five years and decide to throw a party to celebrate, but Uncle Bill almost misses it due to his work schedule.
1217"Travels with Cissy"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinOctober 29, 1970 (1970-10-29)
Uncle Bill intervenes in Cissy's desire to marry Gregg, taking her to a party to distract her...and she is indeed distracted by another man there named Steve and decides she's no longer in love with Gregg. Steve then later proposes to Cissy.
1228"Stamp of Approval"Charles BartonBrad RadnitzNovember 5, 1970 (1970-11-05)
Uncle Bill and Jody find themselves vying for female attention: Bill for a job and Jody for a stamp for his collection.
1239"And Baby Makes Eight"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishNovember 12, 1970 (1970-11-12)
Cissy hosts a pregnant friend whose husband is out of town; to everyone's surprise, the friend delivers her baby while at the Davis residence.
12410"Say Uncle"Charles BartonBrad RadnitzNovember 19, 1970 (1970-11-19)
Jody and a classmate try to get their parents to fight each other to see who's the best.
12511"Class Clown"Charles BartonSeaman Jacobs & Fred S. FoxNovember 26, 1970 (1970-11-26)
Uncle Bill's date ends up being a comedian who has trouble leaving her act on the stage.
12612"The Unsinkable Mr. French"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishDecember 3, 1970 (1970-12-03)
Mr. French has his hands full micromanaging constant crises in the Davis household...and may just be on the cusp of a new crisis which threatens to be the straw which breaks the camel's back.
12713"Wish You Were Here"Charles BartonBlanche HanalisDecember 10, 1970 (1970-12-10)
Uncle Bill takes the family on vacation to Terre Haute to stay in touch with their roots.
12814"Feat of Clay"Charles BartonJoseph HoffmanDecember 17, 1970 (1970-12-17)
Buffy and Jody accidentally break Uncle Bill's Colombian statue and try to fix it without it being obvious.
12915"Heroes Are Born"Charles BartonStanley RobertsDecember 31, 1970 (1970-12-31)
A football hero of Jody's is suspended for placing bets, leaving Jody disillusioned.
13016"Nobody Here But Us Uncles"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyJanuary 7, 1971 (1971-01-07)
Worried that Uncle Bill will be alone when they grow older and move out, Buffy and Jody scramble to play matchmaker for him.
13117"Too Late, Too Soon"Charles BartonAustin Kalish & Irma KalishJanuary 14, 1971 (1971-01-14)
Mr. French's assistant Emily plays matchmaker to unite Mr. French and Miss Favisham, then turns around and plays matchbreaker to her son and Cissy.
13218"The Littlest Exile"Charles BartonRoland WolpertJanuary 21, 1971 (1971-01-21)
Buffy and Jody befriend a boy who, along with his mom, stay at the Davis home as refugees, as their father is a foreign head of state whose country is in turmoil and militants seek to find him and his family.
13319"Put Your Dreams Away"Charles BartonJohn McGreeveyJanuary 28, 1971 (1971-01-28)
Cissy's Peace Corps friend tries to entice Cissy to join up and move to Chile with him.
13420"The Joiners"Charles BartonHenry Garson & Edmund BeloinFebruary 4, 1971 (1971-02-04)
Buffy tries to join a group she is interested in, yet they are initially resistant due to her being too young...until Uncle Bill tries to get her in on exception and learns a lesson himself in bending the rules.
13521"Cinder-Emily"Charles BartonWalter BlankFebruary 11, 1971 (1971-02-11)
Buffy and Jody try to help Emily attend her son's graduation, but she needs a dress...and a date.
13622"Goodbye, Mrs. Beasley"Charles BartonBonnie SoulelesFebruary 18, 1971 (1971-02-18)
Buffy faces scorn from friends who tell her she's too old for Mrs. Beasley. After meeting a real Mrs. Beasley who runs a toy store, Buffy finally surrenders Mrs. Beasley, lamenting "I didn't know growing up meant giving away the things you love."
13723"Buffy's Fair Lady"Charles BartonBurt StylerFebruary 25, 1971 (1971-02-25)
Trying to help a shy friend fit in, Buffy runs into problems while trying to accomplish the goal.
13824"You Can Fight City Hall"Charles BartonBlanche HanalisMarch 4, 1971 (1971-03-04)
Buffy and Jody discover a great place to form a children's park, but they discover it's about to be turned into a parking lot and decide to take on city hall to preserve their dream. Trivia: this is the final episode, as the series was abruptly cancelled by CBS.