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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. is an American situation comedy created by Aaron Ruben that originally aired on CBS from September 25, 1964, to May 2, 1969. The series was a spinoff of The Andy Griffith Show, and the pilot episode was introduced as the final fourth-season episode which aired on May 18, 1964. The show ran for five seasons, with a total of 150 half-hour episodes, 30 in black-and-white and 120 in color. Despite the series' positive reception (the show remained in the Top 10 Nielsen ratings for all five seasons),[1] Nabors quit because he desired to move to something else, 'reach for another rung on the ladder, either up or down'.[2] In 2006, CBS began releasing the show on DVD; the last season was released in November 2008.

Set in California (originally in North Carolina), it stars Jim Nabors as sweet-but-naive private Gomer Pyle, Frank Sutton as Gomer's hard-nosed and irritable sergeant Vince Carter, and Ronnie Schell as Pyle's best friend, Duke Slater. Though military-themed, the show never discussed the Vietnam War and instead focused on the relationship between Gomer and Sergeant Carter. The series is episodic in format; self-contained plots play out before the episode concludes.

Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally airedRankRating
First airedLast aired
Pilot1May 18, 1964 (1964-05-18)
130September 25, 1964 (1964-09-25)April 16, 1965 (1965-04-16)330.7
230September 17, 1965 (1965-09-17)April 15, 1966 (1966-04-15)227.8
330September 14, 1966 (1966-09-14)April 12, 1967 (1967-04-12)1022.8[a]
430September 8, 1967 (1967-09-08)April 12, 1968 (1968-04-12)325.6
530September 27, 1968 (1968-09-27)May 2, 1969 (1969-05-02)227.2


Pilot (1964)

Further information: List of The Andy Griffith Show episodes § Season 4 (1963–64)

The pilot was an episode of The Andy Griffith Show. "No. overall" and "No. in season" for the pilot indicate the airing and location of the episode within the parent series. The pilot was shot in black-and-white.

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
12732"Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C."Aaron RubenAaron RubenMay 18, 1964 (1964-05-18)
Gomer Pyle leaves Mayberry to join the Marine Corps under the command of Sergeant Carter.

Season 1 (1964–65)

All 30 episodes in black-and-white

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"Gomer Overcomes the Obstacle Course"Aaron RubenAaron RubenSeptember 25, 1964 (1964-09-25)
Gomer has a hard time with the obstacle course. This could ruin Sgt. Carter's chance at a fourth Honor Platoon. During the night, Gomer goes to the course to practice, but things still do not go well. Gomer sleeps the whole next day. The next night, Gomer does much better on the course. Lieutenant Colonel Van Pelt (Peter Hansen) sees him and Gomer explains what he's doing. Carter goes to Van Pelt to complain about Gomer. Van Pelt tells Carter what Gomer was doing and compliments both Carter and Gomer. Ronnie Schell as Duke Slater. Buck Young as Sergeant Whipple. Mark Slade as Private Eddie Swanson. Jerry Dexter as Corporal Johnson.
22"Guest in the Barracks"Coby RuskinBob RossOctober 2, 1964 (1964-10-02)
Sgt. Carter thinks that Gomer's gaining too much weight. But he's actually smuggling food to give to depressed Joey Lombardi (Joe E. Tata). Joey had a fight with his girl Rosemary before he left for camp. Rosemary comes to the base to make up with Joey, but Colonel Van Pelt won't let her in. Gomer sneaks her into the barracks to see Joey. Carter finds out and they try to get her off base before anyone else sees her. Gomer comes up with a plan that works. Robert Hogan as Lieutenant Norris.
33"Private Ralph Skunk"Coby RuskinAaron RubenOctober 9, 1964 (1964-10-09)
Gomer shows Sgt. Carter that Sgt. Whipple is trying to sabatoge their inspection. While on a hike with the platoon, Gomer befriends a skunk. Ralph the skunk follows Gomer back to the barracks. Sgt. Whipple sabatoges Carter's next inspection. Gomer uses Ralph to ruin Whipple's next inspection, making Carter extremely happy.
44"Captain Ironpants"Coby RuskinGarry Marshall & Jerry BelsonOctober 16, 1964 (1964-10-16)
Gomer tips his hat instead of saluting female Captain "Iron Pants" Martin (Pippa Scott). She is furious and has Gomer assigned special detail in her office to teach him a lesson. Captain Martin tries to break Gomer of his courtesies towards her and to treat her as any other Marine. But she slowly starts to enjoy being treated as a woman. Yvonne Lime as Corporal Peters.
55"Gomer Learns a Bully"Coby RuskinHarvey BullockOctober 23, 1964 (1964-10-23)
Private Harry Phillips (Frank Parker), a trouble maker, is transferred to Carter's platoon. Harry immediately picks on Gomer and gets him in trouble. Gomer tries to be understanding and find the good in Harry. Joey tells Gomer he needs to stand up to Harry. Carter knows that Harry is the one causing trouble and was also hoping that Gomer would stand up to him. Carter tries to subtly let Gomer know he has permission to do something about Harry. Gomer does manage to put Harry in his place, at least for the time being. Harry winds up being transferred again.
66"Pay Day"Coby RuskinGarry Marshall & Jerry BelsonOctober 30, 1964 (1964-10-30)
Sgt. Carter bawls out Gomer for not working hard enough all week. He tells Gomer that he gets paid for working and when he doesn't do his job, that's stealing. When he does get paid, Gomer returns a weeks worth of the money. Word of what happened makes it all the way to General Richards (Charles Lane) at the Pentagon. Richards insists that Gomer take the money and he wants a signed receipt. No matter what Carter tries, he can't get Gomer to take the money. Carter is called before General Wells (Ross Elliott). Carter fears the worst, but the General commends him for instilling responsibility in Gomer. John Lupton as Captain Edwards. Tom Hatten as Captain Daniels.
77"Nobody Loves a Sergeant"Sheldon LeonardJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumNovember 6, 1964 (1964-11-06)
Sgt. Carter tries to get Gomer to dislike him before graduation, feeling that he hasn't done his job correctly if he isn't hated by all the recruits. But, no matter what he does, Gomer keeps saying he likes Carter. The camp psychiatrist suggests that Carter put in for a transfer to California and take a break from being a drill instructor. Gomer and the rest of his platoon graduate boot camp. Gomer and the boys get sent to the camp that Carter was transferred to. Liam Sullivan as Captain. Ray Kellogg as Sergeant Moran.
88"Gomer and the Dragon Lady"Coby RuskinHarvey BullockNovember 13, 1964 (1964-11-13)

Gomer manages to foul up a scouting exercise. While in town on pass, Sgt. Carter comes up with a plan to get revenge on Gomer for the foul up. He sets Gomer on a quest to get a kiss from Hannah (Barbara Stuart), "The Dragon Lady". She known for beating up any man that makes a pass at her. Gomer is uncomfortable kissing someone he doesn't know. Duke takes Gomer's place and Hannah throws him against the wall. Carter gets Duke to bring Gomer to the bar. Gomer explains how he feels to Hannah and that Carter put him up to it. Thinking he's a really nice guy, Hannah kisses him in front of everyone. She then proceeds to throw Carter against the wall. Alan Dexter as Sgt. Atwater. Pete Duel as 1st Man. David Frankham as Lt. Travers.

Notes: Stuart returns in Seasons 2-5 as Carter's girlfriend Bunny. This episode is the first set entirely in the fictional Camp Henderson in California.
99"Survival of the Fattest"Coby RuskinBob RossNovember 20, 1964 (1964-11-20)
The platoon is going on a Survival Training test. Two-man teams must rough it for five days in the wilderness. Sgt. Carter takes Gomer for his partner so he doesn't screw anything up. Despite any foraging attempts by Carter, it's Gomer's small-town, backwoods upbringing that keeps finding food and water. Gomer and Carter are the only ones in the platoon that finish the test gaining weight. Gomer learns that because of his skills, Carter's pride was hurt. To make Carter feel better and though it's a lie, Gomer tells Captain Hathaway (Tom Hatten) that he couldn't have done anything he did without Carter's guidance.
1010"A Date for the Colonel's Daughter"Coby RuskinBob RossNovember 27, 1964 (1964-11-27)
Colonel Harper's (Karl Swenson) daughter is visiting from her all-girls school. The Colonel is having a hard time finding an escort for her to the enlisted men's dance. Gomer winds up getting picked and Carter assures the Colonel that Gomer is a perfect gentleman. However, the Colonel's overprotective wife (Joan Tompkins) is not thrilled with the idea. Gomer picks up Jane for the dance. Even though he's very polite, Mrs. Harper is still concerned. When Gomer and Jane go missing at the dance, Mrs. Harper panics. Turns out Gomer had taken Jane home and everything was completely innocent. Jane let's her mother know that she is over reacting. Tom Hatten as Captain Murdock. David Frankham as 2nd Lieutenant. Wayne Rogers as Captain.
1111"They Shall Not Pass"Howard MorrisRichard M. PowellDecember 4, 1964 (1964-12-04)
Sgt. Carter's platoon takes part in war games and must destroy an enemy bridge. Gomer's naive ways are causing problems for Carter and the men. The platoon is very close to failing in their mission. In the end, Gomer uses his country wisdom to destroy the bridge. Carter and the platoon are awarded the Gold Boot for excellence. John Stephenson as Major Stone. Tommy Leonetti as 1st Marine. Forrest Compton as Captain Brinson.
1212"Sergeant Carter, Marine Babysitter"Howard MorrisJames Allardice & Tom AdairDecember 11, 1964 (1964-12-11)
Sgt. Carter has big plans to spend the day with Bernice (Laurie Mitchell), a girl he just met. Frank Meade (Greg Mullavey) was counting on a day pass to help his wife Lois and their baby, but he gets stuck on guard duty. Gomer volunteers to help Frank's wife and run chores for her. Carter offers to drive Gomer to the Meade house. He calls Bernice to say he'll be late. He then gets roped into driving Lois, Gomer and the baby to the doctor. The baby really seems to like Carter and he spends most of the day with it. The next time Carter calls Bernice, they have a fight and the date is off. Gomer makes it up to Carter by explaining to Bernice what happened and bringing to two together. Molly Dodd as Nurse.
1313"The Case of the Marine Bandit"Coby RuskinArt Baer & Ben JoelsonDecember 18, 1964 (1964-12-18)
While driving into town, Carter and some other Marines pass Betty Ann Brewster (Kathie Browne), a stranded motorist. Carter tells the others to drop him off so he can help her. Gomer wanders by and fixes the car. Because Betty Ann's car only seats two, she takes Gomer into town to meet her mother (Ellen Corby). Betty Ann and Mother involve Gomer in a rather ingenious robbery scheme. Gomer visits Betty Ann again and they get him to unknowingly rob another liquor store. Gomer visits Betty Ann a third time, but this time Carter follows him. Carter sends Gomer back to the base and he then unknowingly robs another liquor store. Carter figures out what happened and Betty Ann ties him up. But before she and Mother can leave, Gomer arrives with the police. Don Penny as Artie. Jackie Searl as Clerk #1. Dick Wilson as Clerk #3. Tommy Leonetti as Driver.
1414"Sergeant of the Week"Coby RuskinArt Baer & Ben JoelsonDecember 25, 1964 (1964-12-25)
Gomer is coming down with a cold. Meanwhile, once again Carter has not been named Sergeant of the week. Lieutenant Ames (John Lupton), the Doctor, tells Gomer to gets some rest. Through a misunderstanding, Carter thinks Gomer is dying. Carter feels guilty because he always rides Gomer so hard. So he tries to make the recruit's "last days" the best of his life. Carter speaks with Lieutenant Ames again and finds out it was a horse that was very sick. Carter is ready to kill Gomer. But before he can do that, he is made Sergeant of the week by Captain Brinson, for his compassion. Carter thanks Gomer. Forrest Lewis as Horse Trainer. Tommy Leonetti as Cpl. Cuccinelli.
1515"Grandpa Pyle's Good Luck Charm"Coby RuskinJames Allardice & Tom AdairJanuary 1, 1965 (1965-01-01)
Gomer gets a letter from Grandpa Pyle (Norris Goff), who says he's coming for a visit. Carter tells the platoon that each man will have a chance to lead the men. This is to see if any of them is officer material. Gomer tells Carter that he doesn't think he has any leadership qualities. Grandpa Pyle arrives and tries to help Gomer. Gomer's attempt at leading the men doesn't go well. Grandpa Pyle gives Gomer a special emblem to give him confidence and make him a great leader. Grandpa Pyle tricks Carter into giving Gomer a second chance to lead. This time Gomer does very well. Gomer learns from Grandpa that the special emblem really had nothing to do with his improvement.
1616"Dance, Marine, Dance"Coby RuskinBen Joelson & Art BaerJanuary 8, 1965 (1965-01-08)
Fred and Ginger Fay (Gavin MacLeod and Sylvia Lewis) own a dance studio that is not doing well. They trick Gomer into a life time dance course. Carter tells Gomer he was swindled and he'll get Gomer out of the contract. Fred and Ginger then con Carter into a 5 year plan. Unable to get out of his contract, Carter speaks with Raymond Thomas (Frank Maxwell), a lawyer. Raymond tells Carter the contract in legal and binding. Carter, with the help of the men from the platoon, finds a way to get out of the contracts.
1717"Sergeant Carter's Farewell to His Troops"Coby RuskinRichard M. PowellJanuary 15, 1965 (1965-01-15)
Carter is having a hard time getting a date and believes it's because of his uniform. He decides to not re-enlist and will quit the Marines. Gomer tells him that the men in the platoon would never stand for him leaving. But when Gomer gives the men the news, they all cheer. The men later decide that whoever they get next could be worse. The men hope sexy Private Sally Peters (Yvonne Lime) can keep Carter from quitting the Corps. She is seeing someone else but agrees to help. While Sally is with Carter in a club, her boyfriend Hank shows up and punches Carter. Carter finds out about the plan and is still going to quit. In the end, Carter realizes he wants to stay a Marine. Larry Hovis as Larry.
1818"The Feudin' Pyles"Coby RuskinHy KraftJanuary 22, 1965 (1965-01-22)
The platoon have been practicing bayonet drills. While playing horseshoes in the park, Gomer meets Branch Eversole (James Hampton), a country boy from near Mayberry. They become quick friends and spend the day together. But later, Branch learns Gomer's last name is Pyle and realizes their families having been feuding for 75 years. Branch calls his father to ask him what to do and his father says he has to kill Gomer. Gomer's platoon is to have a bayonet drill with Branch's platoon. Gomer pairs up with Branch and allows Branch to "kill" him. They hope this will satisfy Branch's father and they can remain friends.
1919"Love Letters to the Sarge"Coby RuskinArt Baer & Ben JoelsonJanuary 29, 1965 (1965-01-29)
All the men in the platoon are getting letters from girls except Sgt. Carter. Gomer feels bad for him and decides to send him anonymous love notes. Carter now wonders who his mystery lover could be. Gomer, playing along, gives him the names of several girls around the base that it could be. Carter goes to see the various girls, but they don't seem to be the one who wrote the letters. Thinking Carter is making the girl up, Sgt. Whipple tells him to bring the girl to the USO dance on Saturday. Gomer overhears this and writes Carter a goodbye love letter. Carter is sad when he reads the letter, but then he gets several letters from the girls he had spoken to earlier. Elisabeth Fraser as Salesgirl. Jean Carson as Shirley. Jackie Joseph as Marilyn. Charles P. Thompson as Old Man.
2020"Sergeant Carter Gets a "Dear John" Letter"Coby RuskinAaron RubenFebruary 5, 1965 (1965-02-05)
Carter waits an entire week for a date with Geraldine (Sherry Jackson), but then gets stuck with a special duty. He gets Gomer to fill in for the date to make sure someone else doesn't get to her. Geraldine has a wonderful time with Gomer. Carter gets a "Dear John" letter from Geraldine and thinks that somehow another man stole her away despite Gomer watching her. He wants Gomer to take her out again and keep an eye out for who the other guy might be. Geraldine tells Gomer she wants to be his steady. Carter finds out the "other man" is Gomer. Gomer tells Carter it was completely one sided. He also says that Geraldine will fall for any sweet talker and Carter's better off without her.
2121"Daughter of the Sarge"Coby RuskinHarvey Bullock & R.S. AllenFebruary 12, 1965 (1965-02-12)
Sgt. Carter's adopted Korean daughter, Sue Linn, writes that she'll be coming for a visit. When she arrives, she's not the little girl he remembers. Sue Linn says she would like to continue her studies and marry a Marine. She is sad when Carter tells her she's to young to marry and should pick someone besides a Marine. Sue Linn tells Gomer she is already engaged to a Marine and is to be married on Sunday. When she can't bring herself to tell Carter, she tells Gomer she might call off the wedding to Captain Fred Pertwee. Gomer suggests she talk to the Chaplain (Peter Hobbs). Carter starts to believe it's Gomer that Sue Linn wants to marry. Once Carter realizes Sue Linn is marrying Fred and he's a Captain, Carter is happy. Preston Hanson as Customs Man. Yuki Shimoda as Asian Man.
2222"Officer Candidate Gomer Pyle"Coby RuskinHarvey Bullock & R.S. AllenFebruary 19, 1965 (1965-02-19)
The men fail another inspection. Carter is fed up and wants to get away from all the knuckleheads. He decides to become an officer. There is an Officer Training exam coming up soon. Duke tells Gomer he should take the test as well, that way he can stay with Carter. The top ten scores will be accepted for training. Gomer comes in 10th and Carter is 11th. The one consolation is that Carter won't have to deal with Gomer anymore. But Gomer tells him he'll fix it so they'll still be together. At the interview, Gomer tells them to take his name off the list. Carter learns he is now being accepted because of what Gomer did. Carter decides he wants to stay with his men. Forrest Compton as Lieutenant Colonel.
2323"Old Man Carter"Coby RuskinBen Joelson & Art BaerFebruary 26, 1965 (1965-02-26)
Gomer collects money from the guys so he can buy Sgt. Carter a gift for his 35th birthday. At first they don't want to give him any money, but Gomer talks them into it. Gomer goes to the gift shop and buys Carter a watch. At first Carter is touched by the gift, but then he starts to think about how old he is. Carter tries to address his feelings of getting old by competing against his men. He throws out his back while doing deep knee bends. Carter goes to the doctor, who tells him he's fine, he just can't do everything as he did when he was younger. Gomer starts meddling, trying to get Carter's confidence back, but he just makes things worse. Gomer tries one more thing and it does prove to Carter that he can still do his job. Alvy Moore as Clerk. Jerry Ziesmer as 1st Private.
2424"Gomer Makes the Honor Guard"Coby RuskinAaron RubenMarch 5, 1965 (1965-03-05)
Carter has to pick four men from his platoon as Honor Guards for a visiting princess. Turns out that there are only four men in the platoon with Dress Blue uniforms and one of them is Gomer. Carter does not want Gomer as one of the men. But he needs to come up with the money to buy someone else the Dress Blues. Meanwhile, Duke thinks Gomer is his good luck charm and wants Gomer to go gambling with him. Duke borrows the money Gomer was going to use to pay for his Dress Blues and winds up losing it. Later, Carter goes gambling and wins enough to buy a uniform for someone else. Gomer tells Carter that he can't be in the Honor Guard because he lost his money. Gomer says he's sorry and he just wanted to make Carter proud of him. Carter buys the uniform for Gomer. Frank J. Scannell as House-Gambler.
2525"My Buddy – War Hero"Alan RafkinBen Joelson & Art BaerMarch 12, 1965 (1965-03-12)
Sgt. Carter learns that his old war buddie, Sgt. Jim Mason (Don Rickles), will be stopping off at the camp. Carter tells Gomer how he had saved Jim's life in Korea. Jim arrives and Carter goes off to set up accommodations for him. Jim proceeds to tell Gomer the same story that Carter had told except Jim says he saved Carter's life. Gomer gets Duke to help him keep Jim and Carter apart so they won't have a fallout over the conflicting memories. Jim and Carter do get together and have an argument over what happened. They come to realize that it was another soldier that saved the two of them.
2626"Double Date With the Sarge"Alan RafkinRichard M. PowellMarch 19, 1965 (1965-03-19)
Carter tells Gomer that Diane could be "Miss Right". Not knowing who they are, Gomer runs into Diane and her friend Dixie in town. They both think Gomer is a nut, but Dixie also thinks he's cute. Gomer winds up spending the evening with Dixie. Diane asks Carter if he'd like to double date with her friend. Carter can't believe that its Gomer who is the other date. Gomer annoys Carter with his non-stop talking. Carter keeps trying to ditch Gomer and Dixie, but they keep finding him and Diane. The men face a financial crisis when the dates order filet mignon. A man (Stanley Adams) sits down at their table and starts talking to them. Carter begins to panic when the bill starts to add up. But, the man picks up the check. Dick Winslow as Waiter.
2727"The Jet Set"Alan RafkinBen Joelson & Art BaerMarch 26, 1965 (1965-03-26)
Col. Gray tells Carter to send someone to the cigar store and buy a box of very fine cigars for a visiting Congressman (Byron Morrow). Meanwhile, Duke really wants to see his stewardess girlfriend Patty Gillette (Karen Sharpe). Carter tells Gomer to take the company jeep and get the cigars. Duke begs Gomer to take him to the airport to see Patty. While there, Gomer and Duke see Carter bringing a general to the airplane that they are at. They hide in the plane's bathroom. The plane takes off for a flight to Rome. Patty informs Gomer and Duke that the plane will then go to Paris and then London. After Gomer buys some cigars at the London airport, Patty finally gets them on a flight home. They make it back in time to give the Congressman the cigars. He is thrilled to get the British cigars. Carter tells Gomer that the next time the Congressman comes, he's going to expect the same brand. Arthur Gould-Porter as Cigar Clerk. Penny Santon as Italian Woman.
2828"Sergeant of the Guard"Alan RafkinRichard M. PowellApril 2, 1965 (1965-04-02)
Some men from Carters platoon will be pulling guard duty at a Marine warehouse that has been robbed. Carter gets into a little bit of trouble when Gomer stops USMC C.I.D. Agent Johnson (Ken Lynch). The crooks show up dressed as Marines and show Gomer a fake requisition order. Gomer helps load stuff into a truck. Carter shows up and he and Gomer get locked into the back of the truck when the crooks leave. Carter gets knocked unconscious. Back at the hideout, the crooks discover Gomer in the truck, but don't know about Carter. Gomer proceeds to trap the crooks in the truck and drive it back to the base. Gomer then gives Carter the credit for the capture. Arthur Batanides as Jo-Jo. Stanley Clements as J.D. Billy Halop as Hawkins.
2929"Gomer Dates a Movie Star"Alan RafkinBudd GrossmanApril 9, 1965 (1965-04-09)
Col. Edward Gray would like Gomer to take his daughter Jane to this evenings dance. Movie star Gloria Morgan (Ruta Lee) visits the base. When she learns what a huge fan Gomer is, she autographs a picture for him. Duke and the boys play a prank on Gomer, and he thinks Gloria asked him to take her to the dance. Gomer has two dates and doesn't know what to do. Dukes confesses to Gomer about the prank. But it turns out Gloria actually wants Gomer to escort her to the dance. Gomer tries to juggle the two dates. Gomer finally explains things to Jane and Gloria and they understand. Everyone winds up having a great time. John Considine as Captain Murdoch.
3030"Gomer the M.P."Coby RuskinHarvey BullockApril 16, 1965 (1965-04-16)
In Carter's absence, Gomer takes a phone call from Lieutenant Petersen (John Lupton). No one is to go on liberty because of a special assignment. Petersen tells Carter that his platoon will be assigned M.P. duty. Special Council Mr. Horton (Robert Emhardt) arrives from Washington. Col. Gray says that Horton is here to look over the camp. In town, two Army men pull a trick on Gomer and get him and Carter in trouble with Petersen. So he won't get in trouble again, Carter tells Gomer to just guard the back gate. And Gomer shouldn't let anyone in without an ID card. Horton tries to enter the camp through the back gate. Not knowing who Mr. Horton is, Gomer arrests him and puts him in the brig. Carter is upset when he finds out what Gomer did and figures that both of them are in trouble. Gomer is sent to Col. Gray's office. Much to Horton's surprise, Gray commends Gomer for following protocol. Gray also makes Horton understand that the camp maintains the strict security that Washington expects. Paul Gilbert as Pete. Ron Rich as Marine.

Season 2 (1965–66)

All episodes from Season 2 onwards filmed in color

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
311"P.F.C. Gomer Pyle"Aaron RubenBen Joelson & Art BaerSeptember 17, 1965 (1965-09-17)
Carter has a chance to vacation in Hawaii. He learns that he has 6 men in his platoon who haven't taken their PFC exams yet and one of them is Gomer. Carter wants the men to pass the test before he leaves for his vacation. Gomer doesn't pass the test. Carter has the men help Gomer study late into the night. Gomer falls asleep during the next test. Not knowing it's a vacation, Gomer thinks that Carter is transferring because he failed the test. Gomer wants Carter to stay, so he takes the test a third time and passes. Thinking that Carter doesn't have to leave now, Gomer gets rid of his travels orders. Jack Larson as Tommy. Michael Bell as Garson. Rayford Barnes as Examiner. Jackie Joseph as Shirley.
322"Third Finger, Left Loaf"Coby RuskinR.S. Allen & Harvey BullockSeptember 24, 1965 (1965-09-24)
Gomer is to be best man at fellow Marine Jim Purcell's (Ted Bessell) wedding. Jim repeatedly misplaces the ring, so he asks Gomer to hold onto it. Gomer puts it on his little finger and then can't get it off. Carter puts Jim and Gomer on mess hall duty where they are to bake bread. After they have finished late at night, the ring isn't on Gomer's finger any more He thinks it might be buried in one of 600 loaves of bread he had baked. Jim and Gomer have no luck searching the bread. When asked to help, Carter at first turns them down. But then he uses a mine detector to search the bread. The ring isn't in the bread, but they find it in Gomer's back pocket. Allan Melvin debuts as Sgt. Charley Hacker. Al Checco as Sgt. Benson.
333"The Blind Date"Coby RuskinJack ElinsonOctober 1, 1965 (1965-10-01)
Carter's date Bunny has a friend named Eileen Carson (Maggie Peterson) that she doesn't want to leave alone that night. Bunny tells Carter that it's a double date or nothing. Being that it's the last minute, Carter can't find another guy. The only one available is Gomer. Gomer is concerned as Bunny had told Carter that Eileen is a society girl. Eileen is concerned because she is not a society girl and Carter told Bunny that Gomer comes from a rich Southern family. Thinking Gomer is used to the best, Bunny suggests going to an expensive restaurant. Through the whole night Carter tries to get some alone time with Bunny. Gomer and Eileen are uncomfortable the whole evening. Until they both find out that neither is from a wealthy family. Gomer and Eileen then have a nice time. But Carter never really gets to be alone with Bunny. Barbara Stuart debuts as Carter's girlfriend Bunny. Roger Til as Maitre d'.
344"Home on the Range"Coby RuskinArt Baer & Ben JoelsonOctober 8, 1965 (1965-10-08)
Gomer meets the Caldwell family from N. Carolina who have encountered truck problems en route to Oregon. He says he will try and fix their truck. Gomer finds Harper Caldwell (Dabbs Greer) and family several places to stay, but they are kicked out each time. Carter tells the platoon about upcoming war maneuvers. He says that there better not be any mistakes as the press will be there. Gomer finds the family another place, not knowing it's a war games target shack. After maneuvers start, Gomer realizes that they are to destroy the shack. Gomer manages to get to the family, but not before their truck is destroyed. Col. Gray agrees to give them a truck and the press says it will make a good human interest story. Claudia Bryar as Lottie Caldwell.
355"Gomer Untrains a Dog"Coby RuskinJack ElinsonOctober 15, 1965 (1965-10-15)
Gomer volunteers to train a dog for sentry duty. Sgt. Myers (Sandy Kenyon) brings the dogs and Gomer picks Killer for his dog. Gomer is too mild with the dog and Killer doesn't obey Gomer's commands. Killer does eventually listen to Gomer. But when he's not in training, Gomer pampers Killer. Lieutenant Fredericks (Fred Holliday) comes by to inspect the dogs. Fredericks finds that instead of being a ferocious guard dog, Killer has been turned into a pussycat. But they find another use for Killer. Paul Trinka as Buck Johnson.
366"Supply Sergeants Never Die"Coby RuskinHarvey Bullock & R.S. AllenOctober 22, 1965 (1965-10-22)
Sgt. Henry Singer (Jeff Corey), the Supply Sergeant, says his job is more important than Carter's. Singer says that he can't even take a vacation because no one else could do his job. Singer then learns that he just became a grandfather and he would love to go and see the kid. Carter bets him a months salary that any Knucklehead can take over his job. Singer suggests Gomer fill in for him and Carter reluctantly agrees. Carter finds out that Private Lester Hummel (William Christopher) knows his way around the supply room. His plan to switch Hummel for Gomer doesn't work out. A few days in and Gomer has the supply room a complete mess. Gomer learns about Carter's bet with Singer. Gomer straightens the whole place up and comes up with a new way to organize things. A depressed Singer says he'll retire, which Carter doesn't want. Gomer's system winds up not working and Singer feels needed again.
377"Cat Overboard"Christian NybyJack ElinsonOctober 29, 1965 (1965-10-29)
Gomer has been taking care of Henrietta, a feral cat on the base. Carter informs the platoon that they will be doing maneuvers for 3 weeks on a Navy ship. Gomer sneaks the stray cat aboard the ship. Carter tells his men he wants no mistakes and no rules broken on this trip. Carter finds out about Henrietta. Meanwhile, Carter must deal with Chief Petty Officer Simpson's (Tige Andrews) strict rules of contraband. Gomer tells Carter that the cat is pregnant. Henrietta gets loose. When Gomer thinks that Simpson has thrown her overboard, Gomer jumps in after her. It wasn't the cat, but just some of Simpson's old magazines. However, when Simpson finds out about Henrietta and although angry at Gomer for sneaking her aboard his ship, he shows compassion and takes her down to the sick bay to give his pharmacists training in delivering her kittens. Ted Bessell as Frankie. Brendon Boone as Sailor.
388"Gomer Captures a Submarine"Christian NybyJack ElinsonNovember 5, 1965 (1965-11-05)
Still on the Navy ship, Carter's platoon are feeling seasick. Carter and 3 of his men are to make a reconnaissance mission to a small island. They also have to look out for an enemy submarine. They try three times to get away from the ship on rubber rafts and thanks to Gomer, they don't make it. Chief Petty Officer Simpson is teasing Carter each time. On the fourth attempt and without Gomer, they make it away from the ship. They are to remain in a holding position until they get a signal. Simpson, hoping to mess things up for Carter, has Gomer swim out to the raft with a message. When Carter realizes what Simpson planned, he sends Gomer swimming back to the ship. Gomer winds up swimming to the submarine periscope. Carter and his men are congratulated for capturing the sub. Michael Barrier guest stars.
399"The Grudge Fight"Peter BaldwinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickNovember 12, 1965 (1965-11-12)
Carter's platoon is still on the Navy ship. Carter wants his men to get into better shape by boxing each other. Carter unknowingly challenges Chief Petty Officer Simpson to a match and must pay the consequences in doing so when he learns that Simpson was a former boxing champ. Meanwhile, to try and save Carter from making a huge mistake, Gomer and his friends try psychological warfare on Simpson. They try to convince him to call off the match by leading him to believe that Carter is an ex-boxing champ from the Marines' boxing team. Carter finds out what his men did. He decides to still fight Simpson because his men cared enough to do what they did. One punch and Carter is knocked out. William Christopher as Marine. Ray Kellogg as Referee.
4010"Gomer the Star Witness"Peter BaldwinBen Joelson & Art BaerNovember 19, 1965 (1965-11-19)
Gomer asks Carter for a pass so he can go to a flower show in town. While sitting in a restaurant, Gomer witnesses an automobile accident between Carter and Fred Cummins (Michael Forest). Carter leaves before Gomer can get to him. Gomer speaks to Fred and agrees to be a witness in court. When Carter learns that Gomer saw the accident, he tries to get on Gomer's good side. After Gomer testifies, the Judge (Willis Bouchey) finds both Carter and Fred at fault and dismisses the case. Roy Stuart debuts as Corporal Boyle. William Newell as Bailiff. Stacy Harris as Finley.
4111"A Visit From Cousin Goober"Peter BaldwinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickNovember 26, 1965 (1965-11-26)
Carter yells a Gomer for making so many goofs and tells him to stop. Gomer gets a letter from his cousin Goober (George Lindsey) that says he had a falling out with Wally at the gas station in Mayberry. Goober makes a surprise visit to Gomer and says he might become a Marine. Gomer has to go on a hike and he tells Goober that civilians can't be on the base. Goober puts on one of Gomer's uniforms. He tells a Lieutenant (John S. Ragin) that his name is Pyle and is then yelled at for having civilian shoes on. The Lieutenant thinks Goober is crazy and takes him to Captain Reiner (Charles Aidman), a psychiatrist. Reiner tells Carter that he thinks "Pyle" has a double personality. Carter tells Gomer that they'll be sending him home. Gomer tells Carter about Goober and Carter believes that it's part of his double personality. After some more confusion, Carter and Reiner find out there really is a Goober.
4212"A Groom for Sergeant Carter's Sister"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickDecember 3, 1965 (1965-12-03)
Carter and Gomer meet Carter's sister Babe (Marlyn Mason) at the bus stop. Babe tells Carter that she is going to marry Harold Kanobly (Bill Idelson). Carter knows Harold and is against it. Babe calls Harold and says she has a plan to get Carter to like him. Babe asks Gomer to show her around town. She tells Carter she met a wonderful guy and he's a Marine and he could be the one. Carter finds out that Babe is seeing Gomer. Now Carter wants to get Babe back with Harold.
4313"Gomer Minds His Sergeant's Car"Coby RuskinArt Baer & Ben JoelsonDecember 10, 1965 (1965-12-10)
Carter is being sent to San Francisco to bring back an AWOL marine. As a last resort, Carter has Pyle drive his precious car back from the airport. After he drops Carter off, Gomer walks back to the parking lot only to find the car stolen. Pyle has 24 hours to find it before Carter gets back. Gomer files a report with Patrolman Dugan (Ken Lynch). Dugan gets a call and they think they found the car in the ocean. When they pull it out, it's not Carter's car. Dugan, Gomer and Duke follow another lead, but it's also not the car. The next morning, they find the car in perfect condition. But then a wrecking ball falls on it. They speak to Mr. Gibbons (Tol Avery) of the construction company. Gibbons gets Gomer a new car. Surprisingly, Carter is not upset about the car. But, then Carter's AWOL marine escapes.
4414"Gomer, the Peacemaker"Coby RuskinBen Joelson & Art BaerDecember 17, 1965 (1965-12-17)
Carter with Bunny have a lovers spat and split up. Gomer finds out and goes to speak with Bunny. He tells her how sad Carter is and asks Bunny to come see him at the bar. At the bar, Carter runs into an old girlfriend, Toby Comstock (Kathleen Hughes). Bunny sees Carter with another woman and leaves. Gomer tells Carter that Bunny is home alone. Bunny's friend Phyllis brings a party to Bunny's place. When Carter goes to Bunny's place, he sees the party and leaves. Carter goes to a hotel to get some rest. Gomer, thinking Carter may try to harm himself, goes to the hotel with Bunny. Carter and Bunny make up. David Lewis as Chaplain Franklin. Robert Patten as Man. Janice Carroll as Operator.
4515"Gomer Pyle, P.O.W."Coby RuskinCarl Kleinschmitt & Dale McRavenDecember 24, 1965 (1965-12-24)
Gomer and his platoon will be engaging in "war games" against a rival unit. Gomer quickly makes a mistake and gets Carter in trouble. The plan now is to let one of his men get captured and feed the enemy false information. Carter sends Gomer. Gomer keeps coming back uncaptured. Gomer finally does get captured. The enemy Captain (Paul Smith) bribes Gomer with food to get information. Gomer, knowing he's being bribed, doesn't tell him what Carter told him to say. Instead, Gomer tells him that his men were going to attack a railroad crossing. Duke gets captured and tells Gomer that they really were going to attack the crossing. Gomer dresses up as an officer and escapes. Gomer winds up capturing 2 enemy platoons. Later, he is to be given a special citation but he's captured again. Gomer escapes by wearing a dress. Robert Brubaker as Doctor. Jamie Farr as Sergeant.
4616"Gomer Pyle, Civilian"Peter BaldwinRick MittlemanDecember 31, 1965 (1965-12-31)
Gomer is getting on Carter's nerves more than usual. Corporal Boyle suggests that Carter take a furlough. Carter's too busy to leave, but he can force Gomer to go. Gomer doesn't want to take a week long furlough because he'll miss everyone. Gomer takes a civilian bartender job on base so he can remain close to his friends. Carter can't believe that Gomer is still around. Not wanting to make Carter unhappy anymore, Gomer puts in for a transfer. Carter finds that he'll actually miss Gomer and tears up his transfer papers.
4717"Gomer and the Beast"Lee PhilipsBill Idelson & Sam BobrickJanuary 7, 1966 (1966-01-07)
Gomer notices that his new waitress friend Ginger's (Nancy Hadley) boyfriend, Sergeant Arthur Henchley (Michael Conrad), is very mean to her. Gomer walks Ginger home, trying to cheer her up. Duke warns Gomer that he better be carefull because Arthur is a tough guy. Ginger tells off Arthur and then asks Gomer out. Arthur warns Carter that he better get Gomer to stop seeing Ginger. Carter tells Arthur that Gomer will see who he wants, but then tells Gomer not to see Ginger. Arthur sees Gomer with Ginger again and he takes Gomer out to the alley to fight. Gomer talks to Arthur and gets him to be nicer to Ginger and change his gruff personality.
4818"Grandma Pyle, Fortuneteller"Peter BaldwinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickJanuary 14, 1966 (1966-01-14)
Grandma Pyle (Enid Markey) makes a surprise visit to Gomer. Gomer tells her that he remembers when she used to tell his future with cards. Grandma still has her cards and proceeds to tell Gomer's future. She says that something bad is going to happen to someone close to him and it will be Gomer's fault. Carter yells at Gomer and loses his voice. Grandma gives Gomer some home-made medicine to help Carter. Gomer puts some in Carter's coffee. Carter now speaks in a high pitched voice. Grandma then reads Gomers tea leaves and says Carter is in terrible danger. Carter wants to go into town to relax at a card game. Gomer does various things to prevent him from going. It's a good thing Gomer did, because the card game gets raided. Carter gets his voice back and thanks Grandma Pyle.
4919"Arrivederci, Gomer"Peter BaldwinHarvey Bullock & R.S. AllenJanuary 21, 1966 (1966-01-21)

Frankie invites Gomer to his home for the weekend. Frankie tells Gomer he will meet Mama Lombardi (Lillian Adams), Papa and his sister Rosa (Gigi Perreau). Meanwhile, Mama wonders why Rosa's boyfriend Leo hasn't asked her to get married yet. Frankie and Gomer arrive and Mama asks Frankie to speak to Leo. At dinner, Gomer doesn't help matters by constantly saying the wrong thing when Mama hints at marriage. After Leo leaves, Gomer sings an Italian love song. This leads Mama to think Gomer is proposing to Rosa. The next day Rosa tells Gomer she's sorry that Mama overreacted. Frankie has a plan to make Leo really think that Rosa and Gomer are getting together. At first the plan doesn't work, but in the end Leo says Rosa and him are getting married.

Note: Frank Sutton doesn't appear in this episode.
5020"Sergeant Carter Dates a Pyle"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanJanuary 28, 1966 (1966-01-28)
The base is having an open house and the men are to invite someone. Gomer wants to invite his girl cousin, Bridey Pyle (Bobo Lewis). Gomer would like to set Carter up with Bridey, but Carter wants nothing to do with it. Francine, the girl that Duke invited, arrived early. Duke has guard duty and wants Gomer to entertain Francine. Carter and Boyle see Gomer with attractive Francine and think she is Bridey. Carter tells Gomer he'll meet his cousin. At the dance, Carter finds out that Francine is Dukes date. There is another case of mistaken identity and Carter thinks Bridey is homely. Carter finds out that wasn't Bridey. Then Gomer is with another attractive woman named Flora (Arlene Howell), who Carter now thinks is Bridey. Carter finally meets Bridey, who isn't very good looking. He makes up an excuse to leave, which winds up backfiring on him.
5121"Little Girl Blue"Coby RuskinDale McRaven & Carl KleinschmittFebruary 4, 1966 (1966-02-04)
Gomer, Duke and Frankie volunteer to help at a dinner being given for visiting Colonel Matthews (Nelson Olmsted). They are to be busboys at the dinner and Carter is not happy Gomer is one of them. Gomer befriends Margaret, the daughter of Colonel Matthews. But every time Gomer and Margaret get together, they seem to get into trouble. Gomer causes some problems at the dinner and Carter kicks him out. Gomer visits with Margaret up in her room. Colonel Matthews sees how much Margaret likes Gomer and he let's them play together some more. Colonel Matthews also tells Carter that Gomer is a good man. Patricia Wright as Mrs. Gray. Amzie Strickland as Miss Sims, The Governess.
5222"A Star Is Born"Coby RuskinArt Baer & Ben JoelsonFebruary 11, 1966 (1966-02-11)
Dan Curtis (Jerome Cowan) and Lew Meadows (George O. Petrie) speak to Col. Gray about doing a documentary about the Marines. They would like to feature Carter. They just want Carter to do what he has been doing. None of the platoon will know what's doing on as hidden cameras and microphones will be used. The next day, Carter starts to ham it up when the cameras start rolling. Dan Curtis tries to subtly tell Carter that he's ruining the film by not acting natural. Carter, though, believes it's Gomer that Dan is talking about. Carter gives Gomer several senseless chores to do to keep him away. Lew follows Gomer around and films him. They decide to make the film "A Day In The Life Of A Marine Private And His Sgt.". Paul Bryar as Bartender. Herb Vigran as Barber.
5323"Gomer and the Phone Company"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickFebruary 25, 1966 (1966-02-25)
Duke, Frankie and Gomer are trying to figure out what they can do with the limited money they have. After Gomer is finished making a call, the pay phone spits out $41.75 in coins. Duke and Frankie want to spend it, but honest Gomer wants to return it to the phone company. At the phone company, no one seems to understand that Gomer wants to return the money. Gomer is finally sent to a Mr. Corbett (Parley Baer). Mr. Corbett thinks Gomer is probably some prankster and decides to have some fun with him. Gomer returns to the base and asks Carters help. He tells Gomer to just put the coins back in the phone. While trying to put the money back, Gomer gets arrested. Carter tries to help Gomer, but he only makes matters worse. Carter finally gets Mr. Corbett to explain that Gomer did try to return the money. As a thank you, Mr. Corbett lets everyone in the platoon make a free long distance call. Chick Chandler as Bernard. Molly Dodd as Secretary. Olan Soule as Adjuster. Maudie Prickett as Woman.
5424"Duke Slater, Night Club Comic"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickMarch 4, 1966 (1966-03-04)
Duke is showing off his impressions to the boys of the platoon. Duke, Frankie and Gomer go to the Jade club on amateur talent night. Gomer gets Duke to do his impressions act. Duke impersonates Gomer, but his impersonation of Sgt. Carter wins him the contest. He is also invited to come back and perform again. Meanwhile, Col. Gray informs Carter he's been chosen top rated sergeant on the base. Not mentioning the impersonations, Gomer tells Carter that he should go and see Duke perform. Carter takes Bunny to the club. Carter wants to leave when he sees Dukes impression of him. Gomer finds a way to save the evening. Milton Frome as Night Club M.C. Buck Young as 1st Sergeant. Alan Dexter as 2nd Sergeant.
5525"Vacation in Vegas"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanMarch 11, 1966 (1966-03-11)
Gomer wins a free weekend for two in Las Vegas. Carter really wants to go with. He makes sure that Gomer's first choice, Duke, has guard duty. Gomer agrees to take Carter with him. Carter plans to gamble all weekend with Gomer's prize money. But Gomer has set an itinerary which includes lots of sight seeing. Carter introduces his friend Irene (Joyce Jameson) to Gomer. Gomer takes Carter and Irene to a rock museum and then Hoover Dam. When they get back to the hotel, an angry Irene leaves. Gomer takes a nap and Carter takes the last of Gomer's prize money to gamble with. Carter wins big and tells Gomer he won the money for him. Instead of having a lavish night as Carter hoped, Gomer gives the money to a Red Cross Lady (Ottola Nesmith). Tris Coffin as Manager. Robert Arthur as Guide. Frank J. Scannell as Pit Boss.
5626"Opie Joins the Marines"Coby RuskinAaron RubenMarch 18, 1966 (1966-03-18)

Col. Gray tells the platoon leaders that reporters will be on base and he doesn't want anything out of order. Carter tells Gomer not to mess up. Opie Taylor suddenly arrives. Opie tells Gomer that he ran away from Mayberry to join the Marines. Gomer, Frankie and Duke try to hide Opie from Carter. Carter finally learns about Opie. Carter wants Opie off the base that night. Gomer brings Opie to a hotel. But Gomer decides he can't leave him there alone and brings him back to the base. Carter takes Opie back to the hotel. But he has a change of heart and brings Opie back. Col. Gray and the reporters meet Opie. Opie explains to them how he wanted to be in the best platoon with the best sergeant. One Reporter (Tommy Farrell) wants to write a human interest story about Opie. Andy comes to get Opie and Carter explains what a good boy he is.

Guest Stars: Ron Howard as Opie Taylor and Andy Griffith as Andy Taylor
5727"A Date With Miss Camp Henderson"Coby RuskinCarl Kleinschmitt & Dale McRavenMarch 25, 1966 (1966-03-25)
Sgt. Carter says that anyone could get a date with Miss Camp Henderson, Julie Myers (Susan Oliver). Sgt. Hacker makes a $50 bet with Carter that Gomer couldn't get a date with her. Carter arranges a meeting between Gomer and Julie under the guise that Gomer is a reporter. Gomer tells her something honest and nice that Julie really appreciates. Julie agrees to see Gomer on Saturday night. As part of the bet, Carter talks Gomer into taking Julie to look-out point. Julie thinks that Gomer is there for the same reason most others come there for. But he just enjoys the quiet up there and Julie gives him a kiss on the cheek. Carter and Hacker are not far away with binoculars. Carter wins the bet. Hacker shows up at Julie's apartment thinking she'll be easy to get a date with. Hacker tells her about the bet. Thinking he was in on the bet, an angry and hurt Julie tells off Gomer. A disappointed Gomer tells Carter that "She trusted me, but the worst part is how I trusted you". Carter apologizes to Julie. Eddie Carroll as Sergeant Lubik.
5828"Gomer and the Father Figure"Peter BaldwinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickApril 1, 1966 (1966-04-01)
Gomer is walking across a bridge at night. He sees old man C. B. Sinclair (Douglas Fowley) about to jump off the bridge. Gomer tries to cheer him up by buying him a meal. Sinclair tells Gomer that he was a wealthy man, but fell for a scam and was wiped out. Gomer feels bad for him and gives him some money. Gomer continues to buy Sinclair meals and give him money. Carter thinks Sinclair's conning Gomer and wants to know more about him. Carter talks to Sinclair and falls for his story as well. Carter and Gomer see Sinclair pulling the same jumping off the bridge stunt with a sailor. Figuring he's a crook, they go to see a Police Sergeant (Ken Lynch). They learn Sinclair is a con man with several aliases. Carter and Gomer almost fall for another of Sinclair's scams. But in the end, Sinclair is arrested.
5929"Desk Job for Sergeant Carter"Peter BaldwinHarvey BullockApril 8, 1966 (1966-04-08)
Captain Buttrey (David Frankham) offers Carter a temporary two week desk job writing training manuals. Though he'd like to take it, Carter feels that his men still need him. Carter changes his mind and puts Boyle in charge of the platoon. Gomer visits Carter and tells him Boyle is doing a great job and everything is running smooth. After a week, Captain Buttrey now offers Carter a permanent position. But he turns it down, still thinking the platoon will fall apart without him. Meanwhile, hoping to keep Carter away for another week, Duke gets everyone to make the place spotless. When Carter comes by he is surprised and disappointed at how well things are going without him. Carter decides to take the permanent job. When Gomer finds out what Carter did, he goes back and messes things up to bring Carter back. William Christopher as Corporal Haynes.
6030"Gomer, the Would-Be Hero"Peter BaldwinDale McRaven & Carl KleinschmittApril 15, 1966 (1966-04-15)
Carter is in a restaurant with his ex-girlfriend Barbara (Joy Harmon). Gomer comes in and Carter has to explain to him who Barbara is. He also asks Gomer not to mention her to Bunny. Just then, Carter sees a man trying to rob Sam (Ralph Manza) the owner at the cash register. Carter foils the robbery. Police quickly arrive and Carter gives all the credit to Gomer because he doesn't want Bunny to find out who he was with. Don Mills (Ted Knight), from a local radio station, asks Carter if he could interview Gomer. Carter tries to tell his fellow officers that he was the real hero, but none of them believe him. Gomer feels bad that he's perpetuating the lie. Gomer and Carter go to speak with the Chaplain (Peter Hobbs). Gomer, Carter and Bunny are at the restaurant. After Carter stops a drunk from attacking Sam, the truth comes out. Alan Dexter as Sergeant Schaeffer. Patrick Waltz as Policeman.

Season 3 (1966–67)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
611"Lies, Lies, Lies"Coby RuskinArnie RosenSeptember 14, 1966 (1966-09-14)
Gomer goes on a Hollywood bus tour. Gomer asks the bus driver to stop at movie star Tina Tracy's (Deborah Walley) house, so he can take a picture. Gomer gets off the bus and because he takes too long, the bus leaves without him. He then meets Tina working in her yard and he spends the afternoon with her. Gomer tells Duke that he met Tina and that she has invited him and a couple friends to a barbecue at her mansion. Duke doesn't believe him at first, but Gomer convinces him. The next day, Gomer and several of his friends show up at Tina's house. The butler tells them that Tina isn't home and has been in Europe. Carter and the men are furious with Gomer and leave him there. Tina arrives and apologizes for what the butler said. Gomer comes back to the base and they still don't believe him. Tina comes to the base to pick everyone up. After an embarrassing introduction, the men finally make it to Tina's house. William Christopher as Hummel.
622"Crazy Legs Gomer"Coby RuskinHarvey Bullock & R.S. AllenSeptember 21, 1966 (1966-09-21)
Sgt. Hacker's platoon keeps winning competitions against Carter's men. Which means Carter keeps losing bets to Hacker. Duke tells Carter that new transfer Pfc. Larsen (Rod Lauren) is really good at archery. Carter hopes to finally win a bet. Gomer, not thinking, tells Hacker all about Pfc. Larsen. Hacker gets new transfer Charlie Yellow Bear (Larry Duran), who is also an archery expert. Hacker wins another bet. Carter learns that Gomer can run really fast. Carter and Hacker make a foot race bet. Hacker finds out Gomer is really fast and comes up with a plan to get Gomer to lose on purpose. Carter finds out Hacker's scheme and then plans to win big by betting against Gomer. However, things don't go as Carter planned. Victor Brandt as Corporal Jensen.
633"Gomer, the Carrier"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanSeptember 28, 1966 (1966-09-28)
Carter isn't feeling well. After going to sick bay, it's learned that Carter has the German measles and is quarantined. Carter tells Boyle he doesn't mind as it's a vacation away from Gomer. After a while Carter is better and released. Then the whole platoon comes down with the disease except Gomer. Instead of a vacation from Gomer, Carter is stuck with just him and it's driving him crazy. Carter sends Gomer to the sick bay hoping he gets exposed to the measles. The whole platoon is released and then Carter has a relapse. He figures at least he's free of Gomer. That is, until Gomer comes down with the measles and it's just the two of them in sick bay.
644"Caution: Low Overhead"Coby RuskinRay Brenner & Barry E. BlitzerOctober 5, 1966 (1966-10-05)

It's pay day at the base. Gomer runs into Friendly Freddy, who smooth talks him into buying an expensive looking gold watch for $12.95. Gomer shows the watch to Carter who says the watch is either phony or stolen. Carter confronts Freddy and falls for his explanation as to how he could sell the watch so cheap. Carter winds up buying a fur piece from Freddy. Bunny, Carter and Gomer are at a club. Bunny is thrilled when Carter gives her the fur. But while she's dancing with it, the fur starts to fall apart. When Hummel also buys a watch, Gomer tracks down Freddy. Freddy makes up another story, but gives Gomer the money back for the fur. To make it up to Bunny, Carter takes her to a fancy restaurant. When Carter goes to pay the bill, he learns that the money Freddy gave him was counterfeit. Roger Til as Maitre d'.

Note: This is the first of four episodes to feature Sid Melton as Friendly Freddy.
655"Show Me the Way to Go Home"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickOctober 12, 1966 (1966-10-12)
While coming back from a movie, Gomer and Duke come across Harry Purcell (Keenan Wynn), who is quite drunk. Using Harry's car, Gomer drives him home. Harry insists that Gomer meet his wife, Iona (Pert Kelton). She accuses Gomer of getting Harry drunk. The next day, a sober Harry comes by the base. He thanks Gomer for bringing him home and wants to buy him dinner. That night at dinner, Harry gets drunk again. Gomer brings him home and gets yelled at again by Iona. The next day, Iona speaks with Carter. She says her husband doesn't drink and Gomer is making him an alcoholic. Carter orders Gomer to stay away from Harry. Gomer goes to a diner in town and Harry stumbles in drunk. Carter comes in, says he'll take care of Harry and sends Gomer away. Iona shows up and starts yelling at Carter.
666"How to Succeed in Farming Without Really Trying"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanOctober 19, 1966 (1966-10-19)
Gomer has taken up gardening, much to Carter's displeasure. During an inspection of the barracks, Carter find plants and shovels by Gomers bunk. He tells Gomer to get rid of the stuff. Col. Gray actually likes that Gomer has a garden and wants to do a human interest story about it. Carter wants to prank Gomer. He gets a watermelon and spikes it with vodka. Carter hopes that Gomer will eat it and get sick. Gomer tells Carter that he gave the watermelon to Col. Gray. A panicked Carter now needs to get the watermelon back. Gomer and Carter go to the mess hall and find a whole bunch of watermelons. Carter cuts them all open, not finding Gomer's. An attempt to retrieve the watermelon at Col. Gray's house fails. Col. Gray tells Gomer and Carter that his wife served it at a luncheon and everyone loved it.
677"Gomer and the Little Men from Outer Space"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickOctober 26, 1966 (1966-10-26)
A movie film crew is rehearsing a scene with a flying saucer and little men from outer space. On his way to pick up something for the motor pool, Gomer drives by and thinks he's seen real aliens. Gomer tells Carter what he saw and Carter thinks he's making it up. Gomer drives by again. This time the actors decide to have some fun with Gomer. Gomer tells Carter that the aliens tried to communicate with him. Carter now thinks Gomer is hallucinating. Carter consults with the base Psychiatrist (Richard Bull). He says that Gomer may just be seeking Carter's attention. Gomer leaves his jeep near the movie set. The Director (Stuart Nisbet) has one of the actors move it. Gomer tells Carter he saw the alien take the jeep. Gomer and Carter drive out and find the jeep. Gomer is disappointed that Carter doesn't believe him. Carter finds out about the movie and tells Gomer. Johnny Silver as 2nd Martian.
688"The Borrowed Car"Coby RuskinR.S. Allen & Harvey BullockNovember 2, 1966 (1966-11-02)
Carter is going fishing for the weekend. He tells Boyle to keep an eye on his car. Gomer speaks to Bunny, who didn't know Carter was going away. She tells Gomer that Carter was supposed to deliver charity items that he had in the trunk of his car to a rummage sale. Duke tries to talk Gomer out of taking Carter's car. Gomer gets into an accident with the car. Duke tells Gomer to get the car fixed before Carter comes back. Carter returns when he remembers that he was to drop off Bunny's items. He sees the car is missing and believing it was stolen, calls the police. While speaking to the Mechanic (Herbie Faye), Gomer gets arrested for stealing the car. Gomer tries to explain things to Sgt. Welbeck (Emile Meyer), but he thinks all the stuff in the car trunk was stolen. The police bring Bunny in as well. Carter shows up and charges are dropped. Bunny stands up for Gomer when Carter finds out the car was in an accident.
699"Gomer Pyle, Super Chef"Coby RuskinBarry E. Blitzer & Ray BrennerNovember 9, 1966 (1966-11-09)
While playing cards, Hacker tells Carter that he just doesn't know how to handle Gomer. Carter and Hacker then make a bet that Hacker can get Gomer to prepare a meal within one week. It's Gomer's first day in the mess hall and he already makes a mess of things. And things don't get any better. Col. Gray informs Hacker that Col. Driscoll (G. D. Spradlin) will be visiting the base. Driscoll will be eating at the mess hall and have what the other men will have. Hacker tells Carter that if the food is no good, they will both be in trouble. They get to the mess hall, but it's too late. Gomer is already serving Driscoll his meal. Driscoll tells Carter and Hacker that he just had the best Southern meal he's had in a long time. Turns out Gomer couldn't make what was planned, so he just prepared what he remembered from childhood. Hacker's new found confidence in Gomer may backfire at a later time, though.
7010"Marry Me, Marry Me"Coby RuskinCarl Kleinschmitt & Dale McRavenNovember 16, 1966 (1966-11-16)

After leaving a movie theatre, Gomer meets Alice Borden (Francine York). They share a common interest in horror films. Gomer and Alice go on a date and she introduces him to her brother Lloyd (Anthony Eisley). Gomer agrees that it would be nice to spend more time together and Alice takes it as a marriage proposal. What Gomer doesn't know is that Alice and Lloyd are actually married. Carter thinks she tricked Gomer into marriage for his paychecks. Carter says he'll prove it by getting Alice to go after him because he earns more money than Gomer. Carter and Alice get engaged and she writes a goodbye letter to Gomer. When Carter gets home, he calls Alice and breaks the engagement. Carter tells Gomer they are both off the hook. Alice and Lloyd tell Col. Gray they are suing Carter for breach of promise. Later they tell Carter they'll take an out of court settlement. To make things right, Gomer agrees to marry Alice. Things go back and forth until Carter says that Gomer will sue for breach of promise. Alice and Lloyd sneak out and drive off.

Note: this episode uses the same basic plot as The Andy Griffith Show episode Barney on the Rebound.
7111"Cold Nose, Warm Heart"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanNovember 23, 1966 (1966-11-23)
Carter gives Bunny a puppy as a birthday present. She absolutely loves the dog, names him Tipper and spends all of her time with it. Carter can't get Bunny to go out on a date with him. Boyle suggests getting a dog sitter. Gomer agrees to sit with the dog and Bunny thinks it's a good idea. While on the date at the restaurant, Gomer keeps calling Bunny with questions about the dog. Bunny and Carter come back home. Tipper whines when Gomer starts to leave. Bunny asks Gomer to stay a while longer, which doesn't sit well with Carter. Carter now regrets giving Tipper to Bunny. Carter makes up a story that Tipper's Mother misses him and they have to return the puppy. Gomer ruins Carter's plan when he brings Tipper's Mother to visit. Carter then takes the dog to a pet shop and claims Tipper ran away. Gomer ruins that plan when he sees Tipper at the pet shop and brings him back.
7212"Follow That Car"Coby RuskinBarry E. Blitzer & Ray BrennerNovember 30, 1966 (1966-11-30)
The state police have asked the Marines help in setting up roadblocks to find smugglers. Gomer and Duke are at one roadblock. Because Gomer talked to a woman driver (Lillian Bronson) too long, they miss their ride back to the base. Gomer and Duke then hitch a ride with a Mr. Burton (Alan Hewitt). After being dropped off at the base, Gomer and Duke realize they left their radio in Burton's trunk. Remembering that Burton was staying in town, Gomer takes Carter to look for him. They find two cars that look like Burton's car. Gomer and Carter break into both trunks, finding nothing. When they spot the police, they hide in the one trunk. The car drives off with them inside. Winds up that Burton is the smuggler and he kidnaps Carter and Gomer. Burton and his partner Nick take the Marine uniforms and the radio. They leave Gomer and Carter tied up in a hotel. Gomer and Carter free themselves and find some police. In the end, the smugglers are caught, but Gomer and Carter leave the radio in the police car trunk. Harry Lauter as Cop #1. William Bramley as Cop #2.
7313"It Takes Two to Tangle"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanDecember 14, 1966 (1966-12-14)
Gomer and Duke are in a new restaurant. They see Bunny with another man. Gomer finally tells Carter what he saw and that Bunny was going to meet the man again that night. Carter and Boyle go to the restaurant and see the man give Bunny a gift. Carter tells Boyle that two can play that game. The next day Bunny calls Carter and says that she had to work last night. Carter makes a date with Shirley Sokolik. Carter asks Gomer to go out with Bunny. Carter makes sure Bunny sees him with Shirley. Gomer sees Bunny with the man again and she is giving the gift back. Gomer finds out from Bunny that the man was Herman Hadler (Grant Sullivan), a jeweler. She was going to buy a ring for Carter's birthday, but now she's mad at Carter. Gomer gets Carter and Bunny back together. Murray Alper as Bartender.
7414"Whither the Weather"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanDecember 21, 1966 (1966-12-21)
Col. Gray informs the platoon leaders that a special guest will be visiting and he wants everything to look good. Col. Gray wants all the barracks repainted. Gomer tells Carter they better not paint today because it's going to rain. Gomer's prediction comes true. The next day Carter says they'll paint indoors as the National Weather Service says it will rain. Gomer says they're wrong. Gomer's predictions keep coming true. Col. Gray was going to have the reception for Clint Nuxley (Ray Montgomery) outside, but the weather calls for rain. After consulting Gomer, Carter tells Col. Gray that the weather will be fair and they can still do it outdoors. Just as Clint arrives, it starts to rain. But Gomer has an explanation for it.
7515"Love's Old Sweet Song"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickDecember 28, 1966 (1966-12-28)
Gomer and Duke are at a club listening to singer Lou-Ann Poovie (Elizabeth MacRae). Duke thinks she's good looking and Gomer thinks she could use some singing lessons. Carter is there as well and is smitten with Lou-Ann. After her song, she sits with Gomer and Duke. Turns out she's from a town not far from Gomer's home town of Mayberry. Both Carter and Duke try to make time with Lou-Ann, but it's Gomer who inadvertently takes her home. The next night, Lou-Ann tells Carter and Duke she thinks she's in love with Gomer. Lou-Ann and Gomer spend a night together and she mentions an old boyfriend. They broke up because he didn't want her to pursue a singing career. Gomer sings "500 Miles Away From Home" to her and she kisses him. Gomer tells Carter what happened. Carter works it so he takes Lou-Ann home the next night and he starts to sing to her. She gets him to leave, but Carter thinks he made a good impression. Carter hears that Lou-Ann is getting married and he thinks it's to Gomer. But she's giving up singing and going to marry her old boyfriend. Herb Vigran as Waiter.
7616"Gomer, the Recruiter"Coby RuskinBarry E. Blitzer & Ray BrennerJanuary 4, 1967 (1967-01-04)
Col. Gray is sending Carter to Hollywood to do run a recruiting booth for the Marines. Carter is at his booth when suddenly Gomer shows up. He decided to visit his sergeant, so he hopped a bus to Hollywood. When Carter has to close the booth for a while, Gomer volunteers to run it. Carter reluctantly agrees as long as Gomer doesn't actually sign anyone up. Not far away, a bank is robbed. The Fugitive (Arthur Batanides) tries to hide by the booth. When he learns he'll be sent away quickly, the Fugitive pressures Gomer into signing him up. After reading the newspaper, Gomer thinks it was the crook he signed up. Gomer and Carter go to the induction center to try and find the crook. Gomer points out the wrong man. He then tackles another man who turns out not to be the crook. Carter and Gomer stop a truck carrying Marines, but they turn out to be women. They go to a swearing in center and Gomer sees the man. He almost gets away, but he is caught. Col. Gray is so happy the way things worked out that he is sending Carter and Gomer to man the booth for another week. George N. Neise as Marine Officer. Walter Mathews as Truck Driver. Phil Arnold as Newsboy. Wayne Heffley as Marine Sergeant. Rob Reiner as 3rd Recruit.
7717"The Secret Life of Gomer Pyle"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickJanuary 11, 1967 (1967-01-11)
Clarice (Hope Summers) holds a rug hooking class with some older women and Gomer on Sundays. Afterwards, Gomer is walking by the beach. He is stopped by Mike (Dave Willock) and Wendell (George Tyne). They get Gomer to pose for several pictures. Mike tells him that with trick photography, they will make Gomer look like he's having fun on the beach. The men are actually from Fun Girl magazine and they alter the pictures to show Gomer having fun with a lot of women. Carter sees the pictures in the magazine and wishes it was him. Then he realizes it was Gomer. Gomer sees the magazine, is angry and goes to find Mike and Wendell at the beach. Carter and Boyle follow him. George (Tim Herbert), from the magazine, is with Wendell and a bunch of girls. George has the girls surround Gomer and Carter sees this. Gomer tells George off and leaves. Carter gets Gomer to agree to take him with to what he does on Sundays. The next Sunday, Gomer takes Carter to the rug hooking class. Carter thinks Gomer was just getting back at him. Gomer gives Carter a rug he made with a Marine slogan and Carter's name on it. Carter fells bad for what he thought of Gomer.
7818"Go Blow Your Horn"Coby RuskinRay Brenner & Barry E. BlitzerJanuary 18, 1967 (1967-01-18)
Gomer tells Carter how much he likes marching band music. Carter is trying to get work done and he is bothered by Gomer playing the ukulele. He gets Boyle to stop Gomer. Then Gomer plays an Ocarina. Carter now goes to stop Gomer and confiscates the instruments. Boyle tells Carter that he won't be satisfied until he gets rid of Gomer. Carter speaks to Sgt. Gilroy (Richard Erdman) of the Marine Band. When Carter learns that the band will go on tour for a year, he talks Gomer up even more to Gilroy. Gomer is actually excited about joining the band. Gomer has a chance to be the band tuba player. Gomer's practicing is starting to annoy the base. Carter gets Gomer's transfer ready. Gilroy tells Carter that Gomer was excepted but he turned it down. Turns out Gomer declined the offer when he learned that he'd be separated from Carter for a year. Robert Patten as Officer.
7919"You Bet Your Won Ton"Coby RuskinBarry E. Blitzer & Ray BrennerJanuary 25, 1967 (1967-01-25)
Marine Joseph Debus (Eldon Quick) gets promoted. Gomer suggests that they throw him a farewell party. Gomer finds a Chinese restaurant and wants to try one of their meals. What he doesn't know is that the restaurant is a front for a gambling operation. Mr. Wong (James Hong) and Mrs. Wong (Frances Fong) try to get rid of Gomer. But he insists on eating there. When Gomer leaves, two Detectives ask him about the place. But, he doesn't give them the information they were hoping for. Gomer calls Mr. Wong and tells him he'll be holding the party there. The Wong's are now panicking but agree to host the party. Gomer asks Carter to make a speech at the party. The Marines arrive at the restaurant and the Detectives are watching from outside. Just as Carter is about to speak, the Detectives and police raid the place. The police find no evidence gambling and leave. The Wong's decide to give up the gambling business. Harry Hickox as 1st Detective. Larry J. Blake as 2nd Detective. Victor Sen Yung as Businessman. William Benedict as 1st Player. Spencer Chan as Man.
8020"Sue the Pants Off 'Em"Coby RuskinRay Brenner & Barry E. BlitzerFebruary 1, 1967 (1967-02-01)
While in town, a distracted Gomer almost walks in front of a car and falls backwards. Wayne Henshaw (Bernie West), an ambulance chasing attorney, wants Gomer to sue the driver. Gomer declines his offer. Wayne talks to Carter and wants him to convince Gomer to sue. Gomer hurt his back while digging ditches and Carter thinks it has to do with the accident. Henshaw wants Gomer to see Dr. Purdy (Jay Novello), who is an ambulance chasing doctor. Dr. Purdy intentionally hurts Gomer's back some more. When Carter sees Gomer with a cane, he tells Gomer to sue. Later, Henshaw tells Carter he found the driver, a Mr. Clark (John Stephenson). Henshaw, Purdy, Carter and Gomer confront Clark at his hotel room. They discover he's a Marine Major who's just been transferred to the camp. Gomer says there was never anything wrong with him and he doesn't want to sue. Clark tells Henshaw he wants him out of town in 24 hours. Henshaw still gives Carter and Gomer a bill. Carter figures a way out of the bill. Danny Dayton as Clarence Quimby.
8121"Gomer and the Card Shark"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickFebruary 8, 1967 (1967-02-08)
Duke tells Gomer how much money he lost to Navy man Pete Evans (Buddy Lester) playing cards. Carter hears about Duke's bad luck and decides to win money back from Pete. But Carter also gets cleaned out. Carter believes that Pete is a card shark, but he can't prove it. Carter will however tell everyone else not to play cards with Pete. Gomer sees Pete and tells him Carter is going to give him a bad reputation. Up in his hotel room, Pete tries to prove to Gomer that he's not crooked. He gets Gomer to play cards and Gomer wins a lot of money. Pete's wife Sheila is worried that people will find out he got chased out of New Jersey for being a card shark. And he's wearing a phony Navy uniform to make the "suckers" think that he's a military man. Carter is still suspicious and wants Gomer to go back and play Pete again. Gomer does and wins big again. Pete says he won't play Gomer again. Carter forces Gomer to go back and Carter and Duke go with him. During the last hand of the night, Pete slips up and gets caught cheating. Richard Crane as Police Lieutenant. Darwin Joston as 1st Man.
8222"To Re-Enlist or Not to Re-Enlist"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanFebruary 15, 1967 (1967-02-15)
Carter learns that Gomer's 3 year hitch in the Marines is up soon. Boyle tells Carter that he better expect Gomer to re-enlist. To make sure he doesn't, Carter wants to get Gomer used to civilian life. He buys Gomer a new suit. Carter then gets Gomer a job at Gus's (Owen Bush) gas station. He also gets Gomer an apartment to live in. Carter asks Bunny if any of her girlfriends would be interested in Gomer. Bunny has Gomer meet Betty Lou Hanson and Carter really talks her up to Gomer. Carter is told to speak to every man and encourage them to re-enlist. Boyle wants to know if Carter is going to talk to Gomer. Later, Gomer tells Carter that he was all set to go back home. But because of all the nice things he did, Gomer decided he couldn't leave Carter. Jesslyn Fax as Mrs. Nelson. Phil Arnold as Al.
8323"Lou-Ann Poovie Sings Again"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickFebruary 22, 1967 (1967-02-22)
Lou-Ann Poovie visits Gomer and tells him that she didn't marry her old boyfriend, Monroe. She says that she got her old singing job back at the Congo Club. Duke and Carter say hello and find out she's still single. The men come to see her at the club that night. Carter sends Gomer, Duke and Boyle away as he wants to be alone with Lou-Ann. But Carter falls asleep at the club and misses Lou-Ann. The next day, Carter asks Lou-Ann out to dinner as a celebration of her being back. She suggests having the dinner at her place. When Carter shows up, he is surprised to see Gomer and Duke there. Carter decides that it doesn't matter if the other men will continue to be around, as Lou-Ann will eventually see he's the better of the three. Carter asks her if she had to pick one, who would it be? Lou-Ann picks Gomer.
8424"Gomer, the Welsh Rarebit Fiend"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanMarch 1, 1967 (1967-03-01)
A new restaurant opens near the base and Gomer goes there and has their Welsh Rarebit. After Gomer has several orders of the dish, the waitress mentions that Welsh Rarebit is believed to cause nightmares. That night Gomer walks in his sleep and tells off Carter. Carter is furious, but Boyle convinces him that Gomer was asleep. The next day Gomer has more Welsh Rarebit. That night he tells Carter off again. Carter talks to Dr. Franklin (Richard Bull), camp psychiatrist. Franklin says that it is usually caused by an external stimulus, like something he may have eaten. If it doesn't clear up, Gomer will have to be discharged. Carter initially isn't going to try and find out what's causing Gomer's problem, because he wants to get rid of him. But Boyle makes him change his mind and the two follow Gomer to the restaurant. When they discover that Gomer's been eating Welsh Rarebit, Boyle tells Carter he's heard it can cause bad dreams. Carter doesn't believe it and eats the meal. Both Carter and Gomer walk in their sleep that night and have to be awakened by Boyle.
8525"Sing a Song of Papa"Coby RuskinAaron RubenMarch 8, 1967 (1967-03-08)
Gomer and Duke go to the Jade Club and it turns out to be amateur night. Gomer tries to talk Duke into performing, but Duke gets a reluctant Gomer to go up. Gomer wins the contest singing "Oh My Papa". Joe (Sammy Shore), an employee of the club, tells Gomer the boss wants to see him. Nino (Anthony Caruso), the owner, tells Gomer how much he enjoyed his singing. He would like Gomer to come back the next night and sing the song again. The next day, Carter puts Gomer on guard duty for the night. Duke tells Nino what Carter did. Nino comes by the base and has Gomer sing the song for him. When Carter stops Gomer's singing, Nino tries during the next few days to intimidate Carter into letting Gomer sing. Joe brings Carter to the club. There Carter finds Gomer, Nino and Nino's Papa (Frank Puglia), who was flown in from Italy. That night Gomer sings the song again, this time in Italian for Papa. Milton Frome as M.C. Bob Winters as Juggler.
8626"Where There's a Will"Coby RuskinLarry MarkesMarch 15, 1967 (1967-03-15)
Gomer once again manages to anger Carter when he falls off a roof while painting and lands on Carter. Carter sends Gomer on a one-week special paratrooper training mission, as a way to get rid of him for awhile. As Gomer is leaving he hands Carter an envelope. Inside the envelope is a $10,000 life insurance policy Gomer has taken out and it names Carter as the beneficiary. Despite telling Boyle that Gomer did it just to needle him, Carter starts to feel guilty. That night, Carter has bad dreams about the policy. Carter tells Boyle he will get Gomer out of the paratrooper mission, but Carter isn't able to. Carter tries another plan, but that backfires and Gomer still intends to jump out of a plane. Carter and Boyle watch the flight mission and one of the paratrooper's parachutes didn't open. Carter feels bad thinking that it was Gomer. They go searching for Gomer and find him hanging in a tree. When Gomer loosens his harness, he falls on Carter.
8727"Lost, the Colonel's Daughter"Coby RuskinRay Brenner & Barry E. BlitzerMarch 22, 1967 (1967-03-22)
Col. Gray's daughter, Janice, is coming for a visit. She's been working hard at college and he would like her to have a good time. Gray suggests to Carter that Gomer take her out because the colonel feels that Gomer is very safe. Gomer intends to take Janice to the movies and then for a hot fudge sundae. Janice has some very different ideas. She takes Gomer to a crowded go-go club, where Gomer loses her. Gomer goes back to the base to tell Carter what happened. They go to the club to look for Janice. Gomer finds her leaving in a car with a bunch of people. Janice says they've been invited to a party and Gomer should follow them. Carter and Gomer get to the party and find Janice. While trying to get Janice to leave, her outfit gets torn. The old lady who owns the building has called the police. Janice, Gomer and Carter are brought to the police station. An angry Col. Gray shows up with his wife. Carter, Gomer and Janice each says it's their fault. Col. Gray says it's his fault for being over protective. James Seay as Police Lieutenant. William Boyett as Policeman. Joseph V. Perry as Waiter. Rob Reiner as Beatnik.
8828"The Crow Ganef"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanMarch 29, 1967 (1967-03-29)
Gomer frees a crow that has its foot caught in some twigs. He names it Maxine. Gomer realizes that Carter's birthday is coming up and he has no money for a present. Maxine comes to the barracks and brings Gomer a worm. Gomer wants to get Carter some cigars, so he looks around Carter's office to try and find out what brand he likes. Carter and Boyle catch him. Later, Carter takes off his watch and puts it on his desk. Maxine comes by, takes the watch and puts it by Gomer's locker. Maxine then takes several other of Carter's possessions. Carter starts to suspect Gomer. Gomer goes to Harry's (Herbie Faye) Pawn Shop to get some money for Carter's gift. Carter finds a card to the pawn shop in the barracks. Carter learns from Harry that Gomer was in the shop. Gomer gives Carter the cigars and tells him that he pawned his own watch to get them. Carter is relieved until he finds his stolen items on top of Gomer's locker. Maxine shows up with another one of Carter's things and the men figure out the bird was the thief.
8929"One of Our Shells Is Missing"Coby RuskinBarry E. Blitzer & Ray BrennerApril 5, 1967 (1967-04-05)
The men are going to have mortar practice at the usual place for the last time. A highway is to be built near by and construction is to start the next day. Gomer is missing a live mortar shell. The men search for it, but don't find it. Boyle thinks some kids that they saw hanging around may have taken it. They might try to sell it to a war surplus store. Carter and Gomer check with the Owner (Jesse White) of a local surplus store, but find nothing. They then check with Harry at his Pawn Shop. They think they have found the shell, but it turns out to be part of a lamp. That night, Carter and Gomer go back to the firing range with a metal detector, but find nothing. Even later, an explosion goes off. Carter and Boyle find that a jeep and Gomer are gone. Carter fears the worse. Gomer comes back and explains that he found the shell in the mortar and it had misfired. The next day, Carter embarrasses himself when he thinks a jeep was stolen.
9030"Lou-Ann Poovie Sings No More"Coby RuskinJack Elinson & Iz ElinsonApril 12, 1967 (1967-04-12)

Gomer tells Carter that he's going to see Lou-Ann sing and then take her out for pizza. Something Gomer says makes Carter think she is interested in him. Carter and Duke go to see Lou-Ann as well. Business is bad at the club and Lou-Ann is afraid she will lose her job. Lou-Ann is thrilled when Duke gets her onto a radio show. Carter claims he can get her a record deal. Gomer shows up and tells her that he got her a job in a local record store. Lou-Ann is hurt that Gomer doesn't think she could get another singing job. Gomer comes by to speak to Lou-Ann. He says that he cares about her and doesn't want her to get hurt. Gomer says that her voice could use some improving. Lou-Ann asks Gomer to leave. At the recording studio, Lou-Ann sings for record producer Richard O. Linke (Aaron Ruben). She hears her own voice played back. Lou-Ann makes up with Gomer and takes the job at the record store. Eddie Quillan as Man.

Note: The real Richard O. Linke is series co-owner, associate producer and Jim Nabors' manager.

Season 4 (1967–68)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
911"A Visit from Aunt Bee"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Sam BobrickSeptember 8, 1967 (1967-09-08)

Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier) makes a surprise visit to Gomer. She's unhappy with the barracks that Gomer has to live in. Aunt Bee helps Gomer with his barracks duty and mops the floor. Carter comes by and finds out that Aunt Bee is a friend of Gomer's. Carter tells her that civilians are not allowed in the barracks. After she leaves the barracks, she hears Carter yelling at Gomer. While leaving the base, Aunt Bee runs into reporter Johnny Clark (Tommy Noonan), who's doing a live radio show. He's interviewing friends and relatives of the men inside the camp. Aunt Bee tells Johnny about how badly Carter treated her and Gomer. Johnny invites her to talk more about it on his TV show the next night. Carter's superior hears what Aunt Bee said and is not happy about it. Carter has to pretend to be "Mr. Nice Guy" in case Aunt Bee returns. But when she shows up, Carter slips up and yells at Gomer. Gomer tries to explain to Aunt Bee how things are in the Marines. On the TV show, Aunt Bee actually stands up for Carter.

Note: This was Noonan's final acting credit, as he would pass away just 7 months later.
922"The Recruiting Poster"Coby RuskinJack Elinson & Iz ElinsonSeptember 15, 1967 (1967-09-15)
An artist is coming to camp to choose a marine to paint for a recruitment poster. Everyone assumes the artist will be a man. Carter thinks they should use a Sergeant like him. The artist arrives. Hacker believes he should be on the poster. Col. Gray introduces Leslie Forbes (Marian McCargo), the artist. Gray wants everyone to go about their business and Leslie will pick someone. Hacker and Carter vie for Leslie's attention. Leslie tells Gray that she has picked Gomer. She likes Gomer because everything Carter and Hacker did to him, he stood there and took it. Leslie says she will follow Gomer and make some sketches instead of having him pose for her. Carter thinks he's been picked and sends Gomer to see how the painting is going. Gomer sees the painting of himself. While honored, he tells Leslie it should have been Carter because Carter made him the Marine that he is. Leslie unveils the painting of Gomer. But the painting now also has the watchful "eye" of Carter behind Gomer. Pat Morita as Chris Yamato.
933"Corporal Carol"Coby RuskinR.S. Allen & Harvey BullockSeptember 22, 1967 (1967-09-22)

Corporal Carol Barnes (Carol Burnett) arrives with several other female Marines. Meanwhile, Gomer calls Lou-Ann, who has been out of town for 3 weeks. Gomer meets Carol and he talks about how nice it was to talk to Lou-Ann. But, Carol misunderstands and thinks he likes her. That evening, Gomer is to meet Lou-Ann at the cafe, but Carol gets there first. Carol drags Gomer out of the cafe and takes him to a drive-in movie. Gomer manages to call Lou-Ann and makes his apologies, setting up a date for the next evening. Carol tries to get romantic with Gomer, but it doesn't work. The next night, Gomer gets trapped by Carol again. Lou-Ann tells Gomer she will give him one more chance. Gomer tries to tell Carol about Lou-Ann, but Carol misunderstands again. Carol goes with Gomer to see Lou-Ann and tells her Gomer prefers her. After Lou-Ann leaves, Gomer tells Carol it's Lou-Ann he prefers. Using some Marine tactics, Carol straightens things out between Gomer and Lou-Ann. Melinda Casey as Girl Marine.

Note: Frank Sutton doesn't appear in this episode.
944"Leader of Men"Coby RuskinNorman PaulSeptember 29, 1967 (1967-09-29)
Gomer is assigned to help Hacker in the kitchen. Captain Courtney (Donald Buka) wants to make sure everything will run smooth for the breakfast for visiting Congressman Judson Travers (Parley Baer). After meeting Gomer, Judson realizes that they're both from the same district around Mayberry. Judson invites Gomer to sit at breakfast with him. Judson suggests to Col. Gray and Brigadier General Dawson (Jeff Morrow) that Gomer be promoted. Carter is ordered to train Gomer to become a Corporal. A Corporal needs to be able to take command. As hard as he tries, Gomer is just not comfortable giving orders. Carter finally gives up. Gomer learns that it was Judson that insisted on the promotion. Carter is called into Col. Gray's office. Carter thinks that he'll be in trouble. But thanks to Gomer, he is actually commended by Gray and Judson.
955"Gomer, the Beautiful Dreamer"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanOctober 6, 1967 (1967-10-06)
Gomer sees Carter and Bunny in the Blue Bird Cafe. Gomer tells them that when he has the same dream three times in a row, it comes true. He says that Carter's uniform is going to get messed up. Carter gets chili spilled on him. Gomer tells Bunny he's had a dream about her twice. The next day in a grocery store, Gomer tells Bunny he had the dream a third time. Bunny wins a prize in the grocery store and part of it is a fancy dinner. The dinner is what Gomer dreamed. Later, Gomer tells Bunny that he dreamed twice that Carter proposes to her. Carter tells Boyle he has to stop Gomer from having that dream a third time. Carter then dreams that he marrys Bunny. Feeling the inevitable, Carter goes to reluctantly propose to Bunny. She turns him down because he's clearly not ready. Gomer comes by to say he had the dream a third time. Jack Riley as Larry.
966"The Great Talent Hunt"Coby RuskinRay Brenner & Barry E. BlitzerOctober 13, 1967 (1967-10-13)

Boyle tells Carter about an upcoming talent contest. The winner will represent the Marines in D.C. Everyone is supposed to pick one man from their platoon. Carter is not interested until Hacker tells him he's entering a man named Brian Jones, who can sing. After a few bad auditions from Carter's men, Gomer sings. Carter gives him an application. Gomer meets Brian and learns he taught singing before the Marines. Brian gives Gomer a few singing tips. Hacker is concerned that Brian is teaching Gomer too much and tells him to stop. Hacker and Carter try to sabotage each others entries voices. At the audition, both Brian and Gomer sing so well, the winner was chosen with a coin toss. Gomer wins the toss. Brian is happy to learn he will be made the vocal coach for the Marine Glee Club. Carter is thrilled because Gomer will be out of his hair for 3 weeks. Gomer tells Carter that he talked Col. Gray into letting Carter go with Gomer on the trip.

Note: During the audition, Jones sings "Santa Lucia" which is the song that Gomer started singing along with the choir in The Andy Griffith Show - Season 4, Episode 20: The Song Festers.
977"Gomer Says "Hey" to the President"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanOctober 20, 1967 (1967-10-20)
Gomer and Carter get ready to leave for Washington D.C. Gomer hopes to do some sightseeing. Carter hopes to ditch Gomer and hook up with old acquaintance Rose Pilchek (Allison Hayes). At the hotel, Carter is disappointed when he has to share a room with Gomer. Carter tells Gomer he can't go sightseeing with him as he has to visit an old friend of the family. Carter visits Rose, who is a waitress now. While Carter tries to make time with Rose, Gomer constantly calls him with tour updates. Gomer also annoys the tour guides. Gomer is in The White House and gets separated from the tour group. He winds up in the Oval Office. Gomer calls Carter to tell him where he is. Two Secret Service agents detain Gomer. Carter is also brought in, but after being checked out, both are released. Just by chance, Gomer meets the President. Herb Vigran as First Tour Guide. James O'Hara as Hotel Clerk. Gregg Palmer as Second Agent.
988"And A Child Shall Lead Them"Coby RuskinBarry E. Blitzer & Ray BrennerOctober 27, 1967 (1967-10-27)
Gomer wants to go sightseeing with Carter. Carter, however, wants to go see Rose Pilchek. Carter and Gomer find a young Japanese boy named Toki outside of the hotel. Because he can speak Japanese, Carter finds out Toki's address and wants to put him in a cab. Toki doesn't want to go alone, so Carter is forced to go with to translate. Carter calls Rose and she thinks it's very nice that he will help the boy. When Gomer, Carter and Toki get to the address given, it turns out to be an amusement park. Toki wants to go on some rides before giving Carter the right address. The next address Toki gives Carter is to a boat ride place. Carter calls Rose and she is getting angry. After a boat ride, Toki gives another address. This time they arrive at a baseball stadium. Carter is going to leave to two at the stadium, but when Toki calls him "daddy", he changes his mind. While watching the game, Toki slips up and speaks English. Toki admits that he lives at the Japanese embassy. He apologizes and says that he just wanted to see things and makes friends.
999"The Show Must Go On"Coby RuskinNorman PaulNovember 3, 1967 (1967-11-03)

In the hotel restaurant, Carter manages to irritate one of the patrons. The Navy Relief Show is that evening. Carter tells Gomer not to be nervous but Broadway Producer Dan Merrill (Roland Winters) will be producing the show. Carter tries to show Gomer how to act while performing. Carter and Gomer head off to the rehearsal. They go to introduce themselves to Mr. Merrill and he turns out to be the man that Carter irritated that morning. While running through his song, Gomer does all the corny moves that Carter showed him. Mr. Merrill tells him to stop the moves and pick another song. Carter tells Mr. Merrill off. Colonel Richardson (James Sikking) tells Carter that Merrill almost walked off the production because of him. Because important people will be there, Carter has to do whatever Merrill says. When Carter tells Gomer the President might even be there, Gomer gets stage fright and loses his voice. Because of something the Guard at the Lincoln Memorial says, Gomer gets his voice and courage back. Gomer goes to the show and performs beautifully. Marcia Mae Jones as Waitress. Hal K. Dawson as Stage Doorman.

Note: This episode is known for Nabors' performance of "The Impossible Dream".[3] The United States Marine Corps Band guest stars as themselves.
10010"The Better Man"Coby RuskinStory by : John Barbour & Whitey Mitchell
Teleplay by : John Barbour, Whitey Mitchell & Jack Elinson
November 10, 1967 (1967-11-10)

Lou-Ann receives a telegram stating that her father is coming to visit the next day. She tells Gomer to come to dinner and meet him. J. Randolph Poovie (Tol Avery) arrives and immediately talks about her old boyfriend, Monroe Efford (Med Flory). J. Randolph wonders why Lou-Ann left the former big college football star at the altar. She tells her father she didn't love Monroe. When Gomer shows up, he mentions how he makes paper flowers and hooks rugs. J. Randolph is not impressed as he was hoping for a real "man's man". After Gomer says he'll probably go back to working at the gas station, J. Randolph believes Gomer has no ambition. J. Randolph calls Monroe and tells him to come to town. Lou-Ann is less than thrilled when Monroe comes by. Things become awkward when Gomer meets Monroe. J. Randolph keeps talking up Monroe up, upsetting Lou-Ann. Lou-Ann is disappointed when Gomer doesn't assert himself after Monroe asks her out. Later, Lou-Ann tells Gomer that she's moving back home with her father. Gomer finally stands up for himself and declares his love for Lou-Ann.

Note: Frank Sutton doesn't appear in this episode.
10111"To Watch a Thief"John RichRick MittlemanNovember 17, 1967 (1967-11-17)
Carter wants to buy Bunny a $70 watch for her birthday. The only problem is he has no money. Carter tries to borrow the money from some of the other men on the base, with no luck. Gomer offers to loan him the money. Carter reminds Gomer that he would be court-martialed if he accepted any money from a person of lower rank. Carter talks counter woman Miss Johnson (Doris Singleton) into letting him buy the watch for 1 dollar as down payment. Gomer sees Carter take the watch and walk out and he thinks that Carter stole the watch. Gomer finds the watch in Carter's desk and brings it back to the store, setting it on the counter. Miss Johnson calls Carter to tell him he forgot the watch. Gomer sees Carter leaving the store again with the watch. Gomer again returns the watch and Miss Johnson again calls Carter. Gomer reports it to the base Chaplain (Whit Bissell), who then speaks to Carter. Gomer takes money out his bank account and buys the watch from Mrs. Healy (Jane Dulo), a different counter woman. Carter goes to the store to find the watch gone. He then finds the watch in his desk drawer. Gomer and Carter finally get things straightened out. Maudie Prickett as Bank Teller.
10212"The Prize Boat"John RichStory by : John Barbour & Gordon Mitchell
Teleplay by : R.S. Allen & Harvey Bullock
November 24, 1967 (1967-11-24)
A Driver (Frank Gerstle) drops off a speed boat for Gomer. Apparently he won it in a jingle writing contest. Gomer tells Carter that he plans to send the boat back because of the expense of owning one. Carter tells Gomer that he'll pay the expenses if Gomer makes him a partner with the boat. The expenses start right away for Carter. While trying to tow the boat to the water, the rear bumper of Carter's car breaks off. Then a Policeman (Dabbs Greer) gives Carter several tickets for boat towing violations. When more expenses start to add up, Carter tries to get some of the other men to partner up with him. After hearing the costs, none of the men are interested. Gomer thinks they should sell the boat. Mr. Markham (Robert Cornthwaite) comes by to tell Carter that there is income tax to be paid on the boat. Lieutenant Norton tells Carter he'll buy the boat. Gomer and Carter put the boat in the water. As Gomer is removing the For Sale sign he nailed to the boat, he causes a leak and the boat sinks. Charles Lane as Charlie.
10313"Friendly Freddy Strikes Again"John RichWilliam Raynor & Myles WilderDecember 1, 1967 (1967-12-01)
Gomer wants to buy a friendship ring for Lou-Ann. The jewelry store salesman shows him some rings and Gomer picks one he likes. Gomer is disappointed when he finds out how expensive the ring is. When he leaves the store he runs into Friendly Freddy (Sid Melton). Freddy shows Gomer a pearl ring. Gomer figures it also will be too expensive, but Freddy says it's only $12. Gomer buys it and gives it to Lou-Ann, who is thrilled with the ring. Later, Freddy talks to his supplier Harry Wendel (Paul Bryar). Apparently, Freddy sold Gomer a real ring worth $500. He has to pay Harry $500 or get the ring back. Freddy talks to Gomer, but Gomer says Lou-Ann would never take the ring off. Freddy is at a club with his girlfriend Stella and sees Gomer with Lou-Ann. Freddy makes it look as though Gomer has given the same type of ring to several other women. Lou-Ann wants to give her ring back to Gomer. An FBI Man (Ken Lynch) comes and takes Freddy away. He wants Freddy to testify against Harry. It seems there never was a real ring and Harry was just scamming people to get the $500. Freddy does straighten things out with Lou-Ann. Timothy Blake as Cigarette Girl.
10414"Change Partners"Peter BaldwinR.S. Allen & Harvey BullockDecember 8, 1967 (1967-12-08)
Gomer and Lou-Ann run into Bunny, who's waiting for Carter to pick her up. Bunny notices how well Gomer treats Lou-Ann. Carter shows up and Bunny invites Gomer and Lou-Ann to go with them to the movies. After the movie, Bunny has the couple join them for a drive. Carter parks the car and he and Bunny go for a walk. Bunny mentions to Carter what a gentleman Gomer is. Carter drops off Gomer and Lou-Ann, then he and Bunny head to a club. Much to Carter's chagrin, Gomer and Lou-Ann show up there. Bunny tells Carter that he could learn from Gomer about being thoughtful and kind. Bunny and Carter have a big fight and break up. On the rebound, Carter is attracted to Lou-Ann and Bunny is attracted to Gomer. Gomer dates Bunny and Lou-Ann dates Carter in an attempt to re-unite them with each other. And the plan works.
10515"Wild Bull of the Pampas"Peter BaldwinRonny PearlmanDecember 15, 1967 (1967-12-15)

Col. Gray tells Carter that a Latin American military man named Manuel Cortez (Larry Storch) is coming to camp. He wants to observe the Marine Corps in action in order to help his country's armed forces. Carter asks Cortez to choose one of his men to be a personal guide and he picks Gomer. Cortez tells Gomer and Carter that he is just a Corporal. The name of the country Cortez comes from is 'The Thirteenth Federated Constitutional Republic of Greater San Miguel'. It is a very small place behind a mountain somewhere near Brazil. Cortez has invited a stewardess he met on the plane to the camp. Gomer tells him that Consuela is a civilian and not allowed on the base. Gomer shows Cortez around the base and how the Marines do things. When Cortez does things he's not supposed to, Carter yells at Gomer. Cortez challenges Carter to a duel. When Carter refuses, Cortez tells Gomer that Carter is weak and must be overthrown. Carter loses his temper with Cortez and starts yelling at him. Gray walks in on the yelling and fills in Carter and Gomer on the rank Cortez really holds. Cortez is a General and commander of his Army, Navy and Air Force. Cortez apologizes and says that he has learned many things. Something Gomer says also teaches Cortez something.

Note: Nabors and Storch sing the Mexican classic Cielito Lindo in this episode.
10616"Gomer, the Good Samaritan"Peter BaldwinRay Brenner & Barry E. BlitzerDecember 22, 1967 (1967-12-22)
Col. Gray tells Carter that he wants Gomer to pick up General Pete Prescott (Don Haggerty) in Los Angeles and bring him to Camp Henderson. Because the General is so punctual, Carter wants to send Gomer 7 hours early just in case. On the way, Gomer stops to help an old woman (Madge Blake) with a dead car. He pushes her car all the way home and he then gets lost in Van Nuys. Gomer calls Carter for directions. Gomer winds up in Santa Monica where he helps a man get home with his groceries. Gino insists he have lunch and meet his wife, Cara (Argentina Brunetti). Gomer calls Carter because now he's in Pasadena. Gomer drives a Den Mother (Barbara Perry) and her scout troop to a bus stop. Gomer asks a Gas Station Attendant (Eddie Carroll) for directions. But then he drives the scout troop to Disneyland. After a few more calls to Carter, Gomer makes it to the General's hotel. A Cab driver needs Gomer's help and Gomer drives right past Prescott standing on the sidewalk. Prescott calls Gray and is furious. Gray and Carter drive to the hotel and find out Prescott is at the hospital. At the hospital, Gray and Carter find Gomer, Prescott, the Cab driver and photographers. Because of Gomer, a woman was able to deliver her baby safely.
10717"Gomer, the Privileged Character"Peter BaldwinRick MittlemanDecember 29, 1967 (1967-12-29)
Col. Gray tells Carter that he would like to have Gomer sing at a show they'll be putting on. Gomer really doesn't want to do it. Carter tells him he'll be excused from his regular duties. Gomer questions Carter every time he's requested to go the rehearsal. Gomer tells Carter that he feels bad that he's not pulling his own weight. Carter says that things are going smoothly without him. Some of the soldiers tease Gomer about being a privileged character. Gomer feels bad and decides to do some of the work he missed at night. But this winds up wearing him out. Carter learns what Gomer's been doing. The night of the show Carter finds Gomer asleep. Gomer sings a song beautifully then goes offstage and falls asleep. Carter gets Gomer to sing an encore. Fred Beir as Lieutenant Barnett. Wayne Heffley as Corporal Crowder. Albert Popwell as M.P.
10818"Gomer Goes Home"Coby RuskinWilliam Raynor & Myles WilderJanuary 5, 1968 (1968-01-05)

Gomer is going home to Mayberry for a weeks leave. He didn't write to anyone there about his trip because he wanted it to be a surprise. Gomer arrives in Mayberry and goes to the courthouse, but finds no one there. Gomer flashes back to when he told Andy that he joined the Marines. Capt. Rogers (James Seay) comes in and tells Gomer that Andy is on a camping trip. Aunt Bee and Opie went with him. Gomer says hi to Mr. Ferguson (Burt Mustin), who tells him Floyd the barber retired. Gomer then goes to Goober's gas station. Virgil (Dennis Fimple), who works there, tells Gomer that Goober is with Andy. Virgil goes on a service call, so Gomer volunteers to work at the station. While there, Gomer gets robbed by two men, Bronson (Arthur Batanides) and Kaylor. Gomer tries to describe the men to Capt. Rogers, but he's not much help. Gomer goes searching and finds the crooks abandoned car and gets it running. He runs into the crooks and they force him to drive them away. They eventually run into the police and the crooks get arrested. As Gomer is leaving on the bus, he sees Andy and the rest pull up to the courthouse. But he can't get them to notice him. Mary Young as Mrs. Petrie.

Note: Cameos by Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Frances Bavier and George Lindsey.
10919"A Dog Is a Dog"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Harvey MillerJanuary 12, 1968 (1968-01-12)
Col. Gray is going on a personal weekend with his wife and asks Carter to watch their German shepherd, Prince. In order to keep his date with Bunny, Carter let's Gomer watch the dog. Three hours later, Gomer comes back and tells Carter the dog ran off. Gray calls Carter and lets him know that Prince made it up to the cabin where he is staying. Carter and Gomer retrieve the dog, but it's not long before Prince runs off again. They go to the pound and believe they've found Prince. They then get a call about another dog that fits Prince's description. They go and get the other dog as well. Then a third German shepherd shows up. Gray is back from his trip and Carter comes up with a plan to find out which dog is Prince. The plan doesn't work and Gray sees the three dogs. Gray then tells Gomer and Carter that the real Prince showed up at the cabin again. Now Carter is stuck with three dogs and has to pay to get rid of them. Leonard Stone as Man.
11020"Love Finds Gomer Pyle"Coby RuskinWilliam Raynor & Myles WilderJanuary 19, 1968 (1968-01-19)
Jill and Molly, two teenage girls, are at the Blue Bird cafe. Paul comes by and asks Jill's help with a school paper. They leave Molly alone. Gomer helps Molly out by paying for her soda when she doesn't have any money. The next day, Molly shows up at the base and offers to buy Gomer a soda. Lou-Ann shows up at the cafe and the three go to a movie together. Molly tells Jill how much she likes Gomer. Molly now keeps showing up during Gomers dates with Lou-Ann. Lou-Ann finally tells Gomer that Molly has a crush on him. Lou-Ann says that Gomer has to find a way to let her down gently. Gomer talks to Molly and she tells him how Paul is so conceited and he always makes eyes at all the girls. Gomer senses that Molly actually likes Paul. Molly also mentions that Jill is having a party. Gomer suggests going to the party. After Gomer dances with Molly, Paul takes an interest in Molly and she gains the confidence she needs.
11121"Gomer and the Queen of Burlesque"Coby RuskinBarry E. Blitzer & Ray BrennerFebruary 2, 1968 (1968-02-02)

Hacker and Cpl. Jensen (Victor Brandt) think Gomer is a sucker for giving a panhandler a quarter. As a joke, Hacker wants to set Gomer up with burlesque dancer Lila St. Clair (Fay Spain). Lila says she doesn't "dig" practical jokes. But then she says she'll do it for $50. Hacker introduces Lila to Gomer and says she's his cousin and a school teacher from out of town. Gomer takes Lila to a movie and then an ice cream soda. Clearly Lila is having a lousy time, but Gomer doesn't notice. The next afternoon Gomer takes Lila to a flower show and then an old Mission. Gomer gradually works his magic on her and she admits to having a nice day. Hacker then has Gomer meet Lila at her place of work. Lila admits to Gomer that she's not a school teacher and she asks Gomer to leave. Hacker shows up and makes Gomer stay. Gomer finds out Lila is an exotic dancer. After her performance, Gomer gives Lila a present and accepts her for who she is. Phil Arnold as Man. Murray Alper as Doorman.

Note: Frank Sutton doesn't appear in this episode.
11222"The Carriage Waits"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Harvey MillerFebruary 9, 1968 (1968-02-09)
A large package arrives for Gomer from a department store. It turns out to be a baby buggy and Gomer says it has to be a mistake. Gomer calls the store, but gets nowhere. He decides to take it back to the store. Carter tells Gomer it's the store's problem and to just leave the buggy where it is. Gomer goes to the store anyway. Gomer speaks to Miss Beckett (Jackie Joseph), who's been having a bad day. She gets Mr. Kendall (Marvin Kaplan), the manager. Gomer just gets sent from place to place and still can't return the buggy. As Gomer leaves the store, he gets stopped by store detective Leonard (Cully Richards) as a shoplifter. After hearing Gomer's story, Leonard suggests he see a psychiatrist. Carter arrives, but he can't convince Gomer to just leave the buggy. Gomer leaves the store with the buggy again. Leonard brings both Gomer and Carter back. While Carter and Gomer are speaking to a Mr. Wellman (Olan Soule), Miss Beckett comes in. She admits that she made the mistake and sent the buggy to the wrong place. Because of a mistake Gomer makes, him and Carter get in trouble again. Mary Treen as Woman #1. Molly Dodd as Woman #2. Yvonne Lime as Mrs. Peale.
11323"Sergeant Iago"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanFebruary 16, 1968 (1968-02-16)
Mr. Engelhart (Sam Edwards), Lou-Ann's boss at the record store, will be leaving. They both have to work late doing inventory for new boss, Fred Hawkins (John Considine). Lou-Ann calls Gomer to cancel her date with him. Carter implies to Gomer that Lou-Ann gave him the brush off. Fred comes by and as a thank you for working late, he offers to take Lou-Ann to dinner. Carter and Bunny see Lou-Ann and Fred come into the restaurant they're in. Carter tells Gomer, but Gomer doesn't believe it. That night Carter takes Gomer to the same restaurant and there are Fred and Lou-Ann. Gomer is stunned. Gomer reluctantly goes on a double date with Carter and two women and Lou-Ann sees them. Lou-Ann calls Gomer and Carter tells him what to say. Gomer feels bad. Carter and Gomer confront Fred. Fred explains what was going on and that he's married with children. Gomer feels better. Later, Carter needs Gomer's help because Bunny heard about his date with the other girls. Stacy King as Hilda.
11424"Goodbye, Dolly"Coby RuskinRay Brenner & Barry E. BlitzerFebruary 23, 1968 (1968-02-23)
Old Luke (Trevor Bardette) is at Bill's Diner. Luke tells Bill (Eddie Quillan) that he has to put away his old horse, Dolly. Gomer buys Dolly, to save her from the glue factory. Gomer tells Lester about Dolly and they hide the horse. Carter discovers Gomer's locker full of apples that he was saving for Dolly. But Carter just thinks Gomer's hoarding food. One night, Dolly frees herself. Carter and Boyle catch Gomer with the horse and Carter tells him to get rid of Dolly immediately. The next morning, Dolly is still on base. Carter tells Gomer to take Dolly back to Luke. Gomer hides Dolly in a supply shed off base. What Gomer didn't know is that the shed is to be blown up as a demonstration of a new explosive. Col. Gray tells Gomer to bring the horse back to Luke. On the way, Gomer runs into a man named Bud Frazer (Vaughn Taylor), who's outdoors painting. Gomer convinces Bud to keep Dolly. Albert Popwell as Marine.
11525"The Price of Tomatoes"Coby RuskinWilliam Raynor & Myles WilderMarch 1, 1968 (1968-03-01)
Col. Gray wants Carter to clear out the land in a secluded part of the camp for the testing of a new rocket laucher. Gomer knows how to drive a bulldozer, so he gets the job. Gomer runs into tomato farmer Titus Purcell (Denver Pyle) who says the land Gomer is bulldozing is his. Gomer befriends Titus and goes to meet his wife, Maude (Claudia Bryar). Gomer tells Carter about Titus and Carter says that Titus is just a squatter. Carter takes Gomer to see Titus, and Titus still claims it's his land. Gray sends out Lieutenant Caruthers, the base legal officer, to see Titus. Titus is able to prove the land is his. He is also able to prove that the base headquarters is on another tract of his land. Gray wants Caruthers to straighten things out, but Caruthers has no luck with Titus. Gray then sends Carter, but that doesn't help. Gomer works out a deal with Titus. Titus will leave the headquarters alone if the Marines buy up his surplus tomatoes.
11626"Chef for a Day"Coby RuskinWilliam Raynor & Myles WilderMarch 8, 1968 (1968-03-08)
Hacker loses a competition with Carter and gets Gomer for kitchen clean up duty. Hacker then leaves the kitchen. Col. Gray shows up and wants someone to fix him breakfast. Gomer gets stuck doing it. Gray tells Hacker and Gomer it was a great breakfast. Gray suggests that Gomer should be assigned to the kitchen permanently. Gomer's not sure he wants to leave his platoon. But Hacker now wants him and has to figure a way to get Gomer from Carter. Hacker and Carter make a wager and Hacker "loses". Hacker informs Gomer he will be transferred to kitchen duty. Gomer says a sad goodbye to Carter and recalls some fond memories. Carter finds out that Hacker is using Gomer to make points with Gray. A depressed Gomer starts making absent minded mistakes in the kitchen. Hacker now wants to get rid of Gomer and Carter wants him back. Carter throws the next wager to win Gomer back.
11727"Gomer and the Night Club Comic"Coby RuskinHarvey Bullock & R.S. AllenMarch 22, 1968 (1968-03-22)
Jerry Ball (Jerry Van Dyke) is entertaining in a nightclub and everybody in the audience is completely ignoring him. Gomer is there and he's the only one enjoying Jerry's act. After Jerry's first set is done, Gomer goes back stage to talk to him. Jerry tells Gomer that the next set will be his last as he's been fired. During the next set, Gomer gets the crowd worked up and they all sing along with Jerry. Mr. Randazzo (Anthony Caruso), the manager, sees this and is thrilled to see the crowd having a great time. Mr. Randazzo wants Jerry and Gomer to perform every night. Gomer says he's a Marine and couldn't be there every night. But, Gomer does get permission from Carter to switch guard duty the next evening, without telling him what it's for. Gomer and Jerry are performing and Carter and Boyle happen to walk into the club. The next day, Carter is furious with Gomer. Gomer asks Carter if it would be OK to help Jerry a little longer. Carter forbids Gomer from singing in the club again. The next night, Jerry performs by himself, regains his confidence and has the crowd singing along.
11828"Love and Goulash"Coby RuskinRonny PearlmanMarch 29, 1968 (1968-03-29)

Gomer is going with his fellow Marine Leo Kovach to visit Leo's family. Gomer meets Mama (Lillian Adams) and Papa Kovach (Oscar Beregi). Leo tells Gomer that his sister Anna (Donna Loren) wants to marry another Hungarian boy named Paul. But because of an old feud between the families, Mama and Papa don't like him. Anna and her parents have a fight at the dinner table. After everyone else is asleep, Gomer winds up meeting Paul when he secretly comes to see Anna. Mama and Papa think Gomer would be perfect for Anna. Neither Paul's parents, Mama and Papa Szabo nor Mama and Papa Kovach seem to know how the feud started. It takes some doing, but Gomer gets the two sets of parents to give their blessing to the wedding. Otto Waldis as Mr. Zimmerman.

Note: Frank Sutton doesn't appear in this episode.
11929"And Baby Makes Three"Coby RuskinHarvey Bullock & R.S. AllenApril 5, 1968 (1968-04-05)
Fellow Marine Howie Reilly (Chris Robinson) and his wife Nancy (Yvonne Lime) ask Gomer to babysit so they can go visit her sick mother in San Francisco. They will fly there and back all in the same day. Howie calls and tells Gomer that they are fogged in. They will have to drive back and will be late. Gomer has to be back to the base by 5:30 am or he will be AWOL. He sneaks the baby onto the base. Gomer tells a dozing Carter about the baby and thinks he has Carter's OK. When Carter does see the baby, he says it's got to go as Col. Gray is due for an inspection tour. Carter tries to get something for the baby to eat from Hacker without him finding out about the kid. Hacker thinks Carter has an ulcer, but then finds out about the baby. Gomer explains to Col. Gray about the baby and he understands. Col. Gray tells Carter that Gomer's a good man. Carter gets into trouble with Col. Gray when he tries to take some credit for the situation.
12030"Friendly Freddy, the Gentleman's Tailor"Coby RuskinRick MittlemanApril 12, 1968 (1968-04-12)

Carter is to be an usher at a fancy wedding and he needs a dark blue suit. Gomer runs into Friendly Freddy (Sid Melton), who says he now sells "Hong Kong" suits. Carter sees Gomer wearing a brand new dark blue suit and is very impressed with it and the price. When Carter hears Friendly Freddy sold Gomer the suit, he is hesitant, but he is also desperate. Carter buys the suit. Gomer shows off the suit to Lou-Ann Poovie (Elizabeth MacRae) and they both start sneezing uncontrollably. They figure out the cause is the suit. Lou-Ann suggests he have the suit dry-cleaned. The dry-cleaner store owner (Herbie Faye) asks if Gomer got a guarantee with the suit as it has shrunk. Gomer goes to the wedding to warn Carter about his suit, but it's too late. Carter's suit starts falling apart. Carter and Gomer confront Freddy, who comes up with an excuse and gives them each a new suit. When the suits fall apart again, Gomer and Carter get their money back from Freddy. But, will Carter get talked into buying something else from Freddy?

Note: This episode marks the final appearance of Corporal Boyle (Roy Stuart).

Season 5 (1968–69)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1211"Car for Sale"John RichRick MittlemanSeptember 27, 1968 (1968-09-27)
Carter is cleaning out his car before he sells it to Hacker (Allan Melvin). Carter tells Gomer some of the fond memories he had with the car. But, the car is costing him too much to run. When Hacker doesn't have full amount of money for the car, Carter calls off the deal. Knowing Gomer is interested in the car and has enough money, Carter sells it to him. Hacker plans to get even with Carter. Hacker keeps filling the gas tank to make it look as though the car is getting incredible gas mileage. Carter regrets selling the car and gets Gomer to sell it back to him. Now Hacker siphons gas out of the car leaving Carter to think the car is getting horrible mileage. Carter sells the car to Hacker for much less money than he was asking before. Hacker accidentally blows up the car.
1222"Corporal Duke"John RichBill Idelson & Harvey MillerOctober 4, 1968 (1968-10-04)
Carter informs the platoon that he will be away at a meeting and a new Corporal will be temporarily in charge. Carter is not happy when he finds out that Duke Slater (Ronnie Schell), who's just been promoted, will be the man. He remembers Duke as a slacker, but Duke insists he can do the job. Carter is hesitant, but he'll give Duke a chance. When the men find out that Duke will be in charge, they think they'll have it soft. Duke asks Gomer what the men think of him. Gomer repeats some of the disparaging remarks that they made. Duke gets rough with the men and overworks them. The next day the whole platoon, except Gomer, are in sick bay. A Lieutenant gives Duke some advice about morale. Gomer rallies the men to show Duke respect. Carter comes back and is impressed with how Duke ran the platoon. William Callaway as Dumbrowski. Renny Roker as Marine.
1233"The Booty Prize"John RichDuke Vincent & Bruce JohnsonOctober 11, 1968 (1968-10-11)
The 'Booty Prize' is an actual lead boot awarded every 6 months to a platoon to embarrass it for the mistakes they've made. Carter's platoon has won it 2 times in a row. If they win it again, they will be the first platoon in history to win it 3 times in a row. Carter does not want that to happen. Because it's usually Gomer's fault for the mistakes made, Carter assigns him to shine the boot. While shining it, Gomer gets his foot stuck in the boot. Despite Gomer's best efforts to hide it, Carter discovers the boot. With the help of the platoon, they get the boot off. Carter now gets his foot stuck in the boot. Because he doesn't want the platoon to know, Carter, Gomer and Duke try several different methods to get the boot off. They finally get it off, but Hacker finds out. Hacker then gets his foot stuck in the boot. Lieutenant Anderson finds Hacker and now awards Hacker the boot for the next 6 months. Or will it wind up being a tie between the two platoons.
1244"The Return of Monroe"John RichRick MittlemanOctober 18, 1968 (1968-10-18)
Because of a fortune cookie, Lou-Ann and Gomer have a little misunderstanding over commitment to each other. When she gets home, Lou-Ann gets a call from her old boyfriend, Monroe (Med Flory), who happens to be in town. Lou-Ann agrees to go out with Monroe. Monroe finds out from Lou-Ann that her and Gomer are not actually engaged or anything. Monroe lies to Gomer and tells him he is now engaged to Lou-Ann. Despite Gomer's objections, Carter sets him up with Natalie (Joyce Jameson). When Monroe shows up that night instead of Gomer, Lou-Ann speaks to Carter. Carter tells her that Gomer is out with another girl at the Paradise Club. Lou-Ann has Monroe take her to the same club. Natalie tells Lou-Ann that Gomer is pining for someone. Gomer finds out from Lou-Ann that Monroe lied about the engagement. After telling Monroe off, Gomer and Lou-Ann are back together.
1255"Just Move Your Lips, Sergeant"John RichHarvey Bullock & R.S. AllenOctober 25, 1968 (1968-10-25)

Duke tells Carter that John Fenton (Byron Morrow), producer of an upcoming Hollywood film, is looking for a Marine chorus to be in it. There will be a contest next Saturday night and any platoon may enter. Carter wants to enter and with Gomer's help, he auditions the men. Gomer learns that Carter wants to be in the chorus as well. During rehearsal, the chorus sounds pretty good until Carter starts singing with them. Everyone is afraid to tell Carter he can't sing. The group keeps trying to find places to practice without Carter, but he keeps finding them. Fenton arrives at the camp. Gomer finally goes to tell Carter that he just can't sing. Carter screams at Gomer and then loses his voice. The night of the contest Carter wishes the group good luck. Gomer and the guys want Carter to be part of the group so they tell him to "just move your lips, Sergeant". The group goes on to win.

Note: The plot of this episode is very similar to The Andy Griffith Show episode "Barney and the Choir".
1266"All You Need Is One Good Break"John RichJack Elinson & Norman PaulNovember 8, 1968 (1968-11-08)
After arriving in Hollywood, Carter and the men of the Marine chorus go to the movie studio. In the commissary, Carter tries to hit on every woman he sees, with no luck. Gomer meets stunt woman, Linda Farrell. Linda offers to show Gomer around town. Carter tags along and tries to hit on Linda. Later that evening, Carter tries to get Gomer to leave him and Linda alone. While Carter is talking to Gomer, two men accost Linda. She beats them up. The police arrive and one Policeman (Ken Lynch) believes it was Gomer and Carter that saved Linda. They try to say they had nothing to do with it, but the Policeman thinks they are being modest. The story makes it to the local newspaper. Talk show host, David Farnum (George Fenneman), wants to interview Carter and Gomer. On the show, David starts by talking about the movie they will be in. David then asks them about the altercation the night before. Gomer admits that they did nothing and it was Linda that subdued the thugs. Hoping that the truth would come out, Gomer brought along Linda. David asks her to demonstrate what she did on Carter. Linda does thank Carter for some advice he gave her and Carter then starts bragging. Paul Bryar as Studio Guard. George Sawaya as Hoodlum #1.
1277"A Marriage of Convenience"John RichHarvey Bullock & R.S. AllenNovember 15, 1968 (1968-11-15)
Pola Prevost (Nita Talbot), a foreign movie star, will be deported soon as her Visa is about to expire. Harry Krasna (Jesse White), her manager, suggests she find someone to marry, so as to stay in the country. It would only be a marriage of convenience. Gomer asks Pola for her autograph and tells her how much he enjoys her work. Meanwhile, Carter is trying to get a bleacher seat to watch the stars at a movie premiere that evening. Pola calls and invites Gomer to join her at the premiere. Gomer joins Pola and Harry for drinks afterwards. Pola tells Gomer she loves him and talks marriage, but he says he already has a girlfriend. Carter shows up and Gomer leaves. Pola now makes the move on Carter. Carter comes back to the hotel and tells Gomer he's engaged. Duke tells Gomer that there's a reason Pola wants to get married so fast. Gomer speaks to Pola and tells her how much Carter is looking forward to settling down and maybe raising a family. Carter learns from Harry that Pola went to Vegas with her interior decorator to get married. Gomer tells Carter it's for the best and has Bunny call Carter.
1288"A Star Is Not Born"John RichNorman Paul & Jack ElinsonNovember 22, 1968 (1968-11-22)
Carter has one line in the movie and he's been rehearsing it. Carter and his men arrive at the movie set. Norman Miles (Sheldon Leonard), the director, sets up the scene for the men. Carter freezes when it's time to say his line. Carter continues to mess up his line in repeated takes. Norman wraps up for the day without getting the scene on film. He tells his Assistant Director (Hamilton Camp) that he doesn't care who picked Carter to do the line, he wants someone else tomorrow. That night, Carter has a bad dream about the filming. The next morning, Carter wonders why he hasn't gotten his call from the studio yet. Gomer tells him he's sure they're just giving him extra time. At the studio, Norman tells Gomer he's to say the line instead of Carter. Feeling bad that Carter isn't in the film, Gomer gives a lackluster performance. Norman finds a non-speaking part for Carter, and Gomer then gives a great performance. Chanin Hale as Gloria. Tommy Farrell as Assistant Cameraman. Jamie Farr as Effects Man. Barry Williams as Boy #1.
1299"Come Blow Your Top"John RichJack Elinson & Norman PaulNovember 29, 1968 (1968-11-29)
Hacker tells Carter that he has no rapport with his men, which Carter disputes. Hacker also claims that Carter loses his temper too often. He then bets Carter $50 that Carter can't go 24 hours without losing his temper. Hacker hopes that Gomer will annoy Carter enough to make him go over the edge. Carter does come close to losing it several times, but maintains his composure. But not being able to vent his anger is taking a physical toll on Carter. Hacker comes up with a plan to have Gomer break one of Carter's prized possessions. Carter still remains calm, but he does find out that Hacker was trying to sabotage him. With only minutes left to go, something Gomer does makes Carter start screaming and he winds up losing the bet. But Gomer finds a way for Carter to get his money back.
13010"A Little Chicken Soup Wouldn't Hurt"Coby RuskinAaron RubenDecember 6, 1968 (1968-12-06)
While sitting in the park Gomer overhears a conversation between elderly Molly Gordon (Molly Picon) and her son Sol (David Ketchum). Sol thinks his mother should stop doing so much and take it easy. Sol leaves and Molly starts to talk to Gomer. She thinks he's too skinny and offers to make him lunch. At her house, Molly tells Gomer about how much she did for her son's family after her husband died. But now her son wants her to retire. Gomer and Molly sing "Di Grine Kuzine" together. The next day, Molly comes by the camp and brings Gomer food. Gomer introduces Molly to Carter and Duke and then shares the food with them. Carter loves the food, so when Molly invites them over for dinner, he accepts. When the men get to Molly's house, they run into Sol. He tells them that he doesn't want his mother working so hard and would they just go back. Gomer thinks Molly will be disappointed, but they leave. Gomer goes back and asks Molly to go out to eat with him. At the restaurant, Molly shows the chef how to make to food better. Molly tells Gomer what a wonderful time she had. The next night Sol comes to his mother's house and sees Gomer and a whole bunch of men there for dinner. Gomer convinces Sol that his mother is happier this way.
13111"Gomer, the Perfect M.P."John RichNorman Paul & Jack ElinsonDecember 13, 1968 (1968-12-13)
Gomer's platoon is assigned M.P. duty in town. Gomer tells the men he doesn't like being in a position of authority. Carter teams Gomer up with Ben Derzansky (Peter Duryea). When they find a Marine out of uniform, instead of putting him on report, Gomer let's him go. Gomer then gets chewed out by Carter. Gomer continues to be lenient with other servicemen who do something wrong. Lieutenant Anderson finds out what Gomer did and Carter gets in trouble again. Carter puts Gomer on guard duty and orders him not to let anyone enter the base without identification, no exceptions. Carter has a couple hours off and goes to out to eat with Bunny. He realizes he doesn't have his wallet and has to go back to the base to get it. Despite Carter's many attempts, Gomer refuses to let him pass without his ID. Gomer finally arrests Carter and brings him to Lieutenant Anderson. Anderson believes that Carter was just testing Gomer and commends the both of them.
13212"The Wild Bull Returns"Coby RuskinJack Elinson & Norman PaulDecember 20, 1968 (1968-12-20)
On his way to Washington, D.C., General Manuel Cortez (Larry Storch) returns to Camp Henderson for a visit. Cortez wants to go out for the evening with Carter and Gomer. When he finds out that Carter cancelled a date with Bunny, Cortez tells Carter to ask her along. At the club, Cortez constantly compliments Bunny and dances with her all night. The next day, Cortez tells Gomer that he's in love with Bunny. Gomer tells him that Bunny is Carter's girl. When Cortez learns that Bunny and Carter are not engaged, he decides to court her. Gomer tells Bunny about Cortez's intentions. Bunny decides to let Cortez court her to see what Carter does. Bunny spends the afternoon with Bunny and has Gomer as chaperone. Cortez tells Gomer he will ask Bunny to marry him. That night, Gomer tells Bunny what Cortez is going to do and suggests that she discourages him. Bunny finds a way to get Cortez to change his mind about marriage.
13313"Hit and Write"Coby RuskinBill Idelson & Harvey MillerDecember 27, 1968 (1968-12-27)
Carter hits a new car while parking and slightly scratches the fender. Gomer says it should only cost $10 to fix it. It takes some doing, but Gomer gets Carter to leave a note. Later, Carter gets a call from Harry Whipple (Al Lewis), the owner of the car. Harry claims there is extensive damage that will cost $250 to repair. Sensing a scam, Carter refuses to pay. Harry comes by the camp and shows Carter the badly damaged fender. Carter denies causing that damage and still refuses to pay. Harry returns with his lawyer Mr. Goodbody (Arthur Peterson). Gomer tells Goodbody and Col. Gray what happened. Gomer's testimony doesn't help and Gray insists Carter pay up. Hoping to talk to Harry, Gomer witnesses Alice Whipple (Kathleen Freeman) back the car into a tree. Alice admits to damaging the car, but she couldn't tell Harry. She's only been driving a couple days and all Harry does is scream at her. Gomer helps Alice tell Harry the truth and Harry and Alice work things out.
13414"Two on the Bench"Gary NelsonBill Idelson & Harvey MillerJanuary 3, 1969 (1969-01-03)
Gomer sees a picture of Moose Lewis (Glen Ash) in the paper. Moose is now a football player, but Gomer knew him from back in Mayberry. Carter is having trouble finding a ticket for the big football game coming up. Gomer goes to see Moose at the hotel. Moose invites Gomer to sit on the players bench during the game. Back at base, Gomer tries to invite Carter to go to the game with him. But Carter is busy on the phone and brushes Gomer off. That night, Carter realizes what Gomer was trying to ask him. To make sure there is no misunderstanding about going to the game, Carter would like to meet Moose. The next day, they go to see Moose. But he got a slight concussion during practice and doesn't recognize Gomer. Carter doesn't believe Gomer knows Moose and buys a high priced ticket from Ziggy (Arthur Batanides). Moose comes buy the base later and assures Carter and Gomer they have bench passes. Carter tells Ziggy he doesn't need his ticket. The day of the game, the Guard (Paul Bryar) will only allow Gomer in. After Carter spends even more money for Ziggy's ticket, Gomer gets Carter his pass. At the start of the game, Carter gets hit by a tackle and is knocked out for the rest of the game. Jerry Hausner as Doc Barnes.
13515"A Tattoo for Gomer"John ErmanCarl KleinschmittJanuary 10, 1969 (1969-01-10)
While Carter is working out with weights, Gomer notices a tattoo on his arm. Carter tells Gomer that women love tattoos on men. Gomer wonders if Lou-Ann would like a tattoo on him. As a practical joke, Gomer has Duke draw a girl tattoo on his arm. Gomer shows it to Lou-Ann and she thinks it's real. She doesn't like it, but doesn't say anything because it's already on his arm. Gomer doesn't want to get a real tattoo, but figures he has to because Lou-Ann likes it. Carter talks Gomer into getting the tattoo and takes him to the Tattoo Artist (Ned Glass). Gomer starts to get cold feet and decides he better check with Lou-Ann. Lou-Ann still thinks his is real and tells Gomer she likes it. Gomer heads back to the tattoo parlor. Duke is trying to find Gomer and calls Lou-Ann. Duke finds out she hates the tattoo and he tells her it's not real. Lou-Ann gets to the tattoo parlor just in time to stop Gomer.
13616"Win-A-Date"John ErmanNorman Paul & Jack ElinsonJanuary 17, 1969 (1969-01-17)
Carter tells Duke that he is going to be on the TV show "Win A Date". Duke asks Carter how he's going to hide this from Bunny. Carter tells Bunny he didn't have a choice. Carter asks Gomer to drive him to Hollywood. Once there, Carter brings Gomer into the studio. Sgt. Cramer (John Considine), one of the other contestants, arrives. When the third Marine doesn't arrive, Gomer is chosen to take his place. Gomer reluctantly agrees. Lou-Ann comes over to Bunny's place to watch the show. Bunny is not happy about Carter being on the show, but Lou-Ann says she should be more understanding. Beautiful starlet Wendy Sparks (Jeannine Riley) is the girl who the winner will date. Lou-Ann changes her tune when she sees Gomer is on the show. Wendy picks Gomer. Gomer tells James Barrett (Leonard Stone), the Producer, that he doesn't want to go on the trip with Wendy. And thinking that Bunny doesn't mind, Gomer talks Barrett into letting Carter go on the trip instead. Carter tells Bunny that he has to go on a secret mission. Things get complicated when Gomer finds out that Bunny didn't want Carter on the show.
13717"Marriage, Sgt. Carter Style"Gary NelsonR.S. Allen & Harvey BullockJanuary 24, 1969 (1969-01-24)
It's reenlistment time and Carter dreads Gomer signing up again. When PFC Martin (Frank Alesia) tells Carter he won't be signing up again because he's getting married, Carter gets an idea. Carter starts his campaign to get Gomer to marry Lou-Ann. Carter pays for a ring and a honeymoon. But Gomer keeps saying he's not sure about getting married. And with Lou-Ann out of town for a few days, he can't talk to her. Carter then buys Gomer a new suit. Gomer doesn't feel right about Carter paying for everything. Carter finds Gomer a house to lease. Gomer thinks Lou-Ann should have a say in where she lives. At first Bunny doesn't think Carter is doing the right thing, but then she gets drawn into the excitement. She picks out a few wedding dresses for Lou-Ann. Bunny arranges to have dinner for Gomer and Lou-Ann at her place and then Gomer can propose. Gomer shows up before Lou-Ann and tells Carter he's going to reenlist and give him and Lou-Ann more time. Gomer says that Carter should use all the things he bought to marry Bunny. The next day, Gomer tells Carter something that makes Carter feel even worse. Don Diamond as Travel Agent. Bobo Lewis as Saleswoman.
13818"To Save a Life"John RichJack Elinson & Norman PaulJanuary 31, 1969 (1969-01-31)

Carter saves Gomer from a live grenade that Gomer dropped during exercises. Gomer says that Carter just saved his life and he'll never forget it. He brings Carter breakfast in bed and takes his uniforms and cleans them. Gomer keeps annoying Carter by doing things for him, even though Carter says to stop. Gomer runs into Carter and Bunny at the movies and tells her what a brave thing Carter did. Carter figures that the only way Gomer will feel things are even would be to have Gomer save Carter's life. Carter's first two attempts fail. The third attempt almost fails as well, but Carter convinces Gomer that he saved his life. Everything is fine until Carter saves Gomer again.

Note: This episode's plot is basically identical to The Andy Griffith Show episode "Andy Saves Gomer".
13919"Dynamite Diner"John RichHarvey Bullock & R.S. AllenFebruary 7, 1969 (1969-02-07)

Gomer and Lou-Ann are walking by a cafe and decide to go inside. Inside, there is no one around and the place looks unused. Gomer calls out to see if anyone is in the back. Downstairs, Herb (Noam Pitlik) and Charlie are checking out the basement wall. On the other side of the wall is a bank vault which they want to break into. Herb tries to tell Gomer and Lou-Ann they aren't open yet, but he winds up offering them some food. After eating, Gomer and Lou-Ann leave. But they decide to go back and help the men get the business going. Charlie tries to get rid of them, but Gomer has brought in a customer. It's the Bank Guard (Ray Kellogg) from next door. Charlie finally gets everyone out of the store and puts up a closed sign. But Gomer comes back and starts cooking for customers. Later, the place is full of customers and Charlie figures the crowd noise will drown out the dynamite blast. Gomer winds up flooding the basement, unknowingly stopping the dynamite. Herb and Charlie decide to go legit and run the cafe.

Note: Frank Sutton doesn't appear in this episode.
14020"Freddy's Friendly Computer"John RichBill Idelson & Harvey MillerFebruary 14, 1969 (1969-02-14)

Gomer runs into Friendly Freddy, who's now running a computer dating service. Gomer mentions the dating service to Lou-Ann. She tells him to try it just to see what kind of girl it would pick for him. Gomer reluctantly agrees to do it. Gomer goes to see Freddy and give him his application. What Gomer doesn't know is that there is no computer and Freddy sets everyone up with Ellie Hofstetter (Maureen Arthur), a girl he has working for him. Gomer meets Ellie and she claims she's from a town not far from Mayberry. Gomer tells Lou-Ann about Ellie and some of the things they have in common. Gomer doesn't want to see Ellie again, but Lou-Ann says he should just to make sure she isn't Mrs. Right. Carter tells Gomer that anything that Freddy is involved in has to be phony. A suspicious Carter goes to see Freddy. Freddy sets Carter up with Ellie, who is now going by the name Babe Statton. Carter finds he has a lot in common with Babe. A problem arises for Freddy and Ellie when she has a date with Carter and Gomer on the same night. She has to bounce between the two men at the same restaurant. Things get worse when Duke shows up and apparently has also dated Ellie. The men figure out that Freddy conned them. Roger Til as Maitre d'.

Note: This episode marks the final appearance of Lou-Ann (Elizabeth MacRae), and the fourth and final appearance of Sid Melton as Friendly Freddy.
14121"Gomer Maneuvers"John RichBill Idelson & Harvey MillerFebruary 21, 1969 (1969-02-21)

Carter's and Hacker's platoons are to go on maneuvers against each other. The two make a $50 bet on who wins. Hacker tricks Gomer into giving the location of Carter's platoon. Thanks to Duke, Gomer realizes what he did. The platoon has to move to a different location in the middle of the night. Gomer tells Carter that he found Hacker's camp. Carter raids the camp and finds out it's full of girl scouts. Carter is furious and sends Gomer back to the base. While walking back, Gomer runs into Miss Beasterfeldt (Mabel Albertson) and the girl scouts, who are having car trouble. Gomer fixes their car and then is captured by Hacker. Hacker tricks Gomer into going back to his platoon. On the way, Gomer stops at the girl scout's new camp. Hacker is following Gomer and thinking it's Carter's camp, he raids the girl scouts. Duke sees all of this and gets Carter to then capture Hacker's men. Back at the base, Hacker pays Carter the $50. But thanks to Gomer, Carter has to spend the money on girl scout cookies. Tom Lowell as Corporal Nelson.

Note: This episode marks the final appearance of Allan Melvin as Sgt. Charley Hacker.
14222"Gomer Tends a Sick Cat"John RichDuke Vincent & Bruce JohnsonFebruary 28, 1969 (1969-02-28)

Gomer learns that Carter went to sick bay with some indigestion. Bunny calls Carter and tells him that her cat, Boots, is very sick. Carter pretends he cares, but he really hates the cat. Later, Bunny calls Duke and wants to speak to Carter again. Gomer overhears the conversation and thinks it's Carter that's sick. When Duke goes to get Carter, Gomer talks to Bunny. Misunderstanding Bunny, Gomer is led to believe Carter may be dying. Gomer then proceeds to covertly do things to make Carter more comfortable and in his best interest. After speaking to Bunny again, Gomer leaves warm milk and a ball with a bell in Carter's office. Bunny calls Carter and tells him that Boots is getting better. Carter figures out that Gomer has been doing all the things to him. Carter wants to teach him a lesson and pretends he's dying. Gomer calls the hospital. It turns out it was a good thing Gomer called for a doctor, because Carter then has an appendicitis attack.

Note: This episode marks the final appearance of Carter's girlfriend Bunny (Barbara Stuart).
14323"I'm Always Chasing Gomers"John RichCarl KleinschmittMarch 7, 1969 (1969-03-07)
Carter is on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of Gomer. He decides to visit his Mother (Kathleen Freeman) in Wichita, Kansas for a couple days. Gomer helps Carter get his stuff onto the plane. Without Carter knowing it, Gomer hits his head and winds up stuck on the plane. When he comes to, Gomer doesn't want to spoil things for Carter, so he avoids Carter. Gomer calls Duke and Duke tells him to ask Carter for the money to fly back. Before leaving the airport, Carter thinks he sees Gomer. Gomer follows Carter to his mother's house, but hesitates to talk to him. Carter again thinks he sees Gomer outside the house. When Carter goes for a walk, Gomer talks to Mother and explains that he doesn't want to annoy Carter, but he needs money. Mother agrees to give Gomer the money and insists he sleep in the attic. After Mother goes to sleep, Carter goes to look for something in the attic and thinks he sees Gomer. The next morning as Gomer is leaving, Carter thinks he sees him again. When Carter gets back to the base, he's just as tense as when he left. Ottola Nesmith as Old Lady.
14424"The Short Voyage Home"John RichNorman Paul & Jack ElinsonMarch 14, 1969 (1969-03-14)
Gomer would like a one week pass, but Carter says no. Gomer says he would like to go back to Mayberry and buy a gas station. If all goes well, he'll leave the Marines to run the station. When Carter hears this, he changes his mind about the pass. Carter knows how gullible Gomer is, so he's worried about Gomer's $1,600. At the bus station, Sam Wiggins (Jay Novello) tries to talk Gomer into buying a chinchilla business. Carter puts a stop to that and mentions Gomer's money. An old lady (Ellen Corby) tries to pick Gomer's pocket, but doesn't succeed. Wanting another chance, the woman gets on the bus with her son, Chester. When a Plainclothes Man (Frank Gerstle) hauls a crook (Olan Soule) off the bus, Carter decides to go to Mayberry with Gomer. After Gomer almost loses his wallet with the money, Carter says he will hang on to it. The old lady proceeds to pick Carter's pocket. Later, Carter panics when he finds the wallet missing and figures out the old woman must have taken it. They go back to the last bus stop and catch the woman and her son. Gomer gets his money back. But after the Policeman (Don Kennedy) leaves with the two, Carter realizes his wallet is missing. Because of the way Carter protected him, Gomer decides to stay in the Marines. Maudie Prickett Miss Paisley Joseph Mell as Taxi Driver. Ray Kellogg as Bus Driver. Elmer Modlin as Man #1.
14525"Proxy Papa"John RichHarvey Bullock & R.S. AllenMarch 21, 1969 (1969-03-21)
Fellow Marine Ken Johnson's (Warren Berlinger) wife Rosemary (Jackie Joseph) is expecting a baby soon. Ken is a bundle of nerves. Carter gives Gomer and Ken the job of replacing insulators on the telephone poles. Gomer tells Carter that he fell off a pole and onto Ken. Ken wound up breaking his leg. Gomer's worried because Ken won't be able to take care of Rosemary. That night, Carter's dresses in a tux for a important date with Bunny. Carter feels guilty because he should of had professionals do the telephone job. He drives Gomer over to check on Rosemary. Carter then does a practice run to the hospital. Back at Rosemary's house, Carter calls Bunny to tell her he'll be a little late. But then Rosemary says it's time and the three go to the hospital. Rosemary has a baby girl and Carter has to juggle phone calls. Carter never does make it to his date with Bunny, but Gomer finds a way to patch things up between toe two. Thordis Brandt as Nurse.
14626"Flower Power"John RichBill Idelson & Harvey MillerMarch 28, 1969 (1969-03-28)

Carter has an important exercise coming up and he doesn't want anyone screwing it up. That's why he gives Gomer the job of painting a Mobile Command van, that's in the woods, with camouflage paint. While Gomer is painting, three hippies come up to him. Michele (Leigh French), Moondog (Rob Reiner) and Geordie ask Gomer what he's doing. They wind up talking and having lunch together. The hippies offer to help Gomer paint. They'll do one side, while Gomer does the other. They paint their side with bright daisies and peace symbols. Gomer heads back to the base. Later, Gomer Carter and Duke come to look at the van, but it's gone. Carter is furious and asks if there were any other people around. Gomer tells him about the hippies. Carter has to go see Col. Gray and he tells Gomer to find the van. Gray tells Carter that he can't make contact with the van. Meanwhile, Gomer finds the van. Gray wants to go with Carter to see the van, but when they get to the location, it's not there. Gray learns that the other team had been at that area. He commends Carter for moving the van so it wouldn't be captured. Gomer drives up with the van. Gray then congratulates Carter for disguising the vehicle to look like a hippie van.

Note: Nabors sings the Bob Dylan classic "Blowin' in the Wind" in this episode.
14727"Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow"John RichRick MittlemanApril 4, 1969 (1969-04-04)

Carter and the men come back from fighting a brush fire. Gomer brings a white rabbit back with him and Carter tells him to get rid of it. He winds up giving the rabbit to Danny, Col. Gray's visiting nephew. Gomer builds the rabbit, who's now named Harvey, a cage. Later, Duke and Carter find the cage and Carter lets Harvey out. Carter learns who the rabbit belongs to and tells Col. Gray that they will try and find it. Carter and Gomer trap a white rabbit, but Danny says it's not Harvey. Without telling them why, Carter has his men go out looking for the rabbit. The men catch many rabbits, but none are Harvey. Gray tells Carter how important it is to find the rabbit because Danny's father, a General, is excited for Danny to have this pet. Danny tells Carter that Harvey had a little black spot on his front leg. Carter goes to a shop that sells rabbits and speaks to Harry Hostelman (Hal Smith). He buys a rabbit but Danny says the spot is on the wrong leg. Carter then tries to fool Danny with a rabbit that has an ink spot on his leg, but it doesn't work. Gomer finally finds Harvey and gives Carter the credit. Frank Alesia as Marine #1.

Note: Forrest Compton's final appearance as Col. Edward Gray.
14828"Showtime with Sgt. Carol"John RichAaron RubenApril 18, 1969 (1969-04-18)
Sgt. Carol Barnes (Carol Burnett) returns to Camp Henderson. She tells Gomer she's now in charge of putting on talent shows at Marine camps. She'll be doing a show at Camp Henderson and would like Gomer to sing. Carol speaks with Carter and when she mentions needing talent for her show, Carter thinks she's talking about him. Once Carol says she needs Gomer, Carter says no. Against Carter's orders, Carol still brings Gomer to rehearsal. Carter goes to the hall and forces Gomer out. What follows is a back and forth with Carol and Carter each putting Gomer where they want him. Gomer finally suggests that instead of yelling at each other, Carol use her ladylike charm on Carter. Her ploy works and Carter lets Gomer perform. During the show, Carol and Gomer sing together.
14929"My Fair Sister"John RichJack Elinson & Norman PaulApril 25, 1969 (1969-04-25)
Carter tells Duke that his sister Muriel (Reva Rose) is coming for a visit. Carter is hoping that Duke would take her to the company dance that evening. After Carter leaves, Duke finds a picture of Muriel in his desk. Duke then talks Gomer into taking her to the dance. Carter is not happy about what Duke did. Gomer runs into Muriel and tells her he will be her escort to the dance. Carter is concerned that Muriel isn't married yet. He wants Madame Claudette (Jane Dulo) to give Muriel a make-over to maybe attract some men at the dance. Carter thinks Muriel looks great in the makeup and wig that Claudette provided, but Muriel is not comfortable with it. That night, Gomer picks up Muriel and is surprised by her looks. Muriel is pleased when Gomer tells her he liked the way she looked before better. At the dance, Carter is upset when he sees Muriel changed back and yells at Gomer. Gomer makes Carter realize that Muriel should be who she really is.
15030"Goodbye Camp Henderson, Hello Sergeant Carter"John RichAaron RubenMay 2, 1969 (1969-05-02)

Gomer is painting Carter's office as a 5th year anniversary present. Carter shows up and is furious as he can't stand the smell of paint. Then Carter sits on a chair Gomer had just shellaced. Carter tells Gomer to get out of his life. Later, Duke tells Carter that a transfer came in to have Gomer sent to another base. Carter is as happy as he could be and Duke asks him if he's sure he wants Gomer gone. Carter proceeds to recall the time Gomer messed up while on a Navy ship. Carter learns that it was Gomer that put in the request. Duke is surprised that Gomer would want to leave considering how he felt about Carter. Carter recalls the time Gomer was supposed to take care Carter's car and it got destroyed. Duke reminds Carter that in each of those stories, Gomer made things right in the end. Gomer comes by and gives Carter a cherished good luck piece as a farewell present. Later, Gomer tells Carter that somehow his transfer was cancelled. Duke realizes that it was Carter that did it.

Note: This episode is a clip show incorporating scenes from two second season episodes, Gomer Captures a Submarine and Gomer Minds His Sergeant's Car. Seen in the archive footage are Tige Andrews as Chief Petty Officer, Ken Lynch as Patrolman, Ted Bessell as Frankie, Forrest Compton as Col. Edward Gray, and Brendon Boone as Sailor.


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