This is a list of intercontinental ballistic missiles developed by various countries.


Specific types of Russian ICBMs include:




United States



In Development


DF (Dong Feng or East Wind) are land-based ICBMs.


France's proximity to Russia made only Intermediate-range ballistic missiles and Submarine-launched ballistic missiles necessary for strategic deterrence, while smaller warheads have been used as free-fall bombs and on airborne cruise missiles or short-range ballistic missiles (Pluton and Hadès).


France now only deploys submarine-launched ballistic missiles, with all land based IRBMs decommissioned in September 1996. The French Air Force and French Navy retain aircraft-carried nuclear-tipped cruise missiles (ASMP-A) to fulfill the pre-strategic role (tactical-sized weapons used as "ultimate warning" before launching an all-out strategic strike).



North Korea

Intercontinental-range submarine-launched ballistic missiles

Trident missile launch at sea from a Royal Navy  Vanguard-class ballistic missile submarine

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