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This is a list of Indian sweets and desserts, also called mithai, a significant element in Indian cuisine. Indians are known for their unique taste and experimental behavior when it comes to food. Many Indian desserts are fried foods made with sugar, milk or condensed milk. Ingredients and preferred types of dessert vary by region. In the eastern part of India, for example, most are based on milk products. Many are flavoured with almonds and pistachios, spiced with cardamon, nutmeg, cloves and black pepper, and decorated with nuts, or with gold or silver leaf.[1]


Name Image Main ingredients Category
Arisa Pitha Rice flour, Jaggery Fried, jaggery based
Apple Halwa[2] Apple, Milk, Ghee Halva
Boondi Gram flour (besan), ghee, sugar. Sugar syrup based
Gajar Paak Carrots, milk, sugar, ghee, cashews and raisins. Halva
Ghevar Flour, ghee, kewra, milk, clarified butter, sugar, almonds, pistachio, saffron, green cardamom.[3] Fried, sugar syrup based
Gulab jamun Fried milk balls soaked in sweet syrup, such as rose syrup or honey.[4] Fried, sugar syrup based
Imarti Sugar syrup, lentil flour. Fried, sugar syrup based
Jalebi Dough fried in a coil shape dipped in sugar syrup, often taken with milk, tea, yogurt, or lassi.[5] Fried, sugar syrup based
Kaju katli Cashews, ghee with cardamom and sugar.[6] Barfi
Kalakand Milk, cottage cheese. Burfi
Kheer A rice pudding made with milk, rice, sugar and dried fruits[7] Pudding

Chhena, sugar, semolina, water. Sugar syrup based
Kulfi[8] An ice cream made with milk and sugar, with a variety of flavours such as mango, saffron, or cardamom.[9] Ice cream
Laddu Gram flour (besan), ghee, sugar. Laddu
Lassi Yogurt, milk, nuts, can be made with mango. Yogurt drink
Motichoor laddu Besan flour, sugar. Laddu
Makhan Bada Maida flour, yogurt, oil, sugar. Sugar syrup based
Malpua Wheat or rice flour.[10] Fried, sugar syrup based
Nankhatai Nankhatai, an Indian sweet Refined flour, besan, ghee, powdered sugar, yogurt green cardamom seeds. Baked
Petha Firm white pumpkin, sugar, kitchen lime, alum powder. Sugar syrup based
Phirni Rice, sugar, nuts. Pudding
Rabri Boiled condensed milk, sugar, spices and nuts.[11] Pudding
Sheera Semolina, ghee, nuts, milk. Pudding
Singori Khoa, coconut, molu leaf. Milk-based
Sohan halwa Corn flour, ghee, dry fruits. Halva
Sohan papdi, pateesa Besan flour. Barfi
Bihari Makuti Moong Dal, Milk. Pudding.


Name Image Main ingredients Category
Amriti Deep fried vigna mungo, sugar syrup. Fried, sugar syrup based
Cham cham Flour, cream, sugar, saffron, lemon juice, coconut flakes. Milk-based
Chandrapuli Khoa, sugar, ghee, coconut flakes. Coconut and milk based
Chhena gaja Chhena, sugar, ghee. Milk-based
Chhena jalebi Chhena, sugar, ghee. Milk-based
Chhena Jhili chenna jhilli whole milk, refined flour, powdered sugar, cardamom, oil/ghee for deep frying Milk based
Chhena kheeri Chhena, sugar, milk. Milk-based
Chhena poda Sugar, chenna cheese. Milk-based
Chuda Ghasa Rice Flakes (Poha), Sugar powder or Jaggery, Desi Ghee, Grated fresh Coconut, Pepper Powder, big cardamon powder, Dry fruits Optional Flatten rice/rice flakes, sugar/jaggery, ghee based
Coconut Barfi Made from coconut, fine ground sugar, ghee, cardamom powder and milk. Coconut and milk based
Jaynagarer Moa gur, cow ghee, Kanakchur khoi Fried and Rice-based
Kheer sagar Chenna, condensed milk, sugar, saffron, cardamom. Milk-based
Kolar Bora banana, coconut, maida, sugar, oil Fried and Banana-based
Labanga latika maida, khoa, nutmeg (powdered), grated coconut, ghee, nuts, raisins, cardamom, cloves and sugar Fried and sugar-syrup based
Ledikeni Chhena, sugar, ghee. Milk-based
Lyangcha Flour, fried milk powder, sugar syrup. Milk-based
Malapua (dessert) Yogurt, refined flour, ghee, fennel seeds. Milk-based
Mihidana Besan flour, sugar, ghee. Fried, sugar syrup based
Misti doi Yogurt, jaggery. Milk-based
Pantua Chhena, sugar, ghee Milk-based
Pithe Rice flour. Milk-based
Puri Khaja Refined flour (maida), pure ghee, sugar, refined cooking oil for frying

(Pure ghee may also be used for frying)

Salt to taste

Ghee and refined flour-based
Rabri Sweetened milk. Milk-based
Rasabali Chenna, sweetened milk. Milk-based
Ras malai Chhena, reduced milk, pistachio Milk-based
Rasgulla Chhena, sugar Milk-based
Sandesh Made from cheese, kneaded with fine ground sugar and molasses.[12] Milk-based
Sarpuria cream, sugar, maida, gheecardamom powder Fried and Milk-based
Sirir naru

jaggery and gram flour, mustard oil for deep fry Jaggery based
Shorbhaja sugar, cream, ghee, maida Fried, milk and sugar syrup-based
Sitabhog Chhena, rice flour, sugar, vermicelli/rice Fried, rice, and sugar-syrup based


Name Image Main ingredients Category
Ada Rice flour, grated coconut, jaggery or sugar
Ada pradhaman Rice Ada, coconut milk, jaggery, nuts, raisins, cardamom
Adhirasam/Khajjaya/Ariselu Rice flour, jaggery, ghee, vegetable oil, elachi
Arcot Makkan Peda Khoa, Maida, Sugar, cardamon powder, stuffed with nuts Similar to Gulab Jamun but stuffed with nuts. Famous in Arcot, Tamil Nadu
Bandar laddu Besan, jaggery, cardamom powder, ghee, cashews and raisins, jaggery syrup, sugar Laddu, popular in Machilipatanam, Andhra Pradesh[13]
Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai Nuts (usually peanuts), jaggery
Dharwad Pedha Milk, Sugar, Dharwadi buffalo milk Burfi
Double ka Meetha Loaf bread, milk
Gavvalu Rice flour
Jaangiri Black gram Fry syrup based
Kakinada Kaaja Wheat flour, sugar
Kozhukkattai Rice flour, Ground Nut, Jaggery, grated coconut Similar to Modak in Tamil Nadu
Kuzhi paniyaram Black lentils and rice
Mysore Pak Besan flour, sugar, ghee Burfi
Obbattu / Holige / Bobbatlu / Pappu Polelu / Boli Maida flour, Coconut or Channa Dal/Toor Dal, Jaggery Bread
Srivilliputtur Palkova Milk, Sugar Famous in Srivilliputhur, Tamil Nadu
Palathalikalu Rice flour, milk
Poornalu Chana dal, jaggery
Pongal rice, jaggery, cashews, ghee
Pootharekulu Rice flour, powdered sugar/ghee
Tirunelveli Halwa wheat flour, sugar, ghee, nuts, cardamom A famous sweet in Tamil Nadu .
Khubani ka meetha Apricots, sugar syrup
Kesari bat Rava (semolina, ghee, sugar)
sheer khurma Vermicelli, pudding, milk
Unni Appam Rice flour, banana, jaggery, coconut
Kajjikaya Rice flour, jaggery, coconut


Name Image Main ingredients Category
Anarsa Slightly fermented rice flour, jaggery, khus-khus seeds
Basundi Sugar, milk
Bebinca Flour, sugar, ghee, egg yolk, coconut milk Baked layered Christmas sweet
Dhondas Cucumber, rava Baked cake
Doodhpak Milk, rice, sugar, dry fruits Milk-based
Kaju katli Cashews, ghee
Mahim halwa Semolina, sugar
Modak Rice flour, coconut jaggery stuffing Fried
Mohanthal Besan, ghee, sugar and nuts
Patoleo Rice flour, coconut jaggery and grated coconut stuffing Wrapped in turmeric leaves and steamed
Puran poli Wheat flour, gram, jaggery Bread
Shankarpali Sugar, ghee, maida flour, semolina
Shrikhand A creamy dessert made out of strained yogurt, often served with dried fruits such as mangoes.[14] Yogurt-based
Sutar feni Maida, sugar, ghee


Name Image Main ingredients Category
Barfi Milk Powder Barfi
Halva Corn Flour Boiled
Kheer Milk, vermicelli, sugar, nuts Milk-based, called Payasam in Southern parts of the country
Laddoo Milk, flour Laddu
Peda Milk (khoya), sugar, saffron Milk-based

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