The following are official state symbols of the Indian state of Kerala.

Title Symbol Malayalam Image Notes
State government banner Banner of Kerala കേരള ഔദ്യോഗിക ചിഹ്നം
..Kerala Flag(INDIA).png
The banner depicts the emblem of Kerala on a white field.
State seal Seal of Kerala കേരള ഔദ്യോഗിക ചിഹ്നം
Emblem of Kerala state Vector.svg
The emblem portrays two elephants guarding the state and national insignias. The state insignia is the conch-shell of Lord Sri Padmanabha and the national insignia is the Lion Capital of Ashoka.[1]
State animal Indian elephant (Elephas maximus indicus)[2][3] ഇന്ത്യൻ ആന
Elephas maximus (Bandipur).jpg
State bird Great hornbill (Buceros bicornis)[2][3] മലമുഴക്കി വേഴാമ്പൽ അഥവാ മരവിത്തലച്ചി
State fish Green chromide (Etroplus suratensis)[4] കരിമീന്‍
Etroplus suratensis.jpg
Green chromide was designated state fish by Government of Kerala in 2010.
State flower Kanikonna (Cassia fistula)[2][3] കണിക്കൊന്ന അഥവാ വിഷുക്കൊന്ന
State tree Coconut tree (Cocos nucifera)[2][3] തെങ്ങ്
Coconut green.JPG
State fruit Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus)[5] ചക്ക
Jackfruit hanging.JPG
Jackfruit was designated state fruit by Government of Kerala in 2018.
State butterfly Malabar banded peacock (Papilio buddha) [1] ബുദ്ധമയൂരി
MalabarBandedPeacock Chamakkav Basking.jpg


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