Billy Cannon, a two-time unanimous All-American halfback for LSU
Billy Cannon, a two-time unanimous All-American halfback for LSU

A College Football All-America Team is selected annually by various organizations to recognize each season's most outstanding players at each position. Certain organizations are recognized by the NCAA as "official" selectors, whose teams are used to determine consensus and unanimous All-Americans. The LSU Tigers football team has had 37 players recognized as consensus All-Americans, with 11 of those being unanimous selections.[1] Gaynell Tinsley was LSU's first consensus (1935) and unanimous (1936) All-American. Five LSU players have been recognized as consensus All-Americans twice: Tinsley, Billy Cannon, Tommy Casanova, Charles Alexander, and Grant Delpit. Cannon is the only LSU player to be unanimously selected twice, doing so in 1958 and 1959. Casanova is LSU's only three-time All-American; he was named a first-team All-American by at least one selector in 1969, 1970, and 1971.[2]


dagger Consensus selection
double-dagger Unanimous selection


AFCA American Football Coaches Association AP Associated Press CBS CBS Sports CW Collier's Weekly
CNNSI CNN/Sports Illustrated CP Central Press Association GNS Gannett News Service FN Football News
FWAA Football Writers Association of America NBC NBC Sports NEA Newspaper Enterprise Association PFW Pro Football Weekly
Rivals Scout SH Scripps Howard SN The Sporting News
SI Sports Illustrated Time Time magazine UPI United Press International WC Walter Camp Football Foundation


Year Name Position Selector(s) Refs
1935 Jesse Fatherree HB NEA-3 [3]
Osborne Helveston G CP [4]
Abe Mickal FB LIB-2 [5]
Gaynell Tinsley End AP, UP, LIB, COL, NEA, INS, NANA-2, CP-3, NYS, PTH, CNS [6][7][5][8][9][10][11][4][12][13][14]
1936 Gaynell Tinsley End AAB; AP, COL, INS, LIB, NANA, NEA, SN, UP, CP, WC
1937 Eddie Gatto T AP-3
Pinky Rohm FB INS-3
1938 Eddie Gatto T ID-2
1939 Ken Kavanaugh End AP-2, INS, NW, LIB, SN, UP, BL, CP-2, CW, LIFE [1]
1940 John W. Goree G CP-4
1943 Steve Van Buren HB AP-3
1946 Walt Barnes T FWAA-2, NEA-3 [15]
Clyde Lindsey End CP-2
1951 George Tarasovic C NEA
1953 Sid Fournet T AP-2
1954 Sid Fournet T AFCA, AP-2, FWAA, INS, NEA, UP, CP-2, WC [15]
1955 Joe Tuminello End AP-3, NEA-3
1957 Jim Taylor FB FWAA, AP-3 [15]
1958 Billy Cannon HB AFCA, AP, FWAA, NEA, SN, UPI, CP, Time, WC [15]
Max Fugler C AP-3, FWAA, NEA-3, UPI-2 [15]
1959 Billy Cannon HB AP, UPI, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA, FWAA, SN, Time [15]
Max Fugler C UPI-3, CP-3
1961 Roy Winston G AFCA, AP, FWAA, NEA, SN, UPI, CP, Time, WC [15]
1962 Fred Miller T AFCA-3, AP-3, FWAA, NEA-2, SN-2 [15][16]
Jerry Stovall HB AFCA, AP, FWAA, NEA, SN, UPI, Time, WC [15]
1964 Richard Granier C AP-2
Remi Prudhumme DT NEA, FN
1965 Doug Moreau End FN
George Rice DT CP-2, Time, SN [16]
1967 John Garlington DE AFCA, UPI-2
Barry Wilson G NEA-2
1969 George Bevan LB AFCA, AP-2, CP-2, FWAA, NEA-2 [15]
Tommy Casanova DB FN
1970 Mike Anderson LB AFCA, AP, CP, FWAA, NEA-2, UPI, FN [15]
Tommy Casanova DB AFCA, AP, CP-2, UPI-2
John Sage T AP-2
1971 Tommy Casanova DB FWAA, UPI, FN, Time, WC [15]
Ron Estay DT AFCA, AP-2, NEA-2, UPI-2
1972 Warren Capone LB FWAA [15]
Bert Jones QB AFCA, NEA, UPI, FN, Time, SN [16]
1973 Warren Capone LB AFCA, FWAA [15]
Tyler Lafauci G AFCA, AP, NEA
1974 Mike Williams DB AFCA, SN, Time [16]
1977 Charles Alexander RB AFCA, AP-2, FWAA, UPI, NEA-2, WC [15]
1978 John Adams DE AP-3
Charles Alexander RB AFCA, AP-2, FWAA, UPI-2, NEA, SN, WC [15][16]
Robert Dugas T AP-2, NEA-2
1979 John Adams DE UPI-2
Willie Teal DB NEA-2
1980 Lyman White DE NEA-2
1982 James Britt DB NEA
Al Richardson LB AP-2, UPI-2
1983 Eric Martin WR GNS-2, SN [16]
1984 Dalton Hilliard RB NEA-2
Lance Smith G AFCA, UPI, NEA
1984 Michael Brooks LB AP, GNS, HS
1986 Eric Andolsek G FN-3
Wendell Davis WR AP-2, FWAA, UPI-2, FN-2, SN [16][15]
Henry Thomas DT AP-3, FN-3
1987 Nacho Albergamo C AP, UPI, WC, AFCA, FWAA, SH, SN [16][15]
Eric Andolsek G AP-3
Wendell Davis WR AFCA, FWAA, SH, SN [16][15]
1988 Greg Jackson DB GNS
1989 David Browndyke K GNS
1996 Kevin Faulk All-purpose AP
David LaFleur TE AP-3, WC
1997 Alan Faneca G AP, FWAA, WC, FN [15]
Kevin Faulk All-purpose AP-3
Chad Kessler P AP, WC, SN, FN [16]
1998 Kevin Faulk All-purpose AP-3
Anthony McFarland DT AP, FN
Todd McClure C AFCA
2001 Trev Faulk LB AP-2
Josh Reed WR WC, FWAA, AP, SN, PFW, SI [16][15]
2002 Bradie James LB AP-2, SN, AFCA [16]
2003 Skyler Green RS SI, ESPN
Chad Lavalais T WC, FWAA, AP, SN, SI, ESPN, Rivals [16][15]
Stephen Peterman G SN, SI, ESPN, Rivals [16]
Corey Webster CB AFCA
Ben Wilkerson C AP-2, SN-2 [16]
2004 Marcus Spears DE AP, AFCA, WC, CFN
Corey Webster CB AFCA, AP-2, SN [16]
Ben Wilkerson C AFCA, AP-3, SN, WC-2 [16]
2005 Skyler Green RS Rivals
Kyle Williams DT PFW, Rivals
Claude Wroten DT CFN
2006 Glenn Dorsey DT AP, AFCA, SI, PFW, CBS, Rivals
LaRon Landry S AP, AFCA, PFW, ESPN
2007 Glenn Dorsey DT AP, AFCA, FWAA, WC, SN, SI, PFW, CFN, Rivals, Scout [16][15]
Ali Highsmith LB CBS
Craig Steltz S AP, FWAA, WC, SI, ESPN, CBS, CFN, Rivals, Scout [15]
2008 Herman Johnson G AP, WC-2
2009 Patrick Peterson CB PFW, ESPN
2010 Josh Jasper K FWAA, SN [15]
Drake Nevis DT CBS
Patrick Peterson CB AFCA, AP, FWAA, SN, WC, CBS, CFN, ESPN, PFW, Rivals, Scout, SI [16][15]
2011 Will Blackwell G AP-2, SN, ESPN, Scout, Yahoo
Morris Claiborne CB AFCA, AP, FWAA, SN, WC, CBS, ESPN, PFW, Scout, SI, Yahoo [16][15]
Tyrann Mathieu CB AP, FWAA, SN, WC, CBS, ESPN, Scout, SI, Yahoo [16][15]
Sam Montgomery DE AP-3, FWAA, PFW, Scout [15]
Brad Wing P AP, CBS, Scout, SI
2012 J. C. Copeland FB PFW
Bennie Logan DT PFW
Kevin Minter LB AP-2, SI
Sam Montgomery DE AP-3
Eric Reid S AFCA, FWAA, ESPN, Scout [15]
2013 Odell Beckham Jr. All-purpose FWAA, CBS [15]
2014 La'el Collins T AP-2
2015 Vadal Alexander T AP-3, SI-2, WC-2, SN-2 [16]
Leonard Fournette RB AP, WC, FWAA, CBS, ESPN, SI-2 [15]
Jalen Mills CB CBS
2016 Jamal Adams S AP-2, CBS, USAT, Athlon, SI-2
Kendell Beckwith LB AP-3, WC-2, SN-2, SI-2 [16]
Ethan Pocic C FWAA, AP-3, WC-2, SN-2 [16]
Tre'Davious White CB AFCA, WC, SN-2 [16]
2017 Will Clapp C Athlon-2, CFN-2
Donte Jackson CB SN-2
Devin White LB FWAA-2, Athlon-2, USAT-2
Greedy Williams CB AP-3, Athlon-3
2018 Grant Delpit S AP, WC, SN, FWAA, AFCA, SI
Cole Tracy K AP-2, WC-2, SN-2, AFCA-2, SI-2
Devin White LB AP, WC, SN, AFCA, SI, FWAA-2
Greedy Williams CB WC, FWAA, AFCA, AP-2, SN-2, AFCA-2, SI-2
2019 Joe Burrow QB AFCA, AP, CBS, FWAA, SI, SN, WC [17][18][19][20]
Ja'Marr Chase WR AFCA, AP, CBS, FWAA, SI, SN, WC [17][18][19][20]
Lloyd Cushenberry C FWAA-2 [18]
Grant Delpit S AFCA, CBS, SN, WC [19][20]
Damien Lewis G Athletic
Derek Stingley Jr. CB AFCA, AP, CBS, SI, SN [17][18][20]
2020 Derek Stingley Jr. CB AFCA
Cade York K ESPN, USAT
Zach Von Rosenberg P Athletic


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