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This is a list of Members of Parliament (MPs) elected in the 1880 general election, held from March to April 1880.

Table of contents:

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Constituency MP Party
Aberdeen John Webster Liberal
Aberdeenshire East Sir Alexander Hamilton-Gordon Liberal
Aberdeenshire West Robert Farquharson Liberal
Abingdon John Creemer Clarke Liberal
Andover Francis Buxton Liberal
Anglesey Richard Davies Liberal
(two members)
James Chaine Conservative
Edward Macnaghten Conservative
Argyllshire Lord Colin Campbell Liberal
Armagh George Beresford Conservative
Armagh County
(two members)
Maxwell Close Conservative
James Richardson Liberal
Ashton-under-Lyne Hugh Mason Liberal
Athlone Sir John Ennis, Bt Liberal
(two members)
Sir Nathan Rothschild, Bt Liberal
George W. E. Russell Liberal
Ayr Burghs Richard Campbell Liberal
Ayrshire North Robert Cochran-Patrick Conservative
Ayrshire South Claud Alexander Conservative


Constituency MP Party
Banbury Bernhard Samuelson Liberal
Bandon Percy Bernard Conservative
Banffshire Robert Duff Liberal
(two members)
Viscount Lymington Liberal
Robert Carden Conservative
(two members)
Sir Arthur Hayter, Bt Liberal
Edmond Wodehouse Liberal
Beaumaris Morgan Lloyd Liberal
(two members)
Samuel Whitbread Liberal
Charles Magniac Liberal
(two members)
James Howard Liberal
The Marquess of Tavistock Liberal
(two members)
James Corry Conservative
William Ewart Conservative
(three members)
Robert Loyd-Lindsay Conservative
John Walter Liberal
Philip Wroughton Conservative
Berwickshire Edward Marjoribanks Liberal
(two members)
Dudley Marjoribanks Liberal
Hon. Henry Strutt Liberal
Bewdley Charles Harrison Liberal
Birkenhead David MacIver Conservative
(three members)
John Bright Liberal
Philip Henry Muntz Liberal
Joseph Chamberlain Liberal
(two members)
William Edward Briggs Liberal
William Coddington Conservative
Bodmin Hon. Frederick Leveson-Gower Liberal
(two members)
John Kynaston Cross Liberal
John Pennington Thomasson Liberal
(two members)
William Ingram Liberal
Thomas Garfit Conservative
(two members)
William Edward Forster Liberal
Alfred Illingworth Liberal
Brecon Cyril Flower Liberal
Breconshire William Fuller-Maitland Liberal
Bridgnorth William Henry Foster Conservative
Bridport Charles Warton Conservative
(two members)
John Robert Hollond Liberal
William Thackeray Marriott Liberal
(two members)
Samuel Morley Liberal
Lewis Fry Liberal
Buckingham Sir Harry Verney, Bt Liberal
(three members)
Sir Robert Harvey, Bt Conservative
Hon. Thomas Fremantle Conservative
Hon. Rupert Carington Liberal
Burnley Peter Rylands Liberal
Bury Robert Needham Philips Liberal
Bury St Edmunds
(two members)
Edward Greene Conservative
Joseph Hardcastle Liberal
Buteshire Thomas Russell Liberal


Constituency MP Party
Carnarvon William Bulkeley Hughes Liberal
Carnarvonshire Watkin Williams Liberal
Caithness Sir John Sinclair, Bt Liberal
Calne Lord Edmond FitzMaurice Liberal
(two members)
William Fowler Liberal
Hugh Shield Liberal
Cambridge University
(two members)
Spencer Horatio Walpole Conservative
Alexander Beresford Hope Conservative
(three members)
Hon. Sir Henry Brand Liberal
Benjamin Rodwell Conservative
Edward Hicks Conservative
(two members)
Alfred Gathorne-Hardy Conservative
Robert Peter Laurie Conservative
Cardiff Sir Edward James Reed Liberal
Cardigan David Davies Liberal
Cardiganshire Lewis Pugh Pugh Liberal
(two members)
Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Bt Liberal
Robert Ferguson Liberal
Carlow Charles Dawson Home Rule League
Carlow County
(two members)
Edmund Dwyer Gray Home Rule League
Donald Horne McFarlane Home Rule League
Carmarthen Boroughs Benjamin Thomas Williams Liberal
(two members)
Viscount Emlyn Conservative
W. R. H. Powell Liberal
Carrickfergus Thomas Greer Conservative
(two members)
Charles Joseph Fay Home Rule League
Joseph Biggar Home Rule League
Chatham Sir John Eldon Gorst Conservative
(two members)
Sir Charles Dilke, Bt Liberal
Joseph Firth Liberal
Cheltenham Charles de Ferrieres Liberal
Cheshire East
(two members)
William Legh Conservative
William Cunliffe Brooks Conservative
Cheshire Mid
(two members)
Hon. Wilbraham Egerton Conservative
Piers Egerton-Warburton Conservative
Cheshire West
(two members)
Sir Philip Grey Egerton, Bt Conservative
Hon. Wilbraham Tollemache Conservative
(two members)
Hon. Beilby Lawley Liberal
John George Dodson Liberal
Chichester Lord Henry Lennox Conservative
Chippenham Gabriel Goldney Conservative
Christchurch Horace Davey Liberal
Cirencester Thomas Chester-Master Conservative
Clackmannanshire and Kinross-shire Sir William Patrick Adam Liberal
(two members)
James Patrick Mahon Home Rule League
William O'Shea Home Rule League
Clitheroe Richard Fort Liberal
Clonmel Arthur John Moore Home Rule League
Cockermouth Edward Waugh Liberal
(two members)
Richard Causton Liberal
William Willis Liberal
Coleraine Sir Henry Bruce, Bt Conservative
(two members)
John Daly Home Rule League
Charles Stewart Parnell Home Rule League
County Cork
(two members)
William Shaw Home Rule League
David la Touche Colthurst Home Rule League
Cornwall East
(two members)
Thomas Agar-Robartes Liberal
William Copeland Borlase Liberal
Cornwall West Sir John St Aubyn, Bt Liberal
Arthur Vivian Liberal
(two members)
Sir Henry Jackson, Bt Liberal
William Wills Liberal
(two members)
Sir Daniel Gooch, Bt Conservative
Nevil Story Maskelyne Liberal
Cumberland East
(two members)
Stafford Howard Liberal
Sir Richard Musgrave, Bt Conservative
Cumberland West
(two members)
Hon. Percy Wyndham Conservative
David Ainsworth Liberal


Constituency MP Party
Darlington Theodore Fry Liberal
Denbigh Boroughs Sir Robert Cunliffe, Bt Liberal
(two members)
Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, Bt Conservative
George Osborne Morgan Liberal
(two members)
Michael Thomas Bass Liberal
Samuel Plimsoll Liberal
Derbyshire East
(two members)
Hon. Francis Egerton Liberal
Alfred Barnes Liberal
Derbyshire North
(two members)
Lord Edward Cavendish Liberal
John Frederick Cheetham Liberal
Derbyshire South
(two members)
Sir Henry Wilmot, Bt Conservative
William Evans Liberal
Devizes Sir Thomas Bateson, Bt Conservative
(two members)
Sir John Henry Puleston Conservative
George Edward Price Conservative
Devonshire East
(two members)
Sir John Kennaway, Bt Conservative
William Walrond Conservative
Devonshire North
(two members)
Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, Bt Liberal
Sir Stafford Northcote, Bt Conservative
Devonshire South
(two members)
Sir Massey Lopes, Bt Conservative
John Carpenter Garnier Conservative
Dewsbury Sir John Simon Liberal
(two members)
Thomas Lea Liberal
John Kinnear Liberal
Dorchester William Brymer Conservative
(three members)
Hon. Henry Portman Liberal
John Floyer Conservative
Hon. Edward Digby Conservative
(two members)
Alexander George Dickson Conservative
Charles Freshfield Conservative
(two members)
Viscount Castlereagh Conservative
Lord Arthur Hill Conservative
Downpatrick John Mulholland Conservative
Drogheda Benjamin Whitworth Home Rule League
Droitwich John Corbett Liberal
(two members)
Maurice Brooks Home Rule League
Robert Spencer Dyer Lyons Liberal
Dublin County
(two members)
Thomas Edward Taylor Conservative
Ion Hamilton Conservative
Dublin University Hon. David Plunket Conservative
Edward Gibson Conservative
Dudley Henry Brinsley Sheridan Liberal
Dumfries Ernest Noel Liberal
Dumfriesshire Robert Jardine Liberal
Dunbartonshire Archibald Orr-Ewing Conservative
Dundalk Charles Russell Liberal
(two members)
George Armitstead Liberal
Frank Henderson Liberal
Dungannon Thomas Alexander Dickson Liberal
Dungarvon Frank Hugh O'Donnell Home Rule League
Durham City
(two members)
Farrer Herschell Liberal
Thomas Charles Thompson Liberal
Durham County North
(two members)
Charles Palmer Liberal
John Joicey Liberal
Durham County South Joseph Pease Liberal
Hon. Frederick Lambton Liberal


Constituency MP Party
East Retford
(two members)
Francis Foljambe Liberal
Frederick Mappin Liberal
(two members)
Duncan McLaren Liberal
James Cowan Liberal
Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities Lyon Playfair Liberal
Elgin M. E. Grant Duff Liberal
Elginshire and Nairnshire Sir George Macpherson-Grant, Bt Liberal
Ennis James Lysaght Finigan Home Rule League
Enniskillen Viscount Cole Conservative
Essex East
(two members)
James Round Conservative
Samuel Ruggles-Brise Conservative
Essex South
(two members)
Thomas Baring Conservative
William Makins Conservative
Essex West
(two members)
Lord Eustace Cecil Conservative
Sir Henry Selwin-Ibbetson, Bt Conservative
Evesham Daniel Rowlinson Ratcliff Liberal
(two members)
Edward Johnson Liberal
Henry Northcote Conservative
Eye Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett Conservative


Constituency MP Party
Falkirk Burghs John Ramsay Liberal
(two members)
William Humphrys Archdale Conservative
Viscount Crichton Conservative
Fife Robert Preston Bruce Liberal
(two members)
William McCullagh Torrens Liberal
Sir Andrew Lusk, Bt Liberal
Flint John Roberts Liberal
Flintshire Lord Richard Grosvenor Liberal
Forfarshire James William Barclay Liberal
Frome Henry Samuelson Liberal


Constituency MP Party
Galway Borough
(two members)
John Orrell Lever Home Rule League
T. P. O'Connor Home Rule League
Galway County
(two members)
Mitchell Henry Home Rule League
John Philip Nolan Home Rule League
Gateshead Walter James Liberal
(two members)
Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot Liberal
Henry Vivian Liberal
(three members)
George Anderson Liberal
Charles Cameron Liberal
Robert Tweedie Middleton Liberal
Glasgow and Aberdeen Universities James Alexander Campbell Conservative
(two members)
(representation suspended 1881)
Charles James Monk Liberal
Thomas Robinson Liberal
Gloucestershire East
(two members)
Sir Michael Hicks Beach, Bt Conservative
John Yorke Conservative
Gloucestershire West
(two members)
Robert Kingscote Liberal
Henry Reynolds-Moreton Liberal
(two members)
John William Mellor Liberal
Charles Savile Roundell Liberal
Gravesend Thomas Bevan Liberal
Great Grimsby Edward Heneage Liberal
Great Marlow Owen Williams Conservative
Greenock James Stewart Liberal
(two members)
Thomas Boord Conservative
Baron Henry de Worms Conservative
Guildford Denzil Onslow Conservative


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
John Holms Liberal
Henry Fawcett Liberal
Haddington Sir David Wedderburn, Bt Liberal
Haddingtonshire Lord Elcho Conservative
(two members)
Sir James Stansfeld Liberal
John Dyson Hutchinson Liberal
Hampshire North
(two members)
William Wither Bramston Beach Conservative
George Sclater-Booth Conservative
Hampshire South
(two members)
Lord Henry Douglas-Scott-Montagu Conservative
Francis Compton Conservative
The Hartlepools Thomas Richardson Liberal
Harwich Sir Henry Tyler Conservative
(two members)
Thomas Brassey Liberal
Charles James Murray Conservative
Haverfordwest William Edwardes Liberal
Hawick George Trevelyan Liberal
Helston William Molesworth-St Aubyn Conservative
(two members)
Joseph Pulley Liberal
Robert Reid Liberal
(three members)
Sir Joseph Bailey, Bt Conservative
Michael Biddulph Liberal
Thomas Duckham Liberal
Hertford Arthur Balfour Conservative
(three members)
Hon. Henry Cowper Liberal
Abel Smith Conservative
Frederick Halsey Conservative
Horsham Sir Henry Fletcher, Bt Conservative
Huddersfield Edward Leatham Liberal
Huntingdon Edward Montagu Conservative
(two members)
William Fellowes Conservative
Lord Douglas Gordon Liberal
Hythe Edward Watkin Liberal


Constituency MP Party
Inverness Charles Fraser-Mackintosh Liberal
Inverness-shire Donald Cameron Conservative
(two members)
Thomas Cobbold Conservative
Jesse Collings Liberal
Isle of Wight Hon. Evelyn Ashley Liberal


Constituency MP Party
Kendal John Whitwell Liberal
Kent East
(two members)
Edward Leigh Pemberton Conservative
Aretas Akers-Douglas Conservative
Kent Mid
(two members)
Sir William Hart Dyke, Bt Conservative
Sir Edmund Filmer, Bt Conservative
Kent West
(two members)
Sir Charles Mills, Bt Conservative
Viscount Lewisham Conservative
(two members)
Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett Home Rule League
Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, Bt Liberal
Kidderminster John Brinton Liberal
(two members)
Charles Henry Meldon Home Rule League
James Leahy Home Rule League
Kilkenny City John Francis Smithwick Home Rule League
County Kilkenny
(two members)
Patrick Martin Home Rule League
Edward Marum Home Rule League
Kilmarnock Burghs John Dick Peddie Liberal
Kincardineshire Sir George Balfour Liberal
King's County
(two members)
Sir Patrick O'Brien, Bt Home Rule League
Bernard Charles Molloy Home Rule League
King's Lynn
(two members)
Hon. Robert Bourke Conservative
Sir William ffolkes, Bt Liberal
Kingston upon Hull
(two members)
Charles Morgan Norwood Liberal
Charles Wilson Liberal
Kinsale Eugene Collins Home Rule League
Kirkcaldy Burghs Sir George Campbell Liberal
Kirkcudbright John Heron-Maxwell Liberal
Knaresborough Sir Henry Meysey-Thompson, Bt Liberal


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
Sir James Lawrence, Bt Liberal
William McArthur Liberal
Lanarkshire North Sir Thomas Colebrooke, Bt Liberal
Lanarkshire South John Hamilton Liberal
Lancashire North
(two members)
Hon. Frederick Stanley Conservative
Joseph Feilden Conservative
Lancashire North-East
(two members)
Spencer Cavendish Liberal
Frederick William Grafton Liberal
Lancashire South-East
(two members)
Robert Leake Liberal
William Agnew Liberal
Lancashire South-West
(two members)
R. A. Cross Conservative
John Ireland Blackburne Conservative
Launceston Sir Hardinge Giffard Conservative
(three members)
John Barran Liberal
William Ewart Gladstone Liberal
William Jackson Conservative
(two members)
Peter Alfred Taylor Liberal
Alexander McArthur Liberal
Leicestershire North
(two members)
John Manners Conservative
Edwyn Sherard Burnaby Conservative
Leicestershire South
(two members)
Albert Pell Conservative
Thomas Paget Liberal
Leith Burghs Andrew Grant Liberal
(two members)
Francis O'Beirne Home Rule League
Arthur Loftus Tottenham Conservative
Leominster James Rankin Conservative
Lewes William Christie Conservative
Lichfield Richard Dyott Conservative
Limerick City
(two members)
Richard O'Shaughnessy Home Rule League
Daniel Fitzgerald Gabbett Home Rule League
Limerick County
(two members)
Edward John Synan Home Rule League
William Henry O'Sullivan Home Rule League
(two members)
Charles Seely Liberal
John Hinde Palmer Liberal
Lincolnshire Mid
(two members)
Henry Chaplin Conservative
Hon. Edward Stanhope Conservative
Lincolnshire North
(two members)
Rowland Winn Conservative
Robert Laycock Liberal
Lincolnshire South
(two members)
Sir William Welby-Gregory, Bt Conservative
John Compton Lawrance Conservative
Linlithgowshire Peter McLagan Liberal
Lisburne Sir Richard Wallace, Bt Conservative
Liskeard Leonard Courtney Liberal
(three members)
Viscount Sandon Conservative
Edward Whitley Conservative
John Ramsay Liberal
City of London
(four members)
William Cotton Conservative
John Hubbard Conservative
Robert Fowler Conservative
William Lawrence Liberal
London University Robert Lowe Liberal
Londonderry Charles Lewis Conservative
Londonderry County
(two members)
Hugh Law Liberal
Sir Thomas McClure, Bt Liberal
(two members)
George Errington Home Rule League
Justin McCarthy Home Rule League
Louth County
(two members)
Alexander Martin Sullivan Home Rule League
Philip Callan Home Rule League
Ludlow George Windsor-Clive Conservative
Lymington Edmund Hegan Kennard Conservative


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
William Brocklehurst Liberal
David Chadwick Liberal
(two members)
Alexander Henry Ross Conservative
John Evans Freke-Aylmer Conservative
Maldon George Courtauld Liberal
Mallow William Moore Johnson Liberal
Malmesbury Walter Powell Conservative
Malton Charles Wentworth-Fitzwilliam Liberal
(three members)
Hugh Birley Conservative
Jacob Bright Liberal
John Slagg Liberal
Marlborough Lord Charles Brudenell-Bruce Liberal
(two members)
Sir Thomas Chambers Liberal
Daniel Grant Liberal
(two members)
John O'Connor Power Home Rule League
Charles Stewart Parnell
(seat taken by Isaac Nelson on 26 May)
Home Rule League
(two members)
Charles Stewart Parnell Home Rule League
Robert Henry Metge Home Rule League
Merioneth Samuel Holland Liberal
Merthyr Tydvil
(two members)
Henry Richard Liberal
Charles James Liberal
Middlesbrough Isaac Wilson Liberal
(two members)
Lord George Hamilton Conservative
Octavius Coope Conservative
Midhurst Sir Henry Holland, Bt Conservative
Midlothian William Ewart Gladstone Liberal
(two members)
John Givan Liberal
William Findlater Liberal
Monmouth Boroughs Edward Carbutt Liberal
(two members)
Frederick Courtenay Morgan Conservative
John Rolls Conservative
Montgomery Hon. Frederick Hanbury-Tracy Liberal
Montgomeryshire Stuart Rendel Liberal
Montrose William Edward Baxter Liberal
Morpeth Thomas Burt Liberal


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
Thomas Earp Liberal
William Newzam Nicholson Conservative
(two members)
William Shepherd Allen Liberal
Charles Donaldson-Hudson Conservative
(two members)
Joseph Cowen Liberal
Ashton Wentworth Dilke Liberal
Newport (Isle of Wight) Charles Clifford Liberal
New Ross Joseph Foley Home Rule League
Newry Henry Thomson Conservative
New Shoreham
(two members)
Sir Walter Burrell, Bt Conservative
Robert Loder Conservative
Norfolk North
(two members)
Sir Edmund Lacon, Bt Conservative
Edward Birkbeck Conservative
Norfolk South
(two members)
Sir Robert Buxton, Bt Conservative
Robert Gurdon Liberal
Norfolk West
(two members)
George Bentinck Conservative
William Tyssen-Amherst Conservative
Northallerton George Elliot Conservative
(two members)
Henry Labouchère Liberal
Charles Bradlaugh Liberal
Northamptonshire North
(two members)
Brownlow Cecil Conservative
Hon. Charles Spencer Liberal
Northamptonshire South
(two members)
Sir Rainald Knightley, Bt Conservative
Fairfax Cartwright Conservative
Northumberland North
(two members)
Henry Percy Conservative
Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bt Conservative
Northumberland South
(two members)
Wentworth Beaumont Liberal
Albert Grey Liberal
(two members)
Jeremiah Colman Liberal
Jacob Henry Tillett Liberal
(two members)
Charles Seely Liberal
John Skirrow Wright Liberal
Nottinghamshire North
(two members)
The Viscount Galway Conservative
Cecil Foljambe Liberal
Nottinghamshire South
(two members)
Thomas Thoroton-Hildyard Conservative
George Storer Conservative


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
J. T. Hibbert Liberal
Hon. Edward Stanley Liberal
Orkney and Shetland Samuel Laing Liberal
(two members)
Sir William Vernon Harcourt Liberal
Joseph William Chitty Liberal
(three members)
John North Conservative
William Cornwallis Cartwright Liberal
Edward Vernon Harcourt Conservative
Oxford University
(two members)
John Mowbray Conservative
John Gilbert Talbot Conservative


Constituency MP Party
Paisley William Holms Liberal
Peebles and Selkirk Charles Tennant Liberal
Pembroke Henry George Allen Liberal
Pembrokeshire William Davies Liberal
Penryn and Falmouth
(two members)
David James Jenkins Liberal
Reginald Brett Liberal
Perth Charles Stuart Parker Liberal
Perthshire Sir Donald Currie Liberal
(two members)
Hon. John Wentworth-FitzWilliam Liberal
George Hammond Whalley Liberal
Petersfield William Nicholson Liberal
(two members)
Edward Bates Conservative
Peter Stewart Macliver Liberal
Pontefract Hugh Childers Liberal
Sidney Woolf Liberal
Poole Charles Schreiber Conservative
Portarlington Hon. Bernard FitzPatrick Conservative
(two members)
Thomas Charles Bruce Conservative
Sir Henry Drummond Wolff Conservative
(two members)
Edward Hermon Conservative
Sir John Holker Conservative


Queen's County
(two members)
Richard Lalor Home Rule League
Arthur O'Connor Home Rule League


Constituency MP Party
Radnor Spencer Cavendish Liberal
Radnorshire Sir Richard Green-Price, Bt Liberal
(two members)
George Shaw-Lefevre Liberal
George Palmer Liberal
Renfrewshire William Mure Liberal
Richmond (Yorkshire) John Dundas Liberal
Ripon George Goschen Liberal
Rochdale Thomas Bayley Potter Liberal
(two members)
Arthur Otway Liberal
Roger Leigh Conservative
(two members)
Andrew Commins Home Rule League
James Joseph O'Kelly Home Rule League
Ross and Cromarty Alexander Matheson Liberal
Roxburghshire Hon. Arthur Elliot Liberal
(two members)
Gerard Noel Conservative
George Finch Conservative
Rye Frederick Andrew Inderwick Liberal


Constituency MP Party
St Andrews Stephen Williamson Liberal
St Ives Sir Charles Reed Liberal
(two members)
Benjamin Armitage Liberal
Arthur Arnold Liberal
(two members)
William Grenfell Liberal
John Passmore Edwards Liberal
(two members)
Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen Liberal
Henry Brassey Liberal
(two members)
Sir Harcourt Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, Bt Liberal
William Sproston Caine Liberal
Shaftesbury Hon. Sidney Glyn Liberal
(two members)
A. J. Mundella Liberal
Charles Stuart-Wortley Conservative
(two members)
Charles Cecil Cotes Liberal
Henry Robertson Liberal
Shropshire North
(two members)
Viscount Newport Conservative
Stanley Leighton Conservative
Shropshire South
(two members)
John Edmund Severne Conservative
Sir Baldwyn Leighton, Bt Conservative
Sligo County
(two members)
Denis Maurice O'Conor Home Rule League
Thomas Sexton Home Rule League
Somerset East
(two members)
Sir Philip Miles, Bt Conservative
Lord Brooke Conservative
Somerset Mid
(two members)
Sir Richard Paget, Bt Conservative
William Gore-Langton Conservative
Somerset West
(two members)
Vaughan Vaughan-Lee Conservative
Mordaunt Bisset Conservative
(two members)
Henry Lee Liberal
Charles Parker Butt Liberal
South Shields James Cochran Stevenson Liberal
(two members)
Arthur Cohen Liberal
Thorold Rogers Liberal
(two members)
Alexander Macdonald Liberal
Charles McLaren Liberal
Staffordshire East
(two members)
Michael Bass Liberal
Henry Wiggin Liberal
Staffordshire North
(two members)
William Young Craig Liberal
Harry Davenport Conservative
Staffordshire West
(two members)
Francis Monckton Conservative
Alexander Staveley Hill Conservative
Stalybridge William Summers Liberal
Stamford Marston Clarke Buszard Liberal
Stirling Burghs Henry Campbell-Bannerman Liberal
Stirlingshire Joseph Cheney Bolton Liberal
(two members)
Charles Henry Hopwood Liberal
Frederick Pennington Liberal
Stockton Joseph Dodds Liberal
(two members)
William Woodall Liberal
Henry Broadhurst Liberal
(two members)
Walter John Stanton Liberal
Henry Brand Liberal
Suffolk East
(two members)
The Lord Rendlesham Conservative
Frederick St John Barne Conservative
Suffolk West
(two members)
Thomas Thornhill Conservative
William Biddell Conservative
(two members)
Sir Edward Temperley Gourley Liberal
Sir Henry Havelock-Allan, Bt Liberal
Surrey East
(two members)
James Watney Conservative
William Grantham Conservative
Surrey Mid
(two members)
Sir Henry Peek, Bt Conservative
Sir James Lawrence, Bt Conservative
Surrey West
(two members)
George Cubitt Conservative
Hon. St John Brodrick Conservative
Sussex East
(two members)
George Burrow Gregory Conservative
Montagu Scott Conservative
Sussex West
(two members)
Sir Walter Barttelot, Bt Conservative
The Earl of March Conservative
Sutherland The Marquess of Stafford Liberal
Swansea District Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn Liberal


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
Hamar Alfred Bass Liberal
Jabez Balfour Liberal
(two members)
Sir Henry James Liberal
Sir William Palliser Conservative
Tavistock Lord Arthur Russell Liberal
Tewkesbury William Edwin Price Liberal
Thirsk Lewis Payn Dawnay Conservative
(two members)
Patrick James Smyth Home Rule League
John Dillon Home Rule League
(two members)
Sir John Heathcoat-Amory, Bt Liberal
William Nathaniel Massey Liberal
Tower Hamlets
(two members)
Charles Ritchie Conservative
James Bryce Liberal
Tralee Daniel O'Donoghue Home Rule League
(two members)
Sir James McGarel-Hogg, Bt Conservative
Edward Brydges Willyams Liberal
Tynemouth and North Shields Thomas Eustace Smith Liberal
(two members)
John Ellison-Macartney Conservative
Edward Falconer Litton Liberal


Constituency MP Party
Wakefield Robert Bownas Mackie Liberal
Wallingford Walter Wren Liberal
Walsall Sir Charles Forster, Bt Liberal
Wareham Montague Guest Liberal
Warrington John Gordon McMinnies Liberal
(two members)
Arthur Peel Liberal
George Repton Conservative
Warwickshire North
(two members)
Charles Newdigate Newdegate Conservative
William Bromley-Davenport Conservative
Warwickshire South
(two members)
Sir John Eardley-Wilmot, Bt Conservative
Gilbert Leigh Liberal
Waterford City
(two members)
Richard Power Home Rule League
Edmund Leamy Home Rule League
Waterford County
(two members)
Henry Villiers-Stuart Liberal
John Aloysius Blake Home Rule League
Wednesbury Alexander Brogden Liberal
(two members)
Alexander Brown Liberal
Hon. Cecil Weld-Forester Conservative
Westbury Charles Phipps Conservative
(two members)
Timothy Daniel Sullivan Home Rule League
Henry Joseph Gill Home Rule League
(two members)
William Smith Conservative
Sir Charles Russell, Bt Conservative
(two members)
William Lowther Conservative
Thomas Taylour Conservative
Wexford Borough William Redmond Home Rule League
Wexford County
(two members)
John Barry Home Rule League
Garrett Byrne Home Rule League
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis
(two members)
Henry Edwards Liberal
Sir Frederick Johnstone, Bt Conservative
Whitby Arthur Pease Liberal
Whitehaven George Cavendish-Bentinck Conservative
Wick District John Pender Liberal
(two members)
William Joseph Corbet Home Rule League
James Carlile McCoan Home Rule League
(two members)
Lord Balniel Conservative
Thomas Knowles Conservative
Wigtown John McLaren Liberal
Wigtownshire Sir Herbert Maxwell, Bt Conservative
Wilton Hon. Sidney Herbert Conservative
Wiltshire North
(two members)
George Sotheron-Estcourt Conservative
Walter Long Conservative
Wiltshire South
(two members)
Lord Henry Thynne Conservative
Viscount Folkestone Conservative
(two members)
Viscount Baring Liberal
Richard Moss Conservative
Windsor Robert Richardson-Gardner Conservative
(two members)
Hon. Charles Pelham Villiers Liberal
Henry Fowler Liberal
Woodstock Lord Randolph Churchill Conservative
(two members)
Thomas Rowley Hill Liberal
Æneas John McIntyre Liberal
Worcestershire East
(two members)
William Henry Gladstone Liberal
George Hastings Liberal
Worcestershire West
(two members)
Frederick Knight Conservative
Sir Edmund Lechmere, Bt Conservative
Wycombe Hon. William Carington Liberal


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
Ralph Creyke Liberal
Joseph Johnson Leeman Liberal
Yorkshire East Riding
(two members)
Christopher Sykes Conservative
William Harrison-Broadley Conservative
Yorkshire North Riding
(two members)
Frederick Milbank Liberal
Viscount Helmsley Conservative
Yorkshire West Riding East
(two members)
Sir Andrew Fairbairn Liberal
Sir John Ramsden, Bt Liberal
Yorkshire West Riding North
(two members)
Lord Frederick Cavendish Liberal
Sir Mathew Wilson, Bt Liberal
Yorkshire West Riding South
(two members)
Henry Wentworth-Fitzwilliam Liberal
William Henry Leatham Liberal
Youghal Sir Joseph Neale McKenna Home Rule League

Notes and references

  1. ^ The election in Macclesfield was voided on petition, and the writ suspended.Leigh Rayment's Historical List of MPs – Constituencies beginning with "M" (part 1)

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