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Michigan Wolverines football All-Americans are American football players who have been named as All-Americans while playing for the University of Michigan football team.


Since 1898, 134 Michigan Wolverines football players have earned first-team All-American honor.

William Cunningham was the first in 1898 based on a performance that led Louis Elbel to write "The Victors". Neil Snow was the second in 1901 based on his role on the 1901 team that outscored its opponents 550–0. Willie Heston was the first Michigan All-American selected by Walter Camp.

There are two players who have earned the distinction three times: Bennie Oosterbaan (1925–1927) and Anthony Carter (1980–1982).

There are twenty-three others who have won the distinction twice: Willie Heston, Albert Benbrook, Benny Friedman, Chuck Bernard, Ted Petoskey, Tom Harmon, Alvin Wistert, Robert Wahl, Ron Kramer, Bill Yearby, Dave Brown, Mark Donahue, Jumbo Elliott, Mark Messner, Tripp Welborne, Greg Skrepenak, Charles Woodson, Steve Hutchinson, Marlin Jackson, Jake Long, Taylor Lewan, Jake Butt and Jourdan Lewis.

Twenty-five Michigan players have been unanimous All-American selections: Bennie Oosterbaan, Harry Newman, Chuck Bernard, Ralph Heikkinen, Tom Harmon, Bill Daley, Bob Chappuis, Ron Kramer, Jack Clancy, Jim Mandich, Mike Taylor, Dave Brown, Mark Donahue, Anthony Carter, Mark Messner, Tripp Welborne, Desmond Howard, Greg Skrepenak, Charles Woodson, Steve Hutchinson, Braylon Edwards, Jake Long, Jabrill Peppers, Aidan Hutchinson, and Blake Corum.

Two players have been selected as unanimous All-Americans twice: Anthony Carter and Tripp Welborne.

Sortable chart of Michigan's All-Americans

Player Position Year Unanimous Consensus Selectors
William Cunningham C 1898 No Yes CW-1
Allen Steckle T 1898 No No WC-2
John McLean HB 1899 No No PI
Richard France G 1899 No No PI
Neil Snow E 1899 No No PI
Neil Snow E 1901 No Yes
Joe Maddock T 1902 No No NA
Boss Weeks QB 1902 No No NA
Willie Heston HB 1902 No No NA; CW-2
Willie Heston HB 1903 No Yes WC-1; CW-1; FY-1; SA-1
Herb Graver HB 1903 No No WC-3
Joe Maddock T 1903 No No WC-3; CW-2; FY-1; SA-1
Curtis Redden E 1903 No No WC-3
Willie Heston HB 1904 No Yes WC-1, NYET, FL
Joe Curtis T 1904 No No WC-2, FL
Joe Curtis T 1905 No No WC-2
Thomas Hammond HB 1905 No No WC-3
Henry Schulte G 1905 No No WC-2
John Garrels FB 1906 No No WC-3
Germany Schulz C 1907 No Yes WC-1; CW-2; FY-1
Walter Rheinschild T 1907 No No FY-1
Germany Schulz C 1908 No No CON-2 [9]; NYW; PI; FY; TT; CSM; NYET; BSU; BP; PD; NHR; TJ; KCJ; PP; PT; PES
William Casey T 1909 No No
Albert Benbrook G 1909 No Yes WC-1
Dave Allerdice HB 1909 No No WC-2; NYT-1; TC-1
Joe Magidsohn HB 1909 No No WC-2
Albert Benbrook G 1910 No Yes WC–1; TC-1; OUT; ES; LES; TEL
Stanfield Wells E 1910 No Yes WC-1; OUT
Joe Magidsohn HB 1910 No No LES-2; TC-1; CP; OUT; TEL; PP-2; WT; PD; NYG; NYMT; PT; ALS; PL; Penn
Stanfield Wells E 1911 No No WC-3 [hb]; NYG-1; HW-1; HL
Miller Pontius T 1912 No No ASH-1
Miller Pontius T 1913 No Yes NS-1; MFP-2; FY-1; PHD-1; TT-1
James Craig HB 1913 No Yes WC–1; HW-1; INS-1; MFP-1; FY-1; TT-1; TET-1
Bubbles Paterson C 1913 No No WC–3; MFP-1
Tommy Hughitt QB 1913 No No MFP-2; FY-1
John Maulbetsch HB 1914 No Yes WC–1; VF [fb]; PHD; WE–1; FM-1; MO-1; PGT [fb]; BN; AC; PS; DD; PET; SLT; MD; NES; DN; PPL; BP; AW; PI; OUT
John Maulbetsch HB 1915 No No WE-2; MON-2; TC-1
Cliff Sparks QB 1916 No No MON-1
John Maulbetsch HB 1916 No No FY-1
Cedrick "Pat" Smith FB 1917 No No
Ernest Allmendinger G 1917 No No
Frank Culver G 1917 No No WC–1; NEA; JV-2; PP-1
Oscar Lambert C 1917 No No WE-2
Archie Weston QB 1917 No No WE-1
Frank Steketee FB 1918 No No WC-1; BM-2
Angus Goetz T 1918 No No WC-3
Angus Goetz T 1920 No No WC-2
Tad Wieman T 1920 No No LP-2
Ernie Vick C 1921 No No FW-3; WC-1; WE-3; MM-2
Paul Goebel E 1921 No No LP-1
Robert J. Dunne G 1921 No No NB-1
Franklin Cappon T 1921 No No NB-2
Paul Goebel E 1922 No No NYT-1; NB-1; AW-1; LP-1; BE; RO-1
Bernard Kirk E 1922 No No WC-2; NYT-1; WE-1; NB-2; LP-2; BE; FH-1; RO-2
Irwin Uteritz QB 1922 No No WC-3; WE-3; FM-1; RO-5
Harry Kipke HB 1922 No Yes WC-1; NYT-2; AW-1; WE-1; NB-1; LP-1 [qb]; BE; RO-2
Stanley Muirhead T 1922 No No LP-2; RO-4
Franklin Cappon FB 1922 No No WE-3; NYT-2 [hb]; FH-2; RO-5 [hb]
Edliff Slaughter G 1923 No No LP-1
Jack Blott C 1923 No Yes AW-1; WC-1; NB-1; DW-1
Harry Kipke HB 1923 No No AW-2; LP-1; TT-3
Stanley Muirhead T 1923 No No AW-2; LP-2; NB-2
Edliff Slaughter G 1924 No No WC-1; LP-1; BE-2; NB-1
Harry Hawkins G 1925 No No JRW-3; WE-3
Robert J. Brown C 1925 No No AP-2; COL-2; A&S-1; Sun–2; BE-1; NB-1
Tom Edwards T 1925 No No AP-2; COL-2; A&S-1; Sun–2; BE-1; NB-1
Benny Friedman QB 1925 No Yes UP-1; AP-2; COL-2; JRW-1; Sun–1; WE–2; BE-2
Bennie Oosterbaan E 1925 No Yes UP-1; AP-1; COL-1; A&S-1; JRW-1; Sun-1; WC; WE–1; BE-1; NB-1
Benny Friedman QB 1926 No Yes AP-1; COL-1; CP-1; NYS-1; BE-1; RWJ-2; RG-1; DW-1; ES-1
Bennie Oosterbaan E 1926 No Yes AP-3; COL-1; CP-1; WC-1; BE-1; RWJ-1; RG-2; ES-1
Bennie Oosterbaan E 1927 Yes Yes AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; CP-1; HE-1; DJW-1; NYS-1; BE-1; LP-1
Otto Pommerening T 1928 No Yes AP-1; UP-1; CO-1
Harry Newman QB 1930 No No INS-3
Maynard Morrison C 1931 No No AP–3; COL–1; NEA-1; CP–3
Bill Hewitt E 1931 No No NEA-3
Harry Newman QB 1932 Yes Yes AP-1; UP-1; CO-1; AAB-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-1; NYT-1; WC-1; TR-1
Chuck Bernard C 1932 No No AP-3; NEA-1; INS-1
Ted Petoskey E 1932 No No WC-1; AAB-1; INS-3; NYS-2
Chuck Bernard C 1933 Yes Yes AP-1; UP-1; CO-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-1; WC-1; DJW-1; WD-1
Ted Petoskey E 1933 No No AP-2; UP-2; CO-2; INS-1; CP-1
Francis Wistert T 1933 No Yes UP-1; CO-1; INS-2; CP-2; NYS-1; WC-1; DJW-1; WD-1
Herman Everhardus HB 1933 No No COL-3; NEA-2; INS-2
Matt Patanelli E 1936 No No AP-3; CP-2
Ralph Heikkinen G 1938 Yes Yes AP-1; UP-1; CP-1; CO-1; NEA-1; NYS-1; WC-1
Tom Harmon HB 1939 No Yes AP-1; UP-1; CO-1; CP-1; INS-1; NEA-3; NYS-1 [fb]; WC-1; NW-1 (2nd in Heisman Trophy voting)
Tom Harmon HB 1940 Yes Yes AP-1; UP-1; HE-1; CP-1; CO-1; NEA-1; NYS-1; WC-1 (Heisman Trophy winner)
Ed Frutig E 1940 No No AP-3; UP-3; HE-1; CP-3
Bob Westfall FB 1941 No Yes AP-1; UP-1; AAB-1; CO-1; NEA-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-1; WC-1
Julius Franks G 1942 No Yes AP-2; SN-3; INS-1; CP-1; NEA-2; CO-1; NYS-2
Al Wistert T 1942 No Yes AP-2; UP-1; SN-2; CP-3; NEA-3; LK-1; NYS-1; WC-1; MS-1
Julius Franks G 1942 Yes Yes AP-2; CO-1; INS-1; NEA-2; NW; SN-3; CP-1; NYS-2
Merv Pregulman T 1942 No No SN-3; NEA-1; MS-1 [4-way tie]
Merv Pregulman T 1943 No No CO-1; SS-1 [tackle]
Bill Daley FB 1943 Yes Yes AP-1; UP-; CO-1; SS-1; INS-1; CP-1; NYS-1
Milan Lazetich T 1944 No No AP-2; UP-3; FWAA-2; INS-2; CP-2
Elmer Madar E 1946 No No AP-1; INS-2; CP-3
Bob Chappuis HB 1947 Yes Yes AP-1; UP-1; PO-1; CO-1; NEA-1; CP-1; INS-1; WC-1; FW-1 (2nd in Heisman Trophy voting)
J.T. White C 1947 No No FWAA-2
Bump Elliott HB 1947 No No AP-2; UP-2; PO-1; NEA-3; CP-2; INS-3; FW-2
Pete Elliott QB 1948 No No INS-1 [defense]
Dick Rifenburg E 1948 No Yes AP-1; UP-1; NEA-1; CP-1; INS-1 [offense]; WC-1; FW-1
Alvin Wistert T 1948 No Yes UP-1; CO-1; NEA-2; CP-1; WC-1; FW-2
Dick Kempthorn FB 1949 No No AP-2; UP-2; FWAA-3
Chuck Ortmann HB 1949 No No FWAA-2
Robert Wahl T 1949 No No NEA-1 (offense); FWAA-1
Alvin Wistert T 1949 No Yes WC-1; AP-3; UP-1; TSN; INS-1 (defense)
Robert Wahl T 1950 No No AAB; AP (defense)-1; UP-2; INS (offense)-1; CP-2
Chuck Ortmann HB 1950 No No CP-3
Tom Johnson T 1951 No No CT
Lowell Perry E 1951 No No UP-3; CP-2
Lowell Perry E 1952 No No NEA
Art Walker T 1954 No No AAB, FWAA
Ron Kramer E 1954 No No AP-3; UP-3; CP-1; INS-2
Ron Kramer E 1955 No Yes AAB, AFCA, FWAA, INS, NEA, SN, UP, WC
Tom Maentz E 1955 No No AP-2; UP-2; CP-3
Ron Kramer E 1956 Yes Yes AP, UP, CP, NEA, INS, TSN, AFCA, WC, FWAA (6th in Heisman Trophy voting)
Jim Pace HB 1957 No No AAB, AP-1, INS-2, UP-2
Jim Van Pelt QB 1957 No No INS-2
Bennie McRae HB 1961 No No AP-3
Bob Timberlake QB 1964 No No AP-1, FWAA, FN [RB], NEA-2 [RB]) (4th in Heisman Trophy voting)
Bill Yearby DT 1964 No No AFCA-3, AP-2, CP-1, FN, NEA-1
Tom Mack OT 1965 No No UPI-2, NEA-2
Bill Yearby DT 1965 No Yes AFCA, AP-2, CP-1, UPI-1, Time, TSN, WC
Jack Clancy E 1966 Yes Yes AFCA, AP-1, CP-1, FWAA, NEA-1, UPI-1, Time, TSN, WC
Rick Volk DB 1966 No No Time, TSN
Joe Dayton C 1967 No No CP-3
Ron Johnson HB 1967 No No CP-2
Ray Phillips OG 1967 No No CP-3, UPI-2
Tom Curtis DB 1968 No No AP-2, UPI-2
Ron Johnson HB 1968 No No FWAA, FN, AP-2, CP-2, NEA-2, UPI-2
Tom Curtis DB 1969 No Yes AP, UPI, WC, CP, FN
Jim Mandich TE 1969 Yes Yes AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, CP, Time, FN
Marty Huff LB 1970 No No AFCA
Dan Dierdorf OT 1970 No Yes AP, UPI, NEA, FWAA, WC, AFCA, Time, PFW, FN
Henry Hill G 1970 No No CP
Reggie McKenzie OG 1971 No Yes AP, UPI, NEA, WC, FWAA, TSN, Time, FN
Thom Darden DB 1971 No No AFCA, TSN
Billy Taylor RB 1971 No No FN
Mike Taylor LB 1971 Yes Yes AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, Time, FN
Paul Seymour OT 1972 No Yes NEA, FWAA, AFCA, TSN, Time
Randy Logan DB 1972 No Yes UPI, WC, AFCA, FN
Dave Gallagher DT 1973 No Yes AP, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, Time
Dave Brown DB 1973 No Yes UPI, AFCA, FWAA
Mike Lantry PK 1973 No No FN
Dave Brown DB 1974 Yes Yes AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, FN, Time
Don Dufek DB 1975 No No WC, FWAA, FN
Rob Lytle RB 1976 No Yes AP, UPI, WC, AFCA, FN, CFN (3rd in Heisman Trophy voting)
Calvin O'Neal LB 1976 No No UPI, WC, TSN, CFN
Jim Smith WR 1976 No No AP, TSN, FN, FWAA
Mark Donahue OG 1976 No Yes UPI, NEA, WC, FWAA, FN
Mark Donahue OG 1977 Yes Yes AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, FN
John Anderson LB 1977 No No FWAA
Walt Downing C 1977 No No AFCA, TSN, FN
Rick Leach QB 1978 No No AFCA-t (3rd in Heisman Trophy voting)
Ron Simpkins LB 1979 No Yes AP, UPI, WC, FWAA
Curtis Greer DT 1979 No No NEA, AFCA, FWAA
George Lilja C 1980 No No WC
Anthony Carter WR 1980 No No AP, TSN
Anthony Carter WR 1981 Yes Yes AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN
Ed Muransky OT 1981 No Yes AP, UPI
Bubba Paris OT 1981 No No WC
Kurt Becker OG 1981 No Yes AP, NEA, AFCA
Butch Woolfolk RB 1981 No No FN
Anthony Carter WR 1982 Yes Yes AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN (4th in Heisman Trophy voting)
Tom Dixon C 1983 No No AP, AFCA, TSN
Stefan Humphries OG 1983 No No UPI, FWAA, TSN
Brad Cochran DB 1985 No Yes UPI, WC, AFCA, FWAA
Mike Hammerstein DT 1985 No Yes AP, UPI, AFCA
Jim Harbaugh QB 1986 No No UPI-2 (3rd in Heisman Trophy voting)
Garland Rivers DB 1986 No Yes NEA, WC, AFCA
Jumbo Elliott OT 1986 No No AFCA
Jumbo Elliott OT 1987 No Yes UPI, WC, AFCA, FWAA
Mark Messner DT 1987 No No TSN
Mark Messner DT 1988 Yes Yes AP, UPI, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN
John Vitale C 1988 No Yes UPI, WC
Tripp Welborne DB 1989 Yes Yes AP, UPI, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, FN
Tripp Welborne DB 1990 Yes Yes AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, SH, TSN, FN
Dean Dingman OG 1990 No No AFCA, TSN
Greg Skrepenak OT 1990 No No WC
Greg Skrepenak OT 1991 No Yes AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, FWAA, SH, TSN, FN
Erick Anderson LB 1991 No No UPI
Desmond Howard WR 1991 Yes Yes AP, UPI, NEA, WC, AFCA, SH, TSN, FN (Heisman Trophy winner)
Chris Hutchinson DT 1992 No No AFCA, FWAA, SH, FN
Tyrone Wheatley RB 1993 No No SH
Remy Hamilton PK 1994 No No WC
Ty Law DB 1994 No No WC
Jason Horn DT 1995 No No AFCA
Jarrett Irons LB 1996 No Yes AP, AFCA, WC
Rod Payne C 1996 No No AFCA
Charles Woodson DB 1996 No No AP, FWAA
Charles Woodson DB 1997 Yes Yes AP, AFCA, FWAA, WC, TSN, FN (Heisman Trophy winner)
Jerame Tuman TE 1997 No No FN
Glen Steele DT 1997 No No AFCA
Jon Jansen OT 1998 No No AFCA
Rob Renes DT 1999 No No TSN
Steve Hutchinson OG 1999 No No PFW, CNNSI
Steve Hutchinson OG 2000 Yes Yes AP, WC, AFCA, FWAA, PFW, FN, CNNSI, Rivals
David Terrell WR 2000 No No PFW, CNNSI, Rivals
Larry Foote LB 2001 No No FN
Marquise Walker WR 2001 No No AFCA
Bennie Joppru TE 2002 No No PFW
Marlin Jackson DB 2002 No No PFW
Chris Perry RB 2003 No Yes AP, AFCA, WC, TSN, PFW, SI, ESPN, Rivals (4th in Heisman Trophy voting)
Marlin Jackson DB 2004 No Yes AP, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, ESPN
Braylon Edwards WR 2004 Yes Yes AP, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, SI, PFW, ESPN, CBS, CFN,
David Baas C 2004 No Yes AP, FWAA, WC, CBS
Ernest Shazor DB 2004 No Yes AP, FWAA, WC, SI, ESPN, CBS, CFN,
Mike Hart RB 2006 No No CFN,
Alan Branch DT 2006 No No SI, PFW, ESPN,
LaMarr Woodley LB 2006 Yes Yes AP, AFCA, FWAA, WC, TSN, ESPN, CBS,,
Leon Hall DB 2006 No Yes AP, FWAA, AFCA, WC, PFW, CBS, CFN,,
Jake Long OT 2006 No Yes AP, AFCA, FWAA, WC, SI, PFW, ESPN, CBS,,
Jake Long OT 2007 Yes Yes AP, AFCA, FWAA, WC, TSN, SI, PFW, ESPN, CBS, CFN,,
Brandon Graham DE 2009 No No ESPN,,
Denard Robinson QB 2010 No No FWAA (6th in Heisman Trophy voting)
David Molk C 2011 No Yes AP, AFCA, FWAA, SI
Taylor Lewan OT 2012 No No WC, ESPN, AP, SI
Taylor Lewan OT 2013 No No TSN
Jake Butt TE 2015 No No CBS, SI
Jourdan Lewis CB 2015 No No SI, USAT
Jourdan Lewis CB 2016 No Yes AFCA, AP, WCFF, TSN, SI, ESPN, CBS
Jake Butt TE 2016 No Yes AFCA, WCFF
Jabrill Peppers LB 2016 Yes Yes AFCA, FWAA, AP, WCFF, TSN, SI, USAT, ESPN, FOX, CBS (5th in Heisman Trophy voting)
Maurice Hurst DT 2017 No Yes AP, TSN, USAT, ESPN, CBS
Devin Bush LB 2018 No Yes AFCA, FWAA, TSN, WCFF, SI, USAT, CFN, CBS
Aidan Hutchinson DE 2021 Yes Yes AP, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, WCFF, ESPN, CBS, Athletic, USAT (2nd in Heisman Trophy voting)
Jake Moody K 2021 No Yes AP, AFCA, WCFF, CBS
Blake Corum RB 2022 Yes Yes AP, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, WCFF, ESPN, CBS, Athletic, USAT (7th in Heisman Trophy voting)
Olusegun Oluwatimi C 2022 No Yes AFCA, FWAA, TSN, WCFF, ESPN, Athletic, USAT