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A list of NCAA Division II college football seasons since splitting away in 1973. Prior to then, Division II schools participated in the NCAA's College Division.[1][2][3]

Three Division Alignment (1973–1978)

Year Champion Harlon Hill Trophy Winner Gene Upshaw Award Winner
1973 Louisiana Tech
1974 Central Michigan
1975 Northern Michigan
1976 Montana State
1977 Lehigh

Conference realignment

Four Division Alignment (1978–present)

Year Champion Harlon Hill Trophy Winner Gene Upshaw Award Winner
1978 Eastern Illinois
1979 Delaware
1980 Cal Poly–SLO
1981 Southwest Texas State
1982 Southwest Texas State (2)
1983 North Dakota State
1984 Troy State
1985 North Dakota State (2)
1986 North Dakota State (3) Jeff Bentrim, NDSU (QB)
1987 Troy State (2) Johnny Bailey, TAIU (RB)
1988 North Dakota State (4) Johnny Bailey, TAIU (RB)
1989 Mississippi College Johnny Bailey, TAIU (RB)
1990 North Dakota State (5) Chris Simdorn, NDSU (QB)
1991 Pittsburg State Ronnie West, PSU (WR)
1992 Jacksonville State Ronald Moore, PSU (RB)
1993 North Alabama Roger Graham, UNH (RB)
1994 North Alabama (2) Chris Hatcher, VSU (QB)
1995 North Alabama (3) Ronald McKinnon, UNA (LB)
1996 Northern Colorado Jarrett Anderson, NEMSU (RB)
1997 Northern Colorado (2) Irvin Sigler, BU (RB)
1998 Northwest Missouri State Brian Shay, ESU (RB)
1999 Northwest Missouri State (2) Corte McGuffey, UNC (QB)
2000 Delta State Dusty Bonner, VSU (QB)
2001 North Dakota Dusty Bonner, VSU (QB)
2002 Grand Valley State Curt Anes, GVSU (QB)
2003 Grand Valley State (2) Will Hall, UNA (QB)
2004 Valdosta State Chad Friehauf, CM (QB) Nathan Baker, PSU (OL)
2005 Grand Valley State (3) Jimmy Terwilliger, ESU (QB) Mike McFadden, GVSU (DL)
2006 Grand Valley State (4) Danny Woodhead, CSC (RB) Mike McFadden, GVSU (DL)
2007 Valdosta State (2) Danny Woodhead, CSC (RB) Brandon Barnes, GVSU (OT)
2008 Minnesota–Duluth Bernard Scott, ACU (RB) Sam Collins, ACU (C)
2009 Northwest Missouri State (3) Joique Bell, WSU (RB) Ben Staggs, WLU (OT)
2010 Minnesota–Duluth (2) Eric Czerniewski, CMU (QB) Brandon Fusco, SRU (C)
2011 Pittsburg State (2) Jonas Randolph, MH (RB) Joe Long, WSU (OT)
2012 Valdosta State (3) Zach Zulli, SU (QB) Garth Heikkinen, MD (OG)
2013 Northwest Missouri State (4) Franklyn Quiteh, BU (RB) Darius Allen, CSUP (DE)
2014 CSU–Pueblo Jason Vander Laan, FSU (QB) Darius Allen, CSUP (DE)
2015 Northwest Missouri State (5) Jason Vander Laan, FSU (QB) Matthew Judon, GVSU (DE)
2016 Northwest Missouri State (6) Justin Dvorak, CM (QB) Jordan Morgan, KT (OT)
2017 Texas A&M-Commerce Luis Perez, TAMUC (QB) Marcus Martin, SRU (DE)
2018 Valdosta State (4) Jayru Campbell, FSU (QB) Markus Jones, ASU (DE)
2019 West Florida Roland Rivers III, SRU (QB) Austin Edwards, FSU (DE)
2020 The season concluded with the end of the regular season, as the playoffs and championship game were not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
2021 Ferris State Tyson Bagent, SU (QB) Dylan Pasquali, FSU (OT)
2022 Ferris State (2) John Matocha, CM (QB) Caleb Murphy, FSU (DE)
2023 Harding Zach Zebrowski, CMU (QB) Levi Johnson, CM (OT)

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