The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is an American professional wrestling promotion. NWA personnel consists of professional wrestlers, commentators, ring announcers, rappers and various other positions. Executive officers are also listed.

NWA personnel appear on the weekly Powerrr and USA programs, pay-per-view events, and live events.

The NWA has promotional partnerships with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Impact Wrestling, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA), Ring of Honor (ROH), New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), Major League Wrestling (MLW) and the United Wrestling Network (UWN) and their affiliates Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH) and Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW). Wrestlers from those promotions may make occasional appearances on NWA events and programming.

On-screen personnel

Male wrestlers

Trevor Murdoch
Jax Dane
Doug Williams
Harry Smith
Ring name Real name Notes
Aron Stevens[1][2] Aron Haddad Producer
Anthony Mayweather[3] Anthony Gregory Producer
Bestia 666 Leornardo Carrera
BLK Jeez Darnell Kittrell
Chris Adonis[4] Christopher Mordetzky
Colby Corino[5] Colby Corino
Dirty Dango Curtis Hussey
El Rudo[5] Samuel Polinsky
Da Pope Elijah Burke
Doug Williams Douglas Clayton Durdle World Tag Team Champion
Fred Rosser[6] Frederick Rosser III
Harry Smith Harry Smith World Tag Team Champion
Homicide[7] Nelson Erazo Junior Heavyweight Champion
Jax Dane[8] Jackson Laymon National Champion
Jay Bradley Bradley Jay
Jeremiah Plunkett[9] Jeremiah Plunkett
Jordan Clearwater[10] Jordan Clearwater
JR Kratos Unknown
JTG[5] Jayson Paul
Judais Judais
Luke Hawx[5] Oren Hawxhurst
Marshe Rockett[6] Marshé Rockett
Matt Cardona[11] Matt Cardona
Matt Cross Matthew Capiccioni [12]
Matthew Mims Matthew Mims [13]
Mecha Wolf 450 John Jesús
Mike Bennett Michael Bennett
Mike Knox[14] Michael Hettinga
Nick Aldis[1][2] Nicholas Aldis Executive Producer
Odinson[13] Reginald Gibbs
Parrow[6] Michael Parrow Jr.
PJ Hawx[5] Perry Hawxhurst
Ricky Morton Richard Morton
Rodney Mack Rodney Begnaud
Sal Rinauro[15] Salvatore Rinauro
Slice Boogie[16] Milton Troche
Thom Latimer[12] Thomas Latimer
Tim Storm[12] Timothy Scoggins Color Commentator
Trevor Murdoch[1][2] William Mueller Producer
Worlds Heavyweight Champion
Tyrus[17] George Murdoch World Television Champion

Female wrestlers

Ring name Real name Notes
Allysin Kay[18] Allysin Kay
Angelina Love[19] Lauren Williams
Chelsea Green[20] Chelsea Green
Ella Envy[21] Ella Envy World Women's Tag Team Champion
Jennacide[22] Jenna Van Bemmel
Kamille[23] Kailey Latimer World Women's Champion
Kenzie Paige[21] Kenzie Paige World Women's Tag Team Champion
KiLynn King[24] Unknown
Kylie Rae[25] Briana Sparrey
Madi Wrenkowski Madison Dombkowski
Marti Belle[18] Martibel Payano
Melina[12] Melina Perez
Mickie James[26] Mickie James-Aldis Executive Producer
Natalia Markova[27] Natalia Markova
Paola Blaze[28] Paola Mayfield
Taryn Terrell[29] Taryn Dryden

Broadcast team

Ring name Real name Notes
Joe Galli Joseph Galli Commentator and Host
Kyle Davis Kyle Davis Interviewer and Announcer
May Valentine Mayra Dias Gomes Interviewer
Velvet Sky Jamie Szantyr Commentator

Other on-air personnel

Ring name Real name Notes
Austin Idol Michael McCord Manager of Tyrus
Danny Deals Anthony Lucassio Manager of The Ill Begotten
Father James Mitchell James Mitchell Manager of Judais


See also: Referee (professional wrestling)

Ring name Real name Notes
Jarrod Fritz Jarrod Fritz
Robert King Robert King
Scott Wheeler Scott Wheeler

Off-screen personnel

Corporate staff

Billy Corgan
Name Notes
William Patrick Corgan Owner
Executive Producer
Billy Trask[31] Director of Television Production
Krista Wayner[31] Accountant of Lightning One
Pat Kenney Director of Talent Relations

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