The Outsiders is a team of superheroes that appear in comic books published by DC Comics.

The roster of the team has changed a great deal over the years. These roster lists are of the members during the Outsiders' various incarnations by team iteration. The codenames listed under Character are those used when that character was a member of the team. Bolded names indicate current team members.

Joined in refers to the issue where the character first appeared as a member of the team. It is not necessarily the first appearance of the character in print, nor the story depicting how the character joined the team.


Character Real name Joined in Notes
Original team: Batman and the Outsiders

This roster covers the iteration of the team that was featured in Batman and the Outsiders, Adventures of the Outsiders, and The Outsiders.

Batman Bruce Wayne The Brave and the Bold #200 (July 1983) Founding member and leader.
Active. (November 2010)
Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce

Founding member.

Geo-Force Brion Markov

Founding member
Older brother of Terra.

Halo Gabrielle Doe

Founding member.
Active in the Outsiders.

Katana Tatsu Yamashiro
Metamorpho Rex Mason
Looker Emily Briggs The Adventures of the Outsiders #34 (June 1986) Active in the Outsiders
Windfall Clone of Wendy Jones The Outsiders #19 (May 1987) Deceased as of The Outsiders #20 (June 1987).
Windfall Wendy Jones The Outsiders #20 (June 1987) Deceased as of Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag #7 (May 2008).
Atomic Knight Gardner Grayle The Outsiders #28 (February 1988) Active.
Outsiders Vol. 2

This roster covers members inducted into the team in Outsiders Vol. 2.

Faust Sebastian Faust Outsiders Vol. 2 #1 Alpha (November 1993) Active in Checkmate.
Technocrat Geoffrey Barron Deceased as of Infinite Crisis #7 (June 2006).
Wylde Charlie Wylde Active as a bear.
Eradicator David Connor Outsiders Vol. 2 #3 (January 1994) Apparently deceased
Dervish Nema Outsiders Vol. 2 #9 (July 1994) Active.
Terra Tara Markov (doppelgänger) Day of Judgment #4 (November 1999) Deceased in World War III #3 (June 2007)
Sister of Geo-Force
Doctor Light Kimiyo Hoshi JLA: Our Worlds at War #1 (September 2001) Active.
Outsiders Vol. 3

This roster covers members inducted into the team in Outsiders Vol. 3.

Arsenal Roy Harper Outsiders Vol. 3 #1 (August 2003) Active in the Titans.
Grace Grace Choi Active in the Outsiders
Indigo Brainiac 8 Deceased as of Outsiders Vol. 3 #25 (August 2005).
Shift "Clone" of Metamorpho Fully regrown fragment of Metamorpho.
Reassimilated into Metamorpho in Outsiders Annual Vol. 3 #1(June 2007).
Thunder Anissa Pierce Active in the Outsiders
Nightwing Dick Grayson Active as Batman.
Jade Jennifer-Lynn Hayden Deceased as of Rann–Thanagar War: Infinite Crisis Special #1 (April 2006).
Resurrected in Blackest Night #8 (May 2010).
Active in the Justice League.
Huntress Helena Bertinelli Outsiders Vol. 3 #8 (March 2003) Active.
Starfire Koriand'r Outsiders Vol. 3 #16 (November 2004) Active in the R.E.B.E.L.S.
Captain Marvel, Jr. Freddy Freeman Outsiders Vol. 3 #28 (November 2005) Active as Shazam.
Captain Boomerang Owen Mercer Outsiders Vol. 3 #34 (May 2006) Deceased in Blackest Night: The Flash #3 (April 2010).
Outsiders: Five of a Kind / Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 2 / Outsiders Vol. 4

This roster covers members inducted into the team in Outsiders: Five of a Kind, Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 2, and Outsiders (vol. 4).

Martian Manhunter J'onn J'onzz Outsiders: Five of a Kind #3 (August 2007) Deceased as of Final Crisis #1.
Resurrected in Blackest Night #8 (May 2010).
Catwoman Selina Kyle Outsiders Vol. 3 #50 (September 2007) Active.
Batgirl Cassandra Cain Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 2 #2 (November 2008) Active in Batman Inc. as Blackbat.
Francine Langstrom Francine Langstrom Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 2 #3 (December 2007) Active.
Green Arrow Oliver Queen Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 2 #4 (February 2008)
ReMAC Dr. Salah Miandad Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 2 #5 (March 2008) Deceased in Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 2 #11 (November 2008).
The Creeper Jack Ryder Outsiders Vol. 4 #15 (February 2009) Active in adventuring.
Owlman Roy Raymond, Jr. Active.
Freight Train Cecil Outsiders Vol. 4 #31 (August 2010) Active in the Outsiders.
Olympian Achilles the Warkiller Outsiders Vol. 4 #37 (April 2011) Active.
Batman Inc.

This roster covers members inducted into the team in the Batman Inc. series.

Red Robin Tim Drake Batman Inc. #6 (May 2011) Active in the Teen Titans.
Metamorpho Rex Mason Active
Katana Tatsu Yamashiro Active in Justice League of America
Halo Gabrielle Doe Active in the Dead Heroes Club
Looker Emily Briggs Active
Freight Train Cecil Active

DC Rebirth

Character Real name Joined in Notes

DC Rebirth

This roster covers members inducted into the team during DC Rebirth.

Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce Detective Comics #983 (June 2018) Leader of the Outsiders. Active.
The Signal Duke Thomas Active
Orphan Cassandra Cain Active
Katana Tatsu Yamashiro Detective Comics #986 Active
Lady Shiva Sandra Wu-San Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 3 #11 (May 2020) Active
Babylon Sofia Ramos Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 3 #12 (July 2020) Active

In other media

Character Real name Joined in Portrayed by Notes
Arsenal Roy Harper Smallville Season 11: Continuity #4 Active


Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce
Grace Choi
Green Arrow Oliver Queen Justin Hartley Leader


Katana Tatsu Yamashiro Active


Metamorpho Rex Mason
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce BTBATB S1E6 "Enter the Outsiders!" Bumper Robinson Active
Geo-Force Brion Markov BTBATB S2E13 "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!" Andy Milder
Halo Gabrielle Doe
Katana Tatsu Yamashiro BTBATB S1E6 "Enter the Outsiders!"
Metamorpho Rex Mason Scott Menville
Young Justice
Beast Boy Garfield Logan Young Justice S3E17 "First Impression" Logan Grove

Greg Cipes



Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes Eric Lopez Active
Cyborg Victor Stone Young Justice S3E24 "Into the Breach" Zeno Robinson Joined the Justice League prior to S4E1 "Inhospitable"
El Dorado Eduardo Dorado, Jr. Young Justice S3E18 "Early Warning" Freddy Rodriguez Active
Forager Fred Bugg Young Justice S3E26 "Nevermore" Jason Spisak
Geo-Force Brion Markov Young Justice S3E17 "First Impression" Troy Baker Left team in S3E26 "Nevermore".
Kid Flash Bart Allen Jason Marsden Active
Livewire Leslie Willis Before Young Justice S4E1 "Inhospitable" Britt Baron
Looker Lia Briggs Grey Griffin
Robin Tim Drake Cameron Bowen
Stargirl Courtney Whitmore Whitney Moore
Static Virgil Hawkins Young Justice S3E17 "First Impression" Bryton James
Superboy Conner Kent Young Justice S3E26 "Nevermore" Nolan North Trapped in the Phantom Zone and eventually molded to serve General Zod while publicly presumed killed in S4E4 "Involuntary". Freed from control in S4E26 "Death and Rebirth", rejoins Outsiders at some point prior to Targets #1 "Cherry Gig".
Terra Tara Markov Tara Strong Active
Windfall Wendy Jones Before Young Justice S4E1 "Inhospitable" Zehra Fazal
Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark Young Justice S3E17 "First Impression" Mae Whitman
Beware the Batman
Alfred Pennyworth Beware the Batman S1E26 "Alone" JB Blanc Active
Batman Bruce Wayne Anthony Ruivivar Leader


Katana Tatsu Yamashiro Sumalee Montano Active
Man-Bat Kirk Langstrom Robin Atkin Downes
Metamorpho Rex Mason Adam Baldwin
Oracle Barbara Gordon Tara Strong
Black Canary Dinah Drake Arrow S6E9 "Irreconcilable Differences" Juliana Harkavy Inactive
Mister Terrific Curtis Holt Echo Kellum
Wild Dog Rene Ramirez Rick Gonzalez
DC Legends
Arsenal Roy Harper DC Legends (2016) [citation needed] Active
Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce
Katana Tatsu Yamashiro Inactive
Gotham by Gaslight
Bill Dust Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (2018) John DiMaggio Leader


Dick Grayson Lincoln Melcher Inactive
Jason Todd Grey DeLisle
Tim Drake Tara Strong
Black Lightning
Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce Black Lightning S3E13 "The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four: Grab the Strap" Cress Williams Active
Erica Moran Gabriella Garcia
Gardner Grayle Boone Platt
Geo Brandon Marshall Jahking Guillory
Grace Choi Shay Li Wylde Chantal Thuy
Lightning Jennifer Pierce China Anne McClain
Painkiller Khalil Payne Jordan Calloway
Technocrat / TC Geoffrey Barron Christopher A'mmanuel
Thunder Anissa Pierce Nafessa Williams