The Rajya Sabha (meaning the "Council of States") is the upper house of the Parliament of India. Arunachal Pradesh elects 1 seat and they are indirectly elected by the state legislators of Arunachal Pradesh, since 1972.[1] Elections within the state legislatures are held using Single transferable vote with proportional representation.

List of all Rajya Sabha Members from Arunachal Pradesh


Name Party Term start Term end Term
Nabam Rebia BJP 24-Jun-2020 23-Jun-2026 3
Mukut Mithi INC 24-Jun-2014 23-Jun-2020 2
Mukut Mithi INC 27-May-2008 26-May-2014 1
Nabam Rebia INC 27-May-2002 26-May-2008 2
Nabam Rebia INC 27-May-1996 26-May-2002 1
Yonggam Nyodek INC 27-May-1990 26-May-1996 1
Deori Omem Moyong INC 27-May-1984 26-May-1990[a] 1
Ratan Tama INC 27-May-1978 26-May-1984 1
  1. ^ resigned on 19-Mar-1990


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