The list of current and past Rajya Sabha members from the Puducherry Union Territory. The Union territory elects 1 member for a term of 6 years who is indirectly elected by the state legislators, since 1964.[1]

Chronological List of all Rajya Sabha members from Puducherry union territory

Chronological list by last date of appointment

Name Party Term start Term end Term
S. Selvaganapathy BJP 07-Oct-2021 06-Oct-2027 1
N. Gokulakrishnan AIADMK 07-Oct-2015 06-Oct-2021 1
P. Kannan INC 07-Oct-2009 06-Oct-2015 1
V. Narayanasamy INC 07-Oct-2003 06-Oct-2009[a] 3
C. P. Thirunavukkarasu DMK 07-Oct-1997 06-Oct-2003 1
V. Narayanasamy INC 05-Aug-1991 04-Aug-1997 2
V. Narayanasamy INC 05-Aug-1985 04-Aug-1991 1
V. P. M. Samy AIADMK 28-Jul-1977 27-Jul-1983 1
S. Sivaprakasam DMK 07-Aug-1969 06-Aug-1975 1
P. Abraham INC 07-Aug-1963 06-Aug-1969 1

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  1. ^ elected to Puducherry LS seat on 16-May-2009