The Sun Belt Conference sponsors nine men's sports and nine women's sports. This is a list of conference champions for each sport.


All dates of membership reflect the calendar years of entry and departure. Since all past Sun Belt associate members participated only in fall sports, the year of departure is the calendar year after the final (planned) season of competition.

Full members

Future members

Former full members

Former affiliate members

  1. ^ Howard did not participate in what would have been its last season in Sun Belt men's soccer in the 2020–21 school year due to COVID-19 concerns.

Vic Bubas Cup

The Vic Bubas Cup (formerly the Sun Belt Cup) is the Sun Belt's all-sports championship trophy, named after the Sun Belt's first commissioner Vic Bubas.[1] South Alabama has won the most Bubas Cups with 15.[2]



Year Winner
1977 Jacksonville*
1978 South Florida*
1979 South Florida*
1980 South Florida*
1981 South Florida*
1982 South Florida*
1983 Old Dominion*
1984 South Florida*
1985 South Florida*
1986 South Florida*
1987 Western Kentucky*
1988 South Alabama
1989 South Alabama
1990 South Florida*
1991 South Alabama
1992 South Alabama
1993 South Alabama
1994 South Alabama
1995 Arkansas State
1996 South Alabama
1997 South Alabama
1998 Arkansas State
1999 South Alabama
2000 South Alabama
2001 Middle Tennessee*
2002 Western Kentucky*
2003 Western Kentucky*
2004 Middle Tennessee*
2005 Middle Tennessee*
2006 Western Kentucky*
2007 Middle Tennessee*
2008 Western Kentucky*
2009 Middle Tennessee*
2010 Middle Tennessee*
2011 Middle Tennessee*
2012 Middle Tennessee*
2013 Middle Tennessee*
2014 Western Kentucky*
2015 South Alabama
2016 South Alabama
2017 South Alabama
2018 South Alabama
2019 Texas State
2020 Arkansas State
2021 South Alabama


Team Number of Bubas Cups
South Alabama 15
South Florida* 9
Middle Tennessee*
Western Kentucky* 6
Arkansas State 3
Jacksonville* 1
Old Dominion*
Texas State


*– No longer members of the Sun Belt Conference.

Current champions

Sport Regular Season Champion Postseason Champion
Baseball South Alabama (East) &
Louisiana (West) (2020)
South Alabama (2020)
Football Coastal Carolina &
Louisiana (2020)[a]
Men's Basketball Texas State (2020–21) Appalachian State (2020–21)
Men's Cross Country - Arkansas State (2021)
Men's Golf - Georgia Southern (2021)
Men's Indoor Track and Field - Arkansas State (2021)
Men's Outdoor Track and Field - Arkansas State (2021)
Men's Tennis - South Alabama (2021)
Softball Louisiana (2021) Louisiana (2021)
Volleyball Coastal Carolina (East) & Texas State (West) (2020) Texas State (2020)
Women's Basketball Troy (East) & Louisiana (West) (2020–21) Troy (2020–21)
Women's Cross Country - Arkansas State (2021)
Women's Golf - Coastal Carolina (2021)
Women's Indoor Track and Field - Arkansas State (2021)
Women's Outdoor Track and Field - Arkansas State (2021)
Women's Soccer Arkansas State (2021) South Alabama (2021)
Women's Tennis - Georgia Southern (2021)
  1. ^ The scheduled Sun Belt championship game was canceled due to COVID-19 issues. Divisional champions Coastal Carolina and Louisiana were declared co-champions.


Main articles: Sun Belt Conference Men's Basketball Tournament and Sun Belt Conference Women's Basketball Tournament

Since the 2018–19 season, the Sun Belt Conference Men's and Women's Basketball Tournaments, held in early March, have involved only 10 of the conference's 12 teams, and have been bracketed in a semi-stepladder format. The bottom four seeds play in the first round; the 5 and 6 seeds receive byes to the second round, the 3 and 4 seeds to the quarterfinals, and the top two seeds to the semifinals. The semifinals and finals are held in New Orleans; the 2019 men's and women's events were at Lakefront Arena, and from 2020 will be at Smoothie King Center.[4] Winners of the tournaments earn automatic bids to their respective NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament.

Season Men's
Regular Season
Regular Season
1977 North Carolina–Charlotte No Regular Season No Tournament
1978 North Carolina–Charlotte New Orleans No Regular Season No Tournament
1979 South Alabama Jacksonville No Regular Season No Tournament
1980 South Alabama Virginia Commonwealth No Regular Season No Tournament
1981 Virginia Commonwealth No Regular Season No Tournament
1982 Alabama–Birmingham No Regular Season No Tournament
1983 Virginia Commonwealth Alabama–Birmingham Old Dominion
1984 Virginia Commonwealth Alabama–Birmingham Old Dominion
1985 Virginia Commonwealth Old Dominion
1986 Old Dominion Jacksonville Western Kentucky
1987 Western Kentucky Alabama–Birmingham Old Dominion
1988 North Carolina–Charlotte Old Dominion Western Kentucky
1989 South Alabama Old Dominion Western Kentucky
1990 Alabama–Birmingham South Florida Alabama–Birmingham Old Dominion
1991 South Alabama Alabama–Birmingham Western Kentucky
1992 Southwestern Louisiana Western Kentucky
1993 New Orleans Western Kentucky Western Kentucky
1994 Western Kentucky Southwestern Louisiana Louisiana Tech
1995 Western Kentucky Louisiana Tech Western Kentucky
1996 Arkansas–Little Rock New Orleans Louisiana Tech
1997 South Alabama Louisiana Tech
1998 South Alabama Louisiana Tech
1999 Louisiana Tech Arkansas State Louisiana Tech
2000 Louisiana–Lafayette Louisiana Tech
2001 Western Kentucky Louisiana Tech
2002 Western Kentucky Florida International
2003 Western Kentucky Western Kentucky
2004 Louisiana–Lafayette (vacated) South Alabama Middle Tennessee State
2005 Denver Louisiana–Lafayette (vacated) Western Kentucky Middle Tennessee State
2006 Western Kentucky South Alabama Western Kentucky Middle Tennessee
2007 South Alabama North Texas Middle Tennessee
2008 South Alabama Western Kentucky Western Kentucky
2009 Western Kentucky Middle Tennessee
2010 Troy North Texas Arkansas–Little Rock Middle Tennessee
2011 Florida Atlantic Arkansas–Little Rock Middle Tennessee
Arkansas–Little Rock
Arkansas–Little Rock
2012 Middle Tennessee Western Kentucky Middle Tennessee Arkansas–Little Rock
2013 Middle Tennessee Western Kentucky Middle Tennessee Arkansas–Little Rock
2014 Georgia State Louisiana–Lafayette Arkansas State Western Kentucky
2015 Georgia State Arkansas–Little Rock
2016 Little Rock Arkansas State Troy
2017 UT Arlington Troy Little Rock Troy
2018 Louisiana Georgia State Little Rock
2019 Georgia State Little Rock
UT Arlington
Little Rock
2020 Little Rock Tournament Cancelled Troy Tournament Cancelled
2021 Texas State Appalachian State Louisiana Troy


Of the current 12 full Sun Belt members, 10 play football in the conference. Idaho and New Mexico State competed as single-sport members before being dropped from Sun Belt football after the 2017 season. Little Rock and UTA do not sponsor football.


Football Summary
Current Members
School Last Sun Belt Title Number of Sun Belt Titles
Arkansas State 2016 6
Troy 2010 6
Appalachian State 2019 4
Louisiana 2020 2[a]
Coastal Carolina 2020 1
Georgia Southern 2014 1
UL-Monroe 2005 1
Georgia State Never 0
South Alabama Never 0
Texas State Never 0
Former Members
North Texas 2004 4
Middle Tennessee 2006 2
Florida Atlantic 2007 1
FIU 2010 1
Idaho Never 0
New Mexico State Never 0
Utah State Never 0
Western Kentucky Never 0
Year Champion(s)
2001 North Texas, Middle Tennessee
2002 North Texas
2003 North Texas
2004 North Texas
2005 Arkansas State, UL Monroe, UL Lafayette
2006 Troy, Middle Tennessee
2007 FAU, Troy
2008 Troy
2009 Troy
2010 Troy, FIU
2011 Arkansas State
2012 Arkansas State
2013 Arkansas State, UL Lafayette[b]
2014 Georgia Southern
2015 Arkansas State
2016 Appalachian State, Arkansas State
2017 Appalachian State, Troy
2018 Appalachian State
2019 Appalachian State
2020 Coastal Carolina & Louisiana[c]
  1. ^ Does not include one title in 2013 vacated due to NCAA sanctions.
  2. ^ Louisiana's title was vacated due to NCAA sanctions.
  3. ^ Divisional champions Coastal Carolina and Louisiana were declared conference co-champions after the scheduled Sun Belt championship game was canceled due to COVID-19.



Year Men's Champion Women's Champion
1977 Jacksonville
1978 Jacksonville
1979 South Florida
1980 South Florida
1981 South Florida
1982 South Florida
1983 South Florida
1984 South Florida
1985 South Florida
1986 South Florida
1987 South Florida
1988 South Florida
1989 South Florida
1990 Virginia Commonwealth South Florida
1991 South Alabama
1992 South Alabama UCF
1993 Louisiana-Lafayette Lamar
1994 South Alabama Lamar
1995 South Alabama Lamar
1996 South Alabama Lamar
1997 Louisiana-Lafayette South Alabama
1998 South Alabama UALR
1999 South Alabama UALR
2000 UALR Arkansas State
2001 UALR New Mexico State
2002 South Alabama New Mexico State
2003 North Texas New Mexico State
2004 New Mexico State Denver
2005 South Alabama Denver
2006 Western Kentucky Denver
2007 Louisiana-Lafayette Denver
2008 Denver Denver
2009 Middle Tennessee Denver
2010 South Alabama Denver
2011 Denver Denver
2012 North Texas Denver


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