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Super Friends is an American animated series about a team of superheroes which ran from 1973 to 1985 on ABC. In the 1990s, the show was being shown on Cartoon Network and more recently its sister channel, Boomerang. It is based on the Justice League and associated comic book characters published by DC Comics.

Each episode was 44 minutes long. After the third season, it was reduced to 22 minutes and ever so often expanded cast of characters by featuring other JLA heroes joining the main five Super Friends (Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, and Robin) on a semi-regular basis. The series episodes varied from single episode stand-alone stories to episodes with two, three, or even four segments.

The varied incarnations of the group, from Super Friends (1973–1974) through The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (1985–1986), were considered by their creators to be one continuous canon.[citation needed] There were a total of 93 episodes, along with two episodes of The New Scooby-Doo Movies, with Batman and Robin appearing in "The Dynamic Scooby Doo Affair" and "The Caped Crusader Caper."

Series overview

Season On-screen title Episodes Premiered: Ended:
1 Super Friends 16 September 8, 1973 (1973-09-08) December 22, 1973 (1973-12-22)
2 The All-New Super Friends Hour 15 September 10, 1977 (1977-09-10) December 10, 1977 (1977-12-10)
3 Super Friends (first segment)
Challenge of the Super Friends (second segment)
16 September 9, 1978 (1978-09-09) December 23, 1978 (1978-12-23)
4 The World's Greatest SuperFriends 8 September 22, 1979 (1979-09-22) November 10, 1979 (1979-11-10)
5 SuperFriends 8 September 13, 1980 (1980-09-13) November 1, 1980 (1980-11-01)
6 6 September 26, 1981 (1981-09-26) October 31, 1981 (1981-10-31)
7 8 September 10, 1983 (1983-09-10) October 29, 1983 (1983-10-29)
8 SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show 8 September 8, 1984 (1984-09-08) October 27, 1984 (1984-10-27)
9 The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians 8 September 7, 1985 (1985-09-07) November 16, 1985 (1985-11-16)

Super Friends episodes

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Season 1: 1973

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
11"The Power Pirate"September 8, 1973 (1973-09-08)
While on their weekly meeting, the Super Friends receive a TroubAlert message about an out of power giant freight train in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Superman goes to California to stop the out of control train that is about to collide with another train. Shortly after, the Super Friends receive another TroubAlert that a cargo ship named the Queen Victoria is in the middle of a big storm and is about to be driven against some rocks. Wonder Woman takes Aquaman right to the ship in her thought-powered invisible jet, where he must find a way to anchor the powerless ship. While on their way to pick up Aquaman from the coast, Batman and Robin have to save two construction workers when an out of control crane puts their lives in danger. Meanwhile, Aquaman successfully anchors the ship with the help of some ocean creatures and regroups with Batman, Robin, Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog. There they meet a Special Inspector with Scotland Yard named Sir Cedric Cedric, who says the British ships have been targeted and he was looking for sabotage. Wonder Woman was patrolling the skies and noticed a leak in a dam that is about to cause a flood. To hold off the water, Wonder Woman makes an earth dam, but it springs a leak also, causing her to slam a boulder into it. The rest of the Super Friends join her and help stop the flood by closing the floodgates. On a stormy night, Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog check out an electrical generator plant and find a mysterious shadowy figure. The young heroes chase the mysterious figure, only to bump into Sir Cedric Cedric, who says the suspect had gotten away. The Super Friends must stop the power outage disasters with the help of Wendy providing details about the electrical generator plant, the shadowy figure out who calls himself the Power Pirate and how Sir Cedric fits into the picture.
22"The Baffles Puzzle"September 15, 1973 (1973-09-15)
Colonel Wilcox from the Secret Department of Investigation S.D.I. calls upon the Justice League to help prevent Professor Baffles from carrying his threat of stealing French lithographs. The Super Friends stake out the American Museum. Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog along with Superman, disguised as Clark Kent, keep an eye on things from inside the museum. At the museum, Wonder Dog starts sneezing because he smelled almonds in the air, and while all the commotion was going on, the paintings went missing. Professor Baffles now threatens to steal a hefty shipment of $5 million in cash. The Justice League must now make sure the money shipment makes it to Hawaii. The Super Friends thwarted an attempted heist by a gang of crooks and safely got the shipment onto a ship. On the ship, the junior members run into Mr. Mergen, a man they met earlier at the library. Wendy starts having suspicions about Mr. Mergen and she, Marvin and Wonder Dog follow him. Meanwhile, the Super Friends decide to check on the money and find almond residue. They come to the conclusion that Professor Baffles made the money disappear with a chemical solution. The junior members catch up to Mr. Mergen to find out he is actually Professor Baffles. Professor Baffles reveals he is going to make humans non-corrupt again by making books, paintings, music, and other bad influences go away. Mr. Dabney and Mr. Darvey, the two brutes Professor Baffles works for, hold Professor Baffles captive as well after he refuses to have anything more to do with them. Wonder Dog escapes and warns the Super Friends that Wendy and Marvin need to be rescued.
33"Professor Goodfellow's G.E.E.C."September 22, 1973 (1973-09-22)
When machines start operating by themselves, the Government asks the Justice League of America to investigate. The heroes arrive at G.E.E.C., where Professor Goodfellow shows the Super Friends his G.E.E.C. (Goodfellow's Effort-Eliminating Computer) invention, which would free everyone of work and responsibility. When Mr. Huggins, the special assistant to the President, tells Professor Goodfellow the government will not involve itself with G.E.E.C., the Professor then starts to offer free G.E.E.C. service to anyone who wants it. After a few weeks, the Super Friends decide to ask Professor Goodfellow to let them check the security of G.E.E.C., but after their visit the G.E.E.C. computer goes berserk after a mouse gets into it and the Justice League of America get the one member of their group who could assist them in this situation....Plastic Man.
44"The Weather Maker"September 29, 1973 (1973-09-29)
On their summer vacation in Florida with Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog discover their pool that has been frozen solid. Batman and the Junior Super Friends head to the World Weather Center after Colonel Wilcox informs Batman to find out what is causing the wild weather changes and stop it. They find out a tall, bald, thin man with glasses named Dr. Thinkquick, who is from a continent called Glacia up near the North Pole, is shifting the Gulf Stream with a jet nozzle from his tugboat at sea, as well as a remote control device to warm the climate at his dreadfully cold country, without taking into consideration to what will happen to Florida and the rest of the world.
55"Dr. Pelagian's War"October 6, 1973 (1973-10-06)
After many reports of a talking albatross, Colonel Wilcox asks the Super Friends to round up three industrialists who refuse to attend a meeting about pollution. They consist of J. Mortimer Hutchinson of Hutchinson Oil, businesswoman Agatha Prentiss Caraway who owns an energy-generating plant, and Luther Fenwick of the Fenwick Corporation. An eco-terrorist named Dr. Pelagian has terrorized these three industrialists in an attempt to frighten them into stopping their polluting. Aquaman decides to investigate the identity of Dr. Pelagian based on a hunch he has about Dr. Ansil Hillbrandt, a brilliant marine biologist and a leading authority on albatrosses. Aquaman also decides to search Point Gander, the place where Hillbrandt was last seen, and finds Hillgrant's diving suit. Later, the Junior Super Friends end up meeting with Dr. Ansil Hillbrandt on his submarine The Sprite only to find out he faked his death and took to the sea where he has developed the ability to communicate with sea creatures and the technology that enables him to tap into the energies of underwater volcanoes in order to control hurricanes and tidal waves from within The Sprite. When the Super Friends thwart the plot and Superman brings The Sprite to the surface, Hillbrandt is persuaded to end his campaign when Hutchinson, Caraway, and Fenwick agree to cooperate.
66"The Shamon ‘U’"October 13, 1973 (1973-10-13)
On a mountain hiking trip at Mystery Mountain, Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog discover a giant metallic "U". After reporting their findings to the Super Friends, the junior members show Batman and Robin the exact location where they saw the "U". The caped Crusaders find Dr. Simian Shamon magnetically pulling down a meteorite of solid gold using his "Shamon U". The junior Super Friends stumble upon Dr. Simian Shamon's lab and discover his plans to use his "Shamon U" to mine the skies for gold meteorites. Dr. Shamon refuses to let the Junior Super Friends go or listen to his assistant Madam Lila LaBeau, causing Madam LaBeau to get the young heroes to safety. However, the aftereffects of Dr. Shamon's sky mining caused a green and red mist called Shamonite which caused animals, plants, and non-organic objects to either grow or shrink respectively, including Wonder Dog. The Super Friends and Madam LaBeau must find a way to cancel out the Shamonite in Earth's atmosphere.
77"Too Hot to Handle"October 20, 1973 (1973-10-20)
With temperatures rising all over the Earth, Colonel Wilcox informs the Super Friends that the rise in temperature is more than a mere heat wave. The top scientist have been working around the clock and found out the Earth is drifting from its own orbit to the Sun. Superman goes to India and seeks the help of fellow Justice League of America member the Flash, who was saving the Taj Mahal from an earthquake. The Flash uses his super speed to put the Earth back into its own orbit by reversing the magnetic poles of the Earth. The Junior Super Friends notice a strange man who is dressed in heavy winter clothes. They chase after the strangely dressed man and follow him to his hideout inside an active volcano on a Pacific island called Malibah. They learn that the man's name is Kolbar and he comes from the planet Solar Terrarium, where he and his people needed a constant temperature of 140 degrees to live comfortably. Kolbar was trying to find another planet for his people to live on when their planet cooled off to a bone-chilling 85 degrees because of pollution. Superman, Aquaman, the Flash, and the junior members journey to Solar Terrarium to clean up the planet. Afterwards, the planet's leader apologizes for their mistake and promises to use their resources more wisely.
88"The Androids"October 27, 1973 (1973-10-27)
After a rocket came plunging back to Earth and crashed, Colonel Wilcox informs the Super Friends that the astronauts are missing. When Colonel Wilcox and the Super Friends investigated the scene, they found a tape recording from a man named Dr. Rebos that said all further space exploration must cease, including the top secret Venus probe mission. Conveniently, Clark Kent has been given a television assignment on the Venus space probe in which he attends with Wendy and Marvin. Wonder Dog forgets his pass and stays outside, where he is confronted by a man who wants to take his picture. The man is actually Dr. Rebos, who is taking the picture so he can make an android double of Wonder Dog to infiltrate the space station and destroy the mission. Colonel Wilcox calls Wonder Dog a traitor for his "sabotage", causing Wendy and Marvin to walk out in disgust. The teens figure it could not have been Wonder Dog after recalling the events of the day and decide to do same investigating. Meanwhile, the Super Friends guard the space center. Unbeknownst to them, that Dr. Rebos is watching them to make an android Superman. The Super Friends encounter more confusion when Dr. Rebos makes a robot of Superman, and orders him to destroy the Mars space station. While the real Superman fights his android double, it is up to the rest of the Super Friends to pull the plug on Dr. Rebos and his androids.
99"The Balloon People"November 3, 1973 (1973-11-03)
A family of aliens from the planet Balunia leave their polluted planet for a home on Earth. After their flying saucer lands, the balloon people are befriended by the Super Friends. However, the news reports of these unusual guests prompt ambitious scholar Noah Tall to devise a plan to capture the balloon people so that he can learn their secret of telepathy - the one thing he does not know. When they are kidnapped, the Super Friends must rescue them.
1010"The Fantastic Frerps"November 10, 1973 (1973-11-10)
King Plasto steals raw plastic powder to create Frerp, a special plastic which he uses to confound the Super Friends. The king has been intercepting every shipment of the powder on its way to the government space research station because he intends to use the raw powder for his own ends. The Super Friends set out to end his reign of terror.
1111"The Ultra Beam"November 17, 1973 (1973-11-17)
The Super Friends search for a mysterious blue jet that is emitting a blue beam that is destroying gold and creating other disasters, like damaging steel girders at a construction site, cement blocks at the dam, phone cables, and the blackboard in Marvin's school classroom. The pilots of the blue jet are Hank and Ben, two scientists who are destroying gold with the belief that gold is the root of all evil. They feel they are doing the world a favor by destroying the gold and trying to turn it into other useful minerals. The Super Friends track the blue jet with the GETTI graph at the Seismological Bureau, and Wendy and Marvin wind up aboard the blue jet trying to convince Hank and Ben that what they are doing is wrong.
1212"The Menace of the White Dwarf"November 24, 1973 (1973-11-24)
The Super Friends investigate when certain objects disappear and are placed elsewhere. Our heroes are dismayed to discover that a white dwarf star is responsible for the disappearances. The culprit behind the white dwarf is the Raven, a dangerous scientist from another planet who values science over human life. Raven has escaped the prison specially designed to hold a genius like himself, and he has a personal vendetta against Superman for putting him there. Raven operates from an artificial island in the sky, and he has been trying to purchase a green stone from the sky from the Martingales, a hillbilly family that refuses to sell it. The stone is none other than kryptonite, Superman's most deadly weakness. The Raven vows to steal a monumental building. Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog wind up in that building - the Washington Monument - while they are on their way to warn the Super Friends. They meet the Raven, who makes a deal with Superman to exchange the building for the kryptonite he wants. Raven then proceeds to put Superman on trial.
1313"The Mysterious Moles"December 1, 1973 (1973-12-01)
Important research projects have been closed down, and the Super Friends are called in to find and restore disappearing air conditioning units. The Super Friends' mission leads then into a strange new subterranean world discovered by a pair of spelunkers known as the Moles. They are forced to fight the creatures of that world, animated trees and rocks. The Junior Super Friends investigates and discovers that, although Mr. Mole wanted to do the right thing and report their findings to the authorities, his wife deliberately refused. She feared if anyone comes to the world, they could not only steal the diamonds, but also ruin the subterranean world like people are doing to the surface world. With Superman's intervention in preventing the escape, Mrs. Mole decides to do the right thing.
1414"Gulliver's Gigantic Goof"December 8, 1973 (1973-12-08)
Using his microwave reducer, mad Dr. Hiram Gulliver shrinks all adults - including the Super Friends - to two inches tall to help the population problem (by saving resources)...and also to rule over them (he will remain full-sized to watch over the miniature population of the world) as part of his revenge for ridiculing his theories. The Green Arrow joins the Super Friends to stop him and to return things to normal. Only with Wendy and Marvin's intervention does Dr. Gulliver decides to use more reasonable means to stop overpopulation.
1515"The Planet Splitter"December 15, 1973 (1973-12-15)
The Super Friends are alerted when a mysterious red light shines on diamonds and then vanishes. Our heroes discover that in the process, the diamonds are stolen and are replaced by imitations. Dr. LaBond, a misguided scientist and his "trusted" assistant Wilbur, are stealing diamonds to power the Planet Splitter, an invention which LaBond has perfected for the purpose of splitting a planet and using half of it to serve as a second Moon with the hopes of providing Earth with more natural resources, but Wendy and Marvin point out that a second Moon would cause terrible weather conditions on Earth. Dr. LaBond is certain the project will work, and has targeted the planet Signus Uno. However, the Super Friends have placed a microdot homing signal on one of the stolen diamonds. The real thief turns out to be Wilbur, who wanted the diamonds so badly, that he made false reports to let Dr. LaBond think that his project would work, when it was really a doomed failure all along. The center portion of this episode tells the origin of Superman, as narrated by Marvin, in hopes of dissuading Dr. LaBond and Wilbur from proceeding with their plans.
1616"The Watermen"December 22, 1973 (1973-12-22)
The Super Friends close their first series by responding to ocean calamities when a mysterious red tide appears in the ocean that upsets the ecological balance of the sea. It is the work of Holo and Zara, a pair of water people from another planet who are trying to gather enough silicon to get their mother ship, inhabited by the rest of their people, home. The Super Friends are aided by Professor Matey and his submarine which is used as their base. The biggest highlight of the episode is watching the big swim chase in the ocean when Aquaman chases after Holo.

The All-New Super Friends Hour episodes

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Season 2: 1977

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
171"The Brain Machine / The Joy Ride / The Invasion of the Earthors / The Whirlpool"September 10, 1977 (1977-09-10)

  • The Brain Machine: Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin meet up with a misguided genius, Dr. Cranum, and his Brain Machine. Superman and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
  • Joy Ride: The Wonder Twins and space monkey Gleek have to teach some youngsters a lesson about the dangers of joyriding in an airplane.
  • Invasion of the Earthors: The Super Friends match wits and skills in an underground adventure against the mysterious mining monsters known as the Earthors.
  • The Whirlpool: Aquaman and special guest Black Vulcan find themselves facing the force of a shipwrecking whirlpool. NOTE: This is the first time that Superman did not appear. Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman are featured in cameo appearances.
182"The Secret Four / Tiger on the Loose / The Mysterious Time Creatures / The Antidote"September 17, 1977 (1977-09-17)

  • The Secret Four: Superman, Batman and Robin are outnumbered but not outsmarted when they change the plans of the mysterious Secret Four. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
  • Tiger on the Loose: The outer-space Wonder Twins and Gleek point out the error of jumping to conclusions as they tackle an escaped tiger and try to end the confusion on how the tiger got out in the first place.
  • The Mysterious Time Creatures: The Super Friends defeat Dictor, who uses an aging/reverse aging technology as a weapon to depose the peaceful elected president of their planet with his totalitarian rule of fear and keep him from conquering the universe.
  • The Antidote: An earthquake occurs in India, where the tremors force many cobras out into the open where they bite villagers, exhausting India's antivenom supply. The Red Cross appeals to the Super Friends for help, who deploy Wonder Woman and Apache Chief to India. The pair learn a gigantic cobra called Kataru lives in a jungle temple, whom they must milk for its venom in order to make antivenom, or else hundreds of people will soon die of envenomation. Superman, Batman, Robin, and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
193"Invasion of the Hydronoids / Hitchhike / City in a Bottle / Space Emergency"September 24, 1977 (1977-09-24)

  • Invasion of the Hydronoids: Aquaman, Batman and Robin meet the menacing Hydronoids in a struggle to save the world from their evil invasion. Superman and Wonder Woman are featured in cameo appearances.
  • Hitchhike: The Wonder Twins and space monkey Gleek have a serious problem on their hands when they use their Exxor powers to detour the dangers of hitchhiking when a girl doing so is kidnapped.
  • City in a Bottle: The Super Friends travel to a far-off frozen planet to rescue an entire Earth city stolen by the marauding Mongor.
  • Space Emergency: Wonder Woman with special guests Hawkman and Hawkgirl use their special skills in a space emergency. Superman, Batman, Robin, and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
204"Doctor Fright / Drag Race / Plant Creatures / Fire"October 1, 1977 (1977-10-01)

  • Doctor Fright: Superman and Wonder Woman show no fear when they meet up with the terrifying Doctor Fright. Batman, Robin, and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
  • Drag Race: The Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, and Gleek have to teach a lesson about the dangers of street drag racing.
  • Day of the Plant Creatures: The Super Friends must call on their skills to overcome the perils of monstrous plant creatures.
  • Fire: Batman, Robin and special guest Rima battle a raging forest fire and find two escaped juvenile convicts who end up saving a family's lives. Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
215"The Monster of Dr. Droid / Vandals / Super Friends vs. Super Friends / Energy Mass"October 8, 1977 (1977-10-08)

  • The Monster of Dr. Droid: Superman and Wonder Woman go on an electrifying adventure when they meet the marauding monster of Dr. Droid. Batman, Robin, and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
  • Vandals: The Wonder Twins and Gleek have a few special tricks up their sleeve when a couple of thoughtless students turn into school vandals.
  • Super Friends vs. Super Friends: The Super Friends find themselves in critical combat against each other when they become captives of Tyrannic, the ruler of the underseas world of Oceana.
  • Energy Mass: Batman and Robin with special guest the Atom are called on to save a speeding passenger train that has been taken over by a critical energy mass. Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Wonder Twins are featured in cameo appearances.
226"The Enforcer / The Shark / Planet of the Neanderthals / Flood of Diamonds"October 15, 1977 (1977-10-15)

  • The Enforcer: Upon encountering a man named Garth-1 on a South Pacific Island, Wonder Woman and Aquaman head to his home Arcava (an underground city within a deserted South Pacific Island) to help free his people from an evil dictator called the Enforcer. Superman, Batman and Robin are featured in cameo appearances. NOTE: The show's announcer mentioned Wonder Woman and Superman were involved in this episode's crimefighting task. It was actually Aquaman, not Superman; although Superman was seen in the Hall of Justice scenes.
  • The Shark: The Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, must save two boys that are trapped underwater by a shark.
  • Planet of the Neanderthals: An evil scientist known as Varko devolves Earth back to a prehistoric planet and brings Neanderthals under his command to the present, which will remain so unless the Super Friends can stop him and retrieve the machine responsible for this from the prehistoric times it was placed in. With the help of Skylab, they build a time tunnel and bring his device back, restoring the world.
  • Flood of Diamonds: Aquaman and Green Lantern head to Africa to save trapped miners in a diamond mine that is slowly flooding. Superman, Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman are featured in cameo appearances.
237"The Invisible Menace / Initiation / Coming of the Arthropods / River of Doom"October 22, 1977 (1977-10-22)

  • The Invisible Menace: Superman and Aquaman discover a deep down mystery of sinister submarines and sea life as they battle the Invisible Menace. Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman are featured in cameo appearances.
  • Initiation: The Wonder Twins and Gleek excel with Exxorian powers when they have to bring a dangerous initiation stunt revolving around a bear's cave to a safe ending.
  • Coming of the Arthropods: The Super Friends zoom off in an all out struggle against invading insects from a far off planet, for the entire Earth is threatened by the coming of the Arthropods, led by the evil Insecta.
  • River of Doom: Flying over jungle rain forests, Wonder Woman and Rima search for some missing scientists who are about to become victims of the River of Doom. Superman, Batman, Robin, and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
248"Attack of the Giant Squid / Game of Chicken / The Water Beast / Volcano"October 29, 1977 (1977-10-29)

  • Attack of the Giant Squid: Superman and Aquaman find themselves entangled in a deep-sea mystery when they meet the tentacled attack of a giant squid. Cameos: Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman.
  • Game of Chicken: The Wonder Twins and their space monkey Gleek teach some young people the serious dangers of playing the foolish game of "Chicken".
  • The Water Beast: It is the Super Friends' problem when trouble surfaces on the high seas. All are in trouble from the menace of the deep, the marauding Manta and his terrifying water beast.
  • Volcano: Superman and special guest hero Samurai face the heat of a volcano in making a dangerous rescue of space aliens too paranoid of the natives to request help. Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
259"The Collector / Handicap / The Mind Maidens / Alaska Peril"November 5, 1977 (1977-11-05)

  • The Collector: Superman and Wonder Woman save priceless treasures and monuments from the greedy grasp of the Collector, who has invented a device that turns objects into photographs and plans to do this to various monuments and artworks to protect the items from decay, destruction and vandalism. Batman, Robin, and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
  • Handicap: The Wonder Twins and Gleek help teach a lesson in courage when they rescue a boy from the wreckage of an overturned van.
  • The Mind Maidens: The Super Friends must use all of their superpowers in order to overcome the mental mischief of Medula and her power-hungry plans to eradicate all men so women led by her can rule the world.
  • Alaska Peril: Batman and Robin and special guest Apache Chief head toward the Northern Lakes to save an expedition from a giant snow creature. Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
2610"The Fifty Foot Woman / Cheating / Exploration: Earth / Attack of the Killer Bees"November 12, 1977 (1977-11-12)

  • The Fifty Foot Woman: A woman named Professor Amy Zhan makes a super strength potion, which turns her into a 50-foot woman. Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman must look up to the incredible femme fatale and find a way to bring this 50-foot woman back to normal size. Professor Amy Zahn tries to make Batman 50 feet tall, but is stopped when her assistant sprays her with the antidote. Absent: Superman and Aquaman. This is the first episode that Aquaman did not appear.
  • Cheating: The Wonder Twins and Gleek teach a lesson in honesty when a double-crossing cross-country runner has a misadventure in cheating.
  • Exploration: Earth: A sinister space probe from planet Zeno visits Earth to capture people and objects for scientific study. The Super Friends must stop "Exploration Earth".
  • Attack of the Killer Bees: Aquaman and special guest superhero Samurai use super teamwork to save an African village from the attack of the killer bees. Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, and the Wonder Twins are featured in cameo appearances. Absent: Superman.
2711"Forbidden Power / Pressure Point / The Lionmen / The Day of the Rats"November 19, 1977 (1977-11-19)

  • Forbidden Power: Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman must save the world from the mysterious mutants of the space sphere and its forbidden power. Superman and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
  • Pressure Point: The Wonder Twins and Gleek travel into the hot desert to cool the dangerous canyon jumping stunts of some reckless motorcyclists.
  • The Lionmen: A spaceship controlled by mysterious Lionmen probes for minerals and starts an earth-shaking process that splits our planet into pieces. Will the Super Friends meet the challenge?
  • The Day of the Rats: An experimental electronic device turns sewer rats mad. Can Batman, Robin and Black Vulcan save Gotham from the Day of the Rats? Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
2812"The Man Beasts of Xra / Prejudice / Tiny World of Terror / Tibetan Raiders"November 24, 1977 (1977-11-24)

  • The Man Beasts of Xra: Superman, Batman and Robin have to save society from the outrageous genetic experiments of a mixed-up scientist and her half-human, half-animal beasts. Aquaman and Jayna are featured in cameo appearances. Absent: Wonder Woman. This is the first time that Wonder Woman does not appear.
  • Prejudice: The Wonder Twins and Gleek have to teach a serious lesson in brotherhood when the ugliness of prejudice gets some young people into trouble.
  • Tiny World of Terror: The Super Friends have to do some big thinking when the world is endangered by a shrinking machine in the hands of a greedy inventor.
  • Tibetan Raiders: The passengers of a disabled aircraft stranded in rural Tibet get instant attention as Superman and the Flash rush to save them from Tibetan raiders. Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
2913"Frozen Peril / Dangerous Prank / The Mummy of Nazca / Cable Car Rescue"November 26, 1977 (1977-11-26)

  • Frozen Peril: Superman and Aquaman turn the heat on the sinister Sculpin's plans to freeze the world's oceans so he can sell their thawed water to desert countries. Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Wonder Twins, and Gleek are featured in cameo appearances.
  • Dangerous Prank: The Wonder Twins and Gleek have to save a girl from the perils of a dangerous prank played by some thoughtless companions.
  • The Mummy of Nazca: The Super Friends are called into action when the weird Professor Korloff brings a mysterious mummy to life to steal a cosmic power source for himself.
  • Cable Car Rescue: Wonder Woman and the Atom swing into action to save a cable carload of passengers caught in a high wind over a treacherous terrain. Superman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman, Wonder Twins, and Gleek are featured in cameo appearances.
3014"The Marsh Monster / The Runaways / Will the World Collide? / Time Rescue"December 3, 1977 (1977-12-03)

  • The Marsh Monster: Superman, Batman and Robin move into action when an inventor's valuable plans are put in peril by the terrorizing tactics of a mysterious Marsh Monster. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.
  • The Runaways: The far from home Wonder Twins and Gleek try to rescue some misguided teenagers who face trouble when they decide to become runaways.
  • Will the World Collide?: The Super Friends exhibit all their bravery against the super sinister scheme of the vengeful Professor Fearo and the threat of a world collision.
  • Time Rescue: A scientist finds trouble when a time machine puts him 2,000 years into the future and he is captured by desert slavers. Superman, Hawkman and Hawkgirl come to his rescue.
    The design of this episode seems to be based on Tatooine from that year's Star Wars. Absent: Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Wonder Twins, and Gleek. This is the first time that Batman and Robin do not appear.
3115"The Protector / Stowaways / The Ghost / Rampage"December 10, 1977 (1977-12-10)

  • The Protector: Batman, Robin and Aquaman put to sea in an effort to end the pirating and pillaging of Captain Shark and his immobilizing ray. Superman, Wonder Woman, Wonder Twins, and Gleek are featured in cameo appearances.
  • Stowaways: The Wonder Twins activate their special powers to save a couple of girls who try an ill-advised adventure as stowaways and almost become flotsam and jetsam.
  • The Ghost: The Super Friends tackle the supernatural when the Ghost, a villain from the past, is freed from his imprisonment and wants to take revenge on Superman and Wonder Woman for imprisoning his spirit by threatening the world with his ghostly fate if they do not surrender themselves to him. Now the other Super Friends members must save Superman and Wonder Woman before it is too late.
  • Rampage: In India, Superman and Green Lantern have their hands full when a huge, wild white elephant tears through jungles and villages on a rampage looking for its baby. Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are featured in cameo appearances.

The New Super Friends and Challenge of the Superfriends episodes

Main article: Challenge of the Superfriends

Season 3: 1978

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
321"Rokan: Enemy from Space / Wanted: The Super Friends"September 9, 1978 (1978-09-09)

  • Rokan: Enemy from Space: From the edge of the Milky Way, a winged creature named Rokan speeds toward Earth. Superman confronts the beast and realizes it is Rokan, a beast from Krypton which was thought to be extinct, and since Rokan is from Krypton, she has the same powers as Superman. Escaping, the creature wreaks havoc on Earth. The Super Friends attempt to stop Rokan by chasing her and her babies away with kryptonite.
  • Wanted: The Super Friends: Lex Luthor forms a criminal gang called the "Legion of Doom" and uses a dream-machine to make the Super Friends commit crimes. When the Super Friends are forced to turn themselves in to police headquarters, the guards reveal themselves to be Bizarro and the Cheetah, who send the Super Friends to the sun. The Legion of Doom then uses the Justice League satellite with Luthor's mutation device to turn women into Cheetah clones and men into Bizarro clones, long enough for them commit profitable robberies. The Super Friends return to Earth to reverse the damage done and retake The Hall of Justice. They then disguise themselves as Bizarro and Cheetah clones to stop the Legion of Doom.

Starting in this episode, Black Vulcan's costume now leaves his legs bare.

332"The Demons of Exxor / Invasion of the Fearians"September 16, 1978 (1978-09-16)

  • The Demons of Exxor: The Wonder Twins agree to help Exxor defeat Darkon, a conqueror who has taken over Exxor and made its inhabitants his slaves. With the Wonder Twins captured by Darkon, Batman and Robin must free the twin heroes as the other Super Friends tackle Darkon and his troopers.
  • Invasion of the Fearians: Captain Cold recruits the Fearians (inhabitants of Venus) to help the Legion of Doom take over the world and destroy the Super Friends. The Fearians say that the Legion has to make the environment suitable for Fearian life forms first, so Captain Cold freezes the world. When the Flash defrosts it, great quantities of steam make the temperature higher. Black Manta sets fire to an island in the Pacific Ocean. When Aquaman uses a great tidal wave to put out the flames, the water floods inland, making more plants grow. And finally, Sinestro sends six comets to Earth. When Green Lantern moves Earth out of its usual orbit to save it, the temperature rises even higher. The Fearians can now enter Earth to make it "Venus II".
343"Battle at the Earth's Core / The World's Deadliest Game"September 23, 1978 (1978-09-23)

  • Battle at the Earth's Core: While sailing with Captain Pierre Marcel, the Wonder Twins and Gleek get sucked in a whirlpool. After receiving a distress call from the Wonder Twins, the rest of the Super Friends search for the twins, only to get pulled in the whirlpool themselves. They emerge in a Wonder Land that is below the Earth's crust. The Super Friends must now search for the Wonder Twins and rescue them.
  • The World's Deadliest Game: Brainiac uses a cloaking device to make the Earth appear to vanish. When Wonder Woman, Hawkman and Black Vulcan are in deep space trying to find it, the Toyman sends a phony distress message that leads them to his sinister black hole planet of toy traps. The Riddler then uses his super-riddles to lead the other Super Friends on a wild goose chase that sends them to their doom. However, the efforts of Superman and Green Lantern foil their attempt and save Hawkman, Black Vulcan and Wonder Woman.
354"Sinbad and the Space Pirates / The Time Trap"September 30, 1978 (1978-09-30)

  • Sinbad and the Space Pirates: Captain Sinbad and his band of space pirates come to Earth and start plundering the treasures of an Incan temple in Peru. In Mexico City, they continue treasure hunting at the Aztec temple until Superman and Wonder Woman intercept them, but the ships turn invisible, giving the heroes the slip. When each of the three ships go to a different location, so do the Super Friends. Batman and Robin go to Easter Island, where they are nearly goners after the Batjet goes out of control by means of the pirates' anti-gravity beam. Aquaman finds one at the Bermuda Triangle, only to be attacked by two hypnotized octopuses. Superman and Wonder Woman find Sinbad at Stonehenge, but Superman gets sidetracked by stopping the large stones from hitting London while Wonder Woman is captured and hypnotized. The Wonder Twins try to rescue her but end up captured and forced to row on an electronic oar. Superman (as Clark Kent) sneaks aboard Sinbad's ship as the pirate tries to get to a treasure under the Golden Gate Bridge. He breaks Wonder Woman's spell with her own magic lasso, and with teamwork from the Dynamic Duo, Sinbad is defeated and taken to the galactic authorities.
  • The Time Trap: Gorilla Grodd invents an inter-spacial time conveyor to allow anyone to travel through the time portal. Black Manta and Giganta trap Aquaman and Apache Chief in 70,000,000 BC and rob the diamond mines of South Africa. Sinestro and Captain Cold trap Green Lantern and Samurai in AD 500 and rob King Arthur's treasure. Grodd and Solomon Grundy trap Batman and Robin in ancient Rome and rob the treasures of Julius Caesar. Aquaman and Apache Chief managed to find the exact future location of the Hall of Justice, where Aquaman buries his communicator which has a power source with a multi-million year lifetime of use. In the present, the Super Friends detect the communicator, deduce where and when it came from, allowing Superman eventually to rescue all his comrades in the past. The Legion of Doom learn a hard lesson in underestimating the Super Friends when they are foiled once more.
365"The Pied Piper from Space / Trial of the Super Friends"October 7, 1978 (1978-10-07)

  • The Pied Piper from Space: Traveling from a distant corner of the universe, a fleet of unidentified ships head towards Earth to hypnotize all children and gather them to Monument Valley, Arizona. The Super Friends start to take action after the Wonder Twins became hypnotized and a call from the Justice League TroubAlert. After the Super Friends tried to stop the children from entering a spaceship, a UFO arose to destroy a nearby city. Batman and Robin stayed with the children as Superman and Wonder Woman stopped the UFO and the disasters it caused, only to get trapped inside the space craft as it heads to the Anti-Matter Universe. Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice, the Wonder Twins escape by using hypnotic mind control on Aquaman to release themselves. Batman and Robin arrive back at the Hall of Justice to stop a nearby power source overload and snap Aquaman out of a mindless slumber. The Super Friends must now rescue the cargo of children and the Wonder Twins from slavery by an evil genius from the planet Nofan and bring them safely home to Earth.
  • Trial of the Super Friends: Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern guard the liquid light in the Astro-Chemical Research Plant. However, the Cheetah secretly steals Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, Brainiac steals Green Lantern's power ring and the Scarecrow steals Batman and Robin's utility belts. The three villains escape, and the Hall of Doom captures and puts the four heroes on a kangaroo court trial. Sinestro uses the power devices stolen by the three villains as evidence to prove the Super Friends are guilty. Brainiac punishes them by making them fight his android duplicates of them, and the captured Super Friends must save themselves from their own devices before it is too late.
376"Attack of the Vampire / Monolith of Evil"October 14, 1978 (1978-10-14)

  • Attack of the Vampire: In the remote heights of the Transylvania Alps, Dracula awakes after a 100-year sleep. Dracula starts havoc by releasing a strange glowing powder that turns people into vampires. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin receive a distress call and speed off to Transylvania. They search Dracula's castle, only to get captured by Dracula himself. Later Wonder Woman and Aquaman arrive in Transylvania after the Wonder Twins report it was taken over by bats, only to be attacked by dozens of mindless vampires. Another report of vampire attacks was made and this time Superman went to Vienna to stop them. While in Vienna, Superman runs into Dracula, who was continuing his plans of conquest, and gets turned into a vampire. Realizing Superman is under Dracula's control, the Wonder Twins attempt to stop the victimized Man of Steel. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, and Robin all escape the face of danger, only to find that Superman and the Wonder Twins have been turned into vampires and are turning nearly everyone else into vampires as well. The four Super Friends regroup at the Biological Research Center in Switzerland to find a way to reverse the effects the vampires have on people. They now must find a strange breed of South American bat in the Andes Mountains whose cave has gases that could reverse the vampire effect. It is now up to the Super Friends to transform the vampires back to normal and figure out a way to stop Dracula.
  • Monolith of Evil: Solomon Grundy convinces the Legion of Doom to find the "Monolith of Evil" which gave him his powers where it revived him from his death. But when he, Grodd, the Cheetah and the Riddler cannot retrieve it, the Riddler tricks the Super Friends into fetching it for them by using a mirage to make it look like the Legion of Doom shrunk the United Nations building. However, they are in for a surprise when the Super Friends learn the truth of the Monolith's powers. They use it to put the Legion of Doom in their place — as the Monolith itself is not inherently evil, but acts upon the thoughts (evil or good) of whoever controls it.
387"The Beasts Are Coming / The Giants of Doom"October 21, 1978 (1978-10-21)

  • The Beasts Are Coming: After an experimental satellite from Kennedy Space Center falls back to Earth it breaks, releasing deadly radioactive energy. The Super Friends then receive a distress call from the West Coast saying Death Valley is being overrun by giant desert beasts. Wonder Woman and the Wonder Twins stay behind to check the Justice League computer for more information, while the rest of the Super Friends head to Death Valley. At Death Valley they find wreckage and a man who says giant lizards had nearly destroyed the town. As Superman continues to search for the mysterious giant beasts, he stumbles upon some mutated giant earthworms that he must save some teens from. As Aquaman, Batman, and Robin fight the creatures that attacked them, Wonder Woman finds out what happened via the Justice League computer and heads to NASA for more information. As Wonder Woman approaches the location of the downed satellite, the radiation turns her into a giant beast. As the Wonder Twins try to stop Wonder Woman's destruction of a military base, the radiation genetically alters them into giant beasts. Meanwhile, giant earthworms are digging holes into California's coast, which will potentially sink. To save everyone, the Super Friends must stop the creatures and turn them and the "Wonder" heroes back to normal.
  • The Giants of Doom: Bizarro has created a "giant ray" device that can turn anyone into 100-foot giants and uses it with the Justice League computer to transform himself, Sinestro, the Toyman and Captain Cold into giants. Each of them take over a continent of the world. But there is one catch: the Super Friends, after being helplessly hurled to Saturn, escape from their imprisonment and find out a way to use Bizarro's ray to stop them. Bizarro did not count on the Justice League's computer analysis that Bizarro thought the Super Friends would never be able to return. They unknowingly left traces of elements used by the device to turn Superman, Batman, the Flash and Green Lantern into 100-foot giants to combat their foes.
398"Terror from the Phantom Zone / Secret Origins of the Super Friends"October 28, 1978 (1978-10-28)

  • Terror from the Phantom Zone: Three Kryptonian villains from the Phantom Zone escape and expose Superman to red kryptonite causing him to age rapidly. The rest of the Super Friends get trapped by the villains and only Superman can free them from the Phantom Zone. Meanwhile, the Justice League Computer tells Superman the only possible antidote for his rapid aging is blue kryptonite. Since blue kryptonite is harmful to Bizarro, it may have an opposite effect on Superman. Superman must take the Supermobile to go to the site where Krypton blew up and get the blue kryptonite in time to save the other Super Friends. Using the ray device the three villains stole from Superman, he sends the Kryptonian villains back to the Phantom Zone.
    The three Kryptonian villains were new ones created for this series and have never appeared in DC Comics' original continuity.
  • Secret Origins of the Super Friends: Lex Luthor has discovered the origins of Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. He proposes for the Legion of Doom to travel back in time and prevent them from existing. The Cheetah cheats in a tournament and becomes Wonder Woman. Lex Luthor becomes Green Lantern. The Legion of Doom alter baby Kal-El's spaceship away from Earth. However, after taking the other more obscure Super Friends prisoner, Batman, Robin, the Flash, and Black Vulcan find a tape of the plan that was carried out and uses the Justice League computer to find gaps in its memory, confirming that history was altered. They travel back in time, rectify Luthor's meddling and gain back their teammates.
409"The Anti-Matter Monster / Revenge on Gorilla City"November 4, 1978 (1978-11-04)

  • The Anti-Matter Monster: In this story the Super Friends have to stop an energy draining monster which exists on computer tape and can appear anywhere at any time. Wonder Woman and Superman, during one scene, go undercover as a science expert and Clark Kent, in an attempt to learn how the energy creature can be destroyed. One of the scientists working in the lab turns out to be the culprit responsible for unleashing the energy creature. The story borrows heavily from the national headlines of the time during the concerns of a looming energy crisis.
  • Revenge on Gorilla City: Gorilla Grodd attempts to take over Gorilla City (a society of super-intelligent gorillas of which he is one) with a mind-altering vapor that induces fear in its inhabitants. However, King Solovar has protected himself from the vapor and has Grodd banished as he was before for attempting to overthrow him. Brainiac has created a brain-wave amplifier to control anyone in a 100-mile radius. Grodd convinces him to use it to take over Gorilla City. Solovar escapes before its activation and asks the Super Friends for their aid in stopping the Legion of Doom, who now control all the inhabitants of Gorilla City and wreak havoc upon an unsuspecting Africa.
4110"World Beneath the Ice / Swamp of the Living Dead"November 11, 1978 (1978-11-11)

  • World Beneath the Ice: The Super Friends must stop the plans of a conqueror named Torhana who seeks vengeance on the people of the surface world by freezing everything in his path. Torhana and his crew travel by ship, freezing oceans and continents and people... Aquaman uses his telepathy to summon sword-fish to cut him out of the ice and take him to Atlantis. Torhana and his crew appear to have the upper hand but by episode's end the Super Friends regroup and come up with a clever plan to melt all of the ice that's engulfed the planet. This is one of the few episodes in the series that features Aquaman at his usual base of operations in the comic books: the undersea city of Atlantis.
  • Swamp of the Living Dead: The Legion of Doom makes a deal with an old swamp sorceress and her demon — an equivalent amount of the power of good in exchange for an equivalent amount of the power of evil. In order to gain that power of evil, the Legion decides to give the demon the Super Friends as the power of good. The Super Friends are captured and put to sleep in coffins. However, in the Legion of Doom's greed for more power, they capture the demon, believing he would give them an infinite source of power, and pay the price for it when he uses his powers to escape. Offended by this, he summons his army of zombies to attack them. This forces the Legion of Doom to release the imprisoned Super Friends. The old swamp sorceress tells them of a tactic to defeat the zombies in exchange for letting the Legion of Doom go. However, feeling the balance of power must be balanced for her performing a positive spell, she turns on the Super Friends and reveals that she and the demon were one and the same.
4211"Invasion of the Brain Creatures / Conquerors of the Future"November 18, 1978 (1978-11-18)

  • Invasion of the Brain Creatures: While in space, Batman and Superman become possessed by brain creatures. The brain creatures ultimately take over the minds of Wonder Woman, Robin, and Aquaman when it appears that the Wonder Twins are successfully defeating Batman and Superman's asteroid attack of Earth. Batman and Superman, while under mind control, continue to attack Earth by firing huge asteroids on the surface. Superman uses his speed to hurl multiple asteroids at Earth's surface, which causes fissures, fires and floods. Wonder Woman uses her mental powers to overcome the mind control and with the help of a magnetic cloud the brain creatures are expelled from the brains of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Robin, Batman, and Superman. Wonder Woman then devises a plan to send an electric current throughout Earth and trap the brain creatures, after which Superman uses a laser gun and sends the brain creatures many light years away from Earth.
  • Conquerors of the Future: The Legion of Doom has suddenly started acting heroic, much to the shocking surprise of the Super Friends. When a distress signal is transmitted to the Justice League computer, the Legion of Doom (acting as the Legion of Good) offers to help instead, but this proves to be a ruse in order for them to travel in time to the year AD 3984 to finally conquer Earth, aided by a savage group of futuristic mutants. With the Riddler leaving cryptic clues easily broken by Batman, the Super Friends learn in a much further century about their takeover and travel to 3984 to foil them.
4312"The Incredible Space Circus / The Final Challenge"November 25, 1978 (1978-11-25)

  • The Incredible Space Circus: A crooked space circus proprietor, Zarnum, uses a device to turn protected animals that have been illegally captured into beasts to boost attendance at his space circus. Sensing that the Super Friends are on to his scheme, he uses the device to change Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Wonder Twins into space creatures. It is up to Superman, Batman and Robin to track down the elusive space circus, rescue the captive Super Friends, and bring an end to the poaching that has been taking place.
    Zarnum's name seems to be loosely based on circus legend P.T. Barnum.
  • The Final Challenge: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Apache Chief — as well as their sinister adversaries — are sent to another universe to engage in a series of contests where the losers will be eliminated. The other Super Friends and Legion of Doom members search for their missing colleagues.
4413"Batman: Dead or Alive / Fairy Tale of Doom"December 2, 1978 (1978-12-02)

  • Batman: Dead or Alive: Batman and Robin head off to a planet named Texarkana after receiving a distress alert that a local villain, the Capricorn Kid, is terrorizing the planet. After defeating the Kid and putting him in jail, the Kid vows revenge on Batman and Robin. He and his group of outlaws travel to Earth, break into the Hall of Justice, and plot their revenge on all the Super Friends. The Kid's group successfully places each of the Super Friends in dangerous situations and they deliberately force Batman and Robin into freeing each person...but the catch is that each trap is timed and the object of the game is to free all the Super Friends from the various traps before it is too late. In a showdown, Batman and the Kid meet up in an old-fashioned shootout.
  • Fairy Tale of Doom: The Toyman develops a device that can project anyone into the pages of a storybook. He forces Hawkman to chase him into Jack and the Beanstalk, the Cheetah forces Wonder Woman to chase her into Alice in Wonderland and Brainiac forces Superman to chase him into Gulliver's Travels. The three villains trap the three Super Friends in the treacherous books. However, when Batman, Robin, Green Lantern and Black Vulcan catch on, they trick Sinestro, Giganta and Captain Cold into helping them rescue their teammates by claiming that their fellow Legion of Doom members are still trapped inside the books.
4514"Battle of the Gods / Doomsday"December 9, 1978 (1978-12-09)

  • Battle of the Gods: At the start of the episode, the Super Friends are involved in an intense outer space battle. Moments into the battle, Wonder Woman gets a telepathic message from Aphrodite to help save the planet from a disturbance. Afterwards, all of the Super Friends show up and Aphrodite praises them on their great work and good will. An envious Hera gets into an argument with Aphrodite on Mount Olympus, which triggers the wrath of Zeus. Hera criticizes Aphrodite for praising "mortals" such as the Super Friends and she suggests to Zeus that the Super Friends are not as powerful as Aphrodite claims. Zeus then creates a contest in which each of the Super Friends must do battle with mythological demons in an effort to prove they are worthy of Aphrodite's praise. Batman and Robin must battle a Sphinx and solve its riddle, Aquaman has to fight a demon that protects the Golden Fleece, Superman battles a Minotaur, and Wonder Woman has to battle Medusa. The Wonder Twins get mixed up in all of this when they see Medusa in the shadows and mistake her for Wonder Woman...and once they look into her eyes, they turn to stone. Gleek manages to escape Medusa's clutches and ends up aiding Wonder Woman in removing Medusa's necklace. By the episode's end, the Super Friends prove to be worthy of Zeus's praise.
  • Doomsday: The Legion of Doom deserts Sinestro, Black Manta and Cheetah after a failed mission. The three villains decide to kill the Legion of Doom for their betrayal, until the Super Friends find out this is just a ploy to get them distracted.
4615"Journey Through Inner Space / Super Friends: Rest in Peace"December 16, 1978 (1978-12-16)

  • Journey Through Inner Space: Aquaman is exposed to a radioactive substance that turns him into a prehistoric sea creature from which he evolved. In order to cure him, Superman and Wonder Woman, inside the Supermobile, are shrunk down to microscopic size and sent within the creature's veins to attempt to give it another dose of radiation in the hopes that it will reverse the effects of the radiation and return Aquaman to normal. In the meantime the rest of the Super Friends have to do whatever they can to limit the creature's destructive nature all over the city.
  • Super Friends: Rest in Peace: The Super Friends mourn the death of Batman (a.k.a. Bruce Wayne) and have gone into hiding after the Legion of Doom unearth a crystal called "Noxium", created by one-time member Dr. Natas. The crystal emulates the weaknesses of each member of the JLA such as kryptonite, Yellow Power and lethal energy. It can then kill all of the Super Friends. The Legion of Doom then plans to take over the world after they have disposed of the Super Friends and the crystal, only for it to be found and disposed of in deep space, allowing the Justice League to stop the Legion, who finds out too late they were in hiding and had really killed off their android clones.
4716"The Rise and Fall of the Super Friends / History of Doom"December 23, 1978 (1978-12-23)

  • The Rise and Fall of the Super Friends: The Super Friends are visited by Mister Mxyzptlk, who comes complete with a script for a movie that he wants the Super Friends to star in whether they want to or not. The imp uses his Fifth Dimensional magic to cause the Super Friends to act out the script...but Superman is not affected by it. He nonetheless goes along with everything in an elaborate plot to trick Mxyzptlk into saying his name backwards — by using his heat vision to change the last word on the script.
    In one scene, a zombie Lois Lane shows up in a wedding dress wearing a kryptonite wedding ring.
  • History of Doom: The Earth is in ruins after an unexplained catastrophe occurs. Both the Super Friends and the Legion of Doom have been destroyed, as well as the human and animal population of Earth, rendering it dead. Three mystical individuals visit the now-ruined Hall of Justice and sees a recording from a weakened Superman, last survivor of the Super Friends, showing how the Legion of Doom won. After viewing a database containing information of how the members of the Legion of Doom originated and how they attempted to take over Earth, they later head to a ruined Hall of Doom. They also encounter a recording of an argument between each of the Legion's members. Grodd warns Luthor that even though they won, his latest plan also sealed their fate along with the Super Friends. The three extraterrestrials undo the destruction of Earth.

The World's Greatest SuperFriends episodes

Main article: The World's Greatest SuperFriends

Season 4: 1979

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
481"Rub Three Times for Disaster"September 22, 1979 (1979-09-22)
Kareem Azaar is a ruthless thief on the planet Zaghdad who has stolen the Magic Lamp of Olam, which contains the power of an evil genie. Kareem uses the Genie's power to take over the planet and banish the Sultan into the world of the Genie's lamp. When the Super Friends arrive to do battle, Superman and the Wonder Twins wind up in the lamp as well, leaving the other heroes to take on Kareem's forces, only for Kareem to escape and is never seen again.
Starting with this episode, the "Super Friends" logo has a metallic cosmic silver look to it. Also, the title card background changes to one with an orange background that has the four adult heroes floating at the top.
492"Lex Luthor Strikes Back"September 29, 1979 (1979-09-29)
Lex Luthor uses a projector ray (reverse camera) to disguise himself as Lois Lane in order to escape prison. He, with his assistant Orville Gump, hatch an elaborate plot to destroy the Super Friends. Luthor aligns himself with evil fire demons who originate from the Sun. They aid Luthor in capturing the Super Friends and placing them in death traps. The demons then change the color of the Sun from yellow to red, which cause Superman's powers to vanish. However, the Sun demons double-cross Luthor and he is trapped in a fire, so he has no choice but to free the Super Friends in an effort to save himself and Earth. The Super Friends perform rescues and put out the fires. Superman uses the Super-Mobile to chase the fire demons back into the Sun...which causes the Sun to return to its natural color...which restores Superman's powers. Luthor and his assistant are sent back to prison.
Orville Gump is based on Otis, the character played by Ned Beatty in the 1978 film Superman. The movie also provided the model for Luthor's subterranean lair in this episode.
503"Space Knights of Camelon"October 6, 1979 (1979-10-06)
While protecting a prehistoric planet from a meteor, Superman ends up hit by the meteor's nuclear core, crash lands on the medieval planet of Camelon, and loses his memory. A bunch of rebels led by Logan take him in as their black knight in a plan to overthrow King Arthur 7. It is up to the Super Friends to help Superman remember who he is and defeat the rebels.
NOTE: This episode, the 1st Season episode "The Power Pirate" and the Challenge of the Superfriends episode "Sinbad and the Space Pirates" are the only episodes in the Super Friends series where Wonder Woman's magic lasso involves truth-compelling power like in the live action Wonder Woman television series, which was canceled when CBS ended its third season a month earlier.
514"The Lord of Middle Earth"October 13, 1979 (1979-10-13)
What starts off as a camping trip for the Wonder Twins turns into a nightmarish adventure in Middle Earth when the Super Friends must battle a black magic sorcerer named Mal Havok who has taken over the troll kingdom. Mal Havoc uses his magic to turn the Super Friends into trolls. With their powers reduced, Batman and Wonder Woman accompany the troll king on a mission to free Middle Earth of the evil sorcerer.
525"Universe of Evil"October 20, 1979 (1979-10-20)
In a parallel universe, the Super Friends are supervillains, the Super Enemies. Mount Vesuvius is a focal point that links the two universes — in one universe, Superman tries to stop the eruption, while his evil counterpart is causing the same disaster in his own reality. Vesuvius explodes, causing the two Supermen to exchange universes. While Superman has to fight his evil comrades and find a way back to his own world, his evil counterpart battles the real heroes and begins his plan to conquer Earth.
536"Terror at 20,000 Fathoms"October 27, 1979 (1979-10-27)
The evil Captain Nimoy plots to use nuclear warhead missiles to sink continents below the sea where he plans to rule. Nimoy is aided by an android duplicate of Batman to help him out, but with Superman and Wonder Woman away on a space mission, the Super Friends are aided by Superman's tiny Kryptonian friends from the bottle city of Kandor.
547"The Super Friends Meet Frankenstein"November 3, 1979 (1979-11-03)
When a descendant of the original Dr. Frankenstein abducts and steals the powers of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and transfers them into his latest creation, it is up to Robin to stop the Super-Monster. He transfers the remaining powers into himself, then manages to restore the Super Friends' powers.
558"The Planet of Oz"November 10, 1979 (1979-11-10)
After the Wonder Twins and the Dynamic Duo find out they are not able to get rid of a tornado, the storm transports the Hall of Justice to the Land of Oz, where Mister Mxyzptlk, who has once again escaped from the Fifth Dimension, informs the Super Friends that they must find the Wizard to get home. Along the way, they encounter the Wicked Witch of the Worst Kind in a gingerbread house, who turns Aquaman into the Scarecrow, Superman into the Tin Man, and Wonder Woman into the Lion.

Super Friends episodes

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Season 5: 1980

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
561"Big Foot / The Ice Demon / The Make-Up Monster"September 13, 1980 (1980-09-13)

  • Big Foot: Apache Chief and few of his fellow braves are captured by alien creatures resembling the legendary Bigfoot. Batman and Robin try to help, but are also captured. After they escape and defeat the creatures, the Super Friends learn that they were merely trying to seek information to repair their spacecraft. Cameos: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.
  • The Ice Demon: While on a skiing vacation, the Wonder Twins literally bump into a pair of reckless teenagers and wind up in an ice cave inhabited by an Ice Demon. Only Superman can save them. Luckily, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are nearby.
  • The Make-Up Monster: A disgruntled make-up man on the set of a movie discovers a formula that allows him to make himself up into any powerful monster he chooses. With the formula, he wreaks havoc and wrecks the movie studio and only Batman, Robin, and The Flash dare to challenge him. [1]
572"Journey into Blackness / The Cycle Gang / Dive to Disaster"September 20, 1980 (1980-09-20)

  • Journey into Blackness: While monitoring the galaxy from his impenetrable Fortress of Solitude, Superman notices a black hole that is going to suck up the Earth. Superman attempts to stop it, but gets himself pulled into the black hole. Using the Bat-Rocket, Batman and Samurai set out to accomplish what Superman failed to do. However, the two heroes end up getting pulled into an asteroid planet in the center of the black hole. Upon finding Superman imprisoned, the heroes are attacked by a Star Energy Creature. The Super Friends must break free and stop the Star Creature from absorbing Earth. NOTE: This is the first out of ten episode shorts in the Super Friends series where Batman began appearing in various episodes without Robin.
  • The Cycle Gang: The Highway Angels, a motorcycle gang, start tormenting a senior citizen and his grandson. When the Wonder Twins try to help they have a hard time dealing with the cycle gang and the danger at hand. Wonder Woman sees the twins and gives them assistance.
  • Dive to Disaster: Several miles off the coast of Hawaii, a routine Navy mission becomes a nightmare when a submarine's controls short circuits and the nuclear reactor starts to overload. Black Vulcan and Aquaman try to help, but are attacked by nuclear mutated sea creatures. Black Vulcan actually gets eaten by a mutated whale in which Aquaman must come to his rescue. When the two heroes get free, they make it aboard the submarine, whose communication transmitter went dead. Now their only chance is to launch Aquaman out of a torpedo tube to clear the beach, while Black Vulcan uses his electrical powers. Cameos: Superman and Wonder Woman.
583"Yuna the Terrible / Rock and Roll Space Bandits / Elevator to Nowhere"September 27, 1980 (1980-09-27)

  • Yuna the Terrible: A group of archaeologists accidentally releases Yuna the Terrible and her barbarian warriors. Batman and Robin responds to a distress call but get captured by Yuna's warriors. Wonder Woman and Apache Chief respond to the Batman's distress call. During an encounter with Yuna, Apache Chief gets put into a trance and joins Yuna and her warriors. Wonder Woman tries to save them and must prove her strength against Yuna. Cameos: Superman.
  • Rock and Roll Space Bandits: A group of Rock and Roll Space Bandits paralyze the Super Friends and invade a major city on Earth using their hypnotic music. The Wonder Twins come to the rescue, but get hypnotized. Wonder Woman helps the rest of the Super Friends get free and they rush off to stop the musical menaces. Batman uses a device to stop the sound waves.
  • Elevator to Nowhere: Streaking in the Invisible Jet, Wonder Woman and the Atom answer a distress call on the emergency scanner from a Dr. Wells. Wells' call was actually a trap to get Wonder Woman and the Atom to test out his new time machine. Wonder Woman starts pressing buttons attempting to escape, but actually starts the time machine to send the Atom and herself to the American Revolution in 1776. General George Washington mistakes Wonder Woman for a British spy. The two heroes escape (but the Atom gives a quick message to George Washington to keep fighting in the Revolution), then move further back into the past to a 17th-century galleon, where they are confronted by Blackbeard. After saving the Atom, Wonder Woman and Atom escape in the time machine. The Atom decides to shrink down to microscopic size to rewire the circuits in the time machine to go back to 1980. When they come back, Dr. Wells tries to elude them by using the time machine to escape. The heroes travel millions of years into the prehistoric past to capture him.
594"One Small Step for Mars / Haunted House / The Incredible Crude Oil Monster"October 4, 1980 (1980-10-04)

  • One Small Step for Mars: Green Lantern and Superman must stop the reign of terror caused by Martians who traveled to Earth in a returning space probe. They are finally tricked into returning to Mars. Cameos: Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.
  • Haunted House: A group of teens dare each other to go into the old Brimstone mansion in the cemetery, a place that is said to be haunted. Two of them go in the mansion and get trapped inside. The other two ask the Wonder Twins go inside to look for the other boys, but get captured by old man Holmes, the cemetery's paranoid caretaker. Gleek informs Batman and Robin who come to the rescue and stop Holmes cold in his tracks.
  • The Incredible Crude Oil Monster: Not far off the Alaska coastline, millions of gallons of crude oil spill out from a ruptured supertanker. Suddenly, the crude oil comes alive in the form of a giant monster. Aquaman sees the monster and helps the supertanker to stop the creature by using a harpoon with a net wrapped around to contain the monster. When that plain did not work, the captain called the other Super Friends, while Aquaman handled the monster. Hawkman and Hawkgirl arrive, but by the time they got there, the oil monster had already taken off for the coast. Later, the oil monster attacks the Alaskan Pipeline and grows even larger. Hawkman and Hawkgirl try to stop the monster, but they get covered in oil and get captured and eaten by the monster. Aquaman acts fast and saves the winged avengers by going inside the monster and using his telepathy as radar. After Hawkman gets an idea of how to stop the monster, the three heroes go to a small general store to get all of the detergent soap so they can put the plan in motion. They arrive at the nearby harbor to find the monster feeding on the first storage tank. Aquaman leads the monster to the empty storage tank, while Hawkman and Hawkgirl pour the detergent on the monster, turning it back into plain crude oil.
605"Voodoo Vampire / Invasion of the Gleeks / Mxyzptlk Strikes Again"October 11, 1980 (1980-10-11)

  • Voodoo Vampire: Vampiress, the Voodoo Vampire from Africa, goes after the Super Friends and seeks to make them her vampire slaves. It is now up to Wonder Woman and Black Vulcan to go to her underground tomb and stop her.
  • Invasion of the Gleeks: A group of Exxorian monkeys arrive on Earth to invade the planet. The monkeys want to destroy the Super Friends by putting Gleek under their control. The Wonder Twins must use their powers to help Gleek and the Super Friends.
  • Mxyzptlk Strikes Again: The Super Friends try to destroy each other as the impish villain Mister Mxyzptlk strikes again!
616"The Man in the Moon / Circus of Horrors / Around the World in 80 Riddles"October 18, 1980 (1980-10-18)

  • The Man in the Moon: Superman must save Earth from a giant alien beast. NOTE: Robin does not appear.
  • Circus of Horrors: While at the circus, the Wonder Twins and Gleek witness the revenge of circus animals as they zap the audience in a trance. The animals capture Gleek and zap the Wonder Twins as well, who they send off to lure Superman and Wonder Woman into a trap at the circus. The circus animals eventually turn the Super Friends into Super Animals. Gleek frees Zan and Jayna from the trance, and now it is up to the Wonder Twins and Gleek to free Superman and Wonder Woman and to put an end to this circus once and for all. Cameos: Batman and Robin.
  • Around the World in 80 Riddles: Superman brings a new engine for the Bat-jet to the Bat-Cave. However, when Batman opens it up, he finds the Riddler hiding inside. He hops out and spritzes Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Robin with stupid spray. There is only one antidote and the Riddler has hidden it somewhere. If the Super Friends do not find it before the time limit is up, they will be super-stupid forever. Before he hops away, the Riddler gives the Super Friends their first riddle clue. The Super Friends arrive at the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza; there Superman spots what he believes is the antidote in the pyramid by using his X-ray vision. The Super Friends enter the pyramid, only to be caught in a Riddler trap. They escape the trap, then find the Riddler's second clue, but by that time they need the assistance of the Bat-Computer because they have become too stupid to figure out the riddles. The computer tells them to go to Mt. Everest and there they defeat the Riddler, who is in a zeppelin, and get the antidote.
627"Termites from Venus / Eruption / Return of Atlantis"October 25, 1980 (1980-10-25)

  • Termites from Venus: Termites come from a meteorite sent from Venus to Earth by a volcanic eruption. They start consuming the world. Superman, Batman and Robin, and Samurai defeat them, finally sending them into space.
  • Eruption: The Wonder Twins rescue a part of reckless hang gliders who fell into a volcano. Soon after the volcano starts erupting. Jayna calls Batman and Robin, who help the Wonder Twins rescue the rest of the town and stop the lava flow.
  • Return of Atlantis: Hundreds of miles off the East Coast of North America, a routine Trans-Atlantic trip turns into a nightmare when a ship gets caught between some jagged rocks and takes on water. Aquaman was in the area assists by using his telepathy to summon two manta rays to seal the hole as he pushes the ship out of danger. As he attempts to head back to the Hall of Justice, a larger island arises from the sea. Aquaman recognizes it as the Lost Island of Ancient Atlantis (not to be confused with Aquaman's home in modern Atlantis) that has thought to have been destroyed thousands of years ago. Upon checking out the island, Aquaman is captured by female Atlantean Warriors who seek world domination. The U.S. Coast Guards who were on the ship Aquaman saved send a distress call to Wonder Woman and Rima about an island moving towards shore. Meanwhile, the Atlantean Warriors arrive at Washington D.C. and attack the Army. Wonder Woman and Rima arrive and are confronted by Ocina, Queen of Atlantis, and are offered to join the group of Warriors. When the two heroes refuse, they are captured and put in the water dungeon where Aquaman is imprisoned. Wonder Woman uses her telepathic mind line to summon help from her mother Hippolyta and the Amazons of Paradise Island. The Amazons of Paradise Island travel to Washington D.C. to fight an epic battle against these femme fatales.
638"The Killer Machines / Garden of Doom / Revenge of Bizarro"November 1, 1980 (1980-11-01)

  • The Killer Machines: The IBN computer research facility creates Romac, the most advanced computer the world has ever known. When tested, Romac turns on his IBN creators and tries to destroy the Super Friends by turning the Justice League Computer and the Supermobile against them. Batman, Robin, and Black Vulcan have to shut Romac down before he can do any more damage.
  • Garden of Doom: A scientific experiment accidentally turns plants into monsters.
  • Revenge of Bizarro: Bizarro takes revenge on Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl by turning them into his "Super Bizarro slaves" and exposing Superman to red kryptonite. The red kryptonite's horrible effects cause Superman to grow extra arms and legs. Now Superman's only chance to stop Bizarro and return to normal is blue kryptonite, which affects only Bizarros adversely .

Season 6: 1981

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
641"The Outlaws of Orion / Three Wishes / Scorpio"September 26, 1981 (1981-09-26)

  • The Outlaws of Orion: When chasing a burglar in Gotham City, Batman and Robin are captured by Pack and Stardust, Bounty Hunters from Orion. Batman attempts to call for help using the Justice League beeper, but he did not realize the Bounty Hunters know help is coming and are ready to ambush them. Wonder Woman and Green Lantern come to save Batman and Robin but instead gets captured and imprisoned as well. The Bounty Hunters tries to take their captives to The Orion Territorial Prison but on the way the Super Friends make a break and go after the Bounty Hunters.
  • Three Wishes: The Wonder Twins find a magic lamp, the evil Space Genie of it gives them three wishes, which lead to trouble. However with the last wish, they never used the lamp.
  • Scorpio: Wonder Woman receives a distress call from a scientist who was working on a way to end world hunger by a substance that makes vegetables grow to huge proportions. However, the scientist also says that an earlier failed experiment on a scorpion make it grow and gave it the power of speech. Scorpio is also stealing the growth formula to use on insects for his bug army, with intent of overthrowing humanity as Earth's dominant species. Scorpio learns of Wonder Woman's presence and orders another attack from his bug army to steal the rest of the growth serum. Wonder Woman and The Flash goes after the bugs to save Robin while Batman and the scientist must create an antidote to return the bugs back to normal. [2]
652"Mxyzptlk's Flick / The Sink Hole / The Alien Mummy"October 3, 1981 (1981-10-03)

  • Mxyzptlk's Flick: Batman, Robin, and the Wonder Twins are thrown into a movie by Mr. Mxyzptlk.
  • The Sink Hole: Wonder Woman arrives to help a sheriff from the hills of West Virginia and investigate why a giant Cobra is creating sink holes. Shortly after, Wonder Woman and the Sheriff are captured by a giant mechanical cobra. Diamond Jack invents the mechanical Cobra to change coal into diamonds. Superman and The Atom rush to the aid of Wonder Woman and help her defeat Diamond Jack and his mechanical cobra.
  • The Alien Mummy: While accompanying Professor Naska and his students on a field trip to Ancient Aztec ruins in Mexico, El Dorado is attacked by Alien Invaders. When El Dorado scares them off, an angered Alien Mummy attacks El Dorado and the others. Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice, Superman and Wonder Woman receive a U.F.O. alert and head out to Mexico. When the two Super Friends arrive see The Alien Mummy has El Dorado and the others have been put under mind control. When Superman and Wonder Woman confront the Alien Mummy, he turns both of them into golden statues. Wonder Woman's attempt to communicate telepathically with El Dorado was a success when he breaks free of the Alien Mummy's mind control and distracts the Alien Mummy with a hologram Beast. Meanwhile he transports himself to find his Super Friends turned to gold. El Dorado brings them back to the Alien Mummy who gets his power source broken by Superman's X-Ray vision which returns everyone to normal. El Dorado leads the Alien Mummy into his spacecraft and Superman sends him off.
663"The Evil from Krypton / The Creature from the Dump / The Aircraft Terror"October 10, 1981 (1981-10-10)

  • The Evil from Krypton: Zy-Kree, an escapee from the Phantom Zone (who is very similar to General Zod in both appearance and back story) seeks revenge on Superman by turning the Earth's sun red and thus depowering the man of steel while hiding in the Fortress of Solitude. It is up to Green Lantern and Aquaman to help their friend defeat the evil Kryptonian who has the same powers as Superman. Finally he is sent back to the Phantom Zone.
  • The Creature from the Dump: A junk creature forms after two kids hanging around a dump inadvertently make a mysterious chemical reaction occur. When Batman gets infected by the chemicals he also turns into a junk creature. The Junior Super Friends try to find a way to get Batman back to normal.
  • The Aircraft Terror: A meteor hits an aircraft and turns it into a winged beast. When the Wonder Twins respond to a Trouble Alert they find out the aircraft creatures has the ability to turn other aircraft into living beasts. Batman & Robin trail these beasts from the Batjet try to stop the attack by taking out the ringleader of the beasts.
664"The Lava Men / Bazarowurld / The Warlord's Amulet"October 17, 1981 (1981-10-17)

  • The Lava Men: After saving a killer whale, Aquaman notices the water is on fire and radios Wonder Woman for help who then tells Superman. Meanwhile Aquaman, with the help of his whale friend helps move a ship from the path of the flaming water. Superman arrives stops the flames with a concrete road and his super breath. The Super Friends find out that a group of Lava Men are the ones who are causing the trouble. Solderath, King of the Lava Men, wreaks havoc on the surface world because he feels the Lava Men have been living underground for too long while the humans occupy the surface. While the Wonder Woman fights the Lava Men, Superman stops a fire ball over the North Pole and Aquaman stops a giant whirlpool from draining the ocean. When the three Super Friends rejoin each other they defeat the Lava Men and return them back to the center of the Earth.
  • Bazarowurld: Superman and Black Vulcan are tricked by Bizarro into going to Bizarro-World. Black Vulcan is tricked into a Maze of Mirrors, while Superman is tricked into a Red Kryptonite Mine, turning him into a skinny figure while Bizarro is immune to it. However he uses the rays passing through his blue suit to his advantage, turning them to Blue Kryptonite, which weakens Bizarro, and restores Superman. Black Vulcan smashes through the mirrors, he and Superman leave Bizarro-World.
  • The Warlord's Amulet: After receiving a Trouble Alert from Samurai's homeland, Samurai responds to the call at once and finds an ancient fugitive warlord that escaped his time period using his Amulet. When the warlord tries to steal the village treasures and causes havoc, Samurai calls Batman & Robin to handle the disasters while he sends the warlord back to 13th-century Japan.
685"The Iron Cyclops / Palette's Perils / Colossus"October 24, 1981 (1981-10-24)

  • The Iron Cyclops: Superman finds a mysterious purple ray that is lifting objects in downtown Metropolis. Batman uses the Justice League computer from the Hall of Justice to try to control the beam while Black Vulcan and the Atom joins Superman in Metropolis. They find out that the Iron Cyclops who is projecting the ray lives on a planet which has no gravity and he wants to steal the Earth's. NOTE: Robin does not appear.
  • Palette's Perils: Wonder Woman and El Dorado responds a series of art gallery robberies in Metropolis. They confront John Palette, a painter whose invention can turn paintings of his design into real life monsters that can steal for him.
  • Colossus: Colossus, a reckless and destructive cosmic barbarian many times larger than the Earth, turns his attention to Earth's solar system. Apache Chief charges into action using a shrink ray to reduce the Colossus to ordinary Earth mortal size; Colossus then plummets to Earth. Still very strong, Colossus goes on a rampage and tries to destroy the Hall of Justice prompting Superman and Apache Chief to send him back to Space.
696"The Stowaways from Space / The Scaraghosta Sea / The Witch's Arcade"October 31, 1981 (1981-10-31)

  • The Stowaways from Space: The Wonder Twins encounter two hostile aliens that were stowaways on an unmanned space station returning to Earth. The Wonder Twins join Superman to put the aliens out of commission for good.
  • The Scaraghosta Sea: Two scientists encounter a whirlpool and call the Justice League for help. The whirlpool throws them into an eerie undersea harbor deep beneath the ocean floor. A pirate ghost named Keelhaul Kelly hijacks the scientists' mini-sub with plans to escape from his ghost world to resume his piracy in today's above water world. Aquaman, Batman & Robin arrive to save the innocent scientists from the clutches of those who would do them harm.
  • The Witch's Arcade: In an arcade, The Wonder Twins and Gleek encounter a witch who shrinks them. As Zan and Jayna elude danger, they call Wonder Woman for help. Now Wonder Woman and the Wonder Twins must stop the witch before she shrinks all of the customers.

Season 7: 1983 (the "lost" season)

This season didn't air during a regularly scheduled Saturday morning time-slot, but did get aired when the series began to get aired in repeats/reruns on other networks. Interesting side note: In prior series, The Wonder Twins were only paired up with Superman, Batman & Robin or Wonder Woman. This series found them teaming up with other Justice Leaguers. In "Roller Coaster" they're paired with Atom. In "Two Gleeks" they're paired with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. In "Unexpected Treasure" they're paired with Hawkman & Hawkgirl. In "Space Racers" they're paired with Wonder Woman & Flash. In "Pint of Life" they're paired with Aquaman. In “Invasion of The Space Dolls” and “Bully For You” they’re paired with Batman and Robin. In "One Small Step For Superman" they're paired with Superman and Batman. This is the final season that Olan Soule voices Batman and Shannon Farnon voices Wonder Woman..

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
701"Mxyzptlk's Revenge / Roller Coaster / Once Upon a Poltergeist"September 10, 1983 (1983-09-10) (AU)

  • Mxyzptlk's Revenge: A doorway appears inside the Hall of Justice. Superman and Batman wonder where it originated from and where it leads. Then the voice of Mxyzptlk is heard and Superman realizes who's responsible. The door opens up, sucking everything inside, including Batman and Superman. The doorway is a warp between Earth and the Fifth Dimension. Once in the mixed up world of Mr. Mxyzptlk, the two heroes are put through a series of comical and offbeat challenges once the imp removes Superman's cape and Batman's utility belt. Superman is "sentenced" to life in a vegetable garden where green beans are the equivalent to kryptonite. Batman is "sentenced" to life upside down. Superman eventually finds a way to get himself and Batman out of the Fifth Dimension and back to Earth. NOTE: Robin does not appear.
  • Roller Coaster: Three kids ride a condemned roller coaster that gradually falls apart. The Wonder Twins and Gleek, exiting a movie theater, respond to the crisis. After Zan accidentally breaks a rusted power control and realizing that they need additional help in the rescue attempt they send Gleek to the Hall of Justice and find Atom. Atom soon arrives and shrinks himself even more smaller so he can enter the power box and manually shut down the roller coaster.
    NOTE: As The Wonder Twins and Gleek make their way along the sidewalk outside the theater, they pass by a movie poster promoting Superman.
  • Once Upon a Poltergeist: At the Wayne Building in Gotham City, a confused spirit of a Mohawk Indian terrorizes the area due to his belief that the building sits on top of an ancient burial site. Batman, Robin, and Apache Chief battle the spirit but its power is greater. Apache Chief eventually finds the true burial ground and instantly the Indian spirit apologizes for his destruction and peacefully fades away.
712"Warpland / Two Gleeks Are Deadlier Than One / Bulgor the Behemoth"September 17, 1983 (1983-09-17) (AU)

  • Warpland: Superman and Batman are pulled into a space warp where they come across a strange planet inhabited by aliens known as Zoons. The leader of the group, Super Frog, plans on keeping who he sees as invaders as prisoners. He then turns Superman into an eagle and Batman into a real bat. The aliens' headquarters is referred to as the Hall of Zoon. Fortunately Batman and Superman are able to warp into their own galaxy and the effects wear off... Batman remarks that Superman would have made a great eagle. NOTE: Robin does not appear.
  • Two Gleeks Are Deadlier Than One: Wonder Woman and Green Lantern think the Legion of Doom will strike since the entire Justice League is going to meet in the Hall of Justice the next day. Jayna and Zan are put in charge of security during the night. Giganta sets a trap and captures Gleek with bananas and takes him to Gorillia Grodd miles away on the outskirts of Metropolis. Because so many Justice League members were going to meet in one place, they tried to take precautions but a mechanical duplicate of Gleek arrives at the Hall of Justice to use his killer laser eyes on the Justice League and help Grodd and Giganta take over the Hall of Justice. However the Super Friends then reveal they used androids, knowing such a meeting would probably cause an attack by villains.
  • Bulgor the Behemoth: A writer turns into the creature he created after a lightning bolt electrocutes an electrical tower nearby. Apache Chief and Superman are on hand to stop the behemoth from continuing his destructive ways.
723"The Krypton Syndrome / Invasion of the Space Dolls / Terror on the Titanic"September 24, 1983 (1983-09-24) (AU)

  • The Krypton Syndrome: Superman travels through a time warp and is taken back to the hours leading up to Krypton's explosion. He saves the planet by stopping the solar flares using the Super-Mobile core and then returns to the present to find Earth a very different place. Robin confronts him and has no idea who Superman is and then remarks that the Justice League was defeated by the Legion of Doom, he is the only one alive. He soon realizes that by saving Krypton that it erased his time on Earth and that nobody had ever heard of Superman before. He goes back into the time warp and makes sure Krypton explodes by removing the Super-Mobile Core because he figures that Earth would need a person like Superman to protect it. NOTE: This marks the first episode in the series that Robin appears without his mentor and adopted father Batman.
  • Invasion of the Space Dolls: Space dolls try to take over the world but run out of batteries.
  • Terror on the Titanic: Two divers find the Titanic which has become inhabited by a mutated form of Algae. Aquaman and Black Vulcan respond to the danger. After a lightning blast from Black Vulcan, the Titanic comes alive, and begins to destroy everything in its path. Ultimately the ship sinks back into the ocean after slamming into a jagged iceberg.
734"Revenge of Doom / A Pint of Life / Day of the Dinosaurs"October 1, 1983 (1983-10-01) (AU)

  • Revenge of Doom: Batman and Robin foil some building constructors' plans to revive a destroyed Hall of Doom and turn it into a Museum. When Batman figures something is wrong, the building constructors reveal themselves to be Lex Luthor, Soloman Grundy, Sinestro and the rest of the Legion of Doom. Batman and Robin are captured immediately. The Legion restores the Hall of Doom and they pick up where they left off, plotting crimes and world domination. When the Legion of Doom attacks Metropolis, Superman and Wonder Woman attempt to stop them only to get crystallized by Lex Luthor's Crystallization Ray. With the Super Friends defeated, the Legion of Doom take over the Hall of Justice to make their demands. Meanwhile Superman and Wonder Woman are able to move again thanks to Superman's X-Ray vision and are off to stop the Legion of Doom. Batman and Robin must find a way to reverse the polarity of Luthor's Crystallization Ray to transform Superman and Wonder Woman back to normal so the Legion of Doom's raid on Fort Knox can be put to an end.
  • A Pint of Life: The Wonder Twins and Aquaman search the Amazon River for Doctor Marks who's on an expedition. The doctor's son needs a blood transfusion and there's only a moment of hours left for the Super Friends to locate the doctor.
  • Day of the Dinosaurs: The Hall of Justice, with Wonder Woman and Samurai inside, gets swallowed up into the Earth. After tumbling through layers of rock, the Hall of Justices comes to a stop at a strange forgotten world beneath our own. When Wonder Woman and Samurai explore the strange subterranean world, they are attacked by prehistoric creatures called Slarums. Technos saves the two Super Friends and offers to show them the world of the Volti. During the tour Technos gets mad because the two Super Friends asked him why the Volti have not helped the Slarums and as a result, Technos imprisons them. Wonder Woman and Samurai escape and head over to the Hall of Justice to contact the other Super Friends only to be met by Slarums. Wonder Woman, Samurai, and the Slarums decide to pay the Volti a visit to unite the two races and lift the Hall of Justice back to the surface.
745"Return of the Phantoms / Bully for You / Superclones"October 8, 1983 (1983-10-08) (AU)

  • Return of the Phantoms: The three Phantom Zone villains: Logar, Hol, and Romlok are freed by an alien who doesn't realize they are criminals. In this episode they force the alien to travel back in time with them in an attempt to alter Superboy's life—hoping that he will never grow up to become Superman. Meanwhile, in the future, Superman and Green Lantern learn of the plot from the alien and travel back in time to save Superman's own past and capture the Phantom Zone villains.
  • Bully for You: Teen angst and bullying are spotlighted at the start of this episode. In the meantime, after a daring mission on a skyscraper, Batman loses his utility belt. The boy who was being bullied finds the belt and seeks revenge. Unfortunately, the boy doesn't know what all power that the belt contains and he accidentally switches on a high frequency signal that leads to Earth shaking effects and building destruction.
  • Superclones: After obtaining living cells from Aquaman and El Dorado's skin, Brainiac creates clones of the two heroes. Brainiac programs the Aquaman and El Dorado clones to their counterparts bring them back to Brainiac's Laboratory. After attempting to rob a ship, the clones are apprehended. The next day in court the clones say the Super Friends have turned against the people. The real El Dorado and Aquaman trick Brainiac into freeing them and they're all transported to the Metropolis courthouse. There they clear up the situation and incarcerate Brainiac. Cameos by Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Wonder Twins, Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkman, Atom, Black Vulcan, and The Atom. Although Superman has a small speaking role.
    NOTE: Stanley Ralph Ross takes over for the late Ted Cassidy as the voice of Brainiac, and in a rare instance of show created characters returning for a second appearance, the Kryptonian villains from "Terror from the Phantom Zone" return. However, their appearance was drastically altered from their previous appearance.
756"Prisoners of Sleep / An Unexpected Treasure / The Malusian Blob"October 15, 1983 (1983-10-15) (AU)

  • Prisoners of Sleep: While investigating a strange electrified spiked metal pod, Superman and Batman unwittingly unleash the cloud-like prisoner inside (named Sleep), and are then trapped in a dream world. Superman dreams that everything he touches turns to kryptonite. Batman's nightmare involves a building's ledge turning to dust as he falls into the awaiting jaws of a vicious monster. Wonder Woman tries to save them by wrapping her golden lasso around her waist and entering the dream world. She instructs a miner to wake her in five minutes by tugging on the lasso. It works. Superman then breathes the creature into his lungs and blows him back into the pod. NOTE: Robin does not appear.
  • An Unexpected Treasure: Two teenagers discover an ancient warship buried underneath the desert sands and they take off in it. The Wonder Twins and Gleek attempt to rescue the teens and they ultimately seek the help of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. The teens, the Wonder Twins, and Gleek are trapped inside the ship as it makes its way to its own galaxy. Zan eventually discovers how to open up the ship's hatch and everyone is safe from certain danger.
  • The Malusian Blob: Space shuttle astronauts unwittingly load an alien chemical blob into their cargo bay (assuming it to be space junk). The blob starts eating metal and the astronauts call for help. Batman, Robin and Black Vulcan arrive and rescue the astronauts. Assuming the blob burned up in the atmosphere, they return to Earth, but then the blob reappears and after some failed attempts, they figure out that the substance may have an unstable reaction to sugar.
767"Attack of the Cats / One Small Step for Superman / Video Victims"October 22, 1983 (1983-10-22) (AU)

  • Attack of the Cats: Batman, Robin, and El Dorado investigate a series of crimes which lead them to the conclusion that the culprits are not human.
  • One Small Step for Superman: A boy loses his pet dog during an accident in the wilderness. After being taken to the hospital he's given a clean bill of health but yet the boy insists he's paralyzed. It's then up to the Super Friends to convince the boy that his paralysis isn't real and that it is more than likely an emotional response to the traumatic incident and the loss of the dog. During a bird's eye view of the city, courtesy of Superman, a gigantic metallic monster starts to destroy the city. It ultimately fires out kryptonite, which leaves Superman weakened. Superman pleads for the boy, who still believes he can't walk, to get rid of the kryptonite. The boy struggles to make himself walk again in an attempt to save Superman. There's an emotional twist at the end of the story, though. NOTE: Robin does not appear.
  • Video Victims: Bizarro creates trouble by zapping several of the Super Friends into an arcade game reminiscent of Pac-Man and Bizarro is in control of the hungry muncher. Midway through the game, the giant Pac-Man creature turns green—a kryptonite creature that swallows a severely weakened Superman. Ultimately, Bizarro becomes a victim of his own plan.
778"Playground of Doom / Space Racers / The Recruiter"October 29, 1983 (1983-10-29) (AU)

  • Playground of Doom: Giant children arrive on Earth and create destruction all over the city. Superman, Batman and Robin have their hands full while trying to prevent them from causing trouble. A call to the children's home planet and a visit from some influential individuals put a stop to the children's pranks. NOTE: This is the final episode that Olan Soule voices Batman.
  • Space Racers: The Wonder Twins and Gleek are on weekend patrol duty when the Justice League patrol craft is invaded by space racing punks. After the Wonder Twins decide to teach them to respect the law, the space racing punks decide to retreat by dematerializing. Unfortunately, they take Jayna along with them and hold her hostage. At the Hall of Justice, Wonder Woman and The Flash notice there are three spacecraft violating lightspeed in the Saturn sector and decide to check it out. When they arrive they see the space punks have hit a space mining ship. Wonder Woman and The Flash save the two space miners and The Wonder Twins saves the out of control space ship.
  • The Recruiter: Superman and Wonder Woman are abducted by a race of alien beings and are forced to play intergalactic football which is referred to as space ball in this episode. By the end of the episode, the heroes teach the aliens that the key to success is to work together.

Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show episodes

Main article: SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show

Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show was the first Super Friends series in a new format since 1979's The World's Greatest SuperFriends. Continuing the previous three years' policy of producing short stories, this series' format was two stories per half-hour, so all the separate stories were ten minutes long each. Firestorm, a well established teenage superhero in the DC Comics Universe, was added to the lineup of characters. Continuing the trend from the "lost season" episodes, the Wonder Twins were paired with other Justice League members, as opposed to always teaming up with Wonder Woman or Batman & Robin. In "Case of the Shrinking Super Friends" they are teamed with Firestorm and Robin. In "Uncle Mxyzptlk" they work with Firestorm and Samurai. In "Village of The Lost Souls" they work with Wonder Woman and Apache Chief. Despite appearing in the opening credits, Aquaman and The Flash are not in this version. This is the only version of The Super Friends that doesn't include Aquaman. Adam West replaces Olan Soule who voiced Batman. Connie Cawfield replaces Shannon Farnon who voiced Wonder Woman.

Season 8: 1984

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
781"The Bride of Darkseid: Parts I & II"September 8, 1984 (1984-09-08)

  • The Bride of Darkseid: Part I: Firestorm makes his debut as a superhero and is invited to join the Super Friends. Darkseid pursues Wonder Woman to be his and is able to capture her when Firestorm accidentally shuts off the Hall of Justice's force field.
  • The Bride of Darkseid: Part II: With her free will removed, Wonder Woman leads the Super Friends into a trap after they arrive at Darkseid's palace to save her. Firestorm's duo persona allows him to free himself and the Super Friends from Darkseid's clutches.
792"The Wrath of Brainiac / Reflections in Crime"September 15, 1984 (1984-09-15)

  • The Wrath of Brainiac: Brainiac develops android duplicates of Superman and Wonder Woman in an attempt to seek revenge on the Super Friends. He enlists the reluctant help of Darkseid, who was tricked into following the android Wonder Woman right into Brainiac's star-ship. Darkseid and Brainiac hatch a plan to capture all the Super Friends... but, not long after their capture, it does not take long for the two egotistical villains to be at each other's throats. Darkseid and his gang whisk away with Wonder Woman through their stargate but it turns out to be the Wonder Woman android, and its Brainiac who indirectly has the last laugh on Darkseid.
  • Reflections in Crime: Mirror Master traps Superman in the 6th dimension: the dimension behind mirrors. As he tries to warn him teammates through mirrors, he is too late as Batman & Robin are trapped as well. The Super Friends erroneously assume that they can only be trapped by mirrors and so Firestorm is caught by another highly reflective surface. The final Super Friend, Samurai uses invisibility to trick Mirror Master into thinking that he is caught. Samurai then grabs the portal device and releases his friends. Mirror Master is lost in a mirror maze and is caught. NOTE: Mirror Master is a villain of The Flash, but The Flash doesn't appear at all.
803"No Honor Among Thieves / Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp"September 22, 1984 (1984-09-22)

  • No Honor Among Thieves: Lex Luthor disrupts Darkseid's quiet time on Apokolips with a plan to destroy the Super Friends. One by one the Super Friends are lured into traps and zapped to Darkseid's palace. Luthor plans on stealing the powers from the Super Friends. In order to do this he needs the omega beams from Darkseid. Once Luthor has gained the powers of the Super Friends he quickly sets his sights on taking control of Darkseid's palace. The wily Darkseid, though, was prepared for a double-cross from Luthor. Suddenly, Luthor is powerless and the Super Friends are free... they regain their powers and they set out to stop Darkseid's latest plan. They thwart his plan but he escapes into his stargate. Afterward, Luthor is put in prison stripes.
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp: In this segment a small-time thief named Benny finds an ancient lamp during a robbery. Batman and Apache Chief apprehend the crook... but observing from a distance is Mxyzptlk. He decides to get into the act by playing the part of a genie... who zaps the crook away... and from that point forward the two go on a crime spree. Batman gets the last laugh on Mxyzptlk, though.
814"The Case of the Shrinking Super Friends / The Mask of Mystery"September 29, 1984 (1984-09-29)

  • The Case of the Shrinking Super Friends: Lex Luthor invents a shrinking ray and uses it on the Hall of Justice. The older members of the Justice League had earlier flown off to fight a mission in space... leaving behind the junior members like Robin, The Wonder Twins and Gleek, and Firestorm. Luthor succeeds in shrinking the Hall of Justice and it's up to the now miniature Super Friends to save the day before the senior members of the group return from space.
  • The Mask of Mystery: Lex Luthor uses a clumsy fan of the Super Friends to destroy them. The fan Sidney Wanamaker, a school mate of Firestorm's alter-ego, Ronald Raymond, creates his own secret identity... called Captain Mystery. He taps into the Hall of Justice files and shows up to help the Super Friends but winds up causing more harm than good. Luthor notices this and kidnaps Captain Mystery and intends on using him in his plot. It's up to the Super Friends to rescue Captain Mystery and capture Lex Luthor.
825"Darkseid's Golden Trap: Parts I & II"October 6, 1984 (1984-10-06)

  • Darkseid's Golden Trap: Part I: At an intergalactic auction, Darkseid and his crew set their eyes on gold kryptonite. It's the only chunk of gold kryptonite, which can permanently strip away all of the powers that Superman enjoys on Earth. known to be in existence. Black Vulcan, Wonder Woman, and Firestorm infiltrate the auction under disguise as ice creatures. They plan on bidding high and taking the gold kryptonite before it can fall into enemy hands, but Darkseid soon realizes their plan.
  • Darkseid's Golden Trap: Part II: Darkseid catches onto the trick and plots an elaborate scheme to expose Superman to the gold kryptonite that he won. El Dorado, Batman, and Superman travel to the Moon of Games to confront Kalibak about which star has Darkseid imprisoned Black Vulcan, Wonder Woman, and Firestorm. El Dorado hatches a plan with the help of Batman. Darkseid shows up unexpectedly, as El Dorado had feared, and Darkseid throws the gold kryptonite at Superman... but did it work?
836"Island of the Dinosoids / Uncle Mxyzptlk"October 13, 1984 (1984-10-13)

  • Island of the Dinosoids: Ronald Raymond, Apache Chief, Robin, and Wonder Woman get caught up in an island mystery when a science experiment goes awry after Batman and Professor Stein went missing when on their way to the Tokyo Science Expo with Professor Stein's Omnicaster. A scientist named Dr. Dan Corwin had walked into what is referred to as a Geneto Beam and is turned into a Dinosoid, which means half-human/half-dinosaur. His partner flees and hides in the jungle... it's up to the estranged scientist, as well as Ronald, Robin, and Apache Chief to track down the evil scientist and transform everyone back to normal.
  • Uncle Mxyzptlk: The Wonder Twins accidentally expose Superman to Red Kryptonite which turns him into a 6-year old kid. Throughout the episode the Wonder Twins, Firestorm, and Samurai have to babysit the kid whom they have nick-named super brat. Mr. Mxyzptlk does not make things any better with his practical jokes and pranks.
847"The Case of the Dreadful Dolls / The Royal Ruse"October 20, 1984 (1984-10-20)

  • The Case of the Dreadful Dolls: Dollmaker, uses clay dolls and voodoo black magic to command the real Super Friends to commit crimes. A few of the Super Friends do not fall victim and must rescue the others from Dollmaker's spell.
    NOTE: Originally Toyman was to be the villain of the episode, but was replaced by the cartoon exclusive Dollmaker due to being off-limits.[3]
  • The Royal Ruse: Darkseid uses a royal princess from Tyron-7 to lure the Super Friends into a trap. He promised her that if she delivered the Super Friends that her planet would be spared from his wrath. However, as things are more apt to do, the plan does not necessarily follow that path and soon the princess learns that she was a pawn in Darkseid's ultimate plot: to banish Tyron-7 into the negative universe. A projector turns the Super Friends to stone and it's up to the princess and her father to free the Super Friends and stop Darkseid.
858"The Village of Lost Souls / The Curator"October 27, 1984 (1984-10-27)

  • The Village of Lost Souls: Brainiac uses his star ship and his mental powers to take control of a small village. He turns people into zombie-like creatures who he enslaves to mine and work for him. Brainiac eventually takes control of the Wonder Twins who set out to capture Wonder Woman. This succeeds but would later backfire when Apache Chief grows 50 feet tall and rattles the Starship, which causes the ice block {Zan} around Wonder Woman to break. Freed, Wonder Woman destroys Brainiac's mind control machine which returns the Wonder Twins back to normal. Later on Apache Chief, the Wonder Twins, and Wonder Woman are on hand to stop Brainiac and save the village. NOTE: This segment is the final appearance of the Wonder Twins and Gleek.
  • The Curator: Remlar, a villain from another galaxy, travels the universe in search of buildings and people to put on display in an intergalactic museum. Superman, Firestorm, and Samurai must figure out a way to stop Remlar and return the historical monuments and people to their rightful place.

NOTE: This is the final episode to use the orange title card, and the final episode to use the original Hall of Justice and character designs.

The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians episodes

Main article: The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians

B.J. Ward replaces Connie Cawfield as the voice of Wonder Woman.

Season 9: 1985

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
861"The Seeds of Doom"September 7, 1985 (1985-09-07)
After single-handedly capturing Superman's perennial nemesis Lex Luthor, the bionic Cyborg is invited to join the Justice League of America—but surprisingly turns down the offer. Anxious to have someone his own age as a fellow Team member, the nuclear-powered Firestorm seeks out Cyborg to learn the reason for his reticence. But it will take the intervention of Darkseid and his Parademons, to say nothing of some horrific-looking sea pods, to make Cyborg change his mind.
NOTE: From this point onwards, the show was retooled with a darker tone, a significantly different art style, and many previous notable characters with reduced roles.
NOTE: Sarah Simms, Cyborg's love interest in DC's normal continuity makes a cameo appearance.
872"The Ghost Ship / The Bizarro Super Powers Team"September 14, 1985 (1985-09-14)

  • The Ghost Ship: With Darkseid and his minions in hot pursuit, Superman, Firestorm and Cyborg temporarily take shelter in a huge derelict space vessel. It turns out that the three Galactic Guardians have boarded a ghost ship, controlled by a fugitive princess who uses hologram images to ward off pirates and to protect the people of her planet—who live in miniaturized form in a locket around her neck. Darkseid hopes to exploit the princess, and to take sinister advantage of Superman's weakened state!
  • The Bizarro Super Powers Team: Bizarro #1, the weird yet funny Superman doppelganger from Htrae (Bizarro World), uses his duplicator ray to create Bizarro versions of Wonder Woman, Firestorm and Cyborg. These "opposite clones" are then called upon to protect Bizarro World from its many enemies. Unfortunately, the prankish Mr. Mxyzptlk plans to harness the powers of the three Bizarro superheroes in order to wreak havoc upon the earth, in an endless series of nasty pranks and practical jokes specially designed to drive everyone as crazy as HE is! Until the Real Wonder Woman uses the duplicator ray on Mr. Mxyzptlk to create Mr. Kltpzyxm, causing the Bizarro Super Powers team to go back to Bizarro World and stop him, and making Mr. Mxyzptlk accidentally say his name backwards and go back to the 5th dimension.
883"The Darkseid Deception"September 21, 1985 (1985-09-21)
Little does Wonder Woman suspect that the man she assumes to be her mortal boyfriend Steve Trevor is actually the evil Darkseid, who has rearranged his molecular structure in order to impersonate Steve. It's all part of a master plan to steal the deadly TC7 satellite and transform everyone on earth into hideous mutants. The Galactic Guardians set out to rescue the real Steve and thwart Darkseid—a task made doubly difficult when Wonder Woman herself is kidnapped!
894"The Fear"September 28, 1985 (1985-09-28)
Gotham City is literally held in the grip of terror by The Scarecrow's arsenal of Fear Transmitters. Scouring Gotham in search of Scarecrow, Batman is himself paralyzed with fright when he finds himself in the middle of Crime Alley, where years earlier the parents of Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne had been murdered in cold blood. Taking advantage of the situation, Scarecrow intends to keep Batman trapped in Crime Alley forever by using a captured Robin and Wonder Woman as bait—forcing the Caped Crusader to purge himself of his lifelong fears once and for all!
NOTE: This is the first time that the origin of Batman is told in any other media outside the comics.
905"The Wild Cards"October 5, 1985 (1985-10-05)
There's a new supervillain in town, and his name is The Ace. Gathering together a gang of four hardened delinquents, the Ace decks them out in sinister playing-card costumes, and thus the Royal Flush Gang is born. In their efforts to defeat this scurrilous quintet of no-goods, Robin and Cyborg discover that the Ace is taking his orders directly from their perennial enemy Darkseid—while Batman learns to his astonishment that the Ace is not a "new" nemesis at all, but instead a very old one... The Joker!
NOTE: The Joker makes his first and only appearance in the Super Friends franchise in this episode.
916"The Brainchild / The Case of the Stolen Powers"October 12, 1985 (1985-10-12)

  • The Brainchild: While enjoying a day off with Firestorm, Cyborg is captured by the robot minions of supercomputer Brainiac, who intends to use the bionic dogooder for one of his typically evil "mind-blowing" experiments. To save the life of his fellow Galactic Guardian, Firestorm enlists the aid of Superman and rushes to Cyborg's rescue. But it may already be too late: The two superpowered good guys are confronted by a gigantic killer robot... with Cyborg's brain and intellect trapped inside its power source! NOTE: Green Lantern makes a cameo appearance.
  • The Case of the Stolen Powers: While languishing in prison with the Penguin as his cellmate, evil necromancer Felix Faust conjures up a spell which enables him to steal the special powers of Superman. No sooner has this happened than the Penguin appropriates these powers for himself, and as result the Super Powers Team now works for him! In order to thwart the Penguin and emerge as the real villain of the piece, Faust absorbs all of Superman's powers, but Firestorm creates a kryptonite crown on Faust's head, weakening him and Wonder Woman uses her Magic Lasso to force him to give up Superman's powers and return them to the man of steel!

NOTE: First appearance of Felix Faust and The Penguin. Curiously, Batman and Robin were not present to face The Penguin. Aquaman, Hawkman, and Samurai cameo appearances.

927"The Death of Superman"October 19, 1985 (1985-10-19)
The unthinkable has happened: Superman is dead, the victim of Kryptonite poisoning. Injured in the mishap which felled Superman, a weakened Firestorm is captured by Darkseid, who wants the Galactic Guardian to reveal the details of the Man of Steel's demise. Meanwhile, several members of the Super Powers Team gather at the Fortress of Solitude, where they come across evidence indicating that Superman is still alive—but if this is true, why has he allowed the other Team members to fall into Darkseid's clutches?
NOTE: The Flash and El Dorado appeared in this episode. Cameos by Robin, Aquaman, Flash, Hawkman, Samurai, El Dorado.
938"Escape from Space City"October 26, 1985 (1985-10-26)
The evil Darkseid's latest project involves the capture and takeover of Star City, a gigantic orbiting earth colony. To this end, he replaces the satellite's kidnapped inventor Mr. Moko with a robot lookalike that even fools Moko's daughter, Kiri. Meanwhile, Batman, Firestorm and Samurai must steer clear of Darkseid's minions Kalibak and DeSaad and their robot army, long enough to allow Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman to seek out and destroy the control equipment hidden in Darkseid's headquarters! NOTE: Robin does not appear.

DVD releases

DVD set Release date
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
Super Friends: Season One, Volume One January 5, 2010 (2010-01-05)
Super Friends: Season One, Volume Two July 20, 2010 (2010-07-20)
The All-New Super Friends Hour: Season 1, Volume 1 January 8, 2008 (2008-01-08)
The All-New Super Friends Hour: Season 1, Volume 2 January 27, 2009 (2009-01-27)
Challenge of the Superfriends: The First Season July 6, 2004 (2004-07-06)
Super Friends: Volume Two May 24, 2005 (2005-05-24)
The World's Greatest Super Friends: And Justice for All—The Complete Season Four April 23, 2013 (2013-04-23)
Super Friends: A Dangerous Fate—The Complete Season Five July 23, 2013 (2013-07-23)
Super Friends: Legacy of Super Powers—Complete Season Six October 8, 2013 (2013-10-08)
Super Friends: The Lost Episodes August 11, 2009 (2009-08-11)
Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show—The Complete Series August 7, 2007 (2007-08-07)
The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians—The Complete Series October 23, 2007 (2007-10-23)


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