This page is about auto makers in Taiwan. This list does not include dealers or importing companies. This page only features vehicles and brands manufactured or assembled in Taiwan.

Luxgen URX

Hotai Motor

Hotai Motor, through its affiliate Kuozui Motors, manufactures Toyota vehicles in Taiwan.

Yulon Motors

In 2004, Yulon Motors created Yulon Nissan Motors, a subsidiary dedicated to building Nissan vehicles under license. However, Yulon's manufacturing division continued to manufacture cars for other automakers. On 22 November 2005, Yulon GM was established as a joint venture of Yulon and GM.

Currently, Yulon manufactures Nissan vehicles for Yulon Nissan Motors and their own all-terrain vehicle brand called Cectek.

Yulon Motors

Known as "Yue Loong" until 1992, Yulon Motors sells Nissan and Renault vehicles.

Vehicles currently manufactured by Yulon in Taiwan are the Nissan Sentra, Nissan Kicks and the Nissan X-Trail.


Luxgen produces cars under its own brand owned by Yulon. The models are Luxgen U6 Luxgen n7 and Luxgen URX

Yulon GM

Yulon GM sold Opel, Buick, and Cadillac vehicles, and produced the Buick Lacrosse and Buick Excelle. The cooperation between GM and Yulon ended in 2012.

China Motor Corporation

China Motor Corporation (CMC) manufactures Daimler Chrysler and Mitsubishi vehicles. CMC also sells Mitsubishi vehicles in Taiwan, and exports redesigned Mitsubishi vehicles.

CMC currently manufactures the Mitsubishi Lancer, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mitsubishi Colt Plus, Mitsubishi Delica, CMC Zinger, CMC E300 electric, CMC Veryca, CMC P350 Hybrid, MG HS, MG ZS

In 2006, CMC started manufacturing Chrysler vehicles for DaimlerChrysler Taiwan. The Town and Country was the first Chrysler vehicle to be assembled in Taiwan, and it is widely anticipated that the Caliber will be the next.

Chin Chun Motors

Chin Chun Motors manufactures until 2010 the commercial and passengers models from the Hyundai primarily targeted to the Taiwanese market. Initially the vehicles that the brand manufactured are from the Volkswagen brand, as the Volkswagen Transporter, later introduced in Taiwan the manufacturing of vehicles from the Hyundai brand, until their unification with other vehicles factories in 2010.

Kuozui Motors

Kuozui Motors manufactures Toyota vehicles in Taiwan, including the Toyota Vios, Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota Corolla Cross, Toyota Sienta, Toyota Town Ace and Toyota Yaris Cross.

Hotai Motors is in charge of selling the Toyota vehicles and provides after-sales service.

Ford Lio Ho

Ford Lio Ho manufactures and represents the Ford brand, and locally assembles vehicles from this marque in Taiwan.

As part of Ford's Asia Pacific strategy, Ford Lio Ho used Ford badging on Mazda products after Ford's 1970s purchase of that companye. Ford Lio Ho assembled vehicles was based on Mazda platforms, such as the 323 and 626 series, known as the Ford Laser. They also produced rebadged Fords as Mazdas, like the Explorer (based on the Ford Explorer platform).

Ford Lio Ho also produces Mazda CKD vehicles for their assembling outside Taiwan, and for a short time they locally produced the Suzuki Carry, a Suzuki Motors/GM product, and sold it as the "Ford Pronto".[1]

Current vehicles manufactured in Taiwan includes the Ford Focus and the Ford Kuga, and the subassemblies for these models to the exports markets, like Mexico and Argentina.

Honda Taiwan

Honda Taiwan manufactures Honda vehicles in Taiwan.

Current vehicles manufactured in Taiwan: Honda Fit, Honda HR-V, and the Honda CR-V.

Her Chee

Her Chee Industrial manufactures small SUV side by side all-terrain vehicles and wide range of motorcycles, scooters and ATVs.

San Yang

San Yang manufactures Hyundai vehicles in Taiwan, including the Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Custin, Hyundai Porter,Hyundai Venue and Hyundai QT500

Formosa Automobile

Formosa Automobile manufactured Daewoo vehicles from 2003 until the end of 2006. About 29,500 cars were built in total.[2] The Daewoo Magnus, also known as Chevrolet Epica or Evanda in global markets, was nicknamed the Formosa 1. The Daewoo Matiz, also known as Chevrolet Matiz or Spark in global markets, was nicknamed the Formosa 2.

Formosa Automobile started to sell imported Škoda vehicles in 2005, beginning with the Fabia.[2]

Future vehicles to be manufactured in Taiwan include the Škoda Fabia in 2007, to be rebadged as a Formosa model.

Prince Motors

Prince Motors manufactured Suzuki, and actually these range of vehicles are produced locally, and as CKD vehicles for export markets.

Ta Ching Motor

Ta Ching Motor Co. assembled Subaru cars in Taiwan from 1989 to the early 2000s, and also developed a sedan version of the Subaru Justy which was unique to Taiwan.


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