Tales of Arcadia is a trilogy of American computer-animated science fantasy television series created for Netflix by Guillermo del Toro and produced by DreamWorks Animation and Double Dare You. It follows the inhabitants of the small suburban town of Arcadia Oaks, which is secretly home to various supernatural creatures and the teenage heroes who fight against the forces of evil that lurk in the shadows.

The following is a list of cast members who have appeared.

Cast and characters

Character Television series Feature film
Rise of the Titans

Introduced in Trollhunters[edit]

(part 1)[edit]

AAARRRGGHH!!! / Aarghaumont Fred Tatasciore[1]
Bagwella Fred Tatasciore Fred Tatasciore TBA
Officer Brennan Tom Kenny TBA
Bular the Butcher Ron Perlman Darin De Paul
Gnome Chompsky Rodrigo Blaas[2]
Nancy Domzalski Laraine Newman Laraine Newman[2]
Tobias "Toby" Domzalski Charlie Saxton[1][2]
Draal the Deadly Matthew Waterson Matthew Waterson
Goblins Frank Welker
Blinkous "Blinky" Galadrigal Kelsey Grammer[1][2]
Gatto Fred Tatasciore Fred Tatasciore TBA
Gladys Groe Melanie Paxson
Gunmar the Skullcrusher Clancy Brown Clancy Brown
Gut Tom Kenny
Lenora Janeth Laraine Newman Laraine Newman[2]
Seamus Johnson Steve Alterman
Kanjigar the Courageous Tom Hiddleston (part 1, episode 1)
James Purefoy
James Purefoy TBA
Doctor Barbara Lake Amy Landecker Amy Landecker[2]
James "Jim" Lake Junior Anton Yelchin (part 1-3)[1]
Emile Hirsch (part 3)[3]
Emile Hirsch[2]
Coach Lawrence Thomas F. Wilson[2]
Shannon Longhannon Bebe Wood[2]
Doctor Mario Muelas Guillermo del Toro TBA
Zelda Nomura Lauren Tom TBA
NotEnrique Jimmie Wood TBA
Claire Nuñez Lexi Medrano[1]
Javier Nuñez Tom Kenny Tom Kenny
Councilwoman Ophilia Nuñez Andrea Navedo Andrea Navedo
Steve Palchuk Steven Yeun[2]
Elijah Leslie "Eli" Pepperjack Cole Sand Cole Sand[2]
Rot Brook Chalmers
Angor Rot Ike Amadi Ike Amadi
Otto Scaarbach Tom Kenny
Darci Scott Yara Shahidi TBA
Walter Strickler / Waltolomew Stricklander Jonathan Hyde Jonathan Hyde[2]
Señor Karl Uhl Fred Tatasciore Fred Tatasciore
Queen Usurna Anjelica Huston
Vendel Victor Raider-Wexler TBA
Mary Wang Lauren Tom TBA
Queen Wumpa Grey Griffin TBA

(part 2)[edit]

Merlin Ambrosius David Bradley David Bradley
Bork Grey Griffin
Dictatious Galadrigal Mark Hamill[3] Mark Hamill
Morgana le Fay / Pale Lady Lena Headey Lena Headey

(part 3)[edit]

Hisirdoux "Douxie" Casperan Colin O'Donoghue[2]
Mister Hammes Chad Hammes TBA
Detective Louis Scott Ike Amadi Ike Amadi
Princess Aja Tarron Tatiana Maslany[3] Tatiana Maslany[2]
Prince Krel Tarron Diego Luna[3][2]
Victoria Grey Griffin

Introduced in 3Below[edit]

(part 1)[edit]

Sargeant Costas Oscar Nunez TBA
Dadblank / Ricky Blank Tom Kenny
Foo-Foos Tom Kenny
Halcon / Bertha Flanagan Fiona Shaw
Jerry Reginald VelJohnson
Colonel Kubritz Uzo Aduba
Luug Frank Welker Frank Welker[2]
Momblank / Lucy Blank Cheryl Hines Cheryl Hines[2]
General Val Morando Alon Aboutboul
Mothership "Mother" Glenn Close
Neb Fred Tatasciore
Phil J. B. Smoove
Loth Saborian Chris Obi
Stuart of Durio Nick Frost Nick Frost[2]
Queen Coranda Tarron Tatiana Maslany
King Fialkov Tarron Andy Garcia
Commander Varvatos Vex Nick Offerman Nick Offerman[2]
Lieutenant Zadra Hayley Atwell
Zoe Sandra Saad TBA
Zeron Alpha Darin De Paul
Zeron Omega Ann Dowd

(part 2)[edit]

Archibald / Archie Alfred Molina[2]
Gwendolyn of Gorbon Kathleen Turner
Tronos Madu Danny Trejo
Magmatron Fred Tatasciore

Introduced in Wizards[edit]

Bellroc Kay Bess[2]
Piotr Michael[2]
Callista / Deya the Deliverer Stephanie Beatriz
Charlemagne Brian Blessed[2]
Sir Galahad John Rhys-Davies
Sir Lancelot Rupert Penry-Jones
Nari Angel Lin[2]
Nimue / Lady of the Lake Stephanie Beatriz
King Arthur Pendragon / Green Knight James Faulkner
Skrael Piotr Michael[2]

Introduced in Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans[edit]

Zong Shi James Hong[2]

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