This is a list of episodes of the British drama series, Tales of the Unexpected.

Season 1 (1979)

Nine episodes.  First broadcast: Saturdays on ITV – 24 March to 19 May 1979

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Introduced by Cast Original air date
11"The Man from the South"Michael TuchnerStory by: Roald Dahl
Adaptation by: Kevin Goldstein-Jackson
Roald DahlAngela Malcolm (Maid), Pamela Stephenson (Cathy), José Ferrer (Carlos), Michael Ontkean (Tommy), Cyril Luckham (Rawlsden), Katy Jurado (Mysterious Woman)24 March 1979 (1979-03-24)
An American sailor and his girlfriend, Cathy, are on holiday in Jamaica.  They become involved in a bizarre bet with Carlos, who loves to gamble.  When the young man boasts about his cigarette lighter, Carlos offers him his Jaguar if the boy can strike his lighter successfully ten times in a row.  But if he fails even once, if the boy does not strike it precisely, Carlos will cut off his finger.
22"Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat"Simon LangtonStory by: Roald Dahl
Adaptation by: Ronald Harwood
Roald DahlWill Leighton (Seamus), Richard Hampton (The Patient), Richard Greene (The Colonel), Michael Hordern (Cyril Bixby), Julie Harris (Mrs Bixby), Alan Chuntz (Taxi Driver), Sandra Payne (Miss Pulteney), Frederick Farley (Pawnbroker), Vass Anderson (Master of Hounds)31 March 1979 (1979-03-31)
Mrs Bixby is having an affair behind her husband's back.  Her lover gives her a mink coat.  She devises a devious plan to explain its presence to her husband.
33"William and Mary"Donald McWhinnieWritten by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Ronald Harwood
Roald DahlMarius Goring (Dr Landy), Elaine Stritch (Mary Pearl), Frederick Farley (Baxter), Richard Hampton (Vicar), Jimmy Mac (Dr William Pearl), Jane Paton (Nurse)7 April 1979 (1979-04-07)
A widow is informed by her doctor that her husband's brain has been kept alive.  The husband had always imposed a strict regime on his wife and she now seeks revenge.
44"Lamb to the Slaughter"John DaviesWritten by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
Roald DahlMichael Byrne (Patrick Marney), Brian Blessed (Detective Sergeant Jack Nolan), Susan George (Mary Marney), Mark Jones (Detective Sergeant Jameson), Andrew Fell (Uniformed Policeman), David English (Plain Clothes Policeman), George Little (Samuel), Hugh Cross (Police Doctor)14 April 1979 (1979-04-14)
Mary Marney, a devoted and pregnant housewife, is preparing dinner when her husband Patrick returns home from his job as a police detective.  He tells her that he is leaving her.  Moving almost on autopilot, Mary fetches a leg of lamb from the deep-freezer in the cellar to cook for their dinner.  Patrick says he doesn't want dinner, as he is going out.  In a trance-like panic, she hits him on the head and kills him.  The police conclude that Patrick was killed with a large blunt object, but are baffled when the murder weapon cannot be found.  As they were all friends of Patrick, Mary begs them to stay and eat the lamb, which she has been roasting, while they discuss the case.
55"The Landlady"Herbert WiseWritten by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
Roald DahlSiobhán McKenna (The Landlady), Leonard Preston (Billy Weaver), Anthony Dawes (The Clergyman), John Bryant (Mulholland), Jess Davies (Temple)21 April 1979 (1979-04-21)
Billy Weaver, a young man from London, arrives at a guesthouse.  He is greeted by the landlady, but his curiosity is aroused when he reads the guest book.  He sees the names of young men whom, he remembers, had gone missing.  The landlady tells him that she is a taxidermist.
66"Neck"Christopher MilesWritten by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
Roald DahlMichael Aldridge (Sir Basil Turton), Joan Collins (Lady Turton), John Gielgud (Jelks), Peter Bowles (Major Jack Haddock), Paul Herzberg (John Bannister), Carmen Silvera (Carmen La Rosa)28 April 1979 (1979-04-28)
Lady Turton, an art collector's wife, is conducting a series of affairs, much to the disapproval of her resentful husband and their butler, Jelks.  They have an estate filled with art; even the outdoor gardens have fantastical pieces of topiary and abstract sculpture.  One night, while cavorting with Major Jack Haddock and making fun of her husband's beloved artworks, she finds her head trapped in a priceless piece of art.  Sir Basil Turton asks Jelks to fetch him a tool with which he can free her head.  Jelks brings him both an axe and a saw.  After considering the problem, Sir Basil decides upon the axe.
77"Edward the Conqueror"Rodney BennettWritten by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Ronald Harwood
Roald DahlJoseph Cotten (Edward), Wendy Hiller (Louisa), Phil Brown (F. Milton Willis)5 May 1979 (1979-05-05)
A husband and wife adopt a stray cat.  The cat responds to the woman's piano playing to such a degree that she becomes convinced that it is the reincarnation of composer Franz Liszt.  The woman bonds with the cat, much to her husband's jealousy.
88"A Dip in the Pool"Michael TuchnerWritten by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Ronald Harwood
Roald DahlJack Weston (William Botibol), Gladys Spencer (Sylvia), Bill Reimbold (Bill Wilson), Elaine Ives-Cameron (Sarah Grant), Davyd Harries (Purser), Michael Troughton (Steward), Jana Sheldon (Mrs Renshaw), Don Fellows (Renshaw), Paula Tilbrook (Maggie), David Healy (Auctioneer), Ken Buckle (Sailor)12 May 1979 (1979-05-12)
William Botibol, a man on a cruise ship, takes part in a bet to predict how far the ship will travel in twenty-four hours.  He calculates that he will win if the ship is delayed a little—if, for instance, it has to turn back to collect a man overboard.  In order to win by cheating, he waits until he and a woman are alone on the deck and then he pretends to fall overboard.  Unfortunately for him, the woman is not what he thinks she is.
99"The Way Up to Heaven"Simon LangtonWritten by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Ronald Harwood
Roald DahlJulie Harris (Alice Foster), Angus MacKay (Walker), Julia Watson (Maid), Dulcie Huston (Hostess), Jeremy Longhurst (Driver), Brian Capron (Airport Official), Anthony Bailey (Arthur), Roland Culver (Eugene Foster)19 May 1979 (1979-05-19)
Mrs. Alice Foster has a pathological fear of being late.  On the day of her holiday to New York to see their daughter, her husband, an inveterate and somewhat sadistic dawdler, torments her by making her late.  To her relief, the flight has been delayed by fog, so she is on time, anyway; but it is then cancelled and she is forced to catch the next flight in the morning.  Mr. Foster attempts to delay her again.  Sat in the car and just about to leave, he says he has forgotten a gift for their daughter and says he will go back into the house to get it.  Mrs. Foster then notices the gift stuck in the car.  Frantic to get to the airport on time, she runs after him to tell him she's found the gift, and sees that he has taken their in-house elevator to go upstairs.  She hears him shouting her name and realises her husband is stuck in the lift.  A slight smile twitches across her face.  She returns to the car and tells the driver to take her to the airport.  She gets her revenge on his cruelty when she returns from holiday, six weeks later, and finds that the lift has been stuck between two floors all that time, during which her husband has died of starvation and thirst.  She calmly calls the Elevator Emergency Service in order to have it repaired.

Season 2 (1980)

Sixteen episodes.  First broadcast: ITV – Saturdays 1 March to 14 June 1980

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Introduced by Cast Original air date
101"Royal Jelly"Herbert WiseStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
Roald DahlAndrew Ray (Percy Hayward), Susan George (Mabel Taylor), Timothy West (Albert Taylor)1 March 1980 (1980-03-01)
A bee-keeper becomes concerned when his wife tells him that their baby daughter is ill and losing weight.  To help the baby gain strength, he begins feeding her royal jelly.
112"Skin"Herbert WiseStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
Roald DahlLucy Gutteridge (Josie), Boris Isarov (Chaim Soutine), Donald Pickering (Gallery Owner), Peggy Ashby (Rich Woman), Sabina Franklyn (Young Girl), David Webb (Chef), Derek Jacobi (Drioli)8 March 1980 (1980-03-08)
An old street-beggar, a former tattooist, was a friend of the famous artist, Soutine.  On his back, he has a tattoo by the artist, which is now priceless. 
123"Galloping Foxley"Claude WhathamStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
Roald DahlAdrian Breeze (Boy), Guy Humphries (Stamford), Wayne Brooks (Boy), Timothy Breeze (Boy), Clifford Abrahams (Boy), Paul Spurrier (Young William Perkins), John Mills (William Perkins), Anthony Steel (Man on the Train), Anthony Woodruff (Housemaster), Jonathan Scott-Taylor (Young Bruce Foxley), Colin Thomas (City Gent)15 March 1980 (1980-03-15)
William Perkins is haunted by the bullying he received while at Boarding school 60 years ago.  While on a train, he is convinced that the man sitting opposite him is the bully.
134"The Hitch-hiker"Alastair ReidStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
Roald DahlCyril Cusack (Michael Fish), Rod Taylor (Paul Duveen), John Forgeham (Policeman)22 March 1980 (1980-03-22)
Flashy American Paul Duveen stops to give elderly Irish vagrant Michael Fish a lift in his new BMW.  Michael is a pickpocket, which comes in very handy after his encouragement to Paul to break the speed limit has attracted the attention of a traffic cop on a motor-bike, who waves them over.  After the cop has gone, Michael shows a happy Paul that he stole the cop's notebook and evidence, but before long, Paul will be anything but happy.
145"Poison"Graham EvansStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
Roald DahlAndrew Ray (Harry Pope), Judy Geeson (Sandra), Saeed Jaffrey (Dr Kunzru Ganderbai), Anthony Steel (Timber Woods)29 March 1980 (1980-03-29)
This story is set in India during the time of British colonialism.  Narrator Timber Woods goes to visit his friend Harry Pope.  Harry is in bed, motionless, sweating, and in a panic.  He whispers that a krait, one of the deadliest snakes, is on his stomach, underneath the covers.  He asks Timber to go get a doctor; Timber calls Dr. Ganderbai, a local Indian doctor.  Timber and Ganderbai frantically try to get the snake off of Harry to save his life.  But they find no snake on Harry; perhaps it has gone, perhaps Harry imagined the snake.  When he realises this, Harry is so relieved that he attacks Ganderbai with racial slurs.  The real poison in the room is not the snake's; it is the racist's.  Ganderbai walks out of the room and tells Timber that Harry needs a vacation.
156"Fat Chance"John GorrieStory by: Robert Bloch
Dramatisation by: Denis Cannan
Roald DahlKatie Flower (Amateur actress), Peter Van Dissel (Amateur actor), Nigel Caliburn (Stage Manager), Carol Thornton (Woman in Audience), Geoffrey Bayldon (Dr Applegate), John Castle (John Burge), Sheila Gish (Frances), Miriam Margolyes (Mary Burge), Anthony Royle (Director of Amateur Production), Mike Quinto (Man in Audience), Jean Kitson (Chemist's Assistant)5 April 1980 (1980-04-05)
John Burge, a pharmacist, is carrying on an affair behind his overweight wife's back.  His lover, Frances, tells him that he must get rid of his wife.  Mary, however, will not divorce him and Frances is issuing an ultimatum.  He decides to put his pharmaceutical skills into play and poison his wife's chocolates.  However, not everything will go to plan.
167"Taste"Alastair ReidStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Ronald Harwood
Roald DahlRon Moody (Richard Pratt), William Hootkins (Peter Bligh), Mercia Glossop (Sybil Schofield), Antony Carrick (Mike Schofield), Debbie Farrington (Louise Schofield), Beth Porter (Joanna Bligh), Gabrielle Blunt (Mrs Adams)12 April 1980 (1980-04-12)
Mike Schofield has a wager against his wine connoisseur friend, Richard Pratt that Pratt will not be able to deduce the vineyard from which the wine he is serving at dinner originates.  The stakes become increasingly high: Pratt wants to bet for the hand of Schofield's daughter in marriage; if he loses, he will give Schofield both of his houses.
178"My Lady Love, My Dove"Herbert WiseStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Ronald Harwood
Roald DahlElaine Stritch (Pamela Beauchamp), Lisa Eichhorn (Sally Snape), Douglas Lambert (Henry Snape), Shane Rimmer (Arthur Beauchamp)19 April 1980 (1980-04-19)
Pamela Beauchamp visits friends to stay for the weekend for fun.  She installs a hidden microphone in their room.  After a high-stakes game of bridge, she listens in to discover that they had been cheating.
189"Georgy Porgy"Graham EvansStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
Roald DahlAnn Beach (Miss Unwin), Lally Bowers (Miss Elphinstone), Grant Bardsley (George Duckworth as a child), Jacob Witkin (Boris Duckworth), Joan Collins (Clare Duckworth & Mrs Roach), John Alderton (Reverend George Duckworth), Peter Godfrey (Doctor), John Biggerstaff (Pollard), Margaretta Scott (Lady Birdwell)26 April 1980 (1980-04-26)
A Vicar with an overactive imagination sees naked women as he delivers his sermons.  One day, he finds that women are suddenly attracted to him and a beautiful woman offers herself to his desires.
1910"Depart in Peace"Alan GibsonStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Ronald Harwood
Roald DahlJoseph Cotten (Lionel), Gloria Grahame (Gladys Ponsonby), Maureen O'Brien (Janet de Pelagia), John Bennett (Royden), Peter Cellier (Wilkins)3 May 1980 (1980-05-03)
An art collector becomes involved in a struggle between two beautiful women.  (Based on the short story "Nunc Dimittis.")
2011"The Umbrella Man"Claude WhathamStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Ronald Harwood
Roald DahlMichael Gambon (Andrew), John Mills (The Umbrella Man), Michael Sheard (Inspector), John Rees (Clerk), Jennifer Hilary (Wendy), John Carson (Arthur)10 May 1980 (1980-05-10)
On a wet afternoon, an elderly con-man strikes up a conversation with a passer-by.  The old man sells him a silk umbrella, which he has stolen, claiming he needs money for a taxi.  A mix-up with stolen umbrellas means that he exposes a couple who are cheating on the woman's husband.
2112"Genesis and Catastrophe"Herbert WiseStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Ronald Harwood
Roald DahlHelmut Griem (Alois), Hana Maria Pravda (Frau Lemner), Zhivila Roche (Klara), Alastair Llewellyn (Doctor), Graham Seed (Josef), Toby Waldock (Young Alois)17 May 1980 (1980-05-17)
In 1889, after having lost three children, an Austrian woman is concerned that her newborn baby boy is ill.  The doctor helps and urges the woman's husband to be positive.  They decide to name the boy Adolphus.
2213"Mr Botibol's First Love"John GorrieStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Kevin Goldstein-Jackson
Roald DahlPaul Greenhalgh (Simpson), Anna Massey (Irene Wrzaszcyzk), Jack Weston (William Botibol), Alan Rowe (Clements), Allan Corduner (Store Assistant), Paul Bacon (Mason), John Flint (Workman)24 May 1980 (1980-05-24)
Mr Botibol is obsessed with Classical music and builds a concert hall in his house.  To his records, he pretends to conduct an orchestra and play a silent piano.  A woman he meets shares his love of music and together they "perform" in the imaginary hall.
2314"Back for Christmas"Giles FosterStory by: John Collier
Dramatisation by: Denis Cannan
Roald DahlLaurence Payne (Party Guest), Richard Johnson (Dr James Carpenter), Siân Phillips (Hermione Carpenter), Artro Morris (Pathologist), Avril Elgar (Pathologist's Wife), Cyril Luckham (Consultant), Lynne Ross (Samantha), Andrew Lebas (Waiter)31 May 1980 (1980-05-31)
A man plots a foolproof way to murder his wife, but the murder is exposed because of an unexpected gift she left for him to find.
2415"The Orderly World of Mr Appleby"John GorrieStory by: Stanley Ellin
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
Roald DahlRobert Lang (Arthur Appleby), Cyril Luckham (Gainsborough), Elizabeth Spriggs (Martha Appleby), Christopher Bramwell (Dominic), Nigel Caliburn (Signwriter)7 June 1980 (1980-06-07)
Mr Appleby loves his antiques shop, even though everyone tells him the "antiques" are just junk.  To maintain the shop, he repeatedly marries wealthy women.  Now he has married for the fourth time.  His new wife discovers that he murdered the previous three, but she is more than a match for him.
2516"The Man at the Top"Claude WhathamStory by: Edward D. Hoch
Dramatisation by: Denis Cannan
Roald DahlTerry Gurry (Bodyguard with dog), Michael Ripper (Taxi Driver), Rex Taylor (Doorman), John Rees (Barman), Johnny Shannon (Barman), Meredith Saxon (Bodyguard), Peter Firth (Hardy), Rachel Davies (Diane), Norman Clive-Fisher (Darts Player), Betty Hardy (Motherly Woman), Dallas Cavell (Sam Madrid), Cassie McFarlane (Estelle), Paul McDowell (Shaefer), Brian Dooley (Lawyer), Mimi de Braie (Maria)14 June 1980 (1980-06-14)
A young seaman becomes embroiled in a fight with another man and kills him.  Eager to escape, he turns to his friend, Diane.  She sets him up with someone who can help.

Season 3 (1980)

Nine episodes.  First broadcast: Saturdays, Sundays and a Friday on ITV – 9 to 30 August and 9 November to 19 December 1980

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Introduced by Cast Original air date
261"The Flypaper"Graham EvansStory by: Elizabeth Taylor
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
Roald DahlStephanie Cole (Miss Harrison), Alfred Burke (Herbert), Lorna Yabsley (Sylvia Wilkinson), Pat Keen (Vera), Bernadette Windsor (Louise), Giles Phibbs (Bus Conductor)9 August 1980 (1980-08-09)
Sylvia, a quiet, teenage girl, is being pestered by an old man.  A woman steps in to help and brings her to her caravan home to call for the police.  Unfortunately, the woman is not nice at all.
272"A Picture of a Place"Giles FosterStory by: Doug Morgan
Dramatisation by: Denis Cannan
Roald DahlMichael Troughton (Andrew), Bill Maynard (Merv), Jessie Matthews (Hazel), Judy Riley (Lucy), Peter Sallis (Solicitor)16 August 1980 (1980-08-16)
An elderly woman lives in a house full of antiques.  On visiting, a con-man buys a valuable picture from her at a knockdown price.  She turns out to be smarter.
283"Proof of Guilt"Chris LovettStory by: Bill Pronzini
Dramatisation by: Johnny Byrne
TBAJeremy Clyde (George Stamford), Roy Marsden (Chief Inspector Walters), Dudley Sutton (Detective Sergeant Jack Sherrard), Peter Macklen (P. C. Harris), Richard Barnes (Charles Hearn), Brian Dooley (Forensic Scientist), Geoffrey Lumsden (Solicitor), Elizabeth Richardson (Clarissa Tower), John Gill (Alec McTaggart)23 August 1980 (1980-08-23)
A Police Inspector is investigating a murder.  The main suspect is George Stamford, who was with the victim at the time of death, but he admits nothing and there is no evidence against him.
294"Vengeance is Mine Inc."Alan GibsonRoald DahlRoald DahlJulian Fellowes (George), Betsy Blair (Mrs Wilbur), Virginia Clay (Landlady), Robert Mill (Lionel Brewster), Morris Barry (Wilbur), James Greene (Garage Attendant), Mary Cornford (Theresa Burton), Terry Walsh (Bouncer), Bosco Hogan (Tom), Stephen Boswell (Doorman), Fiesta Mei Ling (Suky)30 August 1980 (1980-08-30)
Two out-of-work actors in New York set up a scheme whereby they take revenge on a newspaper critic, Lionel Brewster, for money.  Mrs Wilbur calls on them and hires their services.
305"A Girl Can't Always Have Everything"Graham EvansStory by: Tonita S. Gardner
Dramatisation by: Julian Bond
TBAPeter Tuddenham (Vicar), Sylvester Williams (Messenger), Ryan Michael (Handsome Man), Richard Foxton (Stage Manager), Nancy Nevinson (Grand Lady), Joan Collins (Suzy Starr), Pauline Collins (Pat Lewis), Brewster Mason (Herbert Millette), James Faulkner (Patrick)9 November 1980 (1980-11-09)
Suzy and Pat, two struggling actresses, share an apartment together.  They get lucky when a millionaire widower invests in their play.  Suzy takes advantage and seduces him, but when he asks her to marry him, she is unfaithful.  Pat sees a way to take revenge.
316"Parson's Pleasure"John BruceStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Ronald Harwood
Roald DahlJohn Gielgud (Cyril Boggis), Bernard Miles (Rummins), Lee Montague (Storker), Godfrey James (Claud), Irlin Hall (Lady), Harry Jones (Bert Rummins), Roger Milner (Hawkins), Virginia Clay (Housekeeper)30 November 1980 (1980-11-30)
A crooked antiques dealer is masquerading as a clergyman.  Claiming to be collecting old furniture, he comes across a farmer who gives him an antique piece worth a fortune.
327"The Stinker"Alan GibsonStory by: Julian Symons
Dramatisation by: Julian Bond
TBAColin Hodges (Boy), Harvey Hillyer (Boy), David Carlton-Young (Boy), Robin Keston (Boy), Russell Gleed (Boy), Denholm Elliott (Colonel Harold Tinker), Joss Ackland (Jack Cutler), Diane Holland (Blanche Cutler), Tim Bentinck (Meech), Patricia Quinn (Phyl Tinker)7 December 1980 (1980-12-07)
Millionaire Jack Cutler runs into Harold Tinker: a boy he used to bully at school.  Cutler gives the reluctant Tinker a job.  Tinker, however, suspects that Cutler is having an affair with his wife.
338"I'll Be Seeing You"Philip DudleyStory by: Robert Quigley
Dramatisation by: Julian Bond
TBARobin Marchal (Clinker), Bryan Andrews (Police Inspector), Roger Brierley (Jack Parsons), Pauline Letts (Joan Wilcox), Patricia Mort (Olive Parsons), Alan Foss (Hector Wilcox), Murray Ewan (Professor George Coburn), Amanda Redman (Anna Warrack), Hilary Tindall (Vivien Trent), Anthony Valentine (Roland Trent)14 December 1980 (1980-12-14)
Roland Trent, husband of a millionairess, is having an affair with a young woman who is almost blind.  Leaving his rich wife will leave him penniless; he thinks of a way to have both the money and his mistress.
349"The Party"Giles FosterStory by: Doug Morgan
Dramatisation by: Chaim Bermant
TBARaymond Francis (Pelham), Mary Tovey (Mrs Peckham), Michael Nagel (Noel), Janthea Williams (Sue), Olivier Pierre (Leclerc), Robert Morley (Harry Knox), Joyce Redman (Linda Knox), Amanda Redman (Pat), Leonard Preston (Leighton)19 December 1980 (1980-12-19)
Harry Knox, manager of a toy factory for 40 years is uneasy when the company is taken over.  As he's organising the Christmas party, another staff member arranges a staff disco ahead of his.  Enraged, Knox sets fire to the party venue, only to find that he has made a terrible mistake.

Season 4 (1981)

Seventeen episodes.  First broadcast: Sundays and a Saturday on ITV – 5 April to 26 July and 26 December 1981

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Introduced by Cast Original air date
351"Would You Believe It?"Barry DaviesStory by: Robert Edmond Alter
Dramatisation by: Julian Bond
TBANigel Havers (Miller), Richard Johnson (Tanner), Christopher Blake (Israeli Officer), Tony Alleff (Hassin), Vic Tablian (Arab Officer), Albert Moses (Arab Patrolman), Ali Baba (Arab Digger), Paul Satvender (Arab Digger), Tapan Ghosh (Arab Digger), Raj Digger (Arab Digger)5 April 1981 (1981-04-05)
While on a dig in Jordan, two archaeologists discover a statue of a woman.  They hide it in their van and smuggle it out of the country.  When they reach their destination, they find it has been dissolved by rain.
362"Vicious Circle"Philip DudleyStory by: Donald Honig
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
TBAPatrick Field (Rex Tobin), Siobhán McKenna (Mrs Grady), Lesley Goldie (Mrs Jackson), Graham Weston (Police Superintendent), Kenneth Hadley (Plain-Clothes Policeman), Roger Evans (Policeman), Forbes Collins (Policeman)12 April 1981 (1981-04-12)
An elderly woman catches a thief in the act at her home.  She befriends the young man and attempts to set him on the straight and narrow.
373"The Boy who Talked with Animals"Alan GibsonStory by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
TBAPaul Spurrier (David), Stuart Whitman (Sam Jenner), David Buck (David's Father), John Nettleton (Graham Edwards, Hotel Manager), Robert Arden (Berners), John Wyman (Denzil), Mel Taylor (Fisherman), Tony Osoba (Policeman), Amanda Kemp (Denzil's Girlfriend), Oscar James (Fisherman), William Hootkins (Harry Chester), Vivien Heilbron (David's Mother), Astley Harvey (John), Jeffrey Gardiner (Guest), Geoffrey Cousins (Geoffrey), Alison Coleridge (Mildred Berners), Mary Laine (Mary), David Rhule (Fisherman), Steve Margo (Fisherman), Leon Burton (Fisherman), Martin Island (Policeman), Christopher Gilbert (Barman), Emmanuel Josiah (Waiter), Nik Abraham (Waiter), Carl Campbell (Waiter)19 April 1981 (1981-04-19)
While on holiday in Jamaica, young David persuades his father to buy a giant turtle captured by fishermen so that it can be released.  When both boy and turtle disappear, an American man, Jenner, gets caught up in the adventure.
384"The Best of Everything"John BruceStory by: Stanley Ellin
Dramatisation by: Denis Cannan
TBAJudi Bowker (Ann Horton), Michael Kitchen (Arthur), Jeremy Clyde (Charlie Prince), Rachel Kempson (Mrs Marsh), Brewster Mason (Horton), David Arlen (White Postman), Carl Andrews (Black Postman), Andrew MacLachlan (Metal Dealer), Peter Bartle (Metal Dealer), Judy Liebert (Metal Dealer), Richard Barnes (Metal Dealer)26 April 1981 (1981-04-26)
Arthur, a junior office clerk, is smitten with his rich boss's daughter, Ann, but is too shy to ask her out because he is poor.  A new friend, Charlie Prince, will help him to act rich in return for sharing a room.  Arthur doesn't play fair with Charlie, but fate plays fair with Arthur.
395"A Woman's Help"Bert SalzmanStory by: Henry Slesar
Dramatisation by: Bert Salzman
TBAAnthony Franciosa (Arnold Bourdon), Shirley Knight-Temple (Elizabeth Bourdon), Deborah Geffner (Miss Greco), Annie McGreevey (Nurse), Imogene Bliss (Mother), Ian Martin (Dr Ivey), Raymond Thorne (Gardener)3 May 1981 (1981-05-03)
Arnold is financially dependent on his rich, older wife, but is having an affair.  He devises a plan to kill his wife in order to get her money and remarry.
406"Shatterproof"John JacobsStory by: Jack Ritchie
Dramatisation by: Pat Hoddinott
TBAEli Wallach (Gerry Williams), Anthony Pullen Shaw (Smith), Caroline Langrishe (Ellen), Godfrey Talbot (Emerson), Bridget McConnel (Mrs Emerson)10 May 1981 (1981-05-10)
Property millionaire Gerry Williams has a beautiful wife, but she no longer loves him.  An assassin is hired, but he soon becomes friendly with Gerry.
417"The Sound Machine"John GorrieWritten by: Roald Dahl
Dramatisation by: Ronald Harwood
TBAJames Warwick (Dr Scott), Harry Andrews (Klausner), Margery Mason (Mrs Saunders)17 May 1981 (1981-05-17)
A botanist has invented a machine that translates the sound of plants into speech.  What he hears gives him a shock.
428"Never Speak Ill of the Dead"John GorrieWritten by: John Collier
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
TBAWarren Clarke (Bob Streeter), Colin Blakely (Dr David Rankin), Cheryl Hall (Irene Rankin), Keith Drinkel (Sim Hoskins), Brian Osborne (Police Sergeant)24 May 1981 (1981-05-24)
Irene, the wife of a country doctor, has a reputation for promiscuity.  She again becomes the subject of gossip when she disappears.  Soon, speculation begins to grow that her husband has murdered her and buried her in the cellar.

Remake of "De Mortuis," Alfred Hitchcock Presents (S2E3, 14 October 1956), starring Robert Emhardt.

439"The Best Policy"Ray DantonStory by: Ferenc Molnár
Dramatisation by: David Scott Milton
TBAGary Burghoff (Harry Flock), Deborah Harmon (Daisy Flock), Logan Ramsey (Philbert), William Boyett (Simpson), Edward Grover (Bailout), Robert Casper (Wheatley), Penelope Gillette (Mrs Runion), Damian London (Grunge), Tad Horino (Coroner)31 May 1981 (1981-05-31)
Harry Flock is promoted to the position of bank manager due to his meticulous approach to work.  The bank's head office, however, gets a tip-off that Flock is embezzling money, but there is no evidence.
4410"The Last Bottle in the World"John GorrieStory by: Stanley Ellin
Dramatisation by: Denis Cannan
TBAAnthony Quayle (Kyros Kassoulas), Gary Bond (Max de Marechall), Nigel Hawthorne (Charles Drummond), Lynette Davies (Sophie Kassoulas), Neville Phillips (Waiter), Carlos Douglas (Assistant Chef), Pat Lewis (Miss Pym), Claude Le Saché (Waiter)7 June 1981 (1981-06-07)
Kyros Kassoulas is planning a meal for his wedding anniversary.  He buys an expensive bottle of Claret for the occasion, but he is fully aware that his wife is being unfaithful.
4511"Kindly Dig Your Grave"Alan GibsonStory by: Stanley Ellin
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
TBAMicheline Presle (Madame La Grue), Celia Gregory (Fatima), Robert H. Thomson (Graham MacKenzie), Gerard Lartigau (Henri), Alan Gifford (Edward), Helen Horton (Martha)14 June 1981 (1981-06-14)
A commercial art gallery in Paris is run by the unscrupulous Madame La Grue, who is exploiting the artists she employs.  She soon realises that she has met her match, however, when one of her artists falls in love with the model he is painting.
4612"Completely Foolproof"John JacobsStory by: Robert Arthur Jr.
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
TBATelly Savalas (Joe Brisson), Rita Gam (Lisa), Ramsay Williams (Howard Duncombe), Belinda Mayne (Anna Kleiber), Linda Liles (Miss Graham), Douglas Lambert (Harrington)21 June 1981 (1981-06-21)
Joe Brisson, a self-made millionaire, has a number of enemies—including his wife.  Joe plans to murder his wife as he has become bored with her.
4713"There's One Born Every Minute"Philip DudleyStory by: Bill Pronzini
Dramatisation by: Chaim Bermant
TBAFrank Finlay (Arthur Pearson), Heather Sears (Margaret Pearson), Peter Copley (Man at Railway Station), Andrew Burt (Edward), Jo Rowbottom (Joy), Deryck Guyler (Commissionaire), Kevin Brennan (Grimshaw), Allan Mitchell (Detective Sergeant)28 June 1981 (1981-06-28)
Arthur and Margaret Pearson live a quiet, middle-aged life.  When Margaret inherits some money, Arthur decides to invest it in a property scheme.  This, however, proves the turning point in their relationship.
4814"Bosom Friends"Graham EvansStory by: Dana Lyon
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
TBARachel Kempson (Nell), Joan Greenwood (Emma), Nat Jackley (Deacon), Aaron Shirley (Brown), Patricia Browning (Ward Sister)5 July 1981 (1981-07-05)
Nell and Emma are old school friends who meet up again for the first time in years.  Eventually, Emma moves in with Nell.  It turns out however that Emma is penniless and is happy to drag Nell down with her.
4915"A Glowing Future"John PeyserStory by: Ruth Rendell
Dramatisation by: Ross Thomas
TBAJohn Beck (Jack), Joanna Pettet (Betsy), Bill Lavoie (Removal Man)19 July 1981 (1981-07-19)
Betsy and Jack are long-term lovers who live together.  Jack, however, has fallen in love with another woman in Australia and plans to marry her.  Betsy becomes enraged as he packs his things to move away, which includes a lot of her possessions.
5016"The Way to Do It"Alan GibsonStory by: Jack Ritchie
Dramatisation by: Denis Cannan
TBAAndrew Ray (Roger Carson), Elaine Paige (Suzie), Elizabeth Spriggs (Aunt May), Sarah Webb (Jackie), Martin Benson (Vasco), Annie Leon (Miss Stevens), Forbes Collins (Commissionaire), Andrew MacLachlan (Police Sergeant), Genevieve Allenbury (Croupier), Philip Hatton (Croupier Thug), Dennis Masuki (Croupier), Barbie Denham (Croupier), Ann Coombs (Croupier), Trisha Clarke (Croupier)26 July 1981 (1981-07-26)
Roger Carson is eager to get away from the clutches of his domineering Aunt May and takes up gambling.  While at the casino, he falls for a hostess, Suzie.  The casino manager has a score to settle with the Carsons, however.
5117"Hijack"Herbert WiseStory by: Robert L. Fish
Dramatisation by: Denis Cannan
TBASimon Cadell (Co-pilot), Michael Craig (Hijacker), Suzanne Danielle (Millie), Denis Quilley (Captain Waterhouse), Sean Barrett (Steward), Peter Tuddenham (Airport Security Officer), Matthew Long (Second Security Officer), Richard Foxton (Security Guard), John Graham (Scottish Passenger), William Merrow (German Passenger), Neville Phillips (English Passenger), Douglas Lambert (American Passenger), Helen Horton (American Passenger)26 December 1981 (1981-12-26)
On board an aeroplane, a hijacker takes a stewardess hostage and demands a million dollars and a parachute.  The captain tries to deal with the situation and grants him his wish.  Inspired by the 1971 D. B. Cooper incident.

Season 5 (1982)

Eighteen episodes.  First broadcast: Sundays on ITV – 25 April to 22 August 1982

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Introduced by Cast Original air date
521"Blue Marigold"Giles FosterStory by: Aileen Wheeler
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
TBAEdward Jewesbury (Psychiatrist), Stephen Bent (Car Dealer), Ralph Bates (Paul Foster), Sharon Duce (Sophie Trent), Helen Fraser (Beryl), Toyah Willcox (Marigold), Billy Hamon (Bryan Sabotier), Paul Seed (Director of Commercial)25 April 1982 (1982-04-25)
Marigold is a top model much in demand until her temperamental nature takes over.  She loses her contracts and winds up in a mental home.  Released years later, she plans a comeback.
532"The Eavesdropper"John GorrieStory by: Ruth Wissmann
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
TBAMichael Craig (Donald Henderson), Dorothy Tutin (Moira Henderson), Sheila Ruskin (Louise), Bernice Stegers (Kaye), Rosalyn Elvin (Waitress), Ronnie Stevens (Jeweller), Neil Daglish (Young Man), Lill Roughley (Blonde Girl)2 May 1982 (1982-05-02)
Happily married Donald and Moira are out shopping for a new watch as a gift for Moira.  While there, Moira overhears a conversation between two women about a married man one of them is seeing.  She soon realises it must be Donald about whom they are talking.
543"Operation Safecrack"Alan GibsonStory by: Henry Slesar
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
TBAJohn Mills (Sam Morrissey), June Ritchie (Jenny Morrissey), David Healy (Jack Harrison), Edward Burnham (Henry Bliss), Eliza Buckingham (Reporter & Voice of Stewardess), Rachel Laurence (Hilda), David Hanson (Winford Stark), Jason Norman (Billy Thompson), Richard Everett (Television Director), Nick Diprose (Floor Manager)9 May 1982 (1982-05-09)
On behalf of a company that designs safes, an advertising executive hires Sam Morrissey, an ex-safe cracker, to break into one of their safes with the promise of £25,000 if he is successful.
554"Run Rabbit Run"John JacobsStory by: John Bakkenhoven
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
TBALeslie Caron (Nathalie Vareille), James Aubrey (Robert Simpson), Constantine Gregory (Hector Vareille), Bernadette Windsor (Young Girl)16 May 1982 (1982-05-16)
After World War II, a U. S. Army interpreter was stationed in Paris, staying at the house of the bully Hector and downtrodden Nathalie.  Ten years later, he returns to the house and meets Nathalie, but Hector is mysteriously absent.
565"Stranger in Town"Wendy ToyeStory by: Sidney CarrollTBAJean Kitson (Secretary), Bruce Clark (The Boy), Jennifer Connelly (The Girl), Clive Swift (Latham), Robbie MacNab (Hotel Receptionist), Stuart Howard (News-stand boy), Giles Phibbs (Foreman), Derek Jacobi (Sir Columbus)23 May 1982 (1982-05-23)
A man going by the name of Sir Columbus dresses and acts like a clown, endearing himself to the local community.  While there, he enters a business premises and reveals to the boss who he really is.
576"The Moles"Peter HammondStory by: J. J. Maling
Dramatisation by: Chaim Bermant
TBAFulton Mackay (Edward Boyle), Bill Owen (Meakins), Harry H. Corbett (George Balsam), Joe Gladwin (Heeney), Avril Elgar (Thelma Boyle)30 May 1982 (1982-05-30)
Two businessmen on the verge of bankruptcy devise a plan to rob a bank.  With the help of an experienced criminal, they dig a tunnel to reach the bank's vault.
586"Decoy"John JacobsStory by: Victor Edwards
Dramatisation by: Chaim Bermant
TBASusan Penhaligon (W. P. C. Mary Bryan), Tim Woodward (Anthony Burton), Paul Antrim (Mike), Ian MacKenzie (Police Draughtsman), Harold Reese (Pathologist), Ian Redford (Detective Sergeant Harvey), Tom Cotcher (Detective Sergeant Talbot), Frank Wylie (Chief Inspector McLintock)6 June 1982 (1982-06-06)
Police Officer Mary Bryan goes undercover to investigate a serial killer.  The killer has murdered a number of women in the city and Officer Bryan sets up an ambush.
597"Pattern of Guilt"Herbert WiseStory by: Helen Nielsen
Dramatisation by: Robin Chapman
TBAPeter Egan (Keith Briscoe), Suzanne Danielle (Elaine Briscoe), Jennie Linden (Faye Briscoe), Andrew Manson (Young Man), Harry Webster (Old Man), Bernard Kay (Detective Sergeant Jim Gordon), Andrew Hilton (Plain Clothes Police Officer), Brett Forrest (Gerald), Neil Hutchings (Mark Briscoe), Darren Michael (John Briscoe)13 June 1982 (1982-06-13)
Keith Briscoe, a police pathologist, has fallen out of love with his second wife and wants to get back with his first, Faye.  While working on an investigation into a serial killer, he asks Faye to act as a decoy.
608"A Harmless Vanity"Giles FosterStory by: Theda O'Henle
Dramatisation by: Jeremy Paul
TBAKeith Barron (George Hitchman), Phoebe Nicholls (Carol), Sheila Gish (Mary Hitchman), Suzanne Worsley (Girl lover), Colin Farrell (Dave Ferguson), Michael Nagel (Lifeguard), Carol MacReady (Liz Ferguson), Chas Bryer (Frogman), Michael Speake (Television Announcer)20 June 1982 (1982-06-20)
A woman is tipped off by a friend that her husband is having an affair.  She is reluctant to believe it but sets up a meeting with this woman at a beach party.
619"Death Can Add"Graham EvansStory by: Philip Ketchum
Dramatisation by: Johnny Byrne
TBAGeoffrey Chater (James Hamilton), Frank Gatliff (Thomas Keyes), Jan Francis (Leila Graham), Michael N. Harbour (Oliver Platt), Roland Culver (Sir Alex Bullen), Ian Holm (Alan Corwin)27 June 1982 (1982-06-27)
Alan Corwin, an auditor in a city investment firm, is approached by Oliver Platt, another member of the firm, to cover up his use of company money.  For a price, he agrees, but Corwin's secretary and girlfriend is ignorant to the arrangement.
6210"Light Fingers"John PeyserStory by: Henry Slesar
Dramatisation by: Ross Thomas
TBAFrank Sinatra Jr. (Cotter), Janet Leigh (Joan Stackpole), Tom Bosley (Ralph Stackpole), Kenneth Tigar (Semple), Penelope Gillette (Gladys Miton)4 July 1982 (1982-07-04)
Joan and Ralph live a quiet life.  Ralph is concerned, though, when thefts begin to occur at his glove factory.  Eventually, he hires a private detective to catch the culprit.
6311"Death in the Morning"John GorrieStory by: Zia Kruger
Dramatisation by: John Gorrie
TBACherie Lunghi (Karen Masterson), Moray Watson (Sir Ian Masterson), Carol Drinkwater (Linda Larch), Alan Rowe (Duncan Larch), Hilary Mason (Mrs Pardoe), Richard Austin (Paul Masterson), John Stamp (Williams)11 July 1982 (1982-07-11)
Sir Ian Masterson, a rich landowner, marries Karen.  Upon moving into the house, Karen has an uneasy feeling and confides in their neighbour that the place is haunted.
Title Episode First aired Writer(s) Director
What Have You Been up to Lately? 64 18 July 1982 George Baxt
Denis Cannan
Herbert Wise
Two old actor friends meet up for the first time in 25 years. They ponder the fact that neither of them have been successful in their career or life and reminisce about a girl they both had a crush on.
Cast: Maggie Fitzgibbon (Melissa Mellor), Peter Barkworth (Richard Mellor), Benjamin Whitrow (Fergus Locke), June Watson (Audrey Locke), Fanny Rowe (Actress), Angela Harding (Cathleen)
The Absence of Emily 65 25 July 1982 Jack Ritchie
Denis Cannan
Alan Gibson
John Rosenberg
Norma has inherited a large estate and allows her sister Emily and brother-in-law Bob to live there.
Emily disappears and Norma believes that Bob has killed her for an insurance pay out. She and a detective investigate.
Cast: Anthony Valentine (Bob), Frances Tomelty (Norma), Susan Tracy (Emily), Patsy Byrne (Jean), Patrick McAlinney (Landlord), William Moore (Crisp), Derek Anders (Goff), Diana King (Ruth)
In the Bag 66 1 August 1982 Robert L. Fish
Bert Salzman
Bert Salzman
Cara is determined to get back her family jewels, which have been hidden away in a safe. Hiring a safe cracker, she goes along with him undercover.
Cast: Edward Albert (Sam), Terry O'Quinn (Cop), Lou Jacobi (Waiter), Roxanne Hart (Cara), Michael A. Candela (Gardener)
A Man with a Fortune 67 8 August 1982 Peter Lovesey
Alan Seymour
Herbert Wise
American John Smith is visiting England to track down his family roots. While in London, he meets up with two girls who befriend him.
Cast: Shane Rimmer (John Smith), Cyd Hayman (Janet Murdoch), Elizabeth Richardson (Eva), Peter Tuddenham (Tommy), Donald Eccles (Vicar), Nigel Greaves (Waiter), Jean Kitson (Clerk)
Who's Got the Lady? 68 15 August 1982 Jack Ritchie
Jeremy Paul
Peter Hammond
An art gallery owner has received a priceless work of art on loan. He sets up a robbery with a supposed fake being put in its place.
He then gets his girlfriend to make a copy of the painting in order to sell it as the real thing.
Cast: Timothy Carlton (Walter Jameson), Gladys Spencer (Old Lady), Richard Johnson (Parnell), Robert Beatty (Amos Pulver), Victoria Tennant (Bernice), Vincent Wong (Japanese Art Collector), Michael Forrest (Detective Chief Superintendent Nelson), Neil Daglish (Heath), Laurence Payne (Hollingwood), Peter Howell (Louis Kendall), Olivier Pierre (Andre Arnaud)
The Skeleton Key 69 22 August 1982 Graham Sutton
Roy Russell
Alan Gibson
Max, an arrogant young man plans a holiday with his girlfriend Emma, but he needs an emergency operation beforehand. Andy, a kind-hearted radiologist at the hospital builds up a friendship with Emma.
Max is being very bad tempered and so she finds she has a decision to make.
Cast: Julie Dawn Cole (Emma), John Duttine (Max), Peter Jeffrey (Stewart), Peter Machin (Andy), Tony Osoba (Dr Hartley)

Season 6 (1983)

Fourteen episodes.  First broadcast: Saturdays and a Sunday on ITV – 9 April to 16 July 1983

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Introduced by Cast Original air date
701"A Passing Opportunity"Graham EvansStory by: Donald Honig
Adaptation by: Alan Seymour
TBAGuy Bertrand (Manservant), Paul Davies Prowles (Timmy Jesmond), Charles Keating (Peter Madison), Janette Legge (Eleanor Jesmond), Mark Lewis (Showroom Manager), Bryan Marshall (Frank Jesmond), George Sewell (Laughlin)9 April 1983 (1983-04-09)
Frank Jesmond and Peter Madison are former schoolmates with very different lives.  Jesmond is tough but broke while Madison is rich and successful.  Jesmond is desperate for money, but Madison wants to see how desperate.
Title Episode First aired Writer(s) Director
The Memory Man 71 16 April 1983 Henry Slesar
Denis Cannan
Peter Duffell
Coln Mearns has a gift for memory, but is struggling financially. Advertising to teach his methods, he is met by a shady character who is desperate to remember the combination of a locker.
Mearns soon becomes curious to what the locker contains.
Cast: Judy Geeson (Mary), Colin Blakely (Colin Mearns), Bernard Cribbins (Charlie Krebs & Mr King), Johnny Vyvyan (Small Man), John Biggerstaff (Tobacconist), John Judd (Police Inspector)
A Sad Loss 72 23 April 1983 Patricia Moyes
James Andrew Hall
John Gorrie
Claire Hawksworth runs a Caribbean hotel with her boyfriend, but they have fallen on tough times. Hopeful of some money, Claire turns to her rich aunt. Her aunt however tells her of a new heir to her fortune.
Cast: Bazil Otoin (Desk Clerk), Heinz Bernard (Charlie), Lally Bowers (Alicia Hawksworth), Elizabeth Bradley (Mrs Bradley), Hayley Mills (Claire Hawksworth), Stuart Wilson (Dave Brigham), Phyllida Law (Maggie Patton), Ronny Cush (Harry), Major Wiley (Police Inspector), Iris Iverson (Hotel Guest), Chris Allen (Hotel Guest), Richard Markin (Hotel Guest), Jean Channon (Hotel Guest), Juliette James (Hotel Guest)
Clerical Error 73 30 April 1983 Peter Ransley
James Gould Cozzens
Richard Huggett
Graham Evans
Paul Standing, the son of a recently deceased doctor is sorting out his paperwork when he receives a bill from a bookshop for thousands of pounds worth of pornography. Paul is highly suspicious.
Cast: David Webb (Ronnie Carey), Richard Pearson (Michael Carey), Evelyn Laye (Mrs Standing), Hugh Fraser (Paul Standing)
Heir Presumptuous 74 7 May 1983 C.B. Gilford
Ross Thomas
Philip Leacock
George Devon, a wealthy rancher is found murdered. His identical twin nephews stand to inherit his fortune, but one of them was seen at the scene of the crime.
Both have alibis and no one can tell the two boys apart.
Cast: Royce D. Applegate (Deputy Eddie Ream), Tara Buckman (Sally Fenton), David Cassidy (Donald and David), Ann Doran (Mary Deacon), Darren McGavin (Sheriff Milt Singleton), Robert Snively (George Devon)
Where's Your Sense of Humour? 75 14 May 1983 Peter Ransley
Patricia McGerr
Leonard Lewis
George Forester is a compulsive prankster. His wife and friends have been victims for many years until one day he goes too far.
Cast: Sheila Gish (Laura Parker), Philip Jackson (George Forester), Penelope Nice (Julie Forester), Tom Chadbon (Frank Parker), Scott Saunders (Young Parker), Penelope Fischer (Carol), John King (Bob)
Down Among the Sheltering Palms 76 21 May 1983 John Gorrie John Gorrie
Gerry Armstrong an American soldier in World War II returns after 40 years to Norfolk, where he was based. While there, he attends a dance and meets a beautiful woman, but, she is not all she seems.
Cast: Geoffrey Bayldon (Sid), Anne Carroll (Lena), Margaret Courtenay (Marge), Christopher Fulford (Bill), Gabrielle Hamilton (Doris), Van Johnson (Gerry T. Armstrong), Barry McCarthy (Jeff), Vanessa Paine (Carol)
The Vorpal Blade 77 28 May 1983 Edward D. Hoch
Robin Chapman
John Jacobs
Von Baden recalls a murder from fifty years ago at Heidelberg, Germany. But, he has kept a secret ever since about what really happened.
Cast: Peter Cushing (von Baden), Dean Allen (Duellist), John Bailey (Winterluck), Steve Brigden (Fifth student), Andrew Bicknell (Macker), Matthew Francis (Young von Baden), Michael Gardiner (Second student), Denys Graham (Doctor), Anthony Higgins (Cassan), Barrie Jaimeson (Josef), Kirstie Pooley (Eva), Nicholas Hall (First student), Brian Binns (Third student), John Rankin (Fourth student)
The Wrong'Un 78 11 June 1983 Michael Brett
Paul Ableman
Leonard Lewis
A German businessman is staying at a hotel and in mood for celebration. He meets up with Molly, an attractive but strange girl. Despite being warned about her, he takes her to his room.
Cast: Andrew Ray (Cranmer Oakes), Richard Foxton (Assistant Manager), Constantine Gregory (Helmut Kohler Weinrich), Lucy Gutteridge (Molly), Elspeth March (Mrs Carson), Daragh O'Malley (Jimmy), Graham Weston (Business man), Carrie Lee Baker (Sally, the maid), Alpana Sen Gupta (Cynthia)
The Luncheon 79 19 June 1983 Jeffrey Archer
Gerald Savory
Graham Evans
Susan Mandeville is a beautiful American woman who takes a shine to struggling writer Tony Medway.
He takes her out to lunch in the hope of getting a lucrative offer for his book, but, things aren't so straightforward.
Cast: Stephen Greif (Rinaldo), Jacqueline Hill (Melanie Litmayer), Gayle Hunnicutt (Susan Mandeville), Bosco Hogan (Tony Medway), Hazel McBride (Louise Medway), Burnell Tucker (Peter Blundell), Gertrude Shilling (Miss Sopwith), Barbara Molyneux (Lady Handel), Martin Ryan Grace (Wayne), John Cassady (Shaun), Shireen Anwar (Bank Teller), Mark Lewis (Carlo), Nicholas Field (Mario), Stuart Turton (Franco), Patrick Bailey (Dieter)
The Tribute 80 25 June 1983 Jane Gardam
Alan Seymour
Graham Evans
Three English ladies hear about the death of an acquaintance of theirs. They decide against putting a notice in the newspaper but invite the woman's out to lunch instead.
Cast: Eleanor Bron (Polly Knox), Sheila Burrell (Lady Eleanor Benson), Anna Neagle (Fanny Soane), Phyllis Calvert (Mabel Ince), Brian Tipping (Head Waiter), Stuart Turton (Wine Waiter), Chris Tummings (Youth), Kelvin Omard (Youth)
Hit and Run 81 2 July 1983 Patricia Moyes
Robin Chapman
Peter Hammond
Roger Ashburn, a young doctor is deeply in love with his beautiful wife, but, she doesn't feel the same way. He arranges a dinner party with some of his friends, but, she disappears afterwards.
Roger is desperately worried, but, there is a surprise in store.
Cast: Brenda Blethyn (Carol Hutchins), Antony Carrick (Inspector), Tony Crean (Ambulance Attendant), John Duttine (Dr Roger Ashburn), Ray Lonnen (Dr Steve Hutchins), Robert McBain (Ambulance Driver), Michael Melia (Detective Sergeant), Cherry Morris (Casualty Sister), Susan Penhaligon (Mary Ashburn), Michael Quinto (Policeman), Phyllida Nash (Joan Hunter)
Youth from Vienna 82 9 July 1983 John Collier
Ross Thomas
Norman Lloyd
Caroline Coates is promoted in her role as television news reporter, but is worried that she won't last if her looks start to go. She is admired by a man who has come up with a formula for an anti-ageing process.
Cast: Sharon Gless (Caroline Coates), Dick Smothers (Dr Humphrey Baxter), James Carroll Jordan (Alan Brodie), Ellen Geer (Stella Archer), Elliott Reid (Dick Archer)
The Turn of the Tide 83 16 July 1983 C. S. Forester
Ross Thomas
Ray Danton
A lawyer is planning the perfect murder of an enemy of his. He plans meticulously, but there is one thing he's overlooked.
Cast: Richard Basehart (Slade), Gretchen Corbett (Martha), Nicholas Hormann (Spalding)

Season 7 (1984)

Fifteen episodes.  First broadcast: Saturdays and Sundays on ITV – 12 May to 21 October 1984

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Introduced by Cast Original air date
841"The Dirty Detail"Leo PennStory by: Henry Slesar
Adaptation by: David Scott Milton
TBAJenny O'Hara (Ruth Pearson), George Peppard (Sergeant Guedo), Vincent Howard (Detective), Ted Gehring (Bartender), Tom Finnegan (Barfly), Kevin Dobson (Fred Pearson)12 May 1984 (1984-05-12)
Fred Pearson, a Vietnam veteran, is a broken man after years of punishment from his sergeant.  One day, he walks into a bar and sees the sergeant, still very much the arrogant bully he always was.
Title Episode First aired Writer(s) Director
The Best Chess Player in the World 85 19 May 1984 Julian Symons
Peter Ransley
Graham Williams
Graham Evans
Shaw, the owner of a newspaper is controlling and very rich. His wife is content with the money he provides but is having an affair. When Shaw finds out he decides to act.
Cast: Andrew Ray (Jerry Wilde), Christopher Reich (Peter Simpson), Clifford Parrish (Frank Miller), Michael Jayston (George Bernard Shaw), Mark Jax (White), Lynette Davies (Paula Shaw), Pat Guthrie (Telephone Operator)
Proxy 86 26 May 1984 Talmage Powell
Bert Salzman
Three men are being blackmailed by a woman for money. One day she is found murdered and the three worry that they will be suspected. Her chauffeur however, has a plan.
Cast: Barbara Bolton (Mrs Sutton), Lois Smith (Sara), Tom Smothers (William), Patrick O'Neal (Sutton), Malachy McCourt (Judge), Joanne Lara (Maria), Larry Keith (Grenich)
Have a Nice Death 87 2 June 1984 Antonia Fraser
Wolf Mankowitz
William Slater
Successful writer Sam Luke is being hounded by the feminist movement for his books, which speak of women being the weaker sex.
Unable to deal with them, he returns to his wife, but now is getting death threats.
Cast: Simon Cadell (Sam Luke), Kate Harper (Clodagh Jansen), Susannah Fellows (Joannie), Ian Tyler (Bellhop), Bill Bailey (Bob, Interviewer), Sue Vanner (Zara Luke), Barbara Rosenblat (Television Interviewer)
Number Eight 88 9 June 1984 Jack Ritchie
Ross Thomas
Leo Penn
A driver picks up a hitchhiker. They hear on the radio that a serial killer is on the loose. The driver quickly realises that the description exactly matches that of his passenger.
Cast: Dennis Christopher (Driver), Brad Dourif (Hitch-hiker), Kathleen Doyle (Ann), Will Hare (Old Man)
The Last of the Midnight Gardners 89 16 June 1984 Tony Wilmot
Gerald Savory
Peter Hammond
A magazine editor has a wife and a secret lover. For his magazine, he launches a competition for a story involving the perfect murder. His wife encourages him to enter it himself.
Cast: Jane Asher (Jane Oats), Forbes Collins (Inspector), Celia Gregory (Edna Tewsland), Patrick Mower (Walter Oats), Jim Norton (Dr. Mellish), Panos Alexander (Steward)
The Gift of Beauty 90 30 June 1984 Joseph Dougherty
Bert Salzman
Bert Salzman
Elizabeth kills her husband because she wants to be with her young lover Ray – who helped in the murder – but she feels insecure because of the age gap. She then sees a flyer for an anti-ageing process known as the Gift of Beauty.
Cast: Carol Lynley (Elizabeth), MacKenzie Allen (Ray), Randall Edwards (Rebecca)
Wet Saturday 91 7 July 1984 John Collier Norman Lloyd
George Princey has a high standing in the community and when his daughter kills a man he endeavours to cover up to prevent him facing a scandal.
Cast: Ed Begley Jr. (George Princey), Fritz Weaver (Princey), Mary Sinclair (Mrs Princey), Charles Hallahan (Jack Lowry)
Sauce for the Goose 92 21 July 1984 Patricia Highsmith
Bert Salzman
Bert Salzman
Olivia starts a relationship with a younger man on the basis that she's killed her husband and gained his fortune. Her lover however still sees himself as a free agent and has an affair with another woman.
Cast: Gloria Grahame (Olivia), Robert Morse (Stephen Shaw), Lisa Dunsheath (Gloria)
Bird of Prey 93 4 August 1984 John Collier
Ross Thomas
Ray Danton
Jack and Edna's parrot lays a large, oversized egg. The parrot dies and so they keep the egg warm.
On hatching, it reveals an aggressive black-feathered bird. Jack is taken by it, but Edna is suspicious of the evil-looking creature.
Cast: Sondra Locke (Edna), Frank Converse (Jack), Charles Hallahan (Charlie)
I Like it Here in Wilmington 94 11 August 1984 Henry Slesar
David Scott Milton
John Peyser
Harry is a clothing manufacturer in Wilmington, Delaware. He is on the verge of bankruptcy however.
Being used to the good life, he ponders the idea of murdering his business partner in order to collect the insurance money.
Cast: Tom Smothers (Marvin Castlemore), Susan Strasberg (Roberta Elton), Janet Leigh, Robert Loggia (Harry Elton), Wendy Austin (Cissy)
Accidental Death 95 19 August 1984 Denis Cannan
Tony Wilmot
Peter Duffell
Steve and Jane are con artists who gain access to people's homes claiming to be doing research into polish. While there, they assess the valuables in the house for later theft.
Coming across a scruffy old man, they hear that he is actually rich but they underestimate him.
Cast: Andrew Ray (Steve Jeffries), Lynsey Baxter (Jane), Cyril Cusack (Percy Hampton), Tamara Ustinov (Beryl), Giles Phibbs (Farmer), Bryan Matheson (Husband in Bar), Yvonne Marsh (Policewoman), Ruth Kettlewell (Wife in Bar), John Hug (Arthur), Jacqueline Hill (Mrs Milvain), Ian Flintoff (Doctor), Jason Carter (Youth at Yacht Club)
The Reconciliation 96 16 September 1984 Nicholas Monsarrat
Roy Russell
John Jacobs
James has walked out on his wife, who still loves him. His lawyer advises him that it may be difficult to get a divorce unless he can catch her being unfaithful. With not much hope, he hires a private detective.
Cast: John Castle (Derek Johnstone), Keith Edwards (Juan Luis Romero), Wilfred Grove (Porter), Jim Norton (Bates), Roger Rees (James Howgill), Meg Davies (Caroline Howgill & voice of Jenny), Anna Maria Macchi (Sandra Marino)
The Mugger 97 14 October 1984
Gerald Overton, a politician has fallen in love with a beautiful woman he met at a party. Things go wrong and his entire career and reputation are in jeopardy. Gerald decides to take the law into his own hands.
Cast: Roy Marsden (Gerald Overton), Graham Bell (Television Interviewer), Amanda Boxer (Jenny Overton), Kate Harper (Mary Tregallas), Peter Russell (Policeman), Toby Scopes (James Overton), Zara Nutley (Ann Dibbell), Mark Lewis (Gerald's Pursuer), David Hanson (John Dibbell), Diana Goodman (Television Reporter), Evie Garratt (Mrs Cromer), Forbes Collins (Police Officer), Raymond Boyd (Manservant), Dadina Sagah (Maid), Chris Tummings (Boy on roller skates)
The Open Window 98 21 October 1984 Christopher Lukas
At a hunting lodge in Connecticut, a young man climbs through the window. However, when he emerges the other side he finds himself in a strange new world, unlike anything he's ever seen before.
Cast: Michael Conforti (Stanley), Valerie Mahaffey (Jane), Richard Dow (Gregory), Richard Marr (Vernon), Michael Galloway (Stuart), Dina Merrill (Marjorie)

Season 8 (1985)

Four episodes.  First broadcast: 1 Saturday and 3 Sundays on ITV – 30 March and 14 to 28 July 1985

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Introduced by Cast Original air date
991"People Don't Do Such Things"Gordon HesslerStory by: Ruth Rendell
Dramatisation by: Ross Thomas
TBAJay Varela (Sergeant Demmer), Don Johnson (Reeve Baker), Arthur Hill (Terence Carter), Samantha Eggar (Gwen Carter), Denise Galik (Melanie Todd)30 March 1985 (1985-03-30)
Reeve Baker is a successful romantic novelist.  Gwen, the wife of a friend, falls for Baker and, despite her husband's warnings, carries on with the relationship.
1002"In the Cards"John PeyserStory by: John Collier
Dramatisation by: Ross Thomas & A. A. Roberts
TBAKenneth Tigar (Merrifield), Elaine Giftos (Grace), Susan Strasberg (Madame Myra), Max Gail (Charlie)14 July 1985 (1985-07-14)
Madame Myra is a fortuneteller with a lacklustre career and dim future.  A man shows up eventually who is eager to guide her to a better life, but he has an ulterior motive.
1013"Nothin' Short of Highway Robbery"John PeyserStory by: Lawrence Block
Dramatisation by: Luther Murdoch
TBAJennifer Holmes (Marcie), Bud Cort (Newt), Bettye Ackerman (Ruby), Warren Oates (Harry)21 July 1985 (1985-07-21)
A husband and wife are embarking on a long drive through the desert.  They stop off at a rundown gas station to be told that their car is in need of extensive repair.  They agree to stay for a meal while the mechanic works on it.
1024"Scrimshaw"Dezsö MagyarStory by: Brian Garfield
Dramatisation by: Bernard N. Eismann
TBAClaude Anagram (The Bartender), Saw Weyman (The Man on the Beach), Mary Gross (The Woman on the Beach), Adair Jameson (The Gallery Lady), Charles Kimbrough (Eric), Buddy Owen (The Sailor), Joan Hackett (Brenda), Harry Richard (The Desk Clerk)28 July 1985 (1985-07-28)
Brenda is a lonely alcoholic living in Florida.  Her life is turned around when an old friend, Eric, turns up.

Season 9 (1987–1988)

Ten episodes.  First broadcast: Fridays on ITV – 18 December 1987 to 29 January 1988 and 15 April to 13 May 1988

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Introduced by Cast Original air date
1031"Skeleton in the Cupboard"Paul AnnettTony WilmottTBAFrancesca Brill (Jane Fisher), Charles Dance (Robert Smythe), Philip Dunbar (Henry Traile), Zoë Wanamaker (Margaret Smythe), Matthew Jones (Man on the Phone)18 December 1987 (1987-12-18)
Robert Smythe has a dark secret he has kept for twenty years, but old sins have long shadows.  Then a young woman comes to the area, enquiring into the past ...
Title Episode First aired Writer(s) Director
The Colonel's Lady 104 8 January 1988 Somerset Maugham
Denis Cannan
Barry Davis
Eve Hamilton-Peregrine has written a successful book of poetry. Her husband is suspicious about the subject of the poems and demands to know who the lover is that she writes about.
Cast: Joss Ackland (Colonel George Peregrine), Paul Williamson (Harry), Gareth Thomas (Telfer), Anna Nicholas (Irina Stefanopoulos), Dennis Matsuki (Manservant), Carol Leader (Daphne), John Horsley (Giles Rowley), Rupert Frazer (Basil Dashwood), Kate Emma Davies (Clio Stefanopoulos), Allan Corduner (Hatchard's Bookshop Assistant), Pauline Collins (Eve K. Hamilton-Peregrine)
The Surgeon 105 15 January 1988 Roald Dahl Graham Evans
Doctor Robert Sandy receives a huge diamond from a grateful patient – an Eastern Prince. Robert is eager to sell it for money, but, his death follows his greed.
Cast: John Alderton (Robert Sandy), David Belcher (Julius Goff), Shirley Cain (Sister Wyman), Jonathan Coy (William Haddock), Alison Fiske (Betty Sandy), Geoffrey Greenhill (Detective Inspector Watkins), Raad Rawi (Crown Prince Zawi), Devon Scott (Jane Chenies), John Skitt (James Wishart), Thorley Walters (Harry Gold)
The Verger 106 22 January 1988 Denis Cannan
Somerset Maugham
Rodney Bennett
The Dobsons have been serving their Parish Church for years, but when a new Vicar arrives he changes things radically.
They move away and start a new life, but, in the process, a secret that the Dobsons have been keeping comes to light.
Cast: Gareth Walker (Cafe Owner), Tony Kassell (The Boy), Debbie Norris (First Waitress), Glenda Smith (Second Waitress), Andrew Seear (Clerk), Geoffrey Beevers (The Health Inspector), Bruce Boa (Groober), Richard Briers (Albert Dobson), Andrew Burt (Vicar), Mike Carnell (Passer-by), Geoffrey Chater (Magistrate), Rowland Davies (Bank Manager), Bradley Lavelle (Lawyer), Patricia Routledge (Milly Dobson)
The Facts of Life 107 29 January 1988 Somerset Maugham
Noella Smith
John Gorrie
Nicholas is a keen amateur fencer but is held back by his inexperience. He makes it through to a national fencing competition in London, but he has never been outside of his village or away from his parents.
Cast: Jim Broadbent (Lovejoy), Benedict Taylor (Nicholas Lillie), James Easton (Tony), Stephen Hancock (Mr Lillie), Daphne Neville (Mrs Lillie), Gerard Logan (James Barron-Ervine), John Drake (The President), Ronald Markham (Arthur), Rosalind Bennett (Zoe), Ronnie Stevens (Rudge), Genevieve Allenbury (Croupier), James Trapp (Cashier), Paul Vaughan-Teague (Scorer)
Wink Three Times 108 15 April 1988 John Charters
Paul Ableman
Paul Annett
Jeremy Tyler, a shy solicitor is staying at a London hotel on a business trip. While there, he is mistaken for another man by a woman on a blind date.
Cast: Peter Baldwin (Second Desk Clerk), Andrew Bicknell (Giles Wimbourne), Ellis Dale (First Desk Clerk), Peter Davison (Jeremy Tyler), Jeremy Gittins (Dominic), Liza Goddard (Babs Colport), Luke Kelly (Barman), Robin Lermitte (Piers), Caroline Goodall (Holly Peverill), Terry Wallis (Hall Porter), Les Henry (Head Waiter), Mel Hastings (Steward)
The Dead Don't Steal 109 22 April 1988 Ella Griffiths
Robin Chapman
John Glenister
Ken Johnson is having an affair with his secretary, Lillian. His wife finds out about it and is furious, but then, Lillian tells Ken that she has met someone else.
In temper, he kills her and buries the body, but then, he gets a phone call from her.
Cast: Nicholas Ball (Ken Johnson), Glynis Barber (Lilian and Sylvia Brett), David Caddick (First Police Officer), Norman Tyrrell (George), Albert Welling (Inspector Gunter), Michael Wisher (Dexter), Lois Baxter (Annie Johnson), Derek Carpenter (Van Driver), Dave Sommerton (Second Police Officer), Brian Goodfellow (Detective Sergeant Davies)
The Finger of Suspicion 110 29 April 1988 Tony Wilmot
Robin Chapman
Rodney Bennett
Steve Baker is married to a beautiful Arab woman and they live happily in a Middle Eastern country. Then, Steve's past comes back to haunt him as he is charged with a crime.
Cast: Michael Brandon (Stephen Baker), Lucy Gutteridge (Soroya), Stefan Kalipha (Chief Inspector Aziz), Michael O'Hagan (Superintendent Burke), Nadim Sawalha (Zayid Halim), Rob Spendlove (Inspector Hook), Tony Allief (Police Sergeant), Eddie Lemare (Police Constable)
A Time to Die 111 6 May 1988 Aileen Wheeler
Robin Chapman
Paul Annett
Yves Drouard is busy trying to keep his wife and young mistress happy. Things become further complicated when his mistress tells him she is pregnant.
Cast: Mike McKenzie (Pianist), David Suchet (Yves Drouard), Nina Van Pallandt (Marthe Drouard), Sarah-Jane Varley (Lucie), Adam Crouch (Antoine), Paul Herzberg (Henri), Pauline Letts (Madame Cabon), Jemma Redgrave (Violette Charbonneau), Ivor Robers (Gas Inspector)
Mr Know-All 112 13 May 1988 Paul Ableman
Somerset Maugham
Gareth Davies
Elly, a pretty hotel maid is seduced by a guest. He gives her a valuable statuette, which he found during an archaeological dig.
Elly is sacked by the manager when he finds out about the affair, but, the manager's wife has exactly the same statuette.
Cast: Edward Wiley (Jasper Cranley), Eamonn Walker (Bates), Chaim Topol (Professor Max Kelada), Kim Thomson (Elly Somerton), Steve Plytas (Professor Daxatides), Steffanie Pitt (Angela Dalton), Leslie Lyon (Lizzie Cranley), Erika Hoffman (Suzie Anderson), Peter Frye (Professor Maddox)

Many of the earlier episodes were preceded by an introduction by Roald Dahl. The dancer in the title sequence was Karen Standley.

These episodes have frequently been repeated on British television, most recently on Sky Arts. All episodes have been released on DVD in a box-set for each series, except the 1984/85 season which were released together with the first episode of season 8.[1][2]