These are a list of episodes of The Garfield Show which consists of 107 episodes in total. Each episode is 22 minutes with each segment being 11 minutes. The series debuted on France 3 in France on December 22, 2008. It aired on Cartoon Network in the United States from November 2, 2009 to October 5, 2012.[1] It premiered on Boomerang on February 4, 2013.[2]

Series overview

SeriesEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast airedNetwork
1262 November 2009 (2009-11-02)23 December 2009 (2009-12-23)Cartoon Network
22613 December 2010 (2010-12-13)28 June 2011 (2011-06-28)
3264 September 2012 (2012-09-04)5 October 2012 (2012-10-05)
4276 October 2015 (2015-10-06)2 September 2016 (2016-09-02)Boomerang
5424 October 2016 (2016-10-24)


Season 1 (2009)

The first season premiered on December 22, 2008 in France on a TV channel known as France 3 and on November 2, 2009 in the United States on Cartoon Network, following a sneak peek on October 31, 2009.

No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal U.S Air DateProd.
1a1a"Pasta Wars"Mark EvanierNovember 3, 2009 (2009-11-03)101
In the outer reaches of the galaxy, a mother ship in the shape of a pressure cooker is home to some very strange creatures: space lasagna! Their ambition is to invade Planet Earth. When the space lasagna checks out Jon's neighborhood, they run into Odie. They think that all humans are just like him, and decide to invade. But unfortunately, they fail to take into account Garfield’s greediness. The aliens look so much like lasagna, he can't resist them! Their plan to take over might fall through faster than they thought; after all, the one thing Garfield can never get enough of is lasagna.
1b1b"Mother Garfield"Mark EvanierNovember 3, 2009 (2009-11-03)104
Hunting birds is something Garfield gave up long ago. It's like eating mice : he just can't do it ! But when he finds a nest full of what look like abandoned eggs, Garfield puts his feline pride to one side and decides to hatch them. Harry, the stray, doesn't agree with this plan; he would love to put the newborn birds right on his dinner menu. This is Harry's first appearance.
2a2a"Orange and Black"Mike PuleyNovember 2, 2009 (2009-11-02)111
It’s Halloween and Garfield has dressed up as Catzilla, a fierce wild cat, to go out trick or treating. He has painted stripes on his fur and added false teeth to complete his disguise. But what he doesn’t know is that the real Catzilla has escaped from the zoo, and the neighbors are terrified of running into him. Garfield is busy trick or treating, going from door to door to collect candy. A siren sounds; it’s the police and they've surrounded him! They catch him and take him back to the city zoo. But it's a case of mistaken identity: they have mixed up Garfield with the real Catzilla, who's out and about too: he’s even gotten into Jon’s house! Somebody better discover the truth soon and free Garfield, otherwise he may end up in a zoo in Siberia.
2b2b"Freaky Monday"Julien MagnatNovember 2, 2009 (2009-11-02)112
Night has fallen and it's time for bed, but Odie is still full of energy and wants to play. Garfield throws him out. In the garden, Odie meets a Martian whose space-ship has broken down! To thank him for finding the missing piece of his ship, the Martian makes a Garfield/Odie body switch. Garfield ends up in Odie’s body, and Odie in Garfield’s! For Odie, life as a cat is really nice: he takes naps, eats as much lasagna as he wants; it’s a great way to spend each day. On other hand, for Garfield, dog food and regular exercise are on the menu; what a disaster! They have to get things straightened out fast, even if for Garfield this means sticking up for Odie against the other neighborhood dogs.
3a3a"Bone Diggers"Christophe PoujolNovember 4, 2009 (2009-11-04)121
Odie digs up some bones and finds that they are from the very rare brachiosaurus. Garfield tries to sell them to the local museum, but Mrs. Brubaker, the museum owner, instead wants to demolish Jon's house to search for more brachiosaurus bones. This is Esmeralda Brubaker and Hercules' first appearance.
3b3b"The Robot"Baptiste HeidrichNovember 4, 2009 (2009-11-04)122
Jon begins to notice that Garfield and Odie are more frequently causing messes around the house. Coincidentally, a salesman arrives at the house to sell Jon a highly technological cleaning robot. Jon accepts a trial of the robot before considering the purchase of one, but the robot becomes highly aggressive and violent when it is cleaning up after Garfield and Odie.
4a4a"Catnap"Mathilde Maraninchi & Antonin PoireeNovember 5, 2009 (2009-11-05)109
Garfield and Odie watch the news about a villain named Silent Jack, who robs houses while the housekeepers are away. Meanwhile, Jon has gone to the dentist to get his tooth fixed (leaving him unable to talk) and he forgot his key at the dentist. He starts bumping to the door, trying to get in, but Garfield and Odie have mistaken him for Silent Jack, causing mayhem around the house.
4b4b"Agent X"Mathilde Maraninchi & Antonin PoireeNovember 5, 2009 (2009-11-05)110
Nermal meets a cat so called "Agent X" who claims to be a Secret Agent, but in reality, he is just a runaway cat trying to impress the crowd. Garfield becomes jealous as Agent X tells everyone about his adventures of saving people. He soon discovers the true identity of Agent X (Fluffykins), and then turns around the tables in his way to get back his fame.
5a5a"A Game of Cat and Mouse"Christopher PoujolNovember 6, 2009 (2009-11-06)102
Garfield finds that Squeak and his entire family of mice have moved into the house. Garfield is afraid that Jon will know (and face Jon's punishment), and tries to get them to leave. Garfield manages to do so by sneaking them into a transport truck of a local restaurant. This is Squeak's first appearance.
5b5b"Perfect Pizza"Mark EvanierNovember 6, 2009 (2009-11-06)103
Jon and Garfield discover that Mama Meanie's Pizza Palace has stolen Vito's customers by tricking them into getting their unsatisfactory machine-made pizzas (with coupons and competitions). When they try to help Vito by delivering a pizza of his to Eddie Gourmand, Mama Meanie and his assistant chase after them with their truck.
6a6a"King Nermal"Julien MagnatNovember 12, 2009 (2009-11-12)113
Nermal lives with Garfield and Odie for ten days because his owner is out of town. When Nermal fakes a leg injury, Jon feels pity for Nermal, making Garfield and Odie do whatever he requests. Garfield and Odie attempt to get rid of him so they can live normally once again.
6b6b"Desperately Seeking Pooky"Julien MagnatNovember 12, 2009 (2009-11-12)114
Garfield's favorite teddy bear, Pooky, is stolen from him by the neighbor dog, a chihuahua named Hercules. Garfield is depressed, and even Jon's new teddy bears cannot make him feel better. Odie discovers Pooky's location, and Garfield teams up with him to get Pooky back where he belongs.
7a7a"High Scale"Peter BertsNovember 13, 2009 (2009-11-13)123
Jon and Liz put Garfield on a diet and force him to exercise when an electronic talking scale tells him that he's overweight.
7b7b"Jon's Night Out"Baptiste Heidrich & Julien MonthielNovember 13, 2009 (2009-11-13)124
Jon has difficulty sleeping, so a doctor attempts to put Jon under hypnosis to make him fall asleep at the sound of a horn. However, Jon hears Odie's bark before the horn due to Odie barking at a fly, making Odie the hypnosis trigger, and he falls asleep every time Odie barks.
8a8a"Not So Sweet Sound of Music"Mathilde Maraninchi & Antonin PoireeNovember 16, 2009 (2009-11-16)107
Jon finds his old accordion in the attic of his parents House, but Garfield does not like him playing the accordion nor the very sound of it. Garfield tries to get rid of it, but it always is found by Odie. Finally, Garfield buries it in a construction site. Odie finds it, but the accordion has broken so Jon gets some bagpipes instead, disturbing Garfield even more.
8b8b"Turkey Trouble"Laurent Bounoure & Jean-Noel GabilanNovember 16, 2009 (2009-11-16)108
Jon wins a turkey in a raffle in which he plans to serve as dinner with Liz. However, when it is delivered, it turns out to be a live turkey and Jon must figure out what to do with it. The problem worsens when Garfield begins to dislike a live turkey around, and before long, Jon has the same feelings. Garfield captures it and they return it, and find that he will be slaughtered, so Garfield saves him, and the turkey joins them for the dinner with Liz, which ends up being vegetable lasagna.
9a9a"Pup in the Pound"Mark EvanierNovember 18, 2009 (2009-11-18)105
Odie gets taken to the dog pound after he goes outside without his licensed collar, because after Garfield kicked him out on the backyard, his collar fell. Garfield disguises himself as a dog to rescue Odie.
9b9b"Odie in Love"Julien MagnatNovember 18, 2009 (2009-11-18)106
Odie falls in love with a shower brush. Garfield is initially happy that he gets some time for himself, but soon gets jealous as Odie is no longer paying attention to him. Consumed with jealousy, Garfield sneaks away the shower brush from Odie and throws it in the garbage bin to get his friend back on his side again. He eventually feels sorry for Odie and tries to return it.
10a10a"Pet Matchers"Mike PuleyNovember 19, 2009 (2009-11-19)N/A
Garfield and Jon fight so much against what to watch on TV that they go on a TV show to even out their differences.
10b10b"Lucky Charm"Julien MagnatNovember 19, 2009 (2009-11-19)N/A
Garfield gets rich after a leprechaun gives him some good luck after Odie finds him.
11a11a"Curse of the Were-Dog"Julien MagnatNovember 20, 2009 (2009-11-20)N/A
Odie becomes a monster-dog in the middle of the night and eats a lasagna that was for Liz's birthday. Jon thinks that Garfield is responsible, and blames him.
11b11b"Meet the Parents"Amelie Aubert & Jessica MenendezNovember 20, 2009 (2009-11-20)N/A
Liz introduces Jon to her parents. Liz's father is a grumpy man, while Liz's mother has a canary named Petey – whom Garfield tries to eat.
12a12a"Down on the Farm"Christophe PoujolDecember 2, 2009 (2009-12-02)N/A
Garfield goes to visit Jon's brother, Doc Boy. Garfield finds that Doc Boy has disallowed his farm animals and farmhand from viewing television. Garfield introduces them to various television programs, which frustrates Doc Boy when he finds that his farm animals are watching television instead of producing the materials that he profits from. Doc Boy then wins $100,000 from a TV game show with the help of Garfield, and, now knowing that he doesn't have to work anymore with his new earnings, finally allows television on his farm. This is the first and only episode in the entire series in which Jon refers to Doc Boy as "Doc".
12b12b"The Pet Show"Mathilde Maraninchi & Antonin PoireeDecember 2, 2009 (2009-12-02)N/A
Garfield is rejected from a pet show because he is too fat to enter, so Odie takes his place and competes against Nermal for lasagna. Odie ends up defeating Nermal.
13a13a"Curse of the Cat People"Julien MagnatDecember 3, 2009 (2009-12-03)N/A
Garfield and Odie get taken to another land through a magic mirror where a cat named Neferkitty and her Egyptian colony of cats live, planning their revenge on humans.
13b13b"Glenda and Odessa"Julien MagnatDecember 3, 2009 (2009-12-03)N/A
Watch out everybody, the terrible twins Drusilla and Minerva are coming to visit their cousin Jon, and no sooner do they get there than they want to play all kinds of games with Garfield and Odie! The two friends are fleet of foot and get away fast... Outside, Garfield's nose leads him down a promising track: he can smell a barbecue. But he and Odie get there too late, and all the food is gone. Since they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, the two friends take the blame for the missing food. Threatened with the pound, they have to hide back at home and play tea parties with the twins. They soon find themselves dressed up as ladies! This is just too much for Garfield, who decides to escape again. But what if their costumes turned out to be the key to all of their problems?
14a14a"Underwater World"Jim DavisDecember 4, 2009 (2009-12-04)N/A
Jon's really happy; he has organized a day of fly-fishing, much to Garfield's dismay since he would rather have stayed home napping. Fishing’s so boring ! And to make things worse, it’s really hot, and they’re not getting a bite. Ah, then Jon finally catches something! But when he looks away for a second, Odie lets the little fish on his line go, as he feels sorry for it. But he ends up getting dragged down into the water with it. At the bottom of the pond, Odie becomes friends with the fish he saved, as does Garfield who soon joins them. The two of them visit the underwater world and have all kinds of adventures, some fun, some pretty unpleasant...
14b14b"Family Picture"Peter BertsDecember 4, 2009 (2009-12-04)N/A
It's Liz's birthday, and Jon wants to give her a really special present. A family photo of him and his two faithful friends, Garfield and Odie. You would think there’s nothing so easy as taking a family photo, but Jon soon realizes that getting the perfect pic is going to be a real challenge!
15a15a"Time Twist"Christelle ChatelDecember 8, 2009 (2009-12-08)N/A
Garfield, Odie and Jon are having a picnic by the lake: it’s perfect weather for it. Jon has invited Liz, who has brought a huge cake for dessert! But a last minute guest is about to mess up all their plans! Odie has found a wolf cub in the woods and thinks it's so cute he wants to take care of it. First, he feeds it the whole cake, then he hides it so he can take it home later. Garfield gets wrongly accused by Jon, who punishes him as soon as they get home. The cub’s mother follows them the whole way. This leads to a mad-cap chase all around the house as Mommy Wolf tries to get her paws on the cub Odie is so eager to hide!
15b15b"Time Master"Philippe VidalDecember 8, 2009 (2009-12-08)N/A
Garfield has found a very special watch: it can stop time ! At first, he uses it to prolong nap times and meal times and play jokes on his friends, but then it turns against him when it gets stuck and the whole world around him freezes! Although Garfield quite enjoys the freedom this brings and the fun he can have with it at first, he quickly realizes that he’s all alone and he’ll have to take care of things himself if he wants a dish of lasagna, for example, or a pizza… So he’d better get things fixed fast, or he’s gonna spend the rest of his life working to eat, and there’s no way he can deal with that!
16a16a"Fish to Fry"Baptiste Heidrich & Julien MonthielDecember 9, 2009 (2009-12-09)N/A
Liz has to go away for a few days and asks Jon to look after her goldfish while she is gone. When Garfield finds this out, all he can think about is the great fry-up he’s gonna have. The next morning, Liz comes over with the fish and sets off on her trip. Garfield can hardly believe it : right there in his living room, there are all kinds of wonderful looking fish ! He immediately gets ready to chow down. Lunch time! But for once, his eyes are definitely bigger than his belly, and his lunch isn't going to go down without a fight!
16b16b"Little Yellow Riding Hood"Philippe VidalDecember 9, 2009 (2009-12-09)N/A
Garfield, Odie and Jon are having a picnic by the lake: it’s perfect weather for it. Jon has invited Liz, who has brought a huge cake for dessert! But a last minute guest is about to mess up all their plans! Odie has found a wolf cub in the woods and thinks it's so cute he wants to take care of it. First, he feeds it the whole cake, then he hides it so he can take it home later. Garfield gets wrongly accused by Jon, who punishes him as soon as they get home. The cub’s mother follows them the whole way. This leads to a mad-cap chase all around the house as Mommy Wolf tries to get her paws on the cub Odie is so eager to hide!
17a17a"Fame Fatale"Peter BertsDecember 10, 2009 (2009-12-10)N/A
Liz and Jon come home with a VIP guest : the cat Sir Leo, who is a star looking for a few days of R & R. He has always been famous, but dreams of a normal, peaceful life. Surprisingly he looks like Garfield, who jumps at the chance of replacing him for a while: he doesn’t mind a taste of a star’s life! But soon, Garfield realizes that being a star is all work and no play. On the other hand, Sir Leo has started to enjoy his new life, and thinks that Garfield has a pretty good deal. Garfield will have to pull out all the stops and show who he really is if he wants to get his life with Jon back!
17b17b"Virtualodeon"Philippe VidalDecember 10, 2009 (2009-12-10)N/A
A crazy scientist has invented an incredible new machine: the Virtualodeon which makes TV shows real! Unfortunately, the Virtualodeon isn’t quite up to speed and Garfield ends up getting trapped inside his own TV. Now he’s a part of the shows he used to watch: he gets chased by monsters, a giant chicken, a merciless presenter and a beautiful TV star... 3D TV is a real revolution; right, Garfield?
18a18a"It's a Cat's World"Peter BertsDecember 11, 2009 (2009-12-11)N/A
Garfield gets sucked into a parallel universe where cats act like humans and vice versa.
18b18b"Mailman Blues"Peter BertsDecember 11, 2009 (2009-12-11)N/A
Garfield torments the substitute mailman while Herman goes on vacation.
19a19a"Extreme Housebreaking"Julien MagnatDecember 14, 2009 (2009-12-14)N/A
An unwilling Garfield is enrolled on Dr. Whipple's show after Jon secretly videotapes him stealing food, abusing Odie, and shredding drapes. Garfield eventually discovers the doctor is a fraud.
19b19b"Heir Apparent"Mark EvanierDecember 14, 2009 (2009-12-14)N/A
Doc Boy and Jon want to inherit their cousin's haunted estate, but in order to do so, one must stay there longer than the other.
20a20a"Carolling Capers"Julien MagnatDecember 15, 2009 (2009-12-15)N/A
After hearing children go door to door singing carols on TV, Garfield tries to go around singing carols for food.
20b20b"From the Oven"Julien MagnatDecember 15, 2009 (2009-12-15)N/A
Jon accidentally follows a monster movie instead of a cooking show's recipe while baking a cake. It becomes a Frankenstein-like monster and attempts to eat him, Garfield and Odie.
21a21a"Neighbor Nathan"Christophe PoujolDecember 16, 2009 (2009-12-16)N/A
Odie runs away from home, sick of Garfield's cruelty towards him. The new house he runs off to is the residence of a boy with the personality of a mad scientist named Nathan, who plans to use his new invention to transform Odie into a cockroach. It is up to Garfield to save Odie.
21b21b"History of Dog"Kim CampbellDecember 16, 2009 (2009-12-16)N/A
Garfield explains the history of dogs, which casts them in a negative light, much to the chagrin of Odie and his dog friends.
22a22a"Up a Tree"Peter BertsDecember 17, 2009 (2009-12-17)N/A
Odie becomes friends with a squirrel after he helps one recover from an accident.
22b22b"It's a Cheese World"Philippe VidalDecember 17, 2009 (2009-12-17)N/A
Garfield tries to take Squeak and his friends to Eddie Gourmand's Cheeseland, where Harry is in charge of keeping mice out.
23a23a"Nice to Nermal"Mark EvanierDecember 18, 2009 (2009-12-18)N/A
Nermal steals Pooky after Garfield is mean to him, and blackmails Garfield into being nice to him. To get Pooky back, Garfield sends an e-mail asking Druscilla and Minerva to come over and play with Nermal.
23b23b"Out on a Limb"Julien MagnatDecember 18, 2009 (2009-12-18)N/A
Garfield, Jon, Odie and Nermal all get stuck in a tree, so they try to get help.
24a24a"Super Me"Jim DavisDecember 21, 2009 (2009-12-21)N/A
Garfield imitates a superhero so that Nermal will reward him with food, but gets caught up with the real superhero and a bank robbery.
24b24n"Mastermind"Julien MagnatDecember 21, 2009 (2009-12-21)N/A
Garfield gets a device that reads people's minds and saves Vito's pizzeria from rioting aliens.
25a25a"The Amazing Flying Dog"Philippe VidalDecember 22, 2009 (2009-12-22)N/A
There’s a house on fire and a young pup is crying for help: she thinks it’s all over. But no – here comes Odie, the super dog! Odie then wakes up and tells Garfield that in his dream he was a super hero flying to the side of people in the need of help, and of course, Garfield makes fun of him. Odie gets mad and goes into a sulk. He wishes his dream was true. Then he could finally speak to the pretty stranger in his dreams. But when Garfield really gets into trouble, Odie puts his grudges aside and flies off to help him. And this time he REALLY flies. Go for it, Odie!
25b25b"The Last Word"Julien MagnatDecember 22, 2009 (2009-12-22)N/A
After Nermal makes a comment he doesn't appreciate about his appetite, Garfield bets him that he won’t eat a thing for an hour. If he wins, Nermal will be banned from the house for a month. But if he loses, Garfield will be his slave for a whole week. Garfield’s honor’s at stake, so he accepts: he would rather deprive himself for a little while than have to put up with Nermal’s whimsical cuteness any longer. But when you’re waiting to chow down, an hour can seem long. Really long… Especially when everything reminds him of food: TV shows, the dinner Jon has just cooked, the groceries, and soon the whole kitchen seem to be calling his name. Will he manage to hold out ‘til the end?
26a26a"Iceman"Philippe VidalDecember 23, 2009 (2009-12-23)N/A
The ice-cream man is back in town, except that this year, it's an ice-cream woman, and Garfield isn't always nice to her, even though he loves ice-cream. He makes her life hell and sneaks off with more and more of her wares every day. In the meantime, a prehistoric man is found in a block of ice and carted off to a history exhibition. When Garfield accidentally thaws him, he falls in love with Olga, the ice-cream seller and refuses to go back to the museum. It’s up to Garfield, with a little help from Odie, to make things right with a surprising idea. Have you every seen a prehistoric cat?
26b26b"T3000"Julien MagnatDecember 23, 2009 (2009-12-23)N/A
There's a new employee at the pound: it’s a robot with all the latest gadgets and it’s job is gonna be to make all the pets stick to the straight and narrow. Any pets who have missed a shot or who aren’t wearing their nametags get thrown straight into jail. But Garfield, with a little help from his faithful friend Odie, is determined to put paid to the robot, and make peace with Al and Pete, the real pound employees, even if it means helping them get their jobs back. So long T3000!

Season 2 (2010–11)

No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal U.S Air DateUS viewers
27a1a"Ticket to Riches"Mark EvanierFebruary 28, 2011 (2011-02-28)N/A
Who's never dreamed of winning the big jackpot in the lottery? Hey? Especially when you have bills piling up on your desk and you're totally broke. That's when you really start hoping for a miracle. Right, Jon? Especially since Garfield is still living life to the full and stuffing his face with pizza! Well, it's your lucky day, Jon!
27b1b"Gravity of the Situation"Mark EvanierFebruary 28, 2011 (2011-02-28)N/A
Jon hasn't been feeling great recently. It shows in his cooking, which is revolting. Garfield can't take it any more! Ahhh, if only somebody had a job for Jon... Hey! You know what? Eddie Gourmand just called and hey! You know what? He wants Jon to illustrate his next cookery book! There's just one condition: He wants to taste Jon's cooking first to be sure it's good.
28a2a"The Art of Being Uncute"Julien MagnatMarch 1, 2011 (2011-03-01)N/A
Who's the cutest cat in the country? Nermal. And who's the clingiest, most annoying and most pretentious cat in the country? Also Nermal. Garfield's running out of ideas to get rid of him. Although maybe the beauty contest might work... the first prize is a six month long stay in Greenland. Not bad, huh?
28b2b"Night of the Bunny Slippers"Julien MagnatMarch 1, 2011 (2011-03-01)N/A
Surprise! Aunt Ivy is coming to visit her nephew Jon! How long is she staying? A week... Ah... And she hates animals... They'll have to sleep outside. Well, what a pleasure to see you. Come on in, Aunt Ivy, why don't you. That's how things start out. And then things get worse. Next, there's a slipper problem.
29a3a"Blasteroid"Emmanuelle AubertMarch 2, 2011 (2011-03-02)N/A
Red alert! A huge asteroid is heading right for the Planet Earth! How can it be destroyed? With the space ship Jon designed a few years back? The only problem is it's only big enough for a dog and a cat to pilot it. No problem, Garfield and Odie decide to take on the mission, which turns out to be very dangerous, but extremely satisfying.
29b3b"The Big Sneeze"Mark EvanierMarch 2, 2011 (2011-03-02)N/A
Atchooo! It's crazy, Jon can't stop... atchoo!... sneezing. He must be allergic to something, but what? It's funny, as soon as Garfield gets anywhere near him... Atchoooo! Quick! Time to run some tests... Phew, they're negative. He's not allergic to cat fur. A shrink suggests Jon is letting out some repressed anger.
30a4a"The Spy Who Fed Me"Mark EvanierMarch 3, 2011 (2011-03-03)N/A
When Garfield has to lose ten pounds, Jon discovers he has been snacking between meals. Liz gives him a robot that will follow Garfield everywhere he goes to ensure he sticks to his diet.
30b4b"Meet Max Mouse"Mark EvanierMarch 3, 2011 (2011-03-03)N/A
Squeak's cat-hating cousin, Max, moves into Garfield's home and rallies the other mice to rebel against him. Meanwhile, Jon calls an exterminator named Mr. Pulver to come rid his house of them.
31a5a"The Haunted House"Mark EvanierMarch 4, 2011 (2011-03-04)N/A
Jon spends the day in Mr. Barker's new mansion to come up with a comic book idea. Unfortunately for him, the house is haunted by a ghost cat.
31b5b"Which Witch"Mark EvanierMarch 4, 2011 (2011-03-04)N/A
The twins, Druscilla and Minerva, come to visit. Garfield lures them over to the house of an elderly neighbor, who may or may not be a witch.
32a6a"Cyber Mailman"Emmanuelle AubertMarch 7, 2011 (2011-03-07)N/A
Professor Bonkers creates a holographic mailman to prevent Herman from constantly being tormented by Garfield. When Garfield eats a taco nearby, its sauce drips into the machine, causing the cyber mailman to deliver an early edition of the newspaper.
32b6b"Odie for Sale"Mark EvanierMarch 7, 2011 (2011-03-07)N/A
Jon is in debt, and resorts to selling some of his possessions to pay the bill. When Garfield puts Odie on the stall for two cents, he is bought by the person Jon is being sued by, and it is up to Garfield to get him back.
337"Home for the Holidays"Jim DavisDecember 13, 2010 (2010-12-13)N/A
It's the holiday season for Garfield and the whole gang. Jon has invited not only his parents and Doc Boy, but Liz's family as well, and so Garfield must be on his best behavior. But when Garfield runs into Arlene while she is gathering up food and blankets for the unwanted animals of the neighborhood, Jon's Christmas plans take a turn for the unexpected, prompting Garfield to learn that there's more to Christmas than opening presents and eating!
34a8a"Planet of Poultry"Mark EvanierMarch 9, 2011 (2011-03-09)N/A
Aliens from another planet plan to turn all the earth creatures into chickens.
34b8b"Honey, I Shrunk the Pets"Christophe Poujol & Thomas ForwoodMarch 14, 2011 (2011-03-14)N/A
Nathan returns and shrinks Garfield with his shrink ray, and Garfield must find a way to return to normal size.
35a9a"Night of the Apparatuses"Emmanuelle AubertJune 14, 2011 (2011-06-14)N/A
Jon buys a new house monitoring software program, with an electronic assistant named Millie. After the house gets hit by lightning, Millie takes over the whole house.
35b9b"Land of Hold"Mark EvanierJune 15, 2011 (2011-06-15)N/A
Garfield finds out what life would be like for people who spend their entire existence on hold waiting for their call to be picked up.
36a10a"Farm Fresh Feline"Mark EvanierMarch 8, 2011 (2011-03-08)N/A
Jon, Garfield, and Odie visit Doc Boy on the farm, and Dr. Whipple puts Garfield under a spell that makes him do chores.
36b10b"Inside Eddie Gourmand"Mark EvanierMarch 10, 2011 (2011-03-10)N/A
After Eddie Gourmand gives a bad review about Vito's Pizzeria on TV, Garfield, Jon, and Odie find out the reason for his recent crankiness and help him.
37a11a"With Four You Get Pizza"Mathilde Maraninchi, Antonin PoireeMarch 9, 2011 (2011-03-09)N/A
Jon goes out on a date with Liz to Vito's Pizzeria. Since Vito has banned animals from entering the restaurant, Garfield and Odie disguise themselves as children to get inside, and Nermal and another cat do the same. Before long, Jon and Liz's date turns into disaster.
37b11b"Guest from Beyond"Mark EvanierJune 13, 2011 (2011-06-13)N/A
Eddie Gourmand is fired when an ethical vegan takes over the station. Jon unwittingly takes him in, which soon turns out to be a mistake, as Gourmand devours all Jon's food.
38a12a"History of Cats"Kim CampbellMarch 16, 2011 (2011-03-16)N/A
Garfield tells a small yet untrue history about cats, and the mice are upset because Garfield is making it seem as though cats actually did everything in history.
38b12b"Dog Days"Emmanuelle AubertMarch 8, 2011 (2011-03-08)N/A
After Odie helps their friend, Nimbus, he gives him a forever dog cookie. Odie licks Jon after eating it, and Jon starts acting like a dog. Jon licks Liz, and the condition spreads all over the city.
39a13a"Garfield Astray"Original Idea: Philippe Vidal, Script: Mathilde Maraninchi, Antonin PoireeMarch 14, 2011 (2011-03-14)N/A
After Garfield plays a mean trick on Nermal, a bowling ball falls on his head and he loses his memory. Then, Nermal tricks Garfield into thinking he is an alley cat named Ichabod. Garfield then meets a couple of stray cats named Tino and Gino.
39b13b"Master Chef"Mark EvanierJune 13, 2011 (2011-06-13)N/A
When Garfield hears about a chef who can make "the best lasagna in the world" from Vito, he is determined to find him. Once there, in Chef
40a14a"Black Cat Blues"Emmanuelle AubertMarch 16, 2011 (2011-03-16)N/A
A miserable, black cat named Jonah passes by Garfield outside, and Garfield is given a bad luck curse until he can remove the curse and bring good luck to himself.
40b14b"The Bluebird of Happiness"Mark EvanierMarch 10, 2011 (2011-03-10)N/A
One of the baby bluebirds from "Mother Garfield" returns and Garfield saves him from Harry. Later, though, Nermal accidentally lets Harry have the bird and Garfield, Nermal, and Odie must save it before Harry eats it.
41a15a"Penny Henny"Original Idea: Jim Davis, Script: Mark EvanierJune 15, 2011 (2011-06-15)N/A
Jon tells Drusilla and Minerva the story of Penny Henny believing the sky is falling, much to Garfield's concern.
41b15b"Pirate Gold"Christophe PoujolJune 17, 2011 (2011-06-17)N/A
While Jon is away, Garfield and Odie are pretending to be pirates. They pretend to be on a pirate ship, and find gold, where they find other dogs.
42a16a"Great Pizza Race"Mark EvanierMarch 21, 2011 (2011-03-21)N/A
Jon goes out on a date with Liz and orders Garfield a pizza for dinner from Vito's Pizzeria. Garfield races against Vito's new speedy delivery policy and torments him.
42b16b"Love and Lasagna"Mathilde Maraninchi, Antonin PoireeJune 22, 2011 (2011-06-22)N/A
Real estate tycoon Brent Mogul threatens to destroy Vito's restaurant, and it is up to Garfield and Odie to stop him.
43a17a"Fido Food Feline"Mark EvanierMarch 11, 2011 (2011-03-11)N/A
Jon accidentally feeds Garfield Odie's dog food, and after overhearing Liz say, "you are what you eat," Garfield thinks he is a dog.
43b17b"Mind Over Mouse"Mark EvanierJune 23, 2011 (2011-06-23)N/A
Squeak gains the ability to see future events, like Jon hitting his thumb with a hammer.
44a18b"A Gripping Tale"Original Idea: Marek Acey, Script: Mark EvanierJune 16, 2011 (2011-06-16)N/A
A giant squid finds its way into the city sewer and sucks Odie in, and Garfield must save him.
44a18b"Jumbo Shrimpy"Mark EvanierJune 17, 2011 (2011-06-17)N/A
Shrimpy the elephant is being mistreated by Dr. Whipple, and Garfield and Odie help Shrimpy escape from him.
45b19a"Everything's Relative"Mark EvanierMarch 11, 2011 (2011-03-11)N/A
Aunt Ivy's house is being rid of mice and she has to stay at Jon's home for a week. Then, Druscilla and Minerva show up, and Jon is so annoyed with them that he tries to get them to stay at Doc Boy's farm. The problem only worsens because Doc Boy refuses to put up with them, too.
45b19b"Stealing Home"Dodine Herry-GrimaldiJune 21, 2011 (2011-06-21)N/A
While Jon is away, a stray cat named Bruno steals the house and Garfield and Odie need to figure it out how to get back in. This is Bruno's first appearance.
46a20a"Cuter Than Cute"Mark EvanierMarch 21, 2011 (2011-03-21)N/A
Nermal comes over for a visit and the space lasagnas (from "Pasta Wars" and "Blasteroid") return once again and send a spy disguised as a cute kitten over to Garfield's home. Everyone thinks he is much cuter than Nermal, and Nermal gets jealous.
46b20b"Pampered Pussycat"Mark EvanierJune 24, 2011 (2011-06-24)N/A
Prince Orloff gets a lesson about having fun from Garfield and Odie.
47a21a"Depths of a Salesman"Christophe Poujol, Thomas ForwoodJune 14, 2011 (2011-06-14)N/A
Garfield, Jon and Odie buy items from the "All Buying Channel". When they find out the channel's service is a scam, Garfield is determined to get their money back.
47b21b"Detective Odie"Baptiste Heidrich, Julien MonthielJune 20, 2011 (2011-06-20)N/A
Odie goes on the case when Jon is mistaken for theft of a neighbor's bracelet.
48a22a"Wicked Wishes"Mark EvanierJune 16, 2011 (2011-06-16)N/A
Odie finds a magical bottle with a genie in it, but it wants Jon to grant the genie three wishes.
48b22b"Full of Beans"Original Idea: Philippe Vidal, Script: Emmanuelle AubertJune 21, 2011 (2011-06-21)N/A
Odie accidentally swallows a Mexican jumping bean that was given to Jon by his Mexican friend Pablo. Odie now starts jumping all around the house, and he causes trouble when he jumps out the pet door and into the city.
49a23b"Me, Garfield, and I"Christophe PoujolJune 20, 2011 (2011-06-20)N/A
Garfield obtains possession of Professor Bonkers' cloning ray, and makes clones of himself so he can do what he wants.
49b23b"The Big Sleep"Christophe Poujol, Thomas Forwood, Mark EvanierJune 23, 2011 (2011-06-23)N/A
Garfield tries everything he can to try to hibernate like the squirrels, but all his attempts prove futile.
50a24a"True Colors"Emmanuelle AubertJune 22, 2011 (2011-06-22)N/A
Garfield's shabby treatment of Nermal draws the ire of a television show host, Dr. Goodygood, that seeks to teach him a lesson. Dr. Goodygood takes away Garfield's colors, thus making him the same color as Nermal. Garfield has to do nice things to get them back.
50b24b"The Mole Express"Emmanuelle AubertJune 27, 2011 (2011-06-27)N/A
Garfield must help Odie's squirrel friends from moving to a new tree because of a tunnel made by a mole and at the same time to rescue his animal friends from the city pound.
51a25a"Rain or Shine"Emmanuelle AubertJune 27, 2011 (2011-06-27)N/A
Jon, in need of quality time alone with Liz on the beach, sends his pets to Aunt Ivy. Garfield's nocturnal rain wish is answered by a leprechaun. The luck-bringer, whom the pets discover, keeps forgetting to close magical tunnel doors, which allows the weather to jump continents, affecting Jon's travel plans.
51b25b"Parrot Blues"Emmanuelle AubertJune 24, 2011 (2011-06-24)N/A
Jon watches Mr. Barker's parrot, Paxton, while he is away. The grumpy Paxton ends up flying downtown, telling people things that cause all of them to burst into tears.
5226"Unfair Weather"Mark EvanierJune 28, 2011 (2011-06-28)N/A
The heat is unbearable under the Arbuckle roof. In fact it's unbearable everywhere. The only person seemingly happy with the heatwave is Mr. Allwork, whose sales in air conditioning and ice cream and sunblock have gone through the roof. Unfortunately for Jon, this day is also the day he promised the twins, Drusilla and Minerva, he'd take them camping in the woods, Odie and a very relunctant Garfield are dragged along for the ride. What plans to be a miserably hot camping trip in the woods, turns out to be quite pleasant as it starts to rain. But then it starts to snow! Then to hail! Then to rain sandwiches! Something very strange is going on, and this strange weather seems to be coming from a single cloud.

Season 3 (2012)

No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal U.S Air DateUS viewers
53a1a"Little Angel"Mark EvanierSeptember 5, 2012 (2012-09-05)N/A
A newcomer has just shown up in the neighbourhood: Angel, a sweet meek homeless kitten that Jon invites home. But that Angel is an evil cat in disguise. Jon blames Garfield for eating the chocolate cake and destroying the living room (which were caused by Angel), and then he locks Garfield outside of the house. Garfield has to find a way to get rid of him as soon as possible...
53b1b"Double Double Trouble (Two Times the Trouble)"Mark EvanierOctober 5, 2012 (2012-10-05)0.88[3]
When Garfield tries to escape Drusilla's and Minerva's dress-up games, more twins keep popping in! Help! From Harry the cat down to Eddie Gourmand, they all have duplicates. Even Jon !?
"Furry Tales"Peter BertsSeptember 4, 2012 (2012-09-04)N/A
Garfield reads Odie the story of a particularly handsome cat... it takes place in the Middle-Ages and Prince Jon needs to get married or the Viceroy will get to the throne and implement a tax on... anything with cheese! When Garfield tells the fairy tale of Prince Jon and Elizabeth, it's a dashing and admirable cat that will save love and the throne! Mildred the dragon joins in to fight the evil Viceroy. But a wicked witch who has made a pot of poisoned spaghetti bolognese morphs into Vito and knocks on Elizabeth's door... The heroic cat, followed by the animals of the forest, marches on the castle to rescue Jon and sends the Viceroy and his accomplices through the air. But wouldn't have Garfield made up that happy-ending story?
56a4a"Kind to Kittens"Mark EvanierSeptember 5, 2012 (2012-09-05)N/A
Corrupt Mayor Grafton has implemented a new law: everyone has to be extra nice with cats! Robots are patrolling the city to fine unfriendly citizens! A rejoiced Garfield eventually finds out this is not so good and goes to the City Hall...
56b4b"Laugh in a Can"Julien MagnatSeptember 7, 2012 (2012-09-07)N/A
The manager has decided on adding canned laughter to the Garfield show but Garfield disagrees and sets down to pushing the buttons and manipulating the controls in his turn...
57a5a"Land of Later"Mark EvanierSeptember 6, 2012 (2012-09-06)N/A
The heroic cat, followed by the animals of the forest, marches on the castle to rescue Jon and sends the Viceroy and his accomplices through the air. But wouldn't have Garfield made up that happy-ending story?
57b5b"The Caped Avenger Rides Again!"Mark EvanierSeptember 10, 2012 (2012-09-10)N/A
A valuable copy of Ultra-Powerful Guy has just been stolen. A new super-villain needs to be defeated. This is a mission for Garfield as Caped Avenger and Odie as Slurp, his faithful sidestick !
58a6a"The Great Trade-Off"Julien MagnatOctober 5, 2012 (2012-10-05)0.88[3]
Dr. Puzzle has invented an ingenious device to trade two people's personalities! His audience made of mad scientists is enthused. The new weapon is tested on a frog and a secret agent, on Nermal and Bruno and...on Garfield, too!
58b6b"Prehistoric Pup"Mark EvanierSeptember 6, 2012 (2012-09-06)N/A
A meteorite crash lands and accidentally turns Odie into a giant green dog.
59a7a"The Superhero Apprentice"Julien MagnatSeptember 10, 2012 (2012-09-10)N/A
When Garfield as Caped Avenger becomes a super-hero, Nermal becomes a super-villain. What a buzz !
59b7b"Teddy Dearest"Peter BertsSeptember 11, 2012 (2012-09-11)N/A
Pooky or Robo-Pooky? Garfield is quite clear about it and chooses Pooky because Pooky doesn't dance or exercise. He actually doesn't do anything at all, just like him! Garfield decides to send all the Robo-Pookies back to where they were designed: Mr. Allwork's toy building.
60a8a"The Non-Garfield Show"Peter BertsSeptember 7, 2012 (2012-09-07)N/A
A cartoon show starring a cat and a dog? Tyler Edge isn't exactly convinced by Jon's concept. He'd rather opt for a super muscular super hero half human half Garfield and get rid of...the puppy dog!
60b8b"What a Difference a Pet Makes"Peter BertsSeptember 12, 2012 (2012-09-12)N/A
What is the difference between cats and dogs? Garfield answers his fan's question: cats are simply refined, calm and cool and dogs are not. A shocked Odie tries to prove him wrong...
61a9a"Bath Day"Julien MagnatSeptember 11, 2012 (2012-09-11)N/A
When Nermal complains that having a bath is stiff boring, Garfield leads him -together with Odie- to a bubble ocean with sharks, flying birds and very special mermaids...
61b9b"Partners in Mime"Peter BertsSeptember 13, 2012 (2012-09-13)N/A
When Jon trains for the World Mime Championship everything becomes imaginary, food included! Will a starving Garfield still be his partner for an amazing duet?
62a10a"Garfield Gets Canned"Julien MagnatSeptember 12, 2012 (2012-09-12)N/A
There is no more food! A greedy ferret has just emptied the whole fridge and the kitchen cupboards. Garfield and Odie are left with a cat food can. This is bad enough but when it comes to opening it, worst comes to worst.
62b10b"Boris the Snowman"Peter BertsSeptember 13, 2012 (2012-09-13)N/A
When snowmen are telling jokes, Garfield might eventually have fun, even in the cold mountains.
63a11a"Muscle Mouse"Peter BertsSeptember 19, 2012 (2012-09-19)N/A
Push-ups and drills! Biff, an over-muscled mouse, is coaching Squeak's friends pretty hard. But Jon is expected any minute now and the asserting mice refuse to leave the dining room changed into a mini fitness facility. If Jon sees them, Garfield can forget about lasagna!
63b11b"Cupid Cat"Peter BertsSeptember 20, 2012 (2012-09-20)N/A
Doc Boy decides to share his life on the farm and comes downtown to look for love. But wasn't love already over there? When Garfield uses Cupid's arrow...
"Long Lost Lyman"Mark EvanierSeptember 14, 2012 (2012-09-14)N/A
Eddie Gourmand's show about lasagna or a documentary about the Zabadu? Garfield and Jon are fighting for the remote control. But the Zabadu may well hold Lyman prisoner and Lyman was Jon's best-friend plus Odie's owner. Garfield don't stand a chance! Garfield easily wins over the monster but well, that is a fantasy real fiction, Jon is quite determined to go to Franistan and rescue his friend. While Squeak and the mice are taking care of the house, Jon, Garfield and Odie are looking for Lyman in the jungle. When all of a sudden Odie starts running down a canyon... Dirk Dinkum and his assistant want to reveal the Zabadu's secret identity and ruin Lyman's efforts to protect the animals of the jungle. But Garfield and the real Zabadu will stop them alright!
66a14a"The Garfield-Only Show"Mark EvanierSeptember 24, 2012 (2012-09-24)0.40[4]
All the characters are leaving the show, vexed as they are for not getting more lines. No problem! Garfield will play all of them: Odie, Jon, Minerva and Drusilla, Herman and even Nermal.
66b14b"Every Witch Way"Mark EvanierSeptember 21, 2012 (2012-09-21)N/A
"Make a wish Liz and blow out the candles", says Jon. But Liz certainly doesn't wish to be turned into a mouse and her boyfriend to marry a young witch...
67a15a"More Than Meets the Eye"Peter BertsSeptember 26, 2012 (2012-09-26)0.51[4]
When a ghost wrecks the whole house, Garfield takes revenge. No one will make him eat dry cat food instead of juicy lasagna. Not over his invisible body...
67b15b"Fast Friends"Julien MagnatSeptember 26, 2012 (2012-09-26)0.51[4]
Alert! Here comes Mrs. Ferret. She wooshes in so fast that a shaken Garfield is systematically left with an empty plate or no plate at all! He clearly has to stop her...
68a16a"Smartest Dog in the World"Peter BertsSeptember 25, 2012 (2012-09-25)0.32[4]
And the smartest dog in the world is... Odie! But as more and more people ask him for help, Odie starts wondering why being intelligent is more trouble than being dumb.
68b16b"The Mysterious Machine"Mark EvanierSeptember 28, 2012 (2012-09-28)0.43[4]
Garfield on a diet? Just you wait! Garfield's Mysterious Machine will soon make Jon, Nermal, Herman and Vito surrender.
69a17a"It's About Time"Mark EvanierSeptember 18, 2012 (2012-09-18)N/A
The Nermal Show! Garfield has been stolen his house, his friends and his show. Will he get it all back and save his stripes?
69b17b"Farmer Garfield"Peter BertsSeptember 25, 2012 (2012-09-25)0.32[4]
When Garfield feeds Doc Boy's farm animals, everyone enjoys their food and no one wants to leave the house until they meet...Aunt Ivy!
70a18a"Fitness Crazed"Mark EvanierSeptember 28, 2012 (2012-09-28)0.43[4]
Biff won't make a sportsman out of Garfield but Garfield can certainly make a greedy idler out of Biff! But who will save the mice from Bruno's paws?
70b18b"My Friend, Nermal"Mark EvanierOctober 3, 2012 (2012-10-03)0.31[3]
Garfield who has executed his Mongolian Monster Fleas Dance to save Nermal is now in great danger: Nermal wants to do him grateful favours!
71a19a"Filthy Fugitives"Julien MagnatSeptember 24, 2012 (2012-09-24)0.40[4]
Give them a bath! Garfield and Odie are wanted! Who will come to their rescue? Liz?
71b19b"Where's Odie"Peter BertsSeptember 27, 2012 (2012-09-27)0.45[4]
When Odie chases squirrels and vanishes into the forest, Sherlock-Garfield uses the Slobber Detector Solution to follow the doogy drool!
72a20a"Online Arbuckle"Peter BertsSeptember 18, 2012 (2012-09-18)N/A
"The Arbuckle Chronicles" by Garfield! What a buz! But who could be so proud of being the biggest laughingstock? Jon? Nermal?
72b20b"Revenge of the Cat People"Julien MagnatSeptember 21, 2012 (2012-09-21)N/A
Liz's niece is so fond of her Fuzz Button Kitty Cat! But wouldn't that actually be the terrifying Neferkitty? Garfield is on his way to save the world...again!
73a21a"Doggone Jon"Mark EvanierSeptember 27, 2012 (2012-09-27)0.45[4]
When Jon works as a dogcatcher, Garfield dresses up as a dog -to have him fired!- and Odie walks a dummy Jon...
73b21b"Pawparazzi"Peter BertsSeptember 17, 2012 (2012-09-17)N/A
Garfield Cat wins Brandon Scoop's show Positively Perfect Pussycat Pageant! Er... No that's a mistake says judge Mary Margaret Freen, Nermal is the winner... No ! Cousin Coslough is the winner...
"Little Trouble in Big China"Julien MagnatOctober 2, 2012 (2012-10-02)0.33[3]
Garfield has been missing for 18 meals - 24 hours that is! Odie and Nermal are nowhere to be found! When Jon receives a phone call: they're in China! "Two cats and a dog involved in a wild chase last night through the streets of Shanghai!", Jon didn't except to hear about his pets even before landing... Garfield, Odie and Nermal learning martial arts? The Old Master of the Temple has never had such hopeless students but since they have that precious gift of making friends, he'll give them the other half of the long-sought medallion... Will Garfield, Odie, Nermal, Dingbang, Bella, Voldo...and Jon make it to the fabled diamond of Fucanglong guarded by a ten-foot long dragon?
76a24a"The Golden Lasagna Awards"Mark EvanierSeptember 17, 2012 (2012-09-17)N/A
And the winner is...Garfield Cat! When Garfield wins all the Golden Lasagna awards, an outraged Nermal calls the doggy gang.
76b24b"The Control Freak"Mark EvanierSeptember 20, 2012 (2012-09-20)N/A
A petrified Garfield witnesses the most heart-breakening scene ever: Vito stomping on full pizza boxes!
77a25a"Bride and Broom"Mark EvanierOctober 4, 2012 (2012-10-04)0.43[3]
Fairy-tale addicted Winona has kidnapped Doc Boy and taken him to the Tower of Witchery to marry him! Mrs. Cauldron, who doesn't believe in handsome Princes nor in true love or fairy tales where witches always get burnt or shoved into ovens, jumps on her tricycle broom with Garfield, Odie and Gloria to stop the ceremony.
77b25b"The Write Stuff"Peter BertsSeptember 19, 2012 (2012-09-19)N/A
Samuel W. Underburger is the new script-writer for the Garfield Show but...he refuses to waste his time writing comedies! Garfield puts up all sorts of funny scenes to prove him wrong: Underburger is so little amused that he threatens to write everyone out! Alert!
78a26a"Problems, Problems, Problems"Peter BertsOctober 4, 2012 (2012-10-04)0.43[3]
Getting rid of your fleas? Of a bluebird-eating cat? Getting your lover's love back? Ask Garfield! Garfield can fix anything!
78b26b"Take a Ferret to Lunch"Mark EvanierOctober 3, 2012 (2012-10-03)0.31[3]
Owner wanted for Mrs. Ferret! No one manages to keep her: she gets way too excited when it comes to food. But Garfield knows someone who sleeps most of the day and eats everything at once: Eddie Gourmand...

Season 4 (2015–16)

The fourth season was confirmed to be in Production in May 2012. The season first aired in Germany from October 26, 2013[5] to May 1, 2014.[6] In the United States, the season began airing on October 6, 2015, with new episodes airing on Boomerang. It also has seven five-part specials, all of which are 60 minutes.

No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal U.S Air DateUS viewers
79a1a"Lion Queen - Zoo Melody (Part 1)"Mark EvanierOctober 6, 2015 (2015-10-06)[7]0.15[8]
Liz, Jon, Odie and Garfield go to a rich man's private zoo where he imprisons rare and endangered animals. After Garfield feeds all the animals and Liz and Jon find out he is planning on capturing a manzian white lion, they go to Africa to stop him.
79b1b"Lion Queen - Welcome to Africa (Part 2)"Mark EvanierOctober 6, 2015 (2015-10-06)[7]0.15[8]
After a short reunion with Jon, Angie sets off to find her friend. Dirk Dinkum and his assistant sabotage their plane, leaving them stuck.
80a2a"Lion Queen - Life Outside (Part 3)"Mark EvanierOctober 13, 2015 (2015-10-13)[9]0.19[10]
After Garfield and Odie are chased away from the plane, they find a group of monkeys with a baboon, who take care of them by feeding them modern foods. Jon is worried about his pets.
80b2b"Lion Queen - King of Cats (Part 4)"Mark EvanierOctober 20, 2015 (2015-10-20)[11]0.25[12]
Liz overhears Dirk Dinkum firing his assistant and saying that he is going where the lion was. The monkeys and baboon introduce Garfield and Odie to the queen lion and her cubs. Dinkum then captures her, prompting the others to rescue her.
81a3a"Lion Queen - Open the Cages (Part 5)"Mark EvanierAugust 2, 2016 (2016-08-02)N/A
Garfield and the others make a plan to free the lion and all the other animals. The plan works when Dirk Dinkum's old assistant brings the male lion.
81b3b"Bewitched - Familiar Familiar (Part 1)"Julien MagnatOctober 27, 2015 (2015-10-27)[13]0.15[14]
Garfield meets Mrs. Cauldron's niece Abigail, who turns Odie into a bat to avoid getting in trouble at the Witchery School.
82a4a"Bewitched - Witches Just Wanna Have Fun (Part 2)"Julien MagnatNovember 3, 2015 (2015-11-03)[15]0.32[16]
Garfield, with help from a talking book, travels to the witchery world to save Odie.
82b4b"Bewitched - The Heartless Witch (Part 3)"Julien MagnatNovember 10, 2015 (2015-11-10)[17]0.26[18]
Abigail wishes for the book spirit to be free, and the spirit turns out to be the imprisoned Varicella (Mrs. Cauldron's sister, Abigail and Winona's aunt), who wants vengeance for being imprisoned for 1,000 years.
83a5a"Bewitched - The Hall of Witchdom (Part 4)"Julien MagnatNovember 17, 2015 (2015-11-17)[19]0.22[20]
Garfield, along with Odie and Winona (as a frog) aid Abigail to acquire three magical items before Varicella does.
83b5b"Bewitched - Bewitched and Bewildered (Part 5)"Julien MagnatAugust 3, 2016 (2016-08-03)N/A
Varicella succeeds in using the Forbidden Moon Spell, but Garfield and the others will not give up without a fight.
84a6a"The Mean Machine - Too Smart Smartphones (Part 1)"Mark EvanierJuly 4, 2016 (2016-07-04)N/A
An alien from Socket, a planet with advanced technology, plots to rule over Earth after seeing how people are dependent on technology.
84b6b"The Mean Machine - Men of Metal (Part 2)"Mark EvanierJuly 5, 2016 (2016-07-05)N/A
Garfield is targeted by robots from Socket when he is seen as a threat.
85a7a"The Mean Machine - Robot Rampage (Part 3)"Mark EvanierJuly 6, 2016 (2016-07-06)N/A
While on the run from robots, Garfield finds out that magnetics can destroy the robots. He also gains help from an unexpected ally.
85b7b"The Mean Machine - Rocket to Sprocket (Part 4)"Mark EvanierJuly 7, 2016 (2016-07-07)N/A
When Garfield and Odie learn the aliens' story, they help them regain their freedom by going to planet Socket.
86a8a"The Mean Machine - The Robot Revolution (Part 5)"Mark EvanierJuly 8, 2016 (2016-07-08)N/A
After they arrive in Socket, Garfield and the others prepare for a final showdown.
86b8b"Glitter Gulch - Go West, Young Cat (Part 1)"Mark EvanierJuly 11, 2016 (2016-07-11)N/A
Nermal becomes the director of a western movie that involves a gold robbery.
87a9a"Glitter Gulch - Blazing Lasagna (Part 2)"Mark EvanierJuly 12, 2016 (2016-07-12)N/A
Nermal has trouble finding an interesting idea for the movie, while Garfield gets into an eating competition with Bruno.
87b9b"Glitter Gulch - Showdown at Vito's (Part 3)"Mark EvanierJuly 13, 2016 (2016-07-13)N/A
After the contest, Garfield gets invited to Ms. Kitty Litter's dressing room to set up a trap for Bruno. Arlene then ends up in the trap.
88a10a"Glitter Gulch - Life on the Stage (Part 4)"Mark EvanierJuly 14, 2016 (2016-07-14)N/A
Garfield manages to save Arlene while Jon is fired. During the lunch break, Nermal wants to be in the movie.
88b10b"Glitter Gulch - All That Glitters… (Part 5)"Mark EvanierJuly 15, 2016 (2016-07-15)N/A
The bad guys are on their way to Glitter Gulch when Ms. Kitty Litter tells Garfield, Jon and the others about their plan. They set out for a final confrontation, with Nermal as a late addition.
89a11a"Against All Tides - Scallywags & Sea Scoundrels (Part 1)"Julien MagnatJuly 18, 2016 (2016-07-18)N/A
Garfield is a ship plundering pirate with a crew hungry for lasagna. Nermal, who is out to arrest him, ends up on a deserted island.
89b11b"Against All Tides - Adventures on Aruba Island (Part 2)"Julien MagnatJuly 19, 2016 (2016-07-19)N/A
Garfield and Nermal find Jon stranded on the island with them and then told them about the Horn of Plenty, which gives anyone an unlimited amount of food. After escaping from the island, they catch up with the pirates that stole the ship and crew.
90a12a"Against All Tides - Escape (Part 3)"Julien MagnatJuly 20, 2016 (2016-07-20)N/A
After convincing Lisa, the queen of pirates, to sail to a dangerous island with a missing map piece, the parrot's pirates and Nermal set a trap for them.
90b12b"Against All Tides - Feeding the Fish (Part 4)"Julien MagnatJuly 21, 2016 (2016-07-21)N/A
The crew is saved by a group of mermaids. They travel to an island, only to get eaten by a whale.
91a13a"Against All Tides - Return of the Queen (Part 5)"Julien MagnatJuly 22, 2016 (2016-07-22)N/A
The crew finds the Horn of Plenty.
91b13b"Lasagna Tree - The Rat Pack (Part 1)"Mark EvanierJuly 25, 2016 (2016-07-25)N/A
When Mama Meanie opens up a line of restaurants with low quality food, they manage to put small restaurants such as Vito's out of business.
92a14a"Lasagna Tree - Tree's Company (Part 2)"Mark EvanierJuly 26, 2016 (2016-07-26)N/A
After Eddie Gourmand talks about a lasagna tree in Italy, everyone heads to Italy to find it.
92b14b"Lasagna Tree - Roaming About Rome (Part 3)"Mark EvanierJuly 27, 2016 (2016-07-27)N/A
On the plane flight, Vito's girlfriend Angelica says that she thinks Mama Meanie's goons are after him. After they meet with Vito, they go where Vito's cousin lives and find out that Vito's mother is there.
93a15a"Lasagna Tree - The Pasta Plant (Part 4)"Mark EvanierJuly 28, 2016 (2016-07-28)N/A
While in the house, Mama Meanie's goons take the lasagna tree with Garfield and Odie napping in it, only to discover that it is a fake.
93b15b"Lasagna Tree - The Big Broadcast (Part 5)"Mark EvanierJuly 29, 2016 (2016-07-29)N/A
After taking the tree away, Garfield and Odie eat the lasagna off the tree. They blackmail Vito's mother into giving the recipe, and Garfield manages to broadcast the truth about his restaurant.
94a16a"Into The Wild: Call of the Wild (Part 1)"Julien MagnatAugust 15, 2016 (2016-08-15)0.21[21]
Jon brings Garfield, Odie, Nermal and the twins to a national park; once there, the pets meet three rambunctious raccoons.
94b16b"Into The Wild: Into the Woods (Part 2)"Julien MagnatAugust 16, 2016 (2016-08-16)0.16[22]
Garfield and the others are stuck in the woods after the raccoons tie them up and steal their clothes, so they call their inner animal.
95a17a"Into The Wild: Nermal's First Kiss (Part 3)"Julien MagnatAugust 17, 2016 (2016-08-17)0.23[23]
Garfield, Odie and Nermal walk into the woods and follow a river. They fall down a waterfall and find a frog named Fa fan and an alligator named Monica. They trick them into making Nermal kiss Fa fan, then lead them to the desert.
95b17b"Into The Wild: Where Eagles Don't Dare (Part 4)"Julien MagnatAugust 18, 2016 (2016-08-18)N/A
Jon, thanks to Squeak, realizes that Garfield, Odie and Nermal were in the woods all the time. While they were in the desert, they find a bus stop, only to leave to save Odie from a big mother eagle.
96a18a"Into The Wild: Ugly Coyotes (Part 5)"Julien MagnatAugust 19, 2016 (2016-08-19)N/A
After Odie heard a weird sound, Clest St. Clare- the popular teen idol that the twins like- was on a road that they found and stop the limousine into a ditch and walk with her to find a group of coyotes.
96b18b"Double Vision"Peter BertsNovember 24, 2015 (2015-11-24)[24]0.30[25]
Garfield tries to profit with special glasses invented by Professor Bonkers to see the future.
97a19a"My Cousin Petunia"Julien MagnatDecember 1, 2015 (2015-12-01)[26]0.27[27]
When Garfield finds out that the twins are being bullied, he helps them by dressing up. When he shows up, the twins present him as their cousin Petunia.
97b19b"Barking Mad"Julien MagnatAugust 1, 2016 (2016-08-01)N/A
Garfield explains to the viewers his situation involving a special collar that is tasked with discouraging the wearer from barking.
98a20a"Garfception"Samuel BarksdaleAugust 4, 2016 (2016-08-04)N/A
Nathan uses his Dream Machine to give Garfield nightmares.
98b20b"For Mice"Mark EvanierAugust 5, 2016 (2016-08-05)N/A
Two mice go inside Garfield's house to watch a television channel meant for mice.
99a21a"Six-Can Solution"Mark EvanierAugust 8, 2016 (2016-08-08)N/A
Squeak offers to help Garfield clear his name after being accused of eating six cat food cans per day.
99b21b"Silence of the Sheep"Julien MagnatAugust 9, 2016 (2016-08-09)N/A
When Garfield has trouble falling asleep, sheep from the sandman's plane arrive. When they fail, he fires them. The sheep try to put everyone to sleep to prove themselves.
100a22a"Bulldog of Doom"Samuel BarksdaleAugust 10, 2016 (2016-08-10)N/A
Garfield wants a pie on a window that is protected by the owner's bulldog.
100b22b"Mother Owl"Samuel BarksdaleAugust 11, 2016 (2016-08-11)N/A
Jon and Liz go bird watching and leave Garfield and Odie two things to eat; after Garfield eats both, it became hard to find more food. Garfield is then mistaken for an owl's child.
101a23a"Home Sweet Home"Mark EvanierAugust 22, 2016 (2016-08-22)N/A
Garfield, Jon, and Odie are entered into a contest to see who can stay in the house for a week.
101b23b"Whatever Happened to Aunt Ivy?"Julien MagnatAugust 23, 2016 (2016-08-23)N/A
Jon gets hurt, so Aunt Ivy comes over to stay.
102a24a"Delicious Donut Day"Samuel BarksdaleAugust 24, 2016 (2016-08-24)N/A
Jon gets a box of donuts, and Garfield tries different ways to get them.
102b24b"Little Miss Mouse"Mark EvanierAugust 25, 2016 (2016-08-25)N/A
Garfield stays up all night watching movies and wants to go to sleep, but Mary Margaret (Squeak's niece) is late to Squeak's hike. Garfield plays game with her until Bruno captures her.
103a25a"Stink, Stank, Skunk!"Julien MagnatAugust 26, 2016 (2016-08-26)N/A
Garfield gets painted to look like a skunk, thinking that it will make life easier for him.
103b25b"Jon 2"Julien MagnatAugust 29, 2016 (2016-08-29)N/A
When Jon leaves the house, Garfield is happy while Odie misses Jon, so Garfield makes a second Jon.
104a26a"My Dog, the Cat"Mark EvanierAugust 30, 2016 (2016-08-30)N/A
Garfield tricks a dog who complains about everything into becoming a cat.
104b26b"World Without Me"Mark EvanierAugust 31, 2016 (2016-08-31)N/A
A depressed Garfield wants to be in a world where he never existed. Paddy the leprechaun shows him such a world.
105a27a"Fraidy Cat"Mark EvanierSeptember 1, 2016 (2016-09-01)N/A
A doctor uses a machine to zap Garfield into being scared of everything about cats.
105b27b"The Very, Very Long Night"Mark EvanierSeptember 2, 2016 (2016-09-02)N/A
After Jon leaves to pick up Eddie, Garfield, Odie and the twins watch a scary movie that Jon said not to watch.

Season 5: Rodent Rebellion (2016)

According to supervising producer Mark Evanier, season 5 of The Garfield Show consists solely of the four-part special "Rodent Rebellion".[28]

No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal Air DateUS viewers
106a1a"Rodent Rebellion: I Smell a Rat (Part 1)"Mark Evanier (story), & Julien Magnat (dialogs)October 24, 2016 (2016-10-24)0.07[29]
Jon is framed for a series of robberies perpetuated by Ratzo. Garfield, Odie, and Squeak must get to the bottom of this mystery to prove that he is innocent.
Note: This is the only fifty-two-minute made-for-television movie in the series.
106b1b"Rodent Rebellion: Invasion of the Rats (Part 2)"Mark Evanier (story), & Julien Magnat (dialogs)October 24, 2016 (2016-10-24)0.07[29]
Jon is framed for a series of robberies perpetuated by Ratzo. Garfield, Odie, and Squeak must get to the bottom of this mystery to prove that he is innocent.
107a2a"Rodent Rebellion: Ratzo's Revenge (Part 3)"Mark Evanier (story), & Julien Magnat (dialogs)October 24, 2016 (2016-10-24)0.07[29]
Jon is framed for a series of robberies perpetuated by Ratzo. Garfield, Odie, and Squeak must get to the bottom of this mystery to prove that he is innocent.
107b2b"Rodent Rebellion: A Game of Cat and Rat (Part 4)"Mark Evanier (story), & Julien Magnat (dialogs)October 24, 2016 (2016-10-24)0.07[29]
Jon is framed for a series of robberies perpetuated by Ratzo. Garfield, Odie, and Squeak must get to the bottom of this mystery to prove that he is innocent.


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