Titans is an American superhero streaming television series created by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti. It is based on the DC Comics team Teen Titans, a group of young superheroes who join forces in their fight against evil. Created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani, the team was popularized by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, with the series primarily using elements from their comic run.

Starring as the eponymous Titans are Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson, Anna Diop as Kory Anders, Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth, Ryan Potter as Gar Logan, Curran Walters as Jason Todd, Conor Leslie as Donna Troy, Minka Kelly as Dawn Granger, Alan Ritchson as Hank Hall, Chelsea Zhang as Rose Wilson, Joshua Orpin as Conner Kent, and Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake. Cast members portraying enemies of the Titans include Esai Morales as Deathstroke, Vincent Kartheiser as Dr. Jonathan Crane, Franka Potente as Mother Mayhem, and Joseph Morgan as Brother Blood, while allies include Damaris Lewis as Blackfire and Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon.

This list includes the series' main cast, all guest stars deemed to have had recurring roles throughout the series, and any other guest who is otherwise notable.


Character Portrayed by Appearances
First Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Main characters
Dick Grayson
Robin / Nightwing
Brenton Thwaites "Titans" Main
Kory Anders / Starfire
Anna Diop Main
Rachel Roth Teagan Croft Main
Gar Logan
Beast Boy
Ryan Potter Main
Jason Todd
Robin / Red Hood
Curran Walters "Together" Recurring Main[a]
Donna Troy
Wonder Girl
Conor Leslie "Donna Troy" Guest Main Does not appear
Dawn Granger
Minka Kelly "Hawk and Dove" Recurring Main Does not appear
Hank Hall
Alan Ritchson Recurring Main Does not appear
Rose Wilson Chelsea Zhang "Rose" Does not appear Main Does not appear
Conner Kent Luthor
Subject 13 / Superboy
Joshua Orpin "Conner" Stand-in Main
Slade Wilson
Esai Morales "Trigon" Does not appear Main Does not appear Stand-in
Damaris Lewis "Atonement" Does not appear Guest Main Does not appear
Barbara Gordon Savannah Welch "Barbara Gordon" Does not appear Main Does not appear
Dr. Jonathan Crane Vincent Kartheiser "Red Hood" Does not appear Main Does not appear
Tim Drake
Jay Lycurgo "Barbara Gordon" Does not appear Recurring Main
May Bennett
Mother Mayhem
Franka Potente "Lex Luthor" Does not appear Main
Sebastian Sanger
Brother Blood
Joseph Morgan Does not appear Main
Recurring characters
Angela Azarath Rachel Nichols "Asylum" Recurring Guest Does not appear
Dr. Adamson Reed Birney "Hawk and Dove" Recurring Does not appear Guest
Nuclear Family [b] Recurring Does not appear
Trigon Seamus Dever "Koriand'r" Guest Does not appear Guest
Krypto [c] "Dick Grayson" Guest Recurring
Bruce Wayne Iain Glen "Trigon" Stand-in Recurring Does not appear
Mercy Graves Natalie Gumede "Conner" Does not appear Recurring Does not appear Guest
William Wintergreen Demore Barnes "Trigon" Does not appear Recurring Does not appear
Dr. Arthur Light Michael Mosley "Rose" Does not appear Recurring Does not appear
Jericho Chella Man "Aqualad" Does not appear Recurring Does not appear
Adeline Kane Mayko Nguyen Does not appear Recurring Does not appear
Walter Hawn Raoul Bhaneja "Conner" Does not appear Recurring Does not appear
Justin Cole McKinley Freeman "E.L._.O." Does not appear Guest Recurring Does not appear
Drake family [d] "Barbara Gordon" Does not appear Recurring Does not appear
Margarita Vee Karen Robinson "Red Hood" Does not appear Recurring Does not appear
Molly Jensen Eve Harlow "Lazarus" Does not appear Recurring Does not appear
Bernard Fitzmartin James Scully "Lex Luthor" Does not appear Recurring
Jinx Lisa Ambalavanar "Jinx" Does not appear Recurring

Main characters

Dick Grayson / Robin / Nightwing

Brenton Thwaites is the first actor to play Nightwing in live-action
Brenton Thwaites is the first actor to play Nightwing in live-action

Main article: Dick Grayson (Titans character)

Richard "Dick" Grayson is the vigilante leader of the Titans who began his career as the young sidekick to Bruce Wayne. He was originally a trapeze artist with his father John and mother Mary at Haly's Circus until they were murdered by mobster Tony Zucco. Dick was subsequently adopted by bruce and took up the identity of Robin alongside Bruce's Batman persona. He also formed the original Titans team with Donna Troy. Like his mentor, Dick does not possess any superhuman abilities and instead relies on his physical prowess, gadgets, and tactics to fight crime.

In the first season, Dick leaves Bruce to become a police detective in Detroit and forge his own path. He encounters Rachel Roth seeking his help, which leads to them also meeting Kory Anders and Gar Logan. The four briefly form a team who succeed in defeating the individuals pursuing Rachel and rescue her imprisoned mother Angela Azarath. After they part ways, Dick learns that Angela is league with the same individuals after Rachel. He arrives too late to prevent Rachel's demon father Trigon from being summoned and falls victim to Trigon's mind control.

In the second season, after being rescued by Rachel, Dick leads a new Titans team with her, Gar, and Jason Todd. It is also revealed that Dick was part of an earlier Titans team with Donna, Hank Hall, and Dawn Granger that disbanded when Dick's revenge plot against Deathstroke, who killed their teammate Garth, resulted in the death of Deathstroke's son Jericho. The reemergence of the Titans causes Deathstroke to come out of retirement, forcing Dick to admit to his team that Jericho sacrificed himself to save Dick instead of already being dead by his father's hands when Dick found him. Afterwards, Dick learns that Jericho is still alive, but trapped inside of Deathstroke's body. Taking up the new identity of Nightwing, he leads the Titans in rescuing Jericho and defeating Deathstroke, as well as stopping Lex Luthor's Cadmus Laboratories. Dick then forms the newest team with Kory, Gar, Rose Wilson, Conner, Dawn, and Hank.

In the third season, Dick moves the Teen Titans to Gotham City to investigate Jason Todd's death and the fact that Bruce left Gotham after he killed Joker.

Koriand'r / Kory Anders / Starfire

As an immigrant, Anna Diop related to Kory's alien character
As an immigrant, Anna Diop related to Kory's alien character

Main article: Starfire (Teen Titans)

Koriand'r, often referred to as "Kory Anders", is an extraterrestrial royal from the planet Tamaran. In addition to having enhanced strength and durability, she can absorb and redirect heat energy, although this causes her powers to be weakened without the sun. Kory begins the series next in line to her planet's throne, despite being uninterested in claiming it.

In the first season, Kory is sent to assassinate Rachel on Earth over fears that Rachel's summoning of her demon father Trigon will put Tamaran in danger. However, Kory suffers a bout of amnesia that causes her to instead befriend Rachel and join Dick and Gar in protecting her, leading to them rescuing Rachel's mother Angela Azarath. Kory later has her memories restored by Rachel, which allows her to find her spaceship and information on her original mission. This information helps Kory, Dick, and Donna Troy learn about Trigon and Angela being in allegiance with him. Nevertheless, they are unable to prevent Trigon from being summoned.

In the second season, after Trigon's defeat, Kory teams up with Donna to fight crime in Chicago until she is captured by her former bodyguard and lover Faddei. Faddei informs Kory that he was ordered by Blackfire to return her to Tamaran to claim the throne, but Kory escapes him to assist the Titans in fighting Deathstroke. She subsequently learns from Faddei that Blackfire claimed the throne after killing their parents and is now hunting her; Kory is also forced to kill Faddei when Blackfire takes over his body. Although promising to hunt down her sister, Kory prioritizes helping the Titans defeat Lex Luthor's Cadmus Laboratories and subdues their leader, Mercy Graves. During this period, Kory discovers that she is losing her powers, although the cause is left unrevealed.

In the third season, Kory joins the Titans in Gotham City when it comes to the fight against Red Hood. She starts to have strange visions and starts speaking in Tamaranian.

Rachel Roth / Raven

Main article: Raven (DC Comics)

Rachel Roth is the daughter of the interdimensional demon, Trigon. She possesses empathic powers that are capable of causing harm and healing others. Adopted by Melissa Roth shortly after she was born, Rachel begins the series unaware of her true identity and abilities. As a result, she often struggles to control her powers during the first two seasons. The extent of her powers is left ambiguous.

In the first season, Rachel begins to learn about herself while being targeted by Trigon's associates because of her role in summoning him. She seeks the help of Dick Grayson when he appears to her in her dreams and the two team up with Kory Anders and Gar Logan, leading to them reuniting Rachel with her biological mother, Angela Azarath. However, Angela is revealed to be in allegiance with Trigon and forces Rachel to summon him under the threat of killing Gar.

In the second season, after defeating Trigon, Rachel joins a new Titans team with Gar and Jason Todd under Dick's tutelage. Although Rachel believes her father is dead, she continues to feel his influence while her powers become more unstable. She helps defeat Lex Luthor's Cadmus Laboratories by using her powers to allow Dick to break Conner's brainwashing. After Donna Troy is killed, Rachel travels to the Amazons' home of Themyscira, believing her powers are capable of bringing Donna back. In her absence, Kory and Dawn Granger speculate that Rachel created an illusion of Bruce Wayne that they witnessed.

In the third season on Themyscira, Rachel tries to resurrect Donna, but fails every time. After her punishment for trying to use her powers that involve stacking some rocks into what they were in before, Rachel eventually comes to the conclusion that Donna can't be brought back and leaves the island. She later reunites with Gar in Gotham City and joins the Titans in defeating Jonathan Crane and transforming the Lazarus Pit into rain that brings back everyone that was killed. Before leaving with the Titans to San Francisco, Rachel uses the Lazarus Pit's dark magic on Crane.

In the fourth season, Rachel starts to experience visions and seizures which include blood and flickering lights. After her battle with May Bennett, Rachel's power is drained by her opponent causing her gem to disappear and her hair to turn white. In episode 6, she regains her powers purified and becomes the White Raven

Gar Logan / Beast Boy

Main article: Beast Boy

Ryan Potter was a fan of the animated series
Ryan Potter was a fan of the animated series

Garfield "Gar" Logan is a shapeshifter who can transform into animals of his choice. He primarily turns into a tiger, his favorite animal. Gar developed his abilities from a drug administered by scientist Niles Caulder, also known as the Chief, to cure him of a lethal disease. The drug saved his life, but also created the side effect of allowing him to alter his DNA into animal DNA. He begins the series living in a secluded mansion with the Chief and other individuals saved by him.

In the first season, Gar encounters Rachel Roth while sneaking out of the mansion and encourages her to live with him. After Dick Grayson and Kory Anders arrive to take back Rachel, Gar's housemates encourage him to join them. He becomes part of a team with Dick, Kory, and Rachel, who defeat those pursuing Rachel and reunite her with her mother Angela Azarath. However, Gar ends up poisoned by Angela, who is secretly in league with Rachel's demon father Trigon. To save Gar's life, Rachel is forced to summon Trigon, and Trigon cures Gar of his poisoning.

In the second season, after Trigon's defeat, Gar joins a new Titans team with Rachel and Jason Todd under Dick's leadership. Gar is the only Titan who does not leave their tower after Dick reveals the truth behind Jericho's death, which results in him being left alone to care for Conner. He is subsequently captured by Lex Luthor's Cadmus Laboratories, who subject him to a brainwashing experiment that causes him to turn violent on command. The experiment is intended to increase Conner's bidding rights by pitting him against the brainwashed Gar, but Rachel manages to save Gar as the Titans defeat Cadmus.

In the third season, Gar joins the Titans in relocating to Gotham City in light of Jason Todd's death. He started watching nature documentaries to make himself more than both a human and an animal.

In the fourth season, Gar is given a special super-suit from S.T.A.R. Labs so that he wouldn't have to strip in order to become an animal. When he tries it out, he blacks out before regaining consciousness in the wrecked lab. Gar was told by Bernard Fitzmartin that he became a gorilla, a Velociraptor, and an armadillo. He once became a virus in order to deal with a snake that Mother Mayhem put in Superboy's body. After being asked to be taken to the Red upon seeing a sign during a fight with the Church of the Blood, Gar finds himself emerging in Mount Kilimanjaro where he meets Freedom Beast. He learns what he can from him and the experiment that Chief did with a virus. After entering the Red again after that, he finds himself seeing the Multiverse, experience a brief trip to Earth-2, other glimpses of Earths, and Freedom Beast nodding at him before ending up unconscious at Doom Manor where he is found by Cyborg.

Jason Todd / Robin / Red Hood

Main article: Jason Todd

Curran Walters described being challenged by Jason's personality shifts
Curran Walters described being challenged by Jason's personality shifts

Jason Todd is a vigilante who becomes the second Robin under Bruce Wayne, succeeding Dick Grayson. A former street delinquent with a troubled past, he took up the mantle of Bruce's new sidekick after he was caught trying to steal the hubcaps from the Batmobile. As with Dick, he compensates for his lack of superpowers with physical prowess and gadgets, but is significantly more aggressive than his predecessor.

In the first season, Jason tracks down Dick to inform him about Nick Zucco, the son of the mobster who murdered Dick's parents, killing Dick's former circus members. The two Robins team up to defeat Nick, although tensions surface between them after Jason brutalizes a group of police officers. Jason is later sought by Hank Hall and Dawn Granger in helping Dick against Rachel Roth's demon father Trigon.

In the second season, after Trigon's defeat, Bruce removes Jason as his sidekick and reassigns him to be part of Dick's new Titans team. Struggling to fit in, Jason pursues the supervillain Dr. Arthur Light on his own, which results in him nearly being killed by Deathstroke. He later leaves the Titans with Rose Wilson, whom he forms a relationship with. The relationship comes to an abrupt end, however, when Rose admits that she was hired by her father to spy on the Titans, causing a betrayed Jason to head off on his own. Jason is last seen watching Donna Troy's funeral from a distance before he again leaves in solidarity.

In the third season, Jason is told by Bruce that he needs to stop being Robin after his second session with Leslie Thompkins. This leads to him visiting Jonathan Crane for a formula in removing fear. Jason goes after Joker and finds him at Amusement Mile. This was an ambush as Joker beats Jason up with a crowbar. His body was later stolen from the morgue by an unknown person working for Jonathan Crane. Jason turns up alive as the Red Hood thanks to Crane dumping his body into a Lazarus Pit. He begins a plan to ruin the Titans and even offers some gang leaders protection while getting half of their proceeds. Eventually, he comes to regret his actions and plans to arrange for the Titans to apprehend Scarecrow which goes south when Tim Drake is shot. After regretting his action, Jason turns against Crane. Upon being offered to help him by a revived Dick, Jason is told that he would not be a Titan again. After making up with Bruce and before he leaves Gotham City, Dick is told by Jason to forward his forgiveness to the rest of the Titans.

In the fourth season, Dick has Jason work with Tim to get a lead on the Organization. He does give Tim some training and has him fighting Shimmer's men when they find Red Hood's lair. When the lead ends up in a dead end, Jason lets Tim return to Dick on one of his motorcycles.

Donna Troy / Wonder Girl

Main article: Donna Troy

Conor Leslie found Donna to have a sibling relationship with Dick
Conor Leslie found Donna to have a sibling relationship with Dick

Donna Troy is a half-Amazon who shares the enhanced physical strength, speed, and durability present in her race. She lived away from the Amazons' home of Themyscira with a human father until he was killed by a fire in their apartment. Rescued by the Amazon, Diana, Donna was taken under Diana's mentorship and became her sidekick, Wonder Girl. Donna also befriended Dick Grayson at an early age due to their mutual status as sidekicks. Their friendship led to them forming the original Titans team.

In the first season, Donna has become an investigative photojournalist, but joins Dick in protecting Rachel Roth when she uncovers that Kory Anders' original mission was to assassinate Rachel. After saving Rachel from a temporarily unstable Kory, Donna discovers information on Kory's ship about Rachel's demon father Trigon, which unveils that Rachel's mother Angela Azarath is in league with him. This revelation, however, comes too late to prevent Rachel from summoning her father.

In the second season, after Trigon's defeat, Donna and Kory team up to fight crime in Chicago until the return of Deathstroke brings Donna back to the Titans' base with original teammates Hank Hall and Dawn Granger. It is revealed that on the original Titans team, Donna had mutual romantic feelings for teammate Garth until he was killed by Deathstroke, setting up a chain of events that resulted in the death of Deathstroke's son Jericho and the Titans disbanding. She leaves the team again after Dick reveals that he had a bigger role in Jericho's death than he previously admitted, but rejoins Dawn, Kory, and Rachel when they learn that Lex Luthor's Cadmus Laboratories has captured Gar Logan and Conner. Although both Deathstroke and Cadmus are defeated, Donna is killed in the aftermath by sacrificing herself to prevent a damaged electrical tower from landing on Dawn and a group of civilians. Despite this, Rachel pledges to bring Donna back to life while her body is being transported to Themyscira.

In the third season, Rachel has been having a hard time reviving Donna. In the afterlife, Donna encounters Tim Drake on a train to his "stop" and follows him off the moving train. When a bunch of ghouls attack in order to drag them to Hell, they are saved by Hank. Donna was reluctant to return to the living after finding out how to return. When they reach the bridge to the living, Donna takes Tim across while Hank buys them some time. When Donna is revived, Rachel finds her body gone. Donna then appears in England where she saves Bruce Wayne from an attempted fiery suicide. After a brief sparring with Lydia, Donna makes it to Gotham and assists Tim and his family against the police officers on Jonathan Crane's side. Once Crane is defeated, Donna is given a special A.R.G.U.S. card by Margarita Vee. She later mentions to Dick that she is going to visit Dawn in order to forward Hank's message to her.

Dawn Granger / Dove

Minka Kelly was promoted to series regular for season 2
Minka Kelly was promoted to series regular for season 2

Main article: Dawn Granger

Dawn Granger is the tactical half of the vigilante duo Hawk and Dove, assuming the latter mantle. Her combat experience derives from her background in ballet. She is the second Dove, succeeding Hank Hall's half-brother Don who was killed in the same accident that took the life of her mother Marie. Dawn was also a member of the original Titans. Although in a relationship with Hank at the start of the series, she was previously dating Dick Grayson on the original Titans team, creating lingering tensions between the three.

In the first season, Dawn is sought by Dick to look after Rachel Roth while she and Hank are planning to retire. The four are later ambushed by the Nuclear Family, who throw Dawn from a building. Dawn is left comatose from the attack until she receives a message from to Rachel to find Jason Todd to help Dick defeat Rachel's demon father Trigon.

In the second season, after Trigon's defeat, Dawn and Hank have retired to a farm in Wyoming, although Dawn continues to operate as Dove. The return of Deathstroke forces them back into the Titans, but they leave again after Dick admits that he had a bigger role in the death of Deathstroke's son Jericho than he had previously told them. After Hank breaks up with Dawn, she rejoins Donna Troy, Kory Anders, and Rachel to rescue Gar Logan and Conner from Lex Luthor's Cadmus Laboratories. In the aftermath of Deathstroke's and Cadmus's defeats, she is left with lingering guilt over Donna sacrificing herself to save her. She ultimately agrees to rejoin Hank as Hawk and Dove without being romantically entangled.

In the third season, Dawn joins the Titans in relocating to Gotham City in light of Jason Todd's death. When it was discovered that Jason turned up alive as Red Hood, Dawn gives into the deal Jason made with Dick to obtain some gold bars from an armored truck in order to get the deactivator for the bomb that Red Hood placed on Hank's chest. Due to a trick from Red Hood, the gun that Jason wanted Dawn to shoot him with was the real activator as the bomb on Hank goes off before Superboy can reach him with a deactivator. This trickery left Dawn devastated as Dick comforts her. Afterwards, Dawn tells Dick that she is leaving for Paris to bunk at her family's house there for a while.

Hank Hall / Hawk

Alan Ritchson almost declined his role because he played Aquaman on Smallville
Alan Ritchson almost declined his role because he played Aquaman on Smallville

Main article: Hank Hall

Hank Hall is the aggressive half of the vigilante duo Hawk and Dove, assuming the former mantle. He took up crimefighting due to sexual abuse he suffered from his football coach Vincent, with his combat background deriving from his experience as a football tight end. Hank was originally teamed with his half-brother Don until Don was killed in the same accident that killed Dawn Granger's mother Marie. This led to Hank and Dawn meeting through the same grief support group and becoming the new Hawk and Dove team. He and Dawn have had an on-and-off-relationship, with Dawn dating Dick Grayson while they were all part of the original Titans team, causing lingering tension.

In the first season, Hank is plotting his retirement with Dawn when Dick returns to have them look after Rachel Roth. Before further conflict can surface between Hank and Dick, the four are attacked by the Nuclear Family in a battle that leaves Dawn comatose. Hank remains by Dawn's side until she awakens and informs him that they need to find Jason Todd in helping Dick defeat Rachel's demon father Trigon.

In the second season, after Trigon's defeat, Hank and Dawn have retired to farm in Wyoming until Deathstroke's return forces them back to the Titans. They leave again once Dick reveals his bigger role in the death of Deathstroke's son Jericho, only for Hank to break up with Dawn over a belief that they only cause others harm while they're together. He ends up relapsing into drug addiction while working as a cage fighter, but returns to help Dawn against Lex Luthor's Cadmus Laboratories, and the two agree after Deathstroke's and Cadmus' defeats to continue as Hawk and Dove without being in a romantic relationship.

In the third season, Hank was seen as a bicycle-riding police officer in Washington DC when he hears that Dawn and the rest of the Titans are in Gotham City. When he tries to confront Red Hood, he gets subdued and gets a Wayne Enterprise bomb placed on his chest. While Superboy works on a deactivator, Dawn tries to take care of Hank as he starts to prepare for the worst. Due to a trick by Red Hood, Dawn pulls the trigger on the gun that Red Hood lied about shooting him with causing the bomb to go off on Hank before Superboy can reach him with the deactivator. Hank's death left Dawn devastated. When Tim Drake and Donna Troy were in the afterlife, Hank saves them from the ghouls that plan to drag them to Hell. Using some information he obtained, Hank takes them to an upside down tree where a bridge back to the living is. During the next attack by the ghouls, Hank buys them time to get away when the bridge starts breaking while having Donna forward a message to Dawn. After fighting off the ghouls, Hank is reunited with Don as they work to keep people safe from the ghouls.

Slade Wilson / Deathstroke

Esai Morales called Slade's conflict with the Titans "personal"
Esai Morales called Slade's conflict with the Titans "personal"

Main article: Deathstroke

Deathstroke, real name Slade Wilson, is a biologically enhanced assassin and former Delta Force operator. He received his abilities from participating in a H.I.V.E. experiment and was the experiment's only surviving subject. Deathstroke was involved in a past conflict with the original Titans caused by him inadvertently killing their teammate Garth, which prompted Dick to use Deathstroke's son Jericho against him. When a fight between Deathstroke and Dick ended with Jericho jumping in front of his father's blade to save Dick, the two agreed to keep the circumstances of Jericho's death a secret. Initially unbeknownst to Dick, however, Jericho survived by entering his father's body and Deathstroke has kept him trapped inside over the following four years.

In the second season, Deathstroke comes out of retirement when he learns that the Titans have returned. Aided by his daughter, Rose Wilson, Deathstroke forces Dick to confess the circumstances behind Jericho's death, which causes Dick's team to abandon him. This leads Deathstroke to declare victory over Dick, but warns him that he will kill the Titans if they reunite; a promise he takes action on after Donna Troy, Dawn Granger, Kory Anders, and Rachel Roth team up to save Gar Logan and Conner from Lex Luthor's Cadmus Laboratories. However, Dick, learning the truth about Jericho, prevents Deathstroke from killing his teammates under his new Nightwing identity. Deathstroke's defeat occurs when Rose turns against him, killing her father while Jericho escapes into her body.

In the fourth season, Mother Mayhem sends a zombie version of Deathstroke to obtain Sebastian Sanger. While it manages to wound Superboy, the Zombie Deathstroke was fooled by Jinx posing as Sebastian as she stabs it in the other eye and makes off with its gun.

Rose Wilson

Main article: Rose Wilson

Rose Wilson is the daughter of Deathstroke, sharing his enhanced reflexes and regenerative healing. Born from her father's extramarital affair, she grew up unaware of his identity, but recognized that he played a role in her superhuman abilities. After seeking him out, Rose was recruited by Deathstroke to act as his mole against the Titans.

In the second season, Rose successfully infiltrates the team by claiming she wants her father dead to avenge her half-brother Jericho's demise. She also succeeds in creating tension among the Titans, which leads to them disbanding after Dick Grayson is forced to admit the true circumstances of how Jericho died. However, Rose's mission becomes compromised when she develops romantic feelings for Jason Todd, who leaves her when she confesses her true role to him. This prompts Rose to turn against Deathstroke, killing him while Jericho escapes from their father's body into hers. Afterwards, she joins the new Titans team.

Subject 13 / Conner Kent / Superboy

Main article: Superboy (Kon-El)

Conner Kent, officially known as Subject 13, is a genetic clone of Superman and Lex Luthor created by Luthor's Cadmus Laboratories. He is Cadmus' 13th test subject and the first successful Superman clone. He adopts the name "Conner" from the nametag of a uniform he takes while escaping from the laboratory. Because of his human/Kryptonian hybrid physiology, Conner possesses both Lex's genius level intellect in sciences and technology, and Superman's superpowers like electromagnetic spectrum vision, heat vision, super strength, speed, stamina, breath and invulnerability. Like Superman, he is also vulnerable to Kryptonite and magic.

In the first season, Conner escapes from Cadmus Laboratories while also freeing Krypto, a dog with Kryptonian abilities.

In the second season, Conner encounters the Titans when he saves Jason Todd from Deathstroke. Hunted by Cadmus personnel, Conner voluntarily surrenders to them when their leader, Mercy Graves, promises to help him control his hosts' impulses. He is subsequently brainwashed by Cadmus, who turn him into a biological weapon forced to obey the orders of his controller. Mercy attempts to auction him off to bidders, but Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth manage to free Conner from the mind control as the Titans defeat Cadmus.

In the third season, Conner starts to take up the name of Superboy. He accompanies the Titans to Gotham City to investigate Jason's death and surprise revival as Red Hood.

In the fourth season, Connor meets Lex who is dying and wants Conner to run LexCorp. When the Church of Blood kill Lex, Connor is blamed and arrested, but later exonerated. When dealing with the Church of Blood, Connor shaved his head and became the head of LexCorp. Following Brother Blood's defeat, Connor finally meets Superman and learns how to fly.

Barbara Gordon

Main article: Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon who operated as Batgirl. After being shot by Joker, Barbara was paralyzed from the waist down and has to move around in a wheelchair. For an unknown reason, she is missing a leg. After her father had a heart attack after being freed from a block of ice that Mr. Freeze put him in, Barbara becomes the new police commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department.

Dick visited Gotham City after hearing about Jason Todd's death where he and Barbara argued about the path that Bruce is going down. She does start to have some issues with the Titans when it comes to the attacks by Red Hood. After being arrested for attacking Fletcher for insubordination, Barbara breaks out of her cell and makes her way down to Oracle's chamber. Margarita Vee takes out the police officers with her and reveals her connection with A.R.G.U.S. which has gotten involved in the Gotham City crisis.

Jonathan Crane

Series producers compared Vincent Kartheiser's Crane to Hannibal Lecter
Series producers compared Vincent Kartheiser's Crane to Hannibal Lecter

Main article: Scarecrow (DC Comics)

Dr. Jonathan Crane is criminal psychologist who operates in Gotham City. Under the identity of Scarecrow, he became one of Bruce Wayne's most prominent adversaries. He exploits his victims' fears through experimental toxins and psychological tactics.

In the third season, Crane has been apprehended and incarcerated at Arkham Asylum for an unspecified period. At the advice of Bruce, he has been utilized by the Gotham City Police Department as a consultant who helps profile and capture criminals. Dick Grayson reluctantly seeks advice from Crane in battling Red Hood, which helps him discover Red Hood's identity as Jason Todd. However, Crane is revealed to have manipulated Jason into becoming Red Hood, which he attempts to cover up by staging an assassination attempt that will have him transferred to a new prison. Dick abducts Crane during the transfer to lure Jason into a confrontation, but Crane is freed by Jason as he works to spread his chemicals throughout Gotham City. Though Jason starts to regret his actions. When Tim follows Jason to where the Titans are supposed to meet him, Crane appeared and shot Tim. Then he tricked Starfire into attacking the chemical barrels so that they can be spread into the water supply. After framing them through the footage and the Titans get scattered throughout Gotham City, Crane moves into Wayne Manor and has Jason slash the Wayne Family portrait. After being defeated by Tim, Crane is returned to Arkham Asylum. Before leaving Gotham City, Dick has Rachel subject Crane to the Lazarus Pit's magic.

Tim Drake / Robin

Main article: Tim Drake

Tim Drake is a young Gotham City resident seeking to become a vigilante. Due to his strong investigative skills, he identifies Bruce Wayne as Batman and Dick Grayson as Nightwing. He attempts to assist the Titans in an effort to become the next Robin, which results in him being killed by Jonathan Crane. However, upon escaping the afterlife with Donna Troy, Tim participates in the final battle against Crane and knocks him out during a confrontation. Afterwards, Tim joins the Titans during their return to San Francisco.

In season four, Tim gets a bo staff from S.T.A.R. Labs. He starts to develop a relationship with Bernard Fitzmartin. He officially becomes Robin and gets trained by Red Hood at the time he is sent to find a lead in Gotham City.

May Bennett / Mother Mayhem

Main article: Mother Mayhem

Mother Mayhem is the leader of the Church of Blood and the biological mother of Sebastian Sanger through Trigon.

Sebastian Sanger / Brother Blood

Main article: Brother Blood

Sebastian Sangar is a store owner who started to see visions of blood on different things and is the biological son of May Bennett. He would later surrender himself to Mother Mayhem and undergo the transformation into Brother Blood.

Recurring characters

Introduced in season one

Dr. Adamson

Dr. Adamson is a high-ranking member of Trigon's organization, holding authority over the Nuclear Family and Agnews Asylum. After being captured by Dick Grayson, he slits his throat to force Rachel Roth to save him with her powers. He later escapes when Dick, Rachel, Kory Anders, and Gar Logan are captured at the asylum, but while attempting to force Rachel into summoning Trigon, Rachel kills him by restoring his fatal wound.

Season four revealed that he has a history with Mother Mayhem.

Nuclear Family

Main article: Nuclear Family (comics)

The Nuclear Family are a group of individuals brainwashed into working for Trigon. They present themselves as a stereotypical nuclear family of two parents and their dependent children, but handle violent tasks for the organization and utilize drugs to enhance their physical attributes. While the Nuclear Family initially succeeds in capturing Rachel Roth, Kory Anders rescues her and kills Nuclear Dad in the process. Joined by Nuclear Stepdad as a replacement, Nuclear Mom, Nuclear Sis, and Nuclear Biff then ambush Rachel, Kory, Dick Grayson, and Gar Logan, but are defeated and captured. When Dr. Adamson learns of their defeat, he kills them through activating bombs implanted in their heads.

Angela Azarath

Unlike the comics, Rachel Nichols played a villainous Angela
Unlike the comics, Rachel Nichols played a villainous Angela

Main article: Arella

Angela Azarath is Rachel Roth's biological mother. At the start of the series, she has been held captive at Agnews Asylum for an undisclosed period, with Rachel unaware of her existence. Rachel, Dick Grayson, Kory Anders, and Gar Logan succeed in freeing her, but Angela is subsequently revealed to be in league with Trigon. By poisoning Gar, Angela forces Rachel to summon her father in order to save Gar's life. Trigon then kills Angela, having no more use for her.


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Trigon, the father of Rachel Roth, is an interdimensional demon with the power to destroy worlds. He can also take control of individuals by manipulating the dark thoughts inside of them. His arrival on Earth is dependent on Rachel summoning him, while obtaining his full powers requires Rachel's spirit to be broken. Both of these prove successful, but Rachel is able to escape from his control and defeat him. Rachel assumes that he has been destroyed, although his ultimate fate is left ambiguous.

In season four, Trigon's cult is still active as Mother Mayhem speaks to him. It is also revealed that he fathered Sebastian Sanger through her.


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Krypto is a dog possessing Kryptonian powers. He resembles a Golden Retriever, although it is not established whether he is an alien breed from Krypton or the result of an experiment. Held captive in a Kryptonite cage at Cadmus Laboratories, he is freed by Conner and becomes his companion, including after Conner joins the Titans.

Introduced in season two

Bruce Wayne

Iain Glen was billed as a special guest star on Titans
Iain Glen was billed as a special guest star on Titans

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Bruce Wayne is a billionaire in Gotham City who secretly moonlights as the feared vigilante Batman. He is responsible for adopting Dick Grayson after the death of his parents and training him into the role of Robin. The two begin the series on estranged terms, but make amends during the second season, and Bruce maintains his mentorship role to Dick. Conversely, he also appears as a manifestation of Dick's guilty conscience, although this imaginary version of Bruce helps Dick deduce that Jericho is still alive. Another illusion of Bruce appears at the Elko Diner in an effort to unite Kory Anders, Rachel Roth, Donna Troy, and Dawn Granger; it is implied that he was created through Rachel's powers.

In season three, Bruce leaves Gotham in Dick's protection after Jason Todd's death causes him to murder the Joker. He later attempts suicide by castle fire, but is rescued by Donna. Following Jonathan Crane's defeat, Bruce returns to Gotham where he makes amends with Jason and thanks Dick for keeping Gotham City safe in his absence.

In season four, Dick gets a call from Bruce where he has hooked them up with S.T.A.R. Labs and arranged for Superman to meet Superboy. What he didn't know was that Superman had to be called away to deal with a collapsing dwarf star in another galaxy.

William Wintergreen

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William Wintergreen is Deathstroke's handler and loyal ally. He met Deathstroke while they served in Delta Force together and remained in contact after Deathstroke became an assassin. Wintergreen is responsible for providing Deathstroke with his assignments, as well as maintaining his arsenal and equipment.

Dr. Arthur Light

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Dr. Arthur Light is a former physicist who turned criminal after an accident caused him to develop the ability to control light. Defeated by the original Titans team, he spends four years in prison until he is freed by Deathstroke to help eliminate the new Titans. However, Dr. Light refuses to follow Deathstroke's orders, which results in Deathstroke killing him.


Deaf actor Chella Man found it important for disabled actors to play disabled characters
Deaf actor Chella Man found it important for disabled actors to play disabled characters

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Jericho is Deathstroke's son and Rose Wilson's half-brother who, as a result of sharing his father's biologically enhanced DNA, holds the ability to possess others through eye contact. He was rendered mute when a group of assailants pursuing Deathstroke slit his vocal chords, although he regains his ability to speak when inside of others' bodies. Due to the admiration he held for his father, Jericho was kept unaware of Deathstroke's assassin profession by Adeline. When the Titans sought revenge against Deathstroke for killing Garth, they initially manipulated Jericho to obtain information on his father, but eventually told him the truth about themselves and his father's occupation. This revelation turned Jericho against his father, prompting Deathstroke to arrange a private meeting between them, which Dick Grayson intruded on. Jericho ultimately sacrificed himself to save Dick by jumping in front of his father's blade, but unknown to Dick, he survived by transferring his consciousness into Deathstroke. Jericho spends the next four years trapped in Deathstroke's body until he escapes into Rose's body as she kills their father.

Walter Hawn

Walter Hawn is the vice-president of special projects at Cadmus Laboratories. Despite his high position, his authority is repeatedly circumvented by Mercy Graves when she arrives at Cadmus. Mercy eventually has him killed by the brainwashed Conner.

Mercy Graves

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Mercy Graves is Lex Luthor's personal security specialist. On Luthor's orders, she takes over Cadmus Laboratories and leads the mission to recapture Conner. She initially succeeds in brainwashing Conner into becoming a biological weapon for bidders, but her plans fail when the Titans rescue Conner and she is knocked unconscious by Kory while attempting to escape.


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Adeline is Jericho's mother and Deathstroke's former wife. She is aware of Jericho's survival, but keeps this information secret, presumably under threat from Deathstroke. When Dick Grayson learns the truth about Jericho still being alive in Deathstroke, Adeline asks him to save her son.

Justin Cole

Justin Cole is a psychiatrist who encounters Kory in Las Vegas. The two have a brief sexual encounter until Kory is distracted by a message for the Elko Diner. In season three, Justin contacts Kory after learning of her identity as Starfire. He attempts to help Kory with her hallucinations, but Kory ultimately rebuffs him.

Introduced in season three

Drake family

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Tim Drake's family, comprising his father Jack, mother Janet, and maternal cousin Stephen Chen. Jack, a former police officer, and Janet own a takeout restaurant in Gotham City, which Stephen works at. During a wave of violence caused by Jason Todd distributing Jonathan Crane's drug to street criminals, Jack is shot, but ultimately survives. The three later escape Gotham City with the help of Tim and Donna Troy, with Jack allowing Tim to stay behind to save Gotham from Crane.

Margarita Vee

Margarita Vee is an A.R.G.U.S. agent posing as a high-ranking member of the Gotham City Police Department. Assigned by Roy Harper to monitor supernatural activity, she reveals her true identity to Barbara Gordon after rescuing her from corrupt police officers. Following Jonathan Crane's defeat, Vee attempts to recruit Donna Troy into A.R.G.U.S.

Molly Jensen

Molly Jensen is a friend of Jason Todd. She assists Jason in vigilante activities, including locating missing orphan children. After Jason becomes Red Hood, Molly breaks off contact with him due to his personality change. Molly later helps the Titans in their search for Jason.

Introduced in season four

Bernard Fitzmartin

Bernard Fitzmartin is a scientist at the Metropolis branch of S.T.A.R. Labs who is its Director of Special Projects. He provides Garfield with a special super-suit and gives Tim Drake a staff. A romantic relationship later develops between Bernard and Tim. He is adapted from the comics character Bernard Dowd, who was one of Tim's friends before they were both later depicted as bisexual.


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Jinx is a magic-using thief and grifter who is one of Dick's old contacts. She helps the Titans deal with the Organization. During an attempt to rescue Sebastian, Jinx is stabbed by May Bennett as she quotes "Not again"! Raven later released her soul from the Church of the Blood's cave. Beast Boy later encountered her when being educated by Freedom Beast as she mentioned to have died before.


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The Confessor is a member of the Church of Blood. To prove to Sebastian that Mother Mayhem is using him, Connor abducted the Confessor and tortured him. He states that Sebastian will disappear when Trigon arrives. Sebastian later kills the Confessor by drinking his enchanted blood.

Guest characters

The following is a supplementary list of guest stars who appear in lesser roles. The characters are listed in the order in which they first appeared.

Introduced in season one

April Bowlby, Matt Bomer, and Brendan Fraser (top to bottom) reprised their roles on Doom Patrol

Introduced in season two

Ishan Morris (top) previously played the abusive boyfriend of Oluniké Adeliyi's character in Saw 3D

Introduced in season three

Wendy Crewson, Rose Napoli, and Anthony J. Mifsud (top to bottom) portray Gotham mobsters in season 3

Introduced in season four

The following appear in archive recordings and archive footage that are seen in "Dude, Where's My Gar?":


  1. ^ In the fourth season, Walters is credited in the main cast only in "Project Starfire".
  2. ^ Jeff Clarke, Melody Johnson, Jeni Ross, Logan Thompson, and Zach Smadu portray the Nuclear Family.
  3. ^ Dog actors Digby, Lacey, and Wrigley were attributed to playing Krypto in the second season. In the third season, dog actors Pepsi, Wrigley, and Ziva appear as Krypto.
  4. ^ Ryan Allen, Chantria Tram, and Vinson Tran portray the Drake family.


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