This is a list of desserts from Turkish cuisine.

Name of dessert Image Type Description
Acıbadem kurabiyesi
Acibadem Kurabiyesi.jpg
Biscuit Almond biscuits made from bitter almonds or bitter almond syrup. Well established in Edirne.
Alaçatı Kurabiyesi Cookie Non-dairy Cookie that is flavored with mastic flavor. Alaçatı is a beautiful neighborhood of Izmir, the area where this cookie originated from.
Ayva tatlısı
Ayva tatlısı.jpg
Fruit A fruit-based dessert made with quince Originating in the city of Bursa.
Badem ezmesi
Badem ezmesi 1.JPG
Nuts Marzipan
Phyllo pastry A type of phyllo pastry filled with finely chopped nuts and soaked in sharbat syrup.
Bici Bici Non-dairy ice A shaved ice dessert, sweetened with powdered sugar and a red fruit or flower syrup. Additional toppings are added, usually fruits. Originating in the city of Adana. Although the taste is different, due to the use of different toppings and syrup, it is very similar to Korea’s Bingsu
Bomb of Izmir or Izmir Bomb Praline stuffed cookies/kurabiye Cookies filled with chocolate spread that leave a bomb of chocolatey explosions in your mouth. Originated in the Aegean city of Izmir.
Candy Turkish gelatinous sweet made from caramelised carrots, shredded coconut and roasted nuts
Cevizli sucuk
Gaziantep 1250632.jpg
Candy Walnuts lined on a strand coated in thickened grape or mulberry juice and dried to resemble sausages
Demir tatlısı
Fried batter Fried cookie made with an iron mold
Dilber dudağı
Dilber dudağı.JPG
Pastry Buttery pastry soaked in sharbat syrup.
Dondurma or Maraş Dondurması
Maraş dondurma.jpg
battered dairy ice cream Traditional Turkish ice cream famous for its sellers joking around with customers. The most traditional taste is called Damla sakızı, or, in a literal translation ‘Gummy Drops’. In the Greek society it’s known as the ‘Tears of Chios’. Both refer to the mastic taste obtained from the mastic tree. This ice cream originated in the city of Kahramanmaraş, hence the name ‘Maraş ice cream’
Ekmek kadayıfı
Ekmek kadayıfı - small.jpg
Bread pudding The bread or sponge cake dough is mixed with pistachios and hazelnuts before being baked. Then, it will be drenched in a sweet sharbat syrup and served with fresh clotted cream Originating in the city of Afyonkarahisar
Fıstıklı dürüm Pistachio with Nuts
Güllaç with whipped cream.jpg
Dairy, fruit Turkish milk and pomegranate pastry. It is said that it was first made in the ottoman palace‘s kitchen by Chef cook Ali from Kastamonu in 1489
Hanım göbeği Pastry Deep fried choux pastry balls soaked in simple syrup
Helatiye Dessert.jpg
Apricot, plum and raisin hoşaf.jpg
Fruit Stewed dried fruits optionally spiced with cloves or cinnamon, may be served cold over rice
Peynir helvası, Ankara.jpg
Halva Also called cheese halvah, homemade hoşmerim is made from cheese, semolina and powdered sugar and often served with ice cream, honey or nuts. It has originated in the region of Marmara, with Balıkesir being the most known for it
İncir Uyuşturması or İncir Uyutması, or, ‘bring the figs to sleep’ Dairy Dairy dessert made from dried figs, cow milk, goat milk and sugar. From the city of İzmir.
Kabak tatlısı
Kabak tatlısı.jpg
Fruit Candied pumpkin garnished with walnuts and fresh kaymak cream
Kanafeh Nabulsieh.jpg
Baklava Göreme
Pastry Syrup-drenched pastries often served during the Islamic holidays
Kaysefe Fruit Stewed dried fruits topped with melted butter and chopped nuts
Kazandibi Dessert.jpg
Pudding Caramelized milk pudding
Kemalpaşa Dessert.jpg
Keşkül dessert.jpg
Pudding Almond based milk pudding
Fruit Fresh fruit compote
Künefe and dondurma.jpg
Tel kadayif dough filled with a layer of cheese and soaked in sharbat syrup.
Lokma Galata Bridge.JPG
Fried batter Leavened, deep fried dough soaked in sharbat syrup and topped with coconut powder, cinnamon powder, pistachio or hazelnut powder, chocolate sauce, fruits or other toppings. Traditionally, this dessert doesn’t use toppings. Very common in Aegean cities such as Izmir or Ayvalik
T Honey.jpg
Candy In the English speaking world it is known as “Turkish Delight”. It is eaten together with Turkish Mokka coffee to compensate the strong taste.
Lor Tatlısı Pastry This sweet pastry is made from whey cheese and usually served with mastic flavored traditional Turkish ice cream. It is a local specialty dessert from the coastal town Ayvalik in the Aegean region of Turkey.
Macun şekeri.jpg
Fluid Candy Turkish toffee candy, that is not hard but soft and is stretched over a stick and eaten like a Lollipop.
Meyveli muhallebi.jpg
Pudding, dairy Milk pudding
Orcik candy Candy Candy coated walnut and fermented grape juice mixture
Syrup Traditionally prepared molasses syrup, usually made from grapes. A great substitute for honey
Mousse Basically a „Mousse au fruit“ made with grape must and thickened with flour and optionally nuts
Fruit Fruit leather
Keten helva.jpg
Helva Flour roasted in butter blended into pulled sugar. Also called çekme helva, or pulled helva. It often reminds people of cotton candy, but it is very different in taste and texture. It is very similar (in taste and texture and in the making) of the Korean Kkul-tarae and China’s Dragon’s Beard Candy
Revani with lemon zest.jpg
Cake Semolina cake soaked in sharbat syrup
Sheqerpare me bajame.JPG
Pastry Soft almond pastry soaked in lemon-flavored sharbat syrup
Şıllık Crepe Turkish dessert crepe filled with walnut and topped with sweet syrup and chopped pistachio
Şöbiyet ve dondurma.jpg
Phyllo pastry Similar to baklava but filled with sweet cream and nuts
Supangle 2.jpg
Cake, pudding Chocolate pudding topped cake garnished with chopped pistachio or shredded coconut
Sütlü Nuriye
Sütlü nuriye.jpg
Phyllo pastry, dairy Baklava variation with dairy milk
Tavuk göğsü
Tavuk Göğsü Dessert.jpg
Pudding, dairy Turkish milk pudding made with fine strands of chicken breast
Fried batter Deep-fried batter dough soaked in sharbat syrup
Pudding Sweet rice pudding colored yellow with saffron

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