The following balls were used in the UEFA European Championship over the years:[1][2]

Championship Official football Manufacturer Additional information
1968 Telstar Elast Adidas This is the first championship use of this ball.[3]
1972 Telstar Durlast Adidas Variations of the original Telstar.
1976 Adidas
1980 Tango Italia Adidas Variations of the original Tango.
1984 Tango Mundial Adidas
1988 Tango Europa Adidas
1992 Etrusco Unico Adidas This was the same ball used as in the 1990 FIFA World Cup.
1996 Questra Europa Adidas Design variant of the Questra.
2000 Terrestra Silverstream Adidas
2004 Roteiro Adidas
2008 Europass Adidas
Europass Gloria
2012 Tango 12 Adidas
Tango 12 Final Kyiv
2016 Beau Jeu Adidas Elements of the Adidas Brazuca in a new design.
2020 Uniforia Adidas Elements of the Adidas Telstar 18 in a new design.
Uniforia Finale

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