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Ultimate X-Men, a Marvel Comics series, has covered 19 story arcs since the first issue's debut in February 2001. Mark Millar wrote most of the first 33 issues, followed by Brian Michael Bendis for 12 issues, Brian K. Vaughan for 20 issues, and Robert Kirkman for 28 issues. Aron Eli Coleite, known for his work on the television series Heroes, took over the book for the remaining seven issues, concluding with his Requiem story.

Film director Bryan Singer, who directed X-Men and X2: X-Men United, was scheduled to write 12 issues of Ultimate X-Men with Brian K. Vaughan and X2 scripters Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris,[1] but was unable to commit due to working on the Superman Returns film.

Mark Millar

Ultimate X-Men was the second comic to debut as part of the Ultimate Marvel line, predated a few months by Ultimate Spider-Man. Mark Millar reinvented the X-Men with the first X-Men film (which debuted seven months before) as his only reference. The plot of "The Tomorrow People" was what Millar had in mind for the first X-Men film, and "Return to Weapon X" would have been the plot to the sequel.[2] As in the film, Millar's original X-Men consisted of telepath Professor X, Cyclops (whose eyes shoot concussive beams) telepath/telekinetic Jean Grey, weather-manipulating Storm, simian genius Beast, metal-skinned Colossus, and cryokinetic Iceman. In its first year, the series was the best-selling comic book of 2001.[3]

The Tomorrow People

Return to Weapon X

You Always Remember Your First Love

A Different World is Possible

Originally published in: Ultimate X-Men #15 (April 2002)

Plot outline: Professor Xavier talks with Colossus and Magneto about his new book and the mutant war.

World Tour

Hellfire and Brimstone

Ultimate War

Return of the King

Brian Michael Bendis

After Mark Millar's tenure, Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis took over for a year. Bendis was originally slated to write both Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man from their conception, but turned down Ultimate X-Men because of the challenge of writing a team book.[20] He has stated that he was going to plot his story in a more character-driven way–especially concerning Wolverine, who has previously tried to kill his teammate Cyclops.[21]


New Mutants

Brian K. Vaughan

Brian K. Vaughan created many stand-alone story arcs, tying them together during the final arc. Although he was initially worried about alienating new readers or hard-core fans, he eventually focused on "simply trying to tell great stories about young people who are feared and hated because they're different."[23] He was originally slated to write just four issues, but enjoyed working on Ultimate X-Men and ultimately wrote 20 issues. Marvel asked him to extend his run when production on Superman Returns prevented Bryan Singer from starting his run. Vaughan turned down the offer, and finished his run with "Magnetic North".[23]

The Tempest

Cry Wolf

The Most Dangerous Game

Hard Lessons

Magnetic North

Robert Kirkman

Robert Kirkman took on the mantle of writer when Bryan Singer once again could not commit to writing for the title.[32] His run was originally scheduled for only nine issues, but was extended.[32] Kirkman believed the Ultimate Marvel universe had developed a strong enough footing in order to not have to rely on "who's getting Ultimatized this week."[32] He also believed that the Ultimate universe should retain its differences from the mainstream universe. As a result, he planned to introduce one character unique to the Ultimate universe and one character who already existed in the mainstream universe.[33] These characters became the Magician and Lilandra Neramani, respectively.[32]

Date Night



Breaking Point




The Underneath


Shadow King


Aron Coleite

Absolute Power


Ultimatum: X-Men Requiem

Collected editions

Ultimate X-Men has been collected in the following trade paperbacks:

Vol. # Title Material collected ISBN
Volume 1 The Tomorrow People Ultimate X-Men #1–6 0-7851-0788-6
Volume 2 Return to Weapon X Ultimate X-Men #7–12 0-7851-0868-8
Volume 3 World Tour Ultimate X-Men #13–20 0-7851-0961-7
Volume 4 Hellfire & Brimstone Ultimate X-Men #21–25 0-7851-1089-5
Volume 5 Ultimate War Ultimate War #1–5 0-7851-1129-8
Volume 6 Return of the King Ultimate X-Men #26–33 1-9052-3912-2
Volume 7 Blockbuster Ultimate X-Men #34-39 0-7851-1219-7
Volume 8 New Mutants Ultimate X-Men #40–45 0-7851-1161-1
Volume 9 The Tempest Ultimate X-Men #46–49 0-7851-1404-1
Volume 10 Cry Wolf Ultimate X-Men #50–53 0-7851-1405-X
Volume 11 The Most Dangerous Game Ultimate X-Men #54–57 0-7851-1659-1
Volume 12 Hard Lessons Ultimate X-Men #58–60, Annual #1 0-7851-1801-2
Volume 13 Magnetic North Ultimate X-Men #61–65 0-7851-1906-X
Volume 14 Phoenix? Ultimate X-Men #66–71 0-7851-2019-X
Volume 15 Magical Ultimate X-Men #72–74, Annual #2 0-7851-2020-3
Volume 16 Cable Ultimate X-Men #75–80 0-7851-2548-5
Volume 17 Sentinels Ultimate X-Men #81–88 0-7851-2549-3
Volume 18 Apocalypse Ultimate X-Men #89–93 0-7851-2550-7
Volume 19 Absolute Power Ultimate X-Men #94–97 0-7851-2944-8
N/A Ultimatum: X-Men/Fantastic Four Ultimate X-Men #98–100, Ultimate Fantastic Four #58-60 0-7851-3433-6

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