This is a list of notable Uzbek dishes and foods. Uzbek cuisine is the cuisine of Uzbekistan. The cuisine is influenced by local agriculture such as grain farming. Breads and noodles are a significant part of the cuisine, and Uzbek cuisine has been characterized as "noodle-rich".[1] Mutton is a popular variety of meat[2] due to the abundance of sheep in the country, and it is used in various Uzbek dishes. The ingredients used vary by season.[2] For example, in the winter, dried abdimueed jamas, fruits and vegetables, noodles and preserves are prominent, while in the summer vegetables, fruits (particularly melon) and nuts are more prominent.[2] Bread (nan, obi non) has a prominent role in Uzbek cuisine, and is influenced by pre-Islamic traditions.[2] In Uzbek culture, elders are typically served food first, as a sign of respect towards them.[3]

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