Platonists are followers of Platonism, the philosophy of Plato. Platonism can be said to have begun when Plato founded his academy c. 385 BC. Ancient Platonism went on to last until the end of the last remaining pagan school of Platonism in Alexandria which was brought on by the Muslim conquest of Egypt in 641, over a thousand years after the opening of the first Platonic school. Platonism had an immense impact on the intellectual life of the ancient world eventually becoming the dominant philosophy of late antiquity.

Bust of Plato
Name Period School
Aedesia fl. 5th century Neoplatonist
Aedesius died 355 Neoplatonist
Aeneas of Gaza fl. 5th century / died c. 518 Neoplatonist
Aeschines of Neapolis fl. c. 110 BC New Academy
Agapius fl. 5th – 6th century Neoplatonist
Albinus fl. c. 150 Middle Platonist
Alcinous fl. c. 2nd century Middle Platonist
Ambrosius Theodosius Macrobius fl. 395 – 423 Neoplatonist
Amelius fl. c. 250 – 300 Neoplatonist
Ammonius Hermiae c. 440 – c. 520 Neoplatonist
Ammonius of Athens fl. 1st century Middle Platonist
Ammonius Saccas fl. 3rd century Neoplatonist
Antiochus of Ascalon c. 130 BC – 68/67 BC Middle Platonist
Antoninus fl. 4th century Neoplatonist
Apuleius c. 125 – c. 180 Middle Platonist
Arcesilaus c. 316 BC – c. 241 BC Middle Academy
Aristonymus fl. 4th century BC Academy
Asclepigenia fl. 430 Neoplatonist
Asclepiodotus of Alexandria fl. c. 550-600 Neoplatonist
Atticus fl. c. 175 Middle Platonist
Augustine of Hippo 354 – 430 AD Neoplatonist
Axiothea of Phlius fl. 4th century BC Academy
Boethius c. 477–524 AD Neoplatonist
Calippus of Syracuse died 351/0 BC Academy
Carneades of Carnea c. 214 BC – 129/8 BC New Academy
Cassius Longinus c. 213–273 Middle Platonist
Charmadas 164 BC – c. 95 BC New Academy
Chaeron of Pellene fl. 4th century BC Academy
Chrysanthius of Sardis fl. 4th century Neoplatonist
Clement of Alexandria c. 150 – c. 215 Middle Platonist
Clitomachus 187 BC – 109 BC New Academy
Coriscus of Scepsis fl. 4th century BC Academy
Crantor born c. 350 BC Academy
Crates of Athens died 268–265 BC Academy
Damascius born c. 458, died after 538 Neoplatonist
Demetrius of Amphipolis fl. 4th century BC Academy
Dexippus fl. 350 Neoplatonist
Dio of Alexandria fl. 1st century BC New Academy
Diocles of Cnidus fl. 3rd or 2nd century BC? Middle Academy
Diodorus of Adramyttium fl. 1st century BC New Academy
Domninus of Larissa c. 420 – c. 480 Neoplatonist
Erastus of Scepsis fl. 4th century BC Academy
Euaeon of Lampsacus fl. 4th century BC Academy
Eudoxus of Cnidus 410/408 BC – 355/347 BC Academy
Eusebius of Myndus fl. 4th century Neoplatonist
Eustathius of Cappadocia c. 400 Neoplatonist
Evander fl. c. 215 – c. 205 Middle Academy
Gaius the Platonist fl. 2nd century Middle Platonist
Hagnon of Tarsus fl. 2nd century BC New Academy
Hegesinus of Pergamon fl. c. 160 BC Middle Academy
Hegias fl. c. 500 Neoplatonist
Heliodorus of Alexandria fl. 5th century Neoplatonist
Heraclides of Aenus fl. 4th century Academy
Heraclides Ponticus 387 BC – 312 BC Academy
Hermias born c. 410 – died c. 450 Neoplatonist
Hermodorus of Syracuse fl. 4th century BC Academy
Hestiaeus of Perinthus fl. 4th century BC Academy
Hierius fl c. 500 Neoplatonist
Hierocles of Alexandria fl. c. 430 Neoplatonist
Hypatia of Alexandria born 350-370 – 415 Neoplatonist
Iamblichus Chalcidensis c. 245 – c. 325 Neoplatonist
Isidore of Alexandria fl. c. 475 Neoplatonist
Lacydes of Cyrene before 241 – c. 205 BC Middle Academy
Lastheneia of Mantinea fl. 4th century BC Academy
Marinus of Neapolis born c. 450 Neoplatonist
Maximus of Ephesus died 372 Neoplatonist
Maximus of Tyre fl. 2nd century Middle Platonist
Menedemus of Pyrrha fl. c. 350 BC Academy
Metrodorus of Stratonicea fl. 2nd century BC New Academy
Numenius of Apamea fl. c. 275 Middle Platonist
Nymphidianus of Smyrna fl. c. 360 Neoplatonist
Olympiodorus the Younger c. 495 – 570 Neoplatonist
Onasander fl. 1st century Middle Platonist
Origen c. 184 – c. 253 Neoplatonist
Origen the Pagan fl. c. 250 Middle Platonist
Philip of Opus fl. 4th century BC Academy
Philo of Alexandria 20 BC – 50 AD Middle Platonist
Philo of Larissa 159/158 BC – 84/83 BC New Academy
Plato 428/427 BC – 348/347 BC Academy
Plotinus c. 204 – 270 Neoplatonist
Plutarch c. 46 – 120 Middle Platonist
Plutarch of Athens c. 350 – 430 Neoplatonist
Polemon before 314 BC – 270/269 BC Academy
Porphyry of Tyre 234 – c. 305 Neoplatonist
Priscian of Lydia fl. c. 550 Neoplatonist
Priscus of Epirus c. 305 – c. 395 Neoplatonist
Proclus Lycaeus 412 – 485 Neoplatonist
Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite fl. 500 Neoplatonist
Python of Aenus fl. 4th century BC Academy
Simplicius of Cilicia c. 490 – c. 560 Neoplatonist
Sopater of Apamea died before 337 Neoplatonist
Sosipatra of Ephesus fl. c. 325 Neoplatonist
Speusippus c. 407 BC – 339 BC Academy
Synesius c. 373 – c. 414 Neoplatonist
Syrianus died c. 437 Neoplatonist
Telecles of Phocis died 167/1666 BC Middle Academy
Theodorus of Asine fl. 3rd century Neoplatonist
Timaeus the Sophist fl. between 1st and 4th centuries Middle Platonist
Timolaus of Cyzicus fl. 4th century BC Academy
Xenocrates of Chalcedon c. 396 BC – 314 BC Academy
Zenodotus fl. c. 475 Neoplatonist

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