The Declaration of Independence in 1912 and the subsequent formation of the Independent Albanian State created framework conditions for the organizing and safekeeping of documents. For the first time, the assessment of documents and their administration and preservation is reflected in the highest normative act of the state, enacted in the Provisional Kanun of the Vlora Government (22 November 1913).[1][2]

List of archives

Abbr. Name of archive Founded
DPA General Directorate of Archives 8 June 1949
AQSHF Central State Film Archive 10 April 1947
Presidential Archive 29 June 1993
Parliament Archive 15 April 1991
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Archive
Ministry of Internal Affairs Archive 21 March 1964
AQFA Armed Forces Archive 21 March 1964
Justice System Archive 17 December 2014
State Intelligence Service Archive 2 July 1991
AQTN Technical Construction Archive 26 July 1993
Social Insurance Archive 19 November 2004
AIDSSH Sigurimi Archive 30 March 2015

History of the archives

The first document stored in the Central State Archive, which deals with efforts to create a Central Archive, is the decision dated 2 January 1932 of the High State Council for reviewing the draft-regulation for the registration of important events. In this draft-regulation, it was foreseen the creation of a General State Archive.

World War II

World War II slowed the initiatives undertaken by state authorities for the creation of a centralized system of archives. During this period, documents and records were preserved and managed by the administration of the institution which they belonged to. This collection of documents and records enabled the creation of a large archival database which became the foundation of a future Central State Archive.


Efforts to create a central archive continued after the war. In 1947, the "Documentary Archive of the Institute" was created at the Institute of Studies. It collected a considerable amount of historical documents kept by state institutions or individuals, thus taking on the attributes of a Central Archive, but not with all the features of such an entity.

The Central State Archive was finally established as a central body, although subordinated to the Institute of Studies, by the Council of Ministers Order No. 21, dated 8 June 1949.

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