This is a list of assassinations in Albania from the year 1913 to present day. Included in the list are public figures and other prominent individuals who were active in Albanian politics and daily life. Also included are assassinations that took place outside the present day borders of Albania. Not included are those who died as casualties of war or were killed by the State.[1][2]

Assassinations (1913–present)

No. Name of victim(s) Portrait Highest position held Date assassinated Name of assassin(s) Place of assassination Suspected motive and description of the assassination
1 Hasan Rıza Pasha General in the Ottoman-Albanian army of Scutari Vilayet 31 January 1913 Osman Bali, Mehmet Kavaja A remote street near Rozafa Castle, Shkodër Assailants were sent on the orders of Esad Toptani whose aim was to be the commander in charge of defending Shkodër from the invading Montenegrin forces.
2 Gjeto Çoku Prefect of Lezhë 7 October 1913 Prenk Kol Brunga Lezhë Brunga was paid by the House of Prenk Bib Doda to eliminate the Prefect of Lezhë. Brunga, a paid guard in the Gendarmerie of Lezhë at the time, assassinated Gjeto Çoku at dusk as the Prefect was taking an evening stroll with Franz Nopcsa.
3 Lodewijk Thomson Dutch military commander during the governance of Turhan Pasha. 15 June 1914 Unknown Ura e Dajlanit, Durrës Thomson made plenty of enemies during his short time of service in the country. The real motive of his murder has yet to be uncovered.
4 Nexhat Libohova Minister of Finance 26 May 1915 Osman Bali Shkallnur, Durrës Political dispute with Esad Toptani.
5 Çerçiz Topulli Commander of the Gjirokastër military band 17 July 1915 Montenegrin soldiers Shtoji field, Golem, Shkodër Revenge over the killing of the Greek bishop Photios in 1906.
6 Ded Gjo Luli Leader of the Albanian revolt of 1911 24 September 1915 Unknown Sheshëz, Orosh Killed for nationalist motives.
7 Isa Boletini Leader of the uprising to liberate Albanian lands 23 January 1916 Pero Burič Ribnica bridge, Podgorica, Montenegro Killed to suppress the Albanian resistance.
8 Stath Melani Orthodox priest 24 December 1917 Josif Soropulli, Josif Stërmbeci, Vangjel Radimishti Balta e kuqe, Lipivan, Përmet Melani was killed by a group of Greek nationalists for insisting on the use of the Albanian language in the local Orthodox liturgy.
9 Ismail Qemali First Prime Minister of Albania 24 January 1919 Unknown Hotel Brufani, Perugia, Italy Poisoned over political motives.
10 Prenk Bib Doda Deputy Prime Minister 22 March 1919 Prenk Gjeto Çoku Zejmen, Lezhë Bib Doda was killed in an ambush, while traveling from Durrës to Shëngjin in the company of British diplomat Eden, who was wounded. The motive was revenge for Bib Doda's ordering the assassination of Prenk Gjeto Çoku's father, Gjeto Çoku, the Prefect of Lezhë.
11 Xhelal Koprëncka Signatory of the Albanian Declaration of Independence 21 October 1919 Syrja Guri Dëllinjë, Qafa e Martës, Skrapar Murdered for personal revenge.
12 Sali Nivica Journalist, Director of newspaper "Populli" 11 January 1920 Kolë Ashiku A street near the Post Office, Shkodër Killed for personal reasons.
13 Abdyl Ypi Prefect of Durrës 15 January 1920 Sulejman Haxhi Durrës Killed on the orders of Mustafa Kruja as one of the initiators of the Congress of Lushnjë.
14 Esad Toptani Prime Minister 13 June 1920 Avni Rustemi Paris, France The murder was likely ordered by political rivals even though the widely accepted theory was treason.
15 Meleq Frashëri General Commander of the Gendarmerie 8 March 1922 Unknown Kodër-Kamëz, Tiranë Killed during clashes with the rebels against the government.
16 Enrico Tellini Head of the International Commission to survey the disputed border between Greece and Albania 27 August 1923 Organized Greek band Delvinaq, Zhepë, Greece To prevent the defining of the new boundary in favor of Albania.
17 George B. De Long
Robert L. Coleman
Real estate businessman
6 April 1924 Local bandits Ura e Përroit, Mamurras The only conclusive motive for the murders was random burglary.
18 Avni Rustemi Member of the Parliament 20 April 1924 Isuf Reçi Hoxha Tahsin St., Tiranë The motive of the assassination remains a mystery.
19 Azem Galica Commander of a military band 25 July 1924 Yugoslavian forces Galicë, Kosovo Galica was killed by Yugoslav forces to suppress the movement against incorporating Kosovo into the newly formed state of Yugoslavia.
20 Elez Isufi Commander of the Dibër Band 30 December 1924 Unknown assailants Kazermat, Peshkopi The murder of Isufi was widely seen as a treasonous act.
21 Luigj Gurakuqi Served as Minister of Education two months prior. 2 March 1925 Balto Stamolla Bari, Italy Stamolla was a close relative of the Albanian Counsel in Bari, Çatin Saraçi.
22 Zija Dibra Served as Minister of Public Works in the Evangjeli I Cabinet 6 January 1925 Unknown Harizaj, Kavajë Dibra was a fierce political opponent of prime minister Ahmet Zogu who came to power just two days after the assassination took place.
23 Bajram Curri Served as Minister of War in 1921 29 March 1925 Unidentified By a cave in Dragobi, Tropojë Killed by assailants who were sent on the orders of Hysen Kryeziu, at the time serving as the Prefect of Kosovo.
24 Osman Bali Commander of the Presidential Guard 5 September 1926 Myslim Peza, Islam Leka Near Ura e Tabakëve, Tiranë The killing was due to political revenge.
25 Isuf Dibra Served as Minister of War in the Toptani Cabinet 19 March 1927 Unknown Tiranë Murdered by his assistant under unknown circumstances.
26 Ceno Kryeziu Minister of Albania in Prague 14 October 1927 Alqiviadh Bebi Prague, Czechoslovakia Killed for having collaborated with the Yugoslavs. The assassin was a close relative to Andon Beça, an ally of Shefqet Vërlaci.
27 Llesh Topallaj Officer of the Republican Guard 21 February 1931 Ndok Gjeloshi, Azis Çami Operngasse St., Vienna, Austria The official motive that circulated in the media at the time was that the assailants were trying to assassinate Ahmet Zogu.
28 Mark Kapidani Member of the Parliament 19 December 1932 Geg Marka Gega Inside the Officers' Hall, near the Royal Palace, Tiranë The assassin was a former officer in the Army Reserve, once sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for his attempts to overthrow the government.
29 Bajazid Doda Photographer, Personal Secretary of Baron Nopcsa 25 April 1933 Franz Nopcsa von Felső-Szilvás Singerstrasse St., Vienna, Austria Killed for personal reasons.
30 Hasan Prishtina Former Prime Minister 13 August 1933 Ibrahim Çelo Thessaloniki, Greece The assassin was apparently a former acquaintance but motives of the assassination remain unclear.
31 Leon De Ghilardi Officer of the Austro-Hungarian Army 16 August 1933 Xhevahir Arapi Mulliri i Kashtës, Fier Killed during the anti-government revolt.
32 Qazim Bodinaku Served as Prefect of Vlorë and later Berat 6 April 1939 Unknown Unknown A Zog loyalist, he was murdered as he was trying to leave the country by 2 persons whom he had had a previous dispute with.
33 Daut Hoxha [sq] Commander of the Chameria Band 14 June 1940 Sotir Demiri, Vangjel Pando, Dhimo Koçi, Kolo Sulioti, Sotir Vangjeli Sheshi i Rrahut, Konispol The victim had been sentenced to death by the Greek State because of his anti-Greek resurgence in the region.
34 Xhafer Ypi Former Prime Minister 17 December 1940 Unknown Unknown Killed during aerial bombardments.
35 Sali Nijazi Dede Dedebaba, Founder of the Bektashi Order 28 November 1941 Italian agents Bektashi Headquarters, Tiranë Did not accept to sign the act of invasion by Fascist Italy.
36 Musa Puka Prefect of Elbasan 2 October 1942 Unknown Elbasan Killed on a roadside by communist rebels.
37 Skënder Çami [sq] Police Superintendent for Korçë 4 March 1942 Unknown Unknown The motives of the killing remain unknown.
38 Qemal Stafa Leader of the Communist Youth 5 May 1942 A local policeman Tiranë Stafa was killed in a house on the outskirts of Tirana by a local Carabinieri. Rumors say that he may have been betrayed by one or more of his comrades, possibly Enver Hoxha (the first secretary of the Albanian communist party & leader of Albania), because he gained much from his death.
39 Saverino Ricottini Member of the Fascist Upper Council 25 March 1943 Unknown Pejë, Kosovo The motives of the murder are unknown.
40 Qazim Koculi Served as Acting Prime Minister 2 January 1943 Halil Alia Vlorë Murdered by the fascist mercenary battalion of Halil Alia for personal reasons.
41 Iljas Agushi [sq] Deputy Prime Minister in the Merlika Cabinet 27 October 1943 Bujar Hoxha, Shahin Gjashta Tiranë The motives of the assassination were due to Agushi's collaboration with the invading Nazi forces.
42 Hysen Myshketa [sq] Member of the National Council 8 October 1943 Unknown Durrës Myshketa and his brother were murdered by three assassins as they were walking along the "Mussolini Boardwalk".
43 Idhomen Kosturi Chairman of the National Council 5 November 1943 Kolë Laku Tiranë Murdered under the orders of the Communist Guerrilla unit.
44 Aziz Çami Military commander in the Vlora War 15 December 1943 Communist forces Tiranë Murdered for being a member of the Balli Kombëtar.
45 Veli Vasjari Chief of State Police 12 May 1944 Unknown Korçë Killed by communist partisans near the region of Gabravicë.
46 Mustafa Gjinishi Board member of the National Liberation Council 26 August 1944 Unknown Sllatinë, Dibër His death occurred during mysterious circumstances as he traveled to northern Albania.
47 Lefter Kosova [sq] Minister of Public Works under the Biçakçiu Cabinet 6 September 1944 Xhelal Staravecka Tiranë Murdered because of a previous political dispute.
48 Mark Kodheli [sq] Consul of Albania in Bari, Italy 1944 Unknown
49 Shaban Polluzha Member of the Yugoslavian Parliament 21 February 1945 Yugoslavian soldiers Tërstenik, Drenicë, Kosovo He was killed for being an irredentist.
50 Miladin Popović Head of the Communist Yugoslav Mission in Albania 13 March 1945 Haki Taha Pristina, Kosovo Popović mediated plans of keeping the territory of Kosovo under Serbian supervision.
51 Ndrecë Ndue Gjoka Deputy chairman of the executive committee of Mirditë 17 February 1946 Members of the Mountains Committee Qafë-Vorrëz, Kaçinar, Mirditë Killed for spreading educational leaflets.
52 Mark Gjon Marku [sq] Minister of Interior in the Bushati Cabinet 14 June 1946 Members of Armed Forces Perlat Forest, Prosek, Mirditë Killed for personal reasons.
53 Baba Faja Martaneshi Deputy Leader of the National Liberation Front 18 March 1947 Dede Baba Abazi Bektashi Headquarters, Tiranë Murdered due to political and religious differences.
54 Kostaq Kotta Prime Minister 1 September 1947 Two prison guards Burrel Prison Murdered because he was considered a political enemy.
55 Nako Spiru High ranking communist official in charge of the State Planning Commission 20 November 1947 Unknown Tiranë The murder was officially ruled a suicide but he was most likely killed under the orders of Koçi Xoxe.
56 Josif Papamihali Mission head of the Unity Church of Albania 26 October 1948 Labor camp guards Maliq He was considered an enemy of the state along with thirty-seven other priests.
57 Bardhok Biba Member of the People's Assembly 9 August 1949 Unknown Kaçinar, Lezhë Killed by the anti-communist resistance guerrilla unit "Komiteti i Maleve".
58 Pal Mëlyshi [sq] Agent of the Sigurimi 12 April 1950 Unknown Ujë-Lurth, Mirditë His suspicious death was considered accidental.
59 Alush Lleshanaku [pl] Legislative Member of the Corporative Fascist Upper Council 24 December 1950 Ilo Stojko Elbasan A staunch anti-communist resistance leader, Lleshanaku was assassinated by an agent of the Sigurimi.
60 Sali Ormeni Director of the Albanian State Police 2 March 1951 Unknown Rrogozhinë Killed mysteriously a week after the bombing of the Soviet Embassy.
61 Omer Nishani Former Head of State 26 May 1954 Unknown Tiranë His murder was officially ruled a suicide.
62 Teme Sejko Commander of the Naval Fleet 31 May 1961 Qemal Birçe, Islam Gjondede Maminas, Durrës The perpetrators tied a rope around his neck and killed him for personal reasons.
63 Haxhi Hajdari [sq] Member of the People's Assembly 8 April 1963 Unknown Unknown Denounced as the "People's Enemy" by the regime, he was killed by artillery gunfire.
64 Myslym Keta [sq] Commander of the Tanks Regiment 26 February 1966 Unknown Fushë-Arrëz Keta was suspected to be an opponent of dictator Enver Hoxha.
65 Mehmet Shehu Prime Minister 17 December 1981 Unknown Tiranë The official death was ruled a suicide but Shehu was more than likely killed by the Sigurimi under Hoxha's orders.
66 Jusuf Gërvalla Member of the Movement for Liberation of Kosovo 17 January 1982 Agents of the UDB Stuttgart, Federal Republic of Germany To suppress the Albanian nationalist movement in Kosovo.
67 Mustafa Band Exiles 27 September 1982 Security Forces Zhamë, Rrogozhinë Prevented plot to assassinate dictator Enver Hoxha.
68 Jean Marie Massellin French Employee Club Med Corfu 18 Jun 1984 Albanian Border Guards Vrine, Butrinti Killed by Albanian border guards for accidentally straying in Albanian territorial waters.
69 Aleksandër Kondo [sq] National Weightlifting Champion 1 May 1987 Unknown Gas station, New York Likely assassination by Sigurimi agents to make it appear as an accident.
70 Josif Budo Local worker 10 July 1990 Luan Allajbeu Main street, Kavajë Killed for being an opponent of the regime.
71 Artan Lenja Wrestler 24 February 1991 Military patrol Rruga "Ndre Mjeda", Tiranë Killed by a military patrol unit in charge of enforcing public order.
72 Arben Broci Engineer at a cigarette factory 2 April 1991 Unknown Shkodër Killed by a sniper to suppress public disorder.
73 Gazmend Muça Criminal 7 April 1992 Naim Zyberi, Franc Konomi Xhamlliku, Tiranë Killed for personal reasons.
74 Remzi Hoxha Businessman 21 October 1995 Responsible: Arben Sefgjini, Ilir Kumbaro, Avni Koldashi, Budion Meçe Kunë-Vain, Lezhë The speculative rumor was that Hoxha was a UDB agent. He died from the injuries sustained during his torture inside the SHIK facility.
75 Bujar Kaloshi General Director of Prisons 26 July 1996 Unknown Former aviation field, Tiranë Kaloshi's murder was likely influenced by his position as head of the prison system.
76 Ahmet Krasniqi [sq] Kosovo's Minister of Defence 21 September 1998 Unknown "Haxhi Dalliu" street, Tiranë The motives for his killing are not yet known.
77 Azem Hajdari Member of the Assembly 22 September 1998 Fatmir Haklaj, Jaho Mulosmani, Naim Cangu Tiranë The suspected motive for Hajdari's assassination was political revenge.
78 Kleanthi Koçi Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 21 February 1999 Unknown Near Tirana International Hotel Motives for his killing have yet to be uncovered.
79 Arben Zylyftari [sq] Police chief in Shkodër 2 August 2000 Bahri Tafili Lagja "Udhakryq", Shkodër Killed due to his position as chief of police.
80 Salih Tivari General Secretary of the Muslim Community of Albania 13 January 2002 Unknown Headquarters of the Muslim Community of Albania Tivari had raised doubts about financial contributions coming from anonymous Muslim organizations.
81 Gani Malushi [sq] Chief of Police in Fushë-Krujë 6 August 2003 Agim Pepa Durrës The actual target in the killing was Malushi's personal chauffeur.
82 Gramoz Palushi Football fan 4 September 2004 Panajotis Kladhis Island of Zakinthos, Greece Killed because he celebrated the football victory of Albania over Greece.
83 Vajdin Lame Businessman 28 February 2005 Unknown Tiranë Lame was part owner of national television station Top Channel. He was killed from a bomb planted inside an elevator alongside his friend Artan Arsi.
84 Edmond Malollari President of Tomori Berat football club 14 December 2005 Unknown Tiranë The motive for the killing in broad daylight was likely because of unpaid debt.
85 Fatmir Xhindi [sq] Member of the Assembly 2 May 2009 Unknown Roskovec, Fier Motives of his murder remain a mystery.
86 Fatos Xhani, Altin Dizdari, Sajmir Duçkallari, Kastriot Feskaj State Police officers 7 August 2009 Dritan Dajti Iliria beach, Durrës The officers on duty were killed as Dajti was resisting arrest.
87 Remzi Veseli [sq] Mayor of Tërthore Commune 25 October 2010 Unknown Kukës Motives for the killing remain unsolved.
88 Hekuran Deda, Faik Myrtaj, Ziver Veizi, Aleks Nika Participants in an anti-government protest 21 January 2011 Ndrea Prendi, Agim Llupo "Dëshmorët e Kombit" Boulevard, Tiranë Randomly killed to warn protesters from entering the Prime Minister's Office building.
89 Skerdilajd Konomi Judge of the 1st Circuit Court in Vlorë 9 September 2011 Unknown "Vlorë-Skelë" street, Vlorë Motives for the killing have yet to be uncovered.
90 Arjan Selimi Drug trafficker 26 September 2011 Unknown Tiranë Selimi was the fiancé of television personality Inis Gjoni. His killing was a result of his past as a convicted drug trafficker.
91 Adem Tahiraj [sq] Chief of Police in Shijak 12 September 2012 Ilir Xhakja Katund-Sukth, Durrës Shot and killed during an operation for the arrest of the suspect.
92 Dritan Lamaj Chief of Commissariat Nr.6 in Tiranë 25 February 2013 Arben Frroku Tiranë Frroku, a local businessman, had been physically assaulted by Lamaj a few months prior.
93 Artan Santo [sq] Founder of Credins Bank 26 June 2014 Unknown "Ibrahim Rugova" street, Tiranë Motives for his murder remain a mystery.
94 Ibrahim Basha Officer of RENEA 24 June 2015 Unknown Lazarat, Gjirokastër Killed by sniper fire during a drug sting operation.
95 Artan Cuku Police chief of Vlorë 8 April 2017 Mikel Shallari Rruga e Kosovarëve, Tiranë Killed for work related revenge.

Murders by the numbers

Number of people murdered in Albania since 1990.


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